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Black Female Parenting At Its Finest! #SHORTS


This is your modern day black female at work doing what she does best, raising children in hostile, terroristic environments, teaching them to have no manners nor respect for others, enrolling them in the ways of foul language, degeneracy, decadence and violence as well as educating them in the art of the 5 finger discount(theft).

To this day we still have various anti SYSBM knuckleheads who continue to ask the same dumb question, “what are you guys saving yourselves from”, this is despite the fact that every week without fail I showcase example after example as to what is very wrong with black female society and why black men with sense and intelligence who are worth their salt need to abandon black women altogether and look elsewhere for love and companionship.

The bootlicking, blue pilled, pro black female simps act as if we’re a group of weirdos simply for NOT wanting our future children to be raised by a bunch of uncouth savage females who wouldn’t know what maternal instincts were even if they slapped them clean across their foreheads.

Once any black man gets one of these feral black females pregnant and she decides to have the baby, from that moment onwards that guy can kiss his life and peace goodbye, he’s doomed, it’s a chicken wrap for his sanity as well as his soul.

Many black men alive today can attest to growing up in single mother households where their mothers behaved like unbridled violent savages and used nothing short of terror, intimidation, bullying and violence to rule over their children, at the same time the downside of this is too many black men to this day still believe that such malevolent behaviour coming from black women is normal and acceptable because that’s all they know, smh.

The only way to break the cycle of dysfunction is to break away from it and embark upon a totally different path. As long as there’s a system in place that rewards black women’s bad choices and reprehensible behaviour, they’ll NEVER see the light and change for the better.

The above is also part of the reason why so called “black love” is already dead on arrival, you cannot forge a relationship with women who point blank refuse to take accountability or responsibility for anything they do wrong and who have no problems blaming black men for things they themselves wrought via their own hands.

Younger generational black men and boys see the handwriting on the wall and have made their adjustments accordingly, they aren’t afraid in the slightest to walk away and go elsewhere, at this stage it’s only the liberal minded Generation X Negroes as well as the Boomers who are the ones holding out for their “black queens” and still believing in the fairy tale of black female redemption and strong black families.

Gentlemen, as always SYSBM to infinity and beyond, always be on guard, expect the unexpected. Black women are indeed noting the mass exodus of black men from the building and as I’ve stated before, they aren’t about to allow you to ride off into the sunset with your non black female significant other without at least trying to sabotage those interracial unions.

Finally, as more black men choose to throw in the towel on the black witch contingent, expect to run across even more stories of black men being kidnapped, drugged and having their sperm stolen. Protect your seed at all costs. #SYSBM™

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Place Your Seed Into These Feral Black Females At Your Own Risk

Most High Bless

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19 thoughts on “Black Female Parenting At Its Finest! #SHORTS

  1. Verbs 2015.

    Black mothers are the worst parents on the planet because they are always beating their kids over any reason and they rule their households with fear and the iron fist. This is the reason why I will never ever have kids with a black woman as a childfree man at 40 because black women don’t know how to be attentive towards their kids and they don’t have a maternal bone in their body. I am only interested in having my future mixed race kids with a beautiful attentive childfree non black women.

    1. Make sure you get yourself checked if you’re going to have kids at your age or older because sprem ages for men as well. Do an genetic profile test that has to be ordered by your doctor.

      1. Robert Chavis.

        I will do Robert. My grandad had his last kid at 78 years old back in 2002 and my grandad was born in 1924 and he died at the age of 86 in 2010. I am sure that I will be okay in terms of having kids in my 40s because I am fit and in shape because I go to the gym 3 days a week.

    2. Quincy Fitzpatrick,

      As Tommy Sotomayor used to say, the worst stewards of children on the planet. Those words still ring true to this very day. So many black men can attest to having such a rough time at the hands of their mothers, however most will refuse to acknowledge it as dysfunctional.

  2. Another Slaying Evil slam dunk. They call you an “incel” for not accepting BW’s bullsh** and refusing to go back to the hood and clean up their mess. Funny how video evidence is brushed off by blue-pilled anti-SYSBM simps. Nope it’s all in your imagination, BW are qUeEnZ, move along. Verbs you are also correct that it’s my cohort in Boomers & Gen X who are still pushing the “Black Love” simp agenda. They are out of touch and out of time. BW are leading in evictions, and BM are questioning Dem policies in the run-up to the midterms, let the matriarchy collapse.

    1. Schadenfreude,

      These blue pilled simps are extremely selective surrounding what video evidence they’ll accept, they’ll deliberately ignore major infractions committed by the black female against innocent children caught live on video but will move in like a swarm of locusts whenever somebody steps forward to critique said visual evidence, smh.

      Black love is done, it will never be revived because the black female’s contractual obligation towards the State is to keep black society flat on its face, continuing to insert fractures into what little remains of the black family structure is part of State Directive 101 which the black witch has happily signed up to execute on behalf of her white lord and saviour Captain Snowy.

  3. Nothing more needs to be said as to why black men are moving off the plantation field.

    How many of you brothers got the belt? Or slipper? Or switch? You got beat for making a minor mistake. You got beat for doing too well. You got beat for nothing. You got beat for growing up. You got beat until you cried, then you got beaten for crying. 🤷

    And many of our mothers were ugly, evil, fat, narcissistic, bloodthirsty violent brutal savages. Let’s be real up here, mothers were turd flinging apes.

    The mental damage these god forsaken gorillas have done to us will take generations to completely heal but in the meanwhile SYSBM is the only means to escape hell, in incrementing numbers.

    I spoke to a 50 year old white female colleague who literally said ‘i understand why black men go for us, black women are too combative’. If she can say that to me in private, imagine what other white women are thinking?

    Heal as much as possible, move on up and go where you’re wanted.

    1. Michel,

      It’s funny how black men are the only ones who’ll excuse the horrendous behaviour they were subjected to by their mothers, white men on the other hand have no problems declaring their mothers as garbage if that was indeed the case.

      Most black men have been profoundly brainwashed to the point where they feel a sense of honour and loyalty towards their dysfunctional mothers despite the severe damage and trauma suffered as a result of being in their presence, smh.

      Only those black men who recognise the dysfunction for what it is and don’t make up excuses to justify it can be redeemed, however sadly such black men are in the minority.

      The modern day black female is the number one enemy of the black man, it’s a pity that most black men fail to recognise this inconvenient truth.

      That being said, the plantation spell is being broken, hence why we are now witnessing hoards of black men exiting the building at an astronomical rate.

  4. These parenting videos are disturbing to watch.

    This is why it should be illegal for all black females in the world to have kids.

    It is better for childless black females to be single their whole life than to raise a kid.

    As anyone seen this article?

    Reactions trail Nigerian Professor’s comment about ‘dying’ Queen Elizabeth

    Uju Anya on her Twitter page wished the Queen an “excruciating” death.

    This is the quote.

    “I heard the chief monarch of a thieving raping genocidal empire is finally dying. May her pain be excruciating,” she tweeted.

    This Nigerian negress wishing death on someone will come back to haunt her as karma.

    Chicken will eventually come to roast on Uju Ana.

    We don’t know a lot about what happened behind closed doors during the British monarch colonisation but the Queen made an effort to put an end to it by allowing commonwealth independence.

    Wishing pain and death on anyone no matter what they have done is wrong.

    If she ain’t speaking life into someone, don’t say anything at all.

    No one’s forcing her to share her condolences, if she don’t care for her then she should just keep her opinions to herself.

    I didn’t have a good relationship with my dad growing up.

    I had a better relationship with my mum/mom growing up.

    My mum is half Belgian and half Nigerian.

    She only has a Belgian passport.

    I know my mum told my dad to put my name and the names of my two siblings on his properties in Nigeria to avoid me and my siblings paying inheritance tax after him passing away in future.

    I’m not going to visit his properties.

    I will sell my share of his properties in future.

    My siblings can keep their share of it or sell their share.

    I don’t care what they decide to do with it in future.

    He hasn’t once come to visit me at my home in Nottingham.

    I often travel to London 5-6 times a year on average cause my mum wants me to visit her and my dad, and my siblings, and brother-in-law, and sister-in-law, and cousins.

    So why would I step foot in Nigeria to visit my dad’s properties?

    In 2009, my dad got his cousin to apply for Nigerian passports on behalf of my siblings and myself.

    I never asked my dad to do this.

    Mine expired in 2014 and I will never renew it ever.

    I destroyed it so no trace of my Nigerian passport.

    I will only renew my UK passport and Belgian passport.

    A Naija passport is useless.

    I don’t want my experience to affect my future quality stargate and my future offspring.

    I will make sure I create a more loving environment with a white wifey.

    I will make sure my child feels safe at home.

    Hostile environments are always the norm in black societies.

    1. Witwijf,

      You may want to rethink your position about not renewing your Nigerian passport, the way the world is currently going, the more passports you have in your possession, the more options you have of getting the heck out of dodge should the proverbial hit the fan.

      You should have as many passports in your hand as you can get, now is NOT the time to be hampering yourself obtaining an additional instrument for travel because of bad sentiments, NO passport is useless.

      You not happy with your dad because he got you a Nigerian passport, on the flip side I’m not happy with my mother because she DIDN’T get me one when I was younger.

      As for the black female she said what she said about the queen, even though I’m not a fan of the black witch, she wasn’t wrong. No country has ever experienced true independent status from the Monarchy, maybe in theory ie on paper but never in practice.

      I forget what country it was that up until recently was PAYING FRANCE REPARATIONS MONEY for taking the independent route.

      Like I said, you’re never truly “independent” from former colonialist countries, they still have their hooks into said country and are syphoning something/things out in return for so called “independence and freedom”.

      Black folks have suffered horrifically at the hands of European royalty, more than you could ever imagine. don’t allow your disdain of the black female to give a literal murderer a pass:

      1. My dad and my brother have been waiting months and months trying to get their Naija passports renewed.

        The Naija embassy still hasn’t done anything about their applications.

        Meanwhile my brother-in-law paid a high ransom fee to get his Naija passport renewed.

        There is corruption in every nation but the levels of bribery of Nigeria is at level 100.

        My Belgian citizenship is more valuable to me as an EU citizen.

        I could live in any EU country if shit hits the fan in the UK.

        I would rather be in the EU than to live in a blackistan nation.

        I’m predicting the north of Naija will cause a civil war against the south of Naija due to political elections.

        There are better countries in Africa to visit for a holiday than Nigeria.

        I’ve been to Nigeria once in 2007 and not going again ever.

        The Ghanians don’t want Nigerians in their country due to the bad reputation of Naijas worldwide.

        Other African nations wouldn’t want Naijas in their country either for obvious reasons.

        Even my future white wifey and myself wouldn’t feel safe in Nigeria.

        I wouldn’t allow her and myself to go through the danger zone.

        I’m not dismissing the genocide that took place during colonial times.

        Any passport is better than a Nigerian passport.

        We can agree to disagree on this.

        1. Witwijf,

          I’d actually elevate the corruption in Nigeria from 100 to well over 9000. I agree with what you’re saying, the passport wouldn’t be for going back to Nigeria(far from it), it would simply be an extra tool in your arsenal no matter where you choose to go. I have to admit that the process to get a Nigerian passport is very long chiefly because the application handlers can’t run a bath yet alone process a passport application.

          Nigeria is NOT a place to go to, I’ve said this many times before. Well, at least you have two passports which is far better than just one. Saying that, if I could get a Nigerian passport with the same ease and efficiency as a UK one, I’d still do for the reason I stated above.

  5. You know Verbs, you make a funny topic about this and some brothers like Michel mention about how we all got whipped.

    Something got me thinking about these videos. These simps and BW find this funny on social media, however in real life this shit is scary, especially when we were all kids by getting a beat down.

    These haters will say ‘White Women do it too’.
    I agree with the haters that ‘White Women do it too’.

    However I give you the difference:

    If the White women record the beat down on their kids and put it on social media and goes viral just like BW. This will be shared and forwarded to the police and CPS (Child Protection Services). This will go on National TV, the police and CPS they will come and take their kids like Thanos click his fingers.

    The reason why we see more videos of BW recording beating their kids because the system protects them and the they got immunity by the hood, thanks to the ‘No Snitch’ rules. Even they self-snitch all the time by posting and make it viral.
    Police or CPS will not do a damn thing because the simps enablers are protecting these feral single mothers.
    So basically they not just beat their kids and post it, they can do erotic sexual intimacy towards their little son/boys, yes erotic incest, we all seen this on the on Instagram, such as Son-Husband these Single mothers do and is normal in the black community. Also these kinky fetish stuff to their babies such as smoking weed in front of them and twerking.

    Even Verbs shows many example this website of how kids talks all gangster when they are toddlers, tattoos, smoking, doing sexual stuff. This is a result of Liberal Feminist Matriarchy environment.

  6. There is a deadly price of breeding these ghetto ratchet hoodrats. And the price is having unruly children by them. The reason why these kids act this why is that the fathers are not in these households. Did you about the 12 year old child destroyed the home because his mum took his cell phone? When you see the house, it was just pure carnage. If there is a father in that house, that boy will not able to do that shit. In the so called black community, it’s only, run by the matriarch. When black men sees this, they are going elsewhere and have children with non black women and raising them in a two parent home. And these simps are coming after them just because black men are not dealing with these ghetto ratchet scraggle daggles.

    Hey, keep your white sugar honey safe at all times as these ghetto hoodrats are coming after non black women.


  7. I am writing this post from Paris, France. I will be here for the next 3 days. I’m in a neighborhood called Bercy. I don’t speak a lick of French, but everytime I step out some French cutey tries to make small talk. Too bad I don’t speak a lick of French. They know I’m American and seem to be amused by it.

    Anyway, I am not on the prowl, just trying to experience a different culture. Even the black women in this neighborhood are not as ratchet as what I see a lot of back home. They appear humble and demure. And some are quite attractive. I’ve also noticed some very attarctive black women checking me out. No weaves, no pounds of makeup, mostly mixed race. I know they are intrigued because I’m African American. They obviously don’t see many American black men walking around representing well. Oh well, feels good to be celebrated rather than tolerated.

    I’ll be going to Venice for 3 days later this week. Just getting my cultural exposure on. I need to get conversational in French, because I am impressed with the ladies so far, and will probably be back.

    1. American Black Man,

      Last time I went to France was in June and when I went to this Slay Evil website in Paris, it was about how Lori Harvey dumped Michael B Jordan.

      In France you see more West African types as in that West African continent they mostly speak French there.

      I use the Google translator to speak a French, that is how I learn a bit.

  8. I remember the first video from Facebook a few years ago; it’s a shame how that little boy had to resort to self deprecation with a religious slant to it to avoid any further punishment; also, did anyone else notice the bag full of medication on the table? That boy’s daggle mom is not well; also, his sister just stood there and watched, which shows that it’s not unusual for her to witness the abuse. As for the other videos, this shows just how far from grace the communitah has fallen, from the cursing children to that boy kicking that lady to the ground: (I assume that’s his grandmother); adhering to the SYSBM Tenets will nlt only save you, but it will save your future children from the traumatizing experience that is growing up Black.

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