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Free Topic/Open Mic Wednesday!


This just goes to show you how much so many black women love sticking their dirty noses into black men’s business because when black men are talking about getting their passports and going overseas, they’re NOT TALKING TO BLACK WOMEN, they’re conversing with and advising other BLACK MEN.

These same stubborn, stuck in their ways, prideful and arrogant black females are watching very closely regarding certain sects of black men getting passports and travelling, don’t let these heifers pull the wool over your eyes, they’re very concerned however as per usual are trying to “play it cool” as if they don’t care.

So no witch, the departure announcement is NOT FOR YOU, it’s for other black men to take heed and possibly look into taking the same action if their eyes are open and they see the Western black female for what she is, an extremely bad deal.

Meanwhile, white and other non black men are getting their passports and travelling without any pushback whatsoever from their female counterparts or their respective peers, make this make sense.

Gentlemen, remember what I’ve been stating for years about the modern day black female being Captain Euro’s lieutenant who regularly reports back to him concerning the affairs and activities of black men.

For this reason black women as a collective will always be lurking in the shadows or round a corner in the near vicinity of brothers hoping to catch “a scoop” or some sort of “intel” they can take back to Admiral Frost in exchange for some Scooby snacks.

Check this video out below, bar the masculine energy, fake eyelashes, funny makeup and referring to black men as ni**as, she gets it and explains exactly why black men are throwing in the towel on black women:

Another Open Mic Wednesday is here, what’s on your minds for this week gentlemen? You’ve got the floor, roll that dice.

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Stay Individual(In Your Mind)

Most High Bless

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28 thoughts on “Free Topic/Open Mic Wednesday!

  1. Good day SYSBMers! Hope ya’ll safe & secured wherever you are in this crazy world. lol
    My beef today is the outright crooked nature of black women in power or high positions.

    Lol, these toxic woke “educated” black wommin leaders running American government are waaaay over their small minded heads when in power. The upcoming backlash against this corrupt degeneracy will be a rude awakening for all Westernized black wommin who are literally getting SCREWED & USED by Lord AngloZiostan to keep the Communitah destabilized. lol

    Seriously, black wommin are supremely stoopid for allowing themselves to be used like a tampon over the past 30 or 40 years of Lord Ziostan’s feminist programming to divide the black Communitah. I’m looking at you Condi Rice, Susan Rice, Maxine Waters, Moochelle, Cori Bush, Donna Brazille, Stacey Abrams, dumb Kamala, Ketanji Brown (Supreme Court) et al — all negresses placed in high positions for the sole purpose of sticking it to the black man. None of them have former black Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney’s chops. She refused to sign the Ziostan lobby’s Israel Pledge so they made sure she never got re-elected.

    New Orleans’ Dem Mayor Refuses to Reimburse City for $29k 1st-Class Flights – Citing “Health and Safety”
    New Orleans Mayor LaToya Cantrell refused to pay the city back for the $29,000 of public money she spent on flights upgraded to 1st or business class since January 2021, because it represented “reasonable means” of protection – despite appearing to break city policy that demands municipal employees pay the cheapest fare.

    Cantrell spent $18,000 alone on a return trip to France to sign an extended agreement with a Mediterranean town, and once spent nine times more on her own ticket than an aide who had to travel coach class.

    “As the mother of a young child whom I live for, I am going to protect myself by any reasonable means,” she told local media. “Anyone who wants to question how I protect myself just doesn’t understand the world Black women walk in.”

    source – RT News:

    DC Mayor’s ‘Border Town’ Crisis Call Slammed by Texas Sheriffs
    After Washington DC Mayor Muriel Bowser declared a public emergency Thursday and accused the Texas and Arizona governors of turning the capital into a border town, border sheriff Roy Boyd shot back: “They have seen nothing.”

    “We’re trying to survive day to day, then they receive a few of these people in their communities and they’re screaming for help when our border sheriffs cannot get any help,” said Border Sheriff Coalition director Clint McDonald.

    “It’s time America takes care of Americans. And right now, we’re just not doing that,” said
    Border Patrol have encountered an estimated 2 million migrants this fiscal year, but only 10,000 have been bussed to DC.

    source – RT News:

  2. Verbs 2015.

    Black women don’t like the fact that black men are walking away from them for good so that they can get their passports and travel the world to date beautiful,clean, feminine non black women who is going to love and appreciate a black man for who he is and they let him be the man in the relationship. Black women also hate the fact that they cannot control us anymore like the slave masters in a relationship and its hurting them badly.

    1. Their supply of clean-up men are running out, and will eventually go out of production.


  3. Quick story. I was recently on a plane and was seated next to an older BW. Didn’t talk to her the whole flight, cool. Took a nap.

    Plane lands and she says and I quote:

    “You wanna get my bag up there,” pointing to the overhead compartment.

    I was like “What’s the magic word?”

    THEN she was like “Please and thank you.”

    The nerve of this old bitch.

    So I got her luggage down, but I sat it on the floor, not handing it to her, and proceeded to leave the plane.

    This old hoe was going to ORDER ME to get her luggage down. Would not have even said “please” if I had not pushed. I’m not her kid, how dare she.

    These Black bitches really think we’re slaves.

    A white woman would have asked nicely, needless to say. Especially an older one.

    SYSBM for the win, gents. If you absolutely *have* to deal with these bitches, make them treat you with respect.

    1. Schadenfreude,

      “You wanna get my bag up there,”

      WHAT??!!!! These black women are so brazen with their rude and uncouth behaviour when it comes to interacting with black men. I would’ve gave the heifer a strong look of disapproval until she corrected herself, if she didn’t then I wouldn’t have retrieved anything for her.

      Many times I’ve helped non black women get their hand luggage down from the overhead compartments, NOT ONE has told me to do it as if it was an order or an obligation. That’s some straight disrespectful garbage right there, and they wonder why so many black men are checking out from dealing with them altogether, smh. Don’t I keep on pointing to the black female’s mentality regarding black male society and how she looks upon the black man as her slave/somebody lesser than her?

  4. American black wommin as depicted by those 2 mouthy unfeminine naggers above are TOXIC. So frigging annoying, their mentality. No signs of feminine etiquette in sight. lol

  5. Tik tok is the new instagram for attention seeking black females.

    One could spend hours looking at dysfunctional antics on social media.

    I don’t have the time to search for it cause I don’t want to waste my time.

    I don’t even have to seek it, someone will always find time to share something.

    Do they want black men to be more specific on who they are talking to about getting passports and travelling abroad?

    Maybe black men have to be more specific on conversing and advising other black men.

    I bet negress females would still complain whether its more specific or not so it won’t make any difference.

    I personally think black american men should just travel in silence.

    Most black american men won’t listen to free thinking black men.

    The negro female from the first vid says it is a W for them seeing black men depart.

    She is correct but out of jealousy.

    It is more of a W for free thinking black men and more of an L for them.

    My letter W begins with white wifey.

  6. Good Open Topic Wednesday morning,

    I want to payback on Monday’s article entitled: “Pander Bear Simps Looking For Scooby Snacks!”

    The abortion issue in the stereotypical black America is a big one. You have black male activists like this so-called civil rights attorney Benjamin Crump on the Dr. Phil Show going to bat and plate for these women to terminate their pregnancy for ‘health reasons’ like it was a no-fault divorce. Then you have this white liberal woman all mic’d up in the audience (not particularly defending this black woman per se) for her own interest and butting heads with an anti-abortionist because she feels that her ‘rights’ in being violated.

  7. I find this funny because how these BW using David Carrol’s talking points such as ‘I help you pack’ like they do. If fact they will not help you pack because they will find every means to keep you in the plantation.

    I agree with you Verbs that how these females make assumption that the Passport Brothers advertise their departure.
    In reality, they don’t. No brothers tells these BW they are leaving because they simply walk.
    They they do is they go to the Passport Bros groups and stick their nose where they don’t shine.
    BW always go to the male spaces to troll. Sometimes you have these Fake Redpillers poses as Passport Brothers and report back to the BW.

    Just like they always say that every time that you see a BM/WW couple they say how these BM rub it in BW’s face to make them jealous. No these BM do not shove it down BW’s throat because these BW and dick police simps purposely look for them.

    No thinking brothers look at their direction, it just Black Females always track down male’s personal spaces to look for trouble.

    1. Boom! All Facts!
      I guess we’re not supposed to tell our stories, experiences, and tips on traveling to other American men? Even though traveling and travel vlogs is a viable career ie Passport Heavy, Yesh Yonas, 1MasterTeacher (Skylar), BMT? We’re supposed to be concerned with people who going to talk s*** about us no matter what?
      As Verbs said in the article, black men passport channels are for other men. Not the women. We’re not stopping from running at the mouth because that’s the right to do. Who gives a s***, they’ve been saying the same things before I was born.

      Lean into it (the “hate”) or ignore them, but don’t out of fear trying to move in silence thinking that’s going to stop anyone from open their bigoted, whining, ignorant, illiterate mouths. Most of us (Ebony) American men are used to this anyways

      Great points!

    2. > ‘I help you pack’
      No thanks, I’m good (as I board the plane with my snow bunny wife to our seats in first-class).


    1. I think she is window dressing with no real power, but brothas who travel to Colombia should be on guard because if she does get any influence, one of the first things she will do is move to restrict American brothas from going down there for fun with the local women. The whole country could be burning and that is what she will focus on. All black hoes are on code.

  8. Ya’ll over thar in woke America need to get Florida Governor Ron DeSantis into the White House pronto. If Red state “patriots” truly cared about the Founding Fathers American Republic, they would all band together and secede from the toxic NeoLiberal ZioBankster controlled Union. They have every legal right to do since the dis-United States is beyond repair. Check this out!

    DeSantis slams woke corporations, COVID tyranny, Davos elites in rousing NatCon speech Sep 12, 2022.
    Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis gave a sweeping speech at the National Conservatism Conference in Miami in which he touted Florida’s many successes and slammed global elites.

    MIAMI (LifeSiteNews) – The Sunshine State’s approach to many of the most consequential issues of our time has been completely vindicated, as highlighted by Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis in a stirring keynote speech at the National Conservatism conference last night.

    DeSantis emphasized Florida’s successful and data-driven approach to COVID-19, rejection of wokeness in education, refusal to be ruled by World Economic Forum elites who view ordinary people as “a bunch of peasants,” and willingness to use the power of government and public policy to protect basic freedoms from the tyranny of powerful corporations.

    Corporations ‘doing the regime’s bidding’

    “Corporatism is not the same as free enterprise,” DeSantis said. “I think too many Republicans have used limited government to basically mean whatever is best for corporate America is how we want to do the economy … Obviously, free enterprise is the best economic system, but that is a means to an end. It’s means to having a good, fulfilling life and a prosperous society. It’s not an end in and of itself.”

    “We need to make sure … [that] the United States is a nation that has an economy, not the other way around.”

    “Some of these big corporations are now exercising quasi-public power in terms of using their economic power to change policy in this country,” DeSantis warned. “You just saw what the credit card companies are going to try to do with the firearms,” referencing this week’s news that major credit card companies will be using a new merchant code to track gun sales.

    “You’ve seen big Wall Street banks collude to deny financing to companies who may be involved in combating illegal immigration or firearms or things that they don’t like. You look at the movement for ESG, and all ESG is … an attempt to use corporate and economic power to impose an ideological agenda on society, an agenda that could not win at the ballot box,” continued DeSantis, who has been dubbed “America’s governor.” ESG refers to “environmental, social, and governance” standards that are embraced by much of the left and criticized by some on the right as the beginnings of an oppressive social-credit system…

    ….“There are some people that criticize us in Florida because we’ve taken action to stand up to big tech companies,” he continued. “They say, you know what, it’s private. Let them do kind of what they want to do. First of all, they cannot be viewed as private entities, given that we know without a shadow of a doubt, they are doing the regime’s bidding when it comes to censorship.”

    “From the minute you’re doing the government’s bidding, you’re essentially an arm of the state. And not only are you not, quote, private, you have to abide by the First Amendment,” DeSantis asserted.

    “But even if they weren’t formally colluding with the government, they are de facto the enforcement arm of regime narratives. They are trying to enforce an orthodoxy on this country.”

    He slammed big tech “monopolies” that tell anyone who opposes them to just start their own pro-free companies and then promptly “kneecap” them.

    “They will all come and kneecap you. … So we said, if these are big monopolies, they have a lot of power. They have more power over our society than the monopolies of the early 20th century ever did, because they control the digital public square [where] the majority of political speech now takes place. So what we said is, ‘OK, you can set your own rules. You know, you’re getting liability protection from the federal government because you say you’re not a publisher, so you’re not a publisher. You can set certain rules. But if you’re discriminating on the basis of viewpoint, when you’re doing those rules, you’re committing a fraud on the consumer because they signed up. You told them it was an open platform. You’re taking their data, you’re making a fortune of that.’ So we’re going to give that aggrieved Florida citizen the right to sue.”


    See his live speech here which got him a huge standing ovation unlike what crowds do for Joe Brandon:

    Gov. Ron DeSantis | Florida is a Model for America | NatCon 3 Miami

  9. More nuggets from Gov. DeSantis amazing speech. Ya’ll in Florida need to protect this man because he will be seen as a threat to the Establishment. All the ignorant Trumptards should be supporting DeSantis instead of that fake lying fraud of a political charade who should’ve done on a national scale what DeSantis is doing in Florida. lol

    “Can we act to prevent our citizens from getting crushed by these major monopolies?” DeSantis asked. “And they have an enormous amount of power over society. And so when people say, like, ‘oh, you’re using government in the private sector,’ what I’m doing is using government to give space to the individual citizens to be able to participate in society, to be able to speak his or her mind. And I think that’s an absolutely appropriate use of government power.”

    “And so we’re going to continue to do that. And I think we’re going to get a good result eventually in the Supreme Court,” he predicted. “And I think it’s going to happen this year, maybe in [the] next year and a half. But to sit back and just do nothing while a bunch of Silicon Valley oligarchs are imposing an orthodoxy on this country which views all of us as second-class citizens – no, thank you. I’m not signing up for that.”

    DeSantis also called for greater accountability within “the administrative state.”

    “People talk about the deep state as some conspiracy,” he said. “It’s not a conspiracy. What we have right now is the logical result of having an absence of constitutional accountability in the administrative state. And basically what human nature will do. Of course, power is going to accumulate there.”

    “When Brandon gave his speech the other day,” DeSantis said, using a conservative slang term for Biden, “when [he] was yelling in front of the blood red thing to me – I mean, I thought it was, of course, outrageous, but it was really just him verbalizing what they have been trying to do for the last many years.”

    “All Biden did was verbalize what their actions has always been telling us … Their view of unity is that they’re in power and we don’t matter. And then you have unity because there’s no one else in the government or no one else in society that can wield effective power to check you or to stop you. And so [the left is] playing for keeps. This is not an easy fight because they have so much support across the commanding heights of society.”

    ‘You’ve seen hundreds and hundreds of thousands of people flee’ to Florida

    DeSantis began his speech by touting Florida’s massive economic and population growth over the past two years, noting the exodus of people moving from left-wing states like California, New Jersey, and New York. Florida has become a “promised land” for “record numbers of people” over the past few years.

    “The statistics are startling,” he said. “Since COVID, there’s been more adjusted gross income moving to the state of Florida than has ever moved into any one state over a similar time period in American history.”

    “Who are the states that are hemorrhaging? Well, California, Illinois, New York, New Jersey … you know the list,” he quipped. “Florida’s also led the nation in net in-migration since COVID. Who has lost people? Same cast of characters. California. New York. New Jersey. Illinois.”

    California had never lost people in the history of its statehood “up until the last couple of years.”

    “Again, you’ve seen hundreds and hundreds of thousands of people flee.”

    This exodus to Florida has a political character to it, DeSantis said, noting that a number of his supporters were concerned about the number people moving to Florida from left-wing states.

    “When I got elected governor in 2018, there were close to 300,000 more registered Democrats in the state of Florida than Republicans. And prior to me becoming governor, we had never had more registered Republicans than Democrats in the history of the state of Florida,” he said. But “today, the latest numbers are we now have 271,000 more registered Republicans than Democrats.”



  10. I’m still waiting for heads to start rolling over this diabolical COVID Plandemic. I can’t stand the braindead vaxxed sheep who should all be getting their pitchforks out for some serious payback. lol

    Hundreds of doctors declare ‘international medical crisis’ over COVID jab injuries, deaths
    A declaration, which originates among concerned medics and professionals in India, points to a link between the rollout of COVID-19 injections and excess mortality.

    Wed Sep 14, 2022 – 11:39 am EDT
    (Daily Sceptic) – Over 400 doctors, scientists and professionals from more than 34 countries this morning declared an international medical crisis due to “diseases and death associated with the ‘COVID-19 vaccines’.”

    Launched at a press conference on Saturday, September 10th, the declaration states: “We are currently witnessing an excess in mortality in those countries where the majority of the population has received the so-called ‘COVID-19 vaccines’. To date, this excess mortality has neither been sufficiently investigated nor studied by national and international health institutions.”

    It continues:

    The large number of sudden deaths in previously healthy young people who were inoculated with these ‘vaccines’ is particularly worrying, as is the high incidence of miscarriages and perinatal deaths which have not been investigated.

    A large number of adverse side effects, including hospitalisations, permanent disabilities and deaths related to the so-called ‘COVID-19 vaccines’, have been reported officially.

    The registered number has no precedent in world vaccination history.

    The declaration, which originates among concerned medics and professionals in India, makes eight “urgent” demands, including an immediate stop to the vaccinations and investigation of all deaths in previously healthy people.

    Read the full text below, and if you are a doctor, scientist or other professional, do consider signing.
    — Article continues below Petition —


  11. Looks like Shawn James is being attacked by the as known as ‘Rogue’ Passport Bros. I never heard of the term ‘Rogue’ version.
    I think the Rogue version is Shawn Refers them as Beta Male Passport Bros.
    But even Shawn stops talking about them, these guys are coming after him.
    All I got to say is he should of let it go to begin with.
    Now the cat is out of the bag since the talk with Verbs such as 1989 and being inexperience, he should of left it and not bring up BM with Passport.

    Since he is the Innovator of Passport Gate, he will get cyber stalked because he keeps on shunning them.
    The reason why they do not go after the likes of Akwesi because he knows when to stop.
    Shawn made a lot of online enemies with is Passport thing.

    He has no experience and as long as he keeps on talking shit about the Passport Bros. If he keeping on insulting the Passport Bros, he will become a personal cyber war against him and may end up getting doxxed.
    Best advice for him is to quit while he is ahead and stop talking shit about them period and mentioning about Passports in any future video.

    1. Unfortunately Sheriff for Shawn that he open a huge can of worms.
      He still makes good content but since the Alliance war against BM with Passport. He made an enemy of the Rogue Passport Bros. I never head of the Rogue ones, but it looks like they do not play when it comes to slandering.
      Even he stops talking about them, thanks to him, the Dick Police in America made an open Season against the Passport Community there and there are no turning back, just like these BW try to turn back by doing this ‘Soft Girl Era’ which is too late for them.

      I am not sure if I feed bad for him because these guys are coming after him. The Passport haters started because of him and he did this to himself. These community are fighting the demon and Shawn is the demon because he represent the hate of men who expand their options.

      This will never go away because rent money is dependant on Social Media Platform and I am know his business is struggling for him because he is hating on his competitors who are doing well and he needs to stick with that.

      When you go after guys who like to expand options and opportunities such as dating, friendship, networking and business that is flat out being a hater by nature and they will retaliate.

      He did ask why he is the only one why he is getting some death threats instead of other dick police simp?
      The answer is simple: He is the founder of Passport Gate and slander the people who likes to enjoy life as just like BW, it is called ‘Digital Footprint’ and this spread with other haters who have hate towards BM who got passport.

      As long as there are Dick Policing online, this will never go away and he have to live with this.

  12. Struggling black babymama can’t cope and runs to social media to beg for handouts. Another day ending in “Y”, right? Plot twist…white zaddy left her high and dry.

    That’s right, she is parading her mixed baby on social and expects BM to donate. Plot twist deux: SOME DO.

    Not a peep about how Dwight Mann is a deadbeat dad, not taking care of his responsibilities, ran off. BUT I THOUGHT THEY TREATED BLACK WIMMEN BETTA THAN NIGGUHS.

    What got me was the fatherless simps in the comments. The good news is a lot of brothas are laughing at her, as they should.

    Those who try to climb Swirl Mountain are doomed to fail. Funny watching them fall to Earth. Popcorn ready. Fu** these hoes. I straight up hate these bitches in 2022.


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