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The Chickens Have Come Home To Roost! #SHORTS


I don’t feel sorry for women like this in the slightest and you shouldn’t either, in particular, don’t fall for the crocodile tears from the first female, pure bread and circuses on display right there. How many decent guys did they bypass in their quest to chase after the fast lane boys, how many good men did they curb who were willing to settle down with them and possibly start a family?

How many decent men have they used to get free food from while Chad, Brad and Tyrone have busted their cheeks wide open for free? We already know the dual mating strategy that many Western women use, have sex with the so called “alpha male” while the “beta” is used for his money, resources and a shoulder to cry on when those “alphas” kick them to the kerb.

As I been stating recently, the witchcraft and the sorcery of social media has gotten the heads of these women gassed up and plunged them deep into the realm of delusion, they believe that because they have a greater exposure to more men that this somehow has increased their value as women, however nothing could be further from the truth.

If anything, receiving attention from men worldwide as opposed to those who would be local in the pre social media days has corrupted so many women in the West and as a result their value has seriously declined.

Remember, these same women are the ones who have created this contaminated Western dating environment, they have no rights to complain about a situation they’ve brought about via their own hands.

It’s the same old story with women like the above, they constantly chase after the men who have plenty of options ie many women on rotation and who won’t commit to them while at the same time regularly rejecting the guys who would have no problems committing because they don’t look aesthetically pleasing.

Of course this is the classic modus operandi of the modern day black female, get her back blown out by the dregs and the scum of black male society in her prime years but thereafter attempt to lock down an “educated lame” once her options begin to run low or have run out completely.

The problem for the black witch is the so called “lames and squares” already having clocked how the game has been heavily rigged against them instead are checking out of the building at an astronomical rate, thus the only options left for these black whores are the 12 Gauge Mike, Trap House Jim, Chunky Bruh type Negroes, the black female worshipping blue pilled simps or alternatively the carpet munching bull dykes.

Brothers, be sure to watch your six, the mutant feminist contamination that first begun with the modern day black female unfortunately is rapidly spreading to other races of women in Western nations, therefore ensure that you vet and select your stargate with the utmost care.

I still say that if at all possible deal with non westernised foreign women instead, that way you stand a much higher chance of finding decent quality as opposed to spending so much valuable time sifting through countless damaged goods trying to find something salvageable.

Finally, always remember that it is NOT your job to rehabilitate or to save any women who are broken beyond repair no matter how good they may look. #SYSBMFORLIFE

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Quality Stargates Matter, Good Cultures Matter

Most High Bless

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14 thoughts on “The Chickens Have Come Home To Roost! #SHORTS

  1. I totally agree that those brothers wanting to start a family, should do so with women bearing the least amount of contamination by Western European and North American Feminism, Gynocentrism, and Mysandry.

    Feminism, Gynocentrism, and Mysandry make all women worse. But their effect on the scraggle daggle is quantum leaps worse than for other female demographics.

    The relationship and power dynamics between the Negro male and female were already corrupted by hundreds of years of Slavery, Colonialism, Plantation Culture, decades of Jim Crow, then kicking the male out of the household. Take females who are already disturbed by their toxic heritage and add white female feminism to the toxic stew. The result is the black female scraggle daggle sisterhood and the black male simp nation that keeps it alive.

  2. FIRST! Yes you are right that this “I don’t need no man” contagion has spread outward from the BW to the mainstream female population. A quick look at TikTok or IG stories shows that formerly innocent white females are taking their marching and twerking orders from Megan Thee Stallion, Lizzo, Cardi B, Nicki Minaj and other ratchets, lip-syncing all the words to that garbage.

    Ironic that the toxic misandrist BW that the gubmint weaponized against BM to keep the community destroyed has spilled over into the white community like everything else meant to kill Blacks off; AIDS, heroin, crack.

    Sad thing is these ladies in the video don’t look half bad, meaning the damage that keeps them single is deep-seated. I’m also sure that there are many blue-pilled white knight simps in their PMs ready to take these women on, but these hoes don’t want them.

    The first one is crying tears for Chad with many options who won’t commit.

    Nobody recommends the big titty chick for their family members or co-workers to date because everybody in town knows she’s a hoe.

    Sad to see once-gold standard White Women sink to the level of the chronically-single Negress.

    Oh well, as Verbs always says, their problem not mine.

    SYSBM, chalking up wins.

  3. Verbs 2015.

    I don’t feel sorry for women who find themselves single when they leave their sexual prime years when they are 30 years old plus crying that they are struggling to find themselves a good boyfriend or good husband. These women had plenty of opportunities to get with a good man in their sexual prime years (18 to 30),but they rejected those good men because those men weren’t 6ft tall plus, they didn’t have the chiselled jaw, wasn’t super good looking (8 to 10 in looks on the looks scale) wasn’t rich or had a six figure well paid job didn’t have 5 university degrees, wasn’t well travelled, didn’t have a mansion, doesn’t wear the latest designer clothes and does not have a flashy car and instead go for those types of men who fit the alpha male type. I think that dating these days in 2022 is only going to get worse if this carries on because these women are getting alpha widowed by the alpha Chad’s and Tyrones and these same women are taking out their frustrations of their failed relationships with the Chad’s and Tyrones with the good guys that they reluctantly settled for.

  4. The words of “west” “western” “westernised” are historically and presently negative, terrible, awful, disgraceful, unstable, bad vibes.

    The words of “east” “eastern” “easternised” are historically and presently positive with moral values, traditional standards, stable, trustworthy, love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, self-control.

    Ungodly women are automatically westernised.

    If I had 2 choices out of 4 choices to choose from.

    I would go North east and South east.

    I would avoid North west and South west.

    My sense of direction leads a trail heading to a white traditional wifey.

    I need a quality stargate rejecting ungodly things.

  5. I don’t know what it is with women that get on camera, be crying (fake crying for that matters) about no man looking their way when they get older because they were young and dumb, but the shit makes me laugh until my stomach hurts. These women that cry about they can’t find a “good man,” that’s on them, because they had a golden opportunity for that, but what happened? They thought the grass was greener with those chads, Tyrones, those athletes, celebrities, entertainers. Then again, do they really think they (women) are the only ones that have options? Same ol shit, just with a different woman. No wonder why I lost all interest in American Dating.

  6. The chicken did come home to roast.

    First up, I just read the article on Open Mic Wednesday because I have to do something in Lewisham, South London and let me tell you something. The first ratchet woman is one of the reason why black men are dating non black women or foreign women because of her bad attitude. The woman wearing that weave trying to copy the white woman’s hairstyle is nothing but just damn bitter. Now this one. When they see the good man, they will put him on the shelf, reject him and so on. But when they sees someone like a Chad, Tyrone and a Bottom Shelf Brad which is black women’s favourite, they choose him over the good man. But when the years roll by and when some of them have children, that’s when they start chasing the good man. But the thing is the black man who is Good Man Tyler and the white known as Nice Guy Nick will reject them in a heartbeat because these women might be single mothers, not aging well, body count and so on. Can a woman be single for the rest of her life? Some women can’t handle it because and the video prove that. As they do find someone, they end up with a simp or a beta male. They don’t like the good man but they are willing to use him.

    Hey, keep your white sugar honey safe at all times as these simps, beta males and these ghetto ratchet scraggle daggles are coming after non black women.

  7. Blondie looks like she’s about to hit 40 which is a tough wake up call. She should have cuffed a man already, but thems the breaks…

    I know exactly how she feels because I got messed around by the same type of women like her for a good five years, women with side dudes, always looking for something “better”. They saw me as “soft”, “beta”, “weak” and “easy going” and that never helped. So I first tried faking the alpha funk with weight lifting, leather jackets and acting like a dickhead. That didn’t work either, they saw through that shit.

    So I gave up pretending and sorted myself out instead. Trying to peacock to women for vagina is a waste of time. When you have a certain aura and status THEY come to YOU. Which they did. Also Black men have an advantage: clean up a little, go bald, look like you love yourself and panties go flying. But the gig is up, we’re talking our self worth elsewhere.

    Let Gold Tooth Grimy, Wife Beater Barry, Black Eye Bill, Gypsy Dan and Muslim Brotherhood Maz play with them in their 20s. That’s what they wanted, now it’s out of their reach.

    1. Gold Tooth Grimy, Wife Beater Barry, Black Eye Bill, Gypsy Dan and Muslim Brotherhood Maz? LOL!

  8. “As an old country boy, chickens coming home to roost don’t make me sad. In fact, it makes me glad!” – Malcolm X on his “chickens coming home to roost” remark after the assassination of JFK.

  9. Oh, boohoo! Let me play them a song on the world’s smallest violin; the above video is evidence that all of this women’s empowerment stuff is a total joke, and we are seeing more of them revealing how miserable they are being single. I recently saw a video from TikTok of a woman who was crying while sharing how she at 46 years old is preparing for a surgery and lamented that she didn’t have a husband; she’s depending on her mother and sisters for support, but no amount of love from mom or her sisters can fill that void as only a loving husband can fill. In the Bible, Genesis Ch. 3:16 reads, “Unto the woman he said, I will greatly multiply thy sorrow and thy conception; in sorrow thou shalt bring forth children; and THY DESIRE SHALL BE TO THY HUSBAND, and he shall rule over thee”; in other words, it goes against female nature to be a “strong & independent”. Biology always wins! #SYSBM

  10. …To see where many white women are heading, look no further than the average perpetually single American black woman. Of course whites will dismiss the notion of black degeneracy and dysfunction affecting them but the proof is out here for the world to see. ALL of the same complaints from these white women of today about white men are identical to the those of black women of twenty five years ago about black men!!!

    1. Rick Scorpio, everything the white man unleashes against the community to neutralize the Black Man ends up boomeranging back on them, from AIDS and heroin and crack (opioid epidemic) to weaponized rap (white boys mimicking degenerate nigguh rappers) to “I don’t need no man” single babymama black feminism.

      I read an article where AUSTRALIAN wall-smashers claimed that white Australian blue-collar men “weren’t on their level.” Where have we heard that before?

      My white Marcia Brady dream girls are now contaminated by Black Girl Magic. Sad!!!!

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