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Dealing With Passport Hating Scoffers!


So let me get this straight, we’re broke yet we can afford to travel internationally?? Make that make sense. Feel free to check out this guy’s TikTok channel, you’ll see for yourselves it’s obvious he’s 12 kegs short of a 6 pack.

As per usual these blue pilled, passport scoffing black male simps without fail always seek to absolve black women of any responsibility, in typical black female fashion, it’s always the black man’s fault. Feel free to deal with this dude’s lame arguments, I personally won’t be bothering because they’re so weak, easily debunked and deconstructed.

The average garden variety black male simp is the main reason why black female society will continue to sink deeper into the mire, as long as he remains a gatekeeper for black female dysfunction, black women as a collective will never improve and will forever remain chronically single at an ultra high clip.

Many of these guys have never left their own local area yet alone travelled outside of the US, but when it comes to travelling and foreign women, all of a sudden they become “experts” on said females, what they want, how they think and what they’ll expect from American black men, you cannot make this stuff up.

Simps such as the above will conjure up and rattle off any garbage in their efforts to get free thinking black men to settle for low quality women who at this point are only fit for the trash heap, never allow yourselves to be gaslighted by these fools and fall for the Okey Doke.

Why is this Negro so pressed about where other black men are choosing to place their family jewels? Additionally, does this guy look like he’s getting any cooch? I’ve noticed a trend of black women and their blue pilled, black male simp flunkies attempting to shame black men with passports concerning access to sex.

Sex is a fundamental part of a man’s life, if he’s unable to access sex in one region then logically he’ll venture elsewhere in order to meet the need. I really have to look at these idiots sideways who attempt to shame men for wanting easy and regular access to sex, they’re acting as if sex is for emergency uses only or for very special occasions.

It should also be added that true SYSBM practitioners are not “tricks”, our objectives are always long term based, find a high quality woman who we can have children with in order to keep our family tree and legacy in continuance.

We subscribe to traditional family values, not like this leftist tugboat who no doubt believes that he’s giving black women some sort of “inside scoop”, smh. Take 20 seats bruh, none of the black women you’re licking the muddy boots of are checking for your goofy looking backside.

I have an even better question, why is this disingenuous black siren pretending to be concerned about foreign women? Since she wants to talk about Captain Euro, where were her protests before this “black men getting their passports and travelling overseas” issue came to the forefront? Haven’t white men been travelling overseas for sex longer than black men, why hasn’t she protested them?

Notice that whenever black men place themselves in a position to be happy WITHOUT the black witch being in control of said happiness, all of a sudden the activities the same black men are choosing to engage in are “a problem”. I keep on telling you black men, these modern day black females wants you to be miserable so badly just like they are, they hate seeing you break out of their feminist spell, being happy, content as well as standing in your own masculine authority.

At the end of the day women control access to sex, therefore if any woman doesn’t want to have sex then outside of the exception of rape, it isn’t going to happen. Take your tatted up, tea drinking behind back to the dark, damp and musty catacomb you climbed out from woman, stop pretending to be concerned about foreign women, we don’t believe you, you need more people.

First of all, no decent quality foreign women are checking for gold grill wearing, Slim Sauce type Negroes anyway. You’ll notice how by default the passport scoffers always conveniently jump to the faulty assumption that all women in foreign countries are snakes who are looking for a come up ie a green card as well as access to a Westerner’s money.

Now, I’d be an ignorant fool to state that there aren’t women in foreign lands who are indeed seeking to take advantage of a Western man’s elevated status, however believe it or not most foreign women DON’T want to leave their respective countries for Western shores.

They much prefer to remain in their own countries and in like manner many are looking for genuine love and companionship. Notice how these guys who don’t have passports and who don’t travel all of a sudden are clairvoyants, they know exactly how these foreign women think despite having little to no interactions with them on their own soil.

So let me get this straight, I’m supposed to listen to 12 Gauge Mike, Field Mouse, Lil Cheezy, Roof Top Trey, Shorty Fist and Trap House Jim over accepting my own personal boots on the ground, first hand experiences as principle testimony, get outta here with that garbage. Again, it’s insulting how these sloppy Joe Negroes talk as if you’re a child who doesn’t know the lay of the land ie how to tread cautiously.

An element that is often omitted is the fact that non Westernised foreign women overall are cleaner women, they’re not like these dirty, contaminated creatures of the West, therefore on that principle alone it’s understandable why some black men much prefer foreign women over their Western female counterparts. Not every black man is content dealing with dirty women, some of us actually have standards in place.

Check out the comment section of the above video, of all the black women who commented I didn’t come across one commenter who was discouraging this woman from travelling, on the contrary, they encouraged her to travel even more and additionally many were suggesting new destinations she could visit.

Yet these same deceitful buzzards will turn around and tell black men that they’re lames for getting passports and going overseas. Do you see how they have one set of rules for themselves and a completely different arrangement for black men?

We already know that black women are travelling internationally at a higher volume than black men, we also know that black women are visiting foreign lands to get their cheeks clamped by foreign men yet none of these passport scoffing savages have anything to say concerning their queenies and their dodgy antics, smh.

It’s beyond amazing how easily some black men can be suckered, bamboozled and hoodwinked into hating on other brothers who choose to get their passports and travel, yet at the same time these black sirens in the background who are organising and coordinating these passport hating campaigns are openly catching flights heading to foreign lands to which their blue pilled, pro black simp flunkies have nothing to say, smh.

Gentlemen, get those passports, don’t listen to these knuckleheaded black men attempting to use every shaming tactic in the book in their efforts to dissuade you from getting your passport and travelling on behalf of their black female overlords.

This relentless hatred of US black men who own passports is strange and extremely disturbing speaking as a black man from the United Kingdom. Over here owning a passport is a normal and standard practice and travelling the world is greatly encouraged.

In fact if you don’t own a passport you’ll be lining yourself up to get a serious grilling from your peers. Always remember fellas, certain “individuals” have a vested interest in black men remaining on the plantation as simps/clean up men/janitors, more brothers saying enough is enough and demanding CLEANER WOMEN has put a huge spanner in the works of those “merchants”.

As for the dating coaches and PUAs who’ve also decided to jump on the passport scoffing bandwagon, the dating game grift is done for you, find a new profession, Whole Foods is hiring.

I remember debating the male feminist, pro black female, black women first, blue pilled flunky Amiri Brown over two years ago on TPOT’s channel, that debate can be seen below for anybody who’s interested:

First of all, emulating the modern day black female and leading off with so called “education” is a dead horse on arrival, we already know that educated women are the worst to get involved in relationships with. Additionally, despite the black female’s so called “education”, she’s still a knucklehead and a dunce due to her prolific habit of getting impregnated by Slim Sauce, Field Mouse, 12 Gauge Mike, Roof Top Trey, Spoony and Sheggy.

Again, as with pro black muddy bootlickers such as D Derell, notice the raw ignorance of the above statement.

So, a man can’t find a decent woman abroad who isn’t a street walker, really bruh? Remember, these are the same passport scoffing Negroes who purport to hold some level of intelligence. According to these guys who don’t travel, all women abroad are prostitutes, evil schemers or both. Indeed, this is an insulting and nonsensical thought process and foreign women have the right to be angry and offended by such ignorant inferences.

It’s always these non passport holding, non travelling shine buckets who typically have the biggest mouths piping off about things they know nothing about. Outside of blue pilled simps, black men of quality aren’t checking for black women nor do they see value in them.

Brown can launch whatever counter campaigns he wants on behalf of the least married and least desired women on the planet, however the younger bucks have already spoken, they’re checking out of dealing with black women at record rates and no black female dysfunction gatekeepers are going to persuade them otherwise.

If I’m correct Amiri Brown is married to a daggle, this would explain his feminine thought process and why he fails to understand the real dynamics of black female worth and value. Any non black women by default are of higher value than these weave, fake eyelashes, fake nail, heavy makeup wearing, tatted up black sirens, this is simply an inconvenient truth that feminine minded simps like Brown are having an extremely difficult time digesting.

Gentlemen, these blue pilled simps out here are shook, they’ve been given the task of rounding up those black men who have chosen freedom over being in bondage to the ungrateful black witch and so far their progress has been absolutely abysmal. The exodus is very real and cannot be stopped.

Finally, as I’ve stated before, white men have been getting their passports and travelling for a very, very long time and not one of their peers has criticised them for doing so, however as soon as US black men in larger numbers decide to engage in the same, all of a sudden black women and their pro black simp cronies decide emergency meetings are necessary and passport strike force committees immediately must be formed in order to “deal with the problem”, smh. #SYSBM™

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Get Your Passport, Travel And See The World Like Other Normal People Do

Most High Bless

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29 thoughts on “Dealing With Passport Hating Scoffers!

  1. Why do these simps that hate passport bros sound gay something is not right here we even got this incle Shawn James who never had a woman in his life talking mess.

    1. Eric,

      Unfortunately Shawn thinks still think about how he was a simp when he was a teenager and think he has a knowledge of women ever since.
      Does not realise that we all went through those phase during our teens. It is part of maturity of life but his somehow haunts him, that is why he said to Verbs the last time he dated was 1989.
      Basically he let this teenage maturity phase which is natural and he thinks he learns from this. Mind you when you go into 20s or 30s, you expand and meet new people, but this teenage crush which is normal bothers him so much and now he is now 48. He never moves on and now gaslighting young brothers because of he never got over teenage experience.

  2. Verbs,

    Don’t forget the long thread on Open Mic Wednesday about Shawn James as you notice lots of brothers talking about him.

    Shawn James is the culprit of them all.

    Also rumours mention that BW will go to other countries to make friends with foreign women to black-list American Black men from dating and talk shit about BM telling foreign women not to date them.
    Also stories mention by General Tito’s supporters that BW will go overseas to find, hunt and confront American Black Men and shaming them in whilst in another country such as Dominican Republic or Brazil.

    1. I also want to add that RingoTV is the other co-conspirator (with Shawn James) because he (Ringo) has daughters and probably thinks that they won’t be enough good men for said daughters.

      1. I notice that too on Shawn’s video because he always shout out to Ringo on his video.
        Ringo many years ago promote his channel called ‘Passport Police TV’ now called ‘Ringo After Dark’.
        I remember a video he made wearing a US Border Patrol uniform like we was going to stop black men from getting a passport.

        See if for yourself, you see him wearing a uniform acting like he was doing a civil duty behalf of FBI just to dick police making he made 6 hour video doing this:

    2. If the BW is making friends with foreign women….would you even want those damn women anyway? That’s not a real loss.

  3. Verbs 2015.

    The reason why these simp black men and these black women are hating on black men like us for having passports is because we have the freedom to travel the world and they cannot control us. I am so glad that I refuse to date black women as a childfree SYSBM black man at 40 because I just don’t find them attractive at all. I rather date a beautiful childfree non black women who looks natural from head to toe any day of the week. I am so glad that I have my UK British passport. These black male simps and these black women are chatting shit.

    1. Quincy,

      I would not worry about guys like Shawn James and other haters hating on Passport like yourself and this would not affect you because people like you, me and Verbs lives in the UK so UK brothers are not affected by the dick police guys.

      This is only affect American Brothers. I agree with Mister Master, Micheal MisterTea and Verbs because as a UK brother, I feel sad for the American Brothers getting hate over Passport.

      As Michael stated, the War against American Black Men on Passport is not about travelling, this is all about Women and Sex. This is what simps sees in Brothers with Passport. Women and Sex, even they do not even thinking about women overseas, but the haters want to see the issue about women.

      In the UK, people and even good UK Black Women which I come across encourage BM like myself to travel overseas during holidays or when taking time off from work to improve your quality of life and become cultural minded.

      But in America, BM are villain for holding a Passport. Simps and hoteps discourage BM to travel and stay in the hood and deal with ghetto ratchet ‘Reach Backs’ and be clean up men.
      Verbs said something very interesting about America, these BW shaming and vilify BM who got passports and travel whilst BW themselves got passport to travel and other women encourage BW to explore more.
      This is because in the Liberal areas in America, BW who has options labelled a hero and BM who has options are labelled a villain.
      It is OK for anyone can have options, but only a problem when a Black Man has it.

  4. The USA represents modern day Egypt of babylon from the old testament.

    I’ve been reading the book of exodus.

    The story of the Israelites leaving Egypt to be out of bondage.

    Black american men leaving the plantation represents Israelites.

    This explains the strange behaviour against USA black men holding passports.

    They want clean up men like Amiri.

    I’m no clean up man.

    No one would try to stop me in UK from holding a UK passport and Belgian passport.


    1. Madbusdriver mention that the SYSBM is partially based on the 21st century of the Exodus.
      Difference is the black community today have freedom, however because of the bleck culture are loyal liberals, they are emotionally and mentally slave.

      If you a UK brother living in the UK you do not need to worry about the dick police haters because they at war against American Black Men with Passports.

      However it is sad because the America is meant to be diverse and freedom. But for some reason they still hating on Black Men who have options. Also having debates about interracial dating in 2022.

    2. Belgium, huh? Now I understand what witwijf means now. Kudos to you brother!

    3. Here’s the thing. In America you have the blackety black hotep male simps and the plain blue pilled black male simps, with both groups functioning as the scraggle daggle’s enforcers.

      The scraggle daggle is desparately afraid that the cream of black male society will start traveling internationally and get their eyes opened. They have always depended on the cream of black male society being there for clean up man duty after they have been ran thru and used up by Pookie, Slim Sauce, and bottom shelf Brad.

      So the scraggle daggle has commissioned her enforcers to shame and intimidate black men about getting passports, less she lose her cleanup man cohort to fall back on. As crazy as it is, many scraggle daggles with 3,4,or 5 bastard nigglets, still think they deserve a high value cleanup man.

  5. It is imperative that American Black Men with the means, do as much international travel as possible. If they do, they will quickly realize that they are selling themselves way short by limiting themselves to American scraggle daggles.

    They will have something to compare American daggles to. They will quickly realize that the American daggle is vastly overrated and vastly overrates her own sexual market value.

    They will learn that American men in general tend to be thirsty simps and American black men are the thirstiest simps. They will learn that American females are too gassed up and are getting uglier due to epidemic obesity rates and an unwarranted sense of entitlement.

    This unwarranted sense of entitlement leads American women to believe they don’t need to self improve, that they are beautiful no matter how obese, out of shape, ratchet, and disheveled they present themselves. This is because American simp culture teaches them that men should thirst for them no matter how bad they look. American simp culture has its most extreme expression in Blackistan.

    In the US they are running underwear and lingerie commercials on TV using disgusting female oil tankers and elephantine behemoths as models, and calling them beautiful.

    The real reason that Blackistan doesn’t want the cream of black male society to start traveling en masse is because Blackistan knows that once this happens, the cream of black male society will have no use for it.

    1. American Black Man,

      There are some unknown rumours from General Tito’s supporters as I have been watching his videos and on the comment sections stating the Black Men in the America had been deny Passport Applications in the Post Office when the Black Women is on the Customer Service Frontline.
      Basically mean that if you see a Black Women is on Customer Service at the Post Office they will deny you the Passport application if you are a BM because they are mad that a brother is travelling.

      Also the reason why there are so many simps doing the dick police on Passport BM instead of BW because BW are hiding their deep extreme jealousy towards BM who have Passports so the simps are basically doing the BWs dirty work.

      1. Mister Master,

        First of all, any US Black Man with a live brain cell knows that the customer service etiquette of any scraggle daggle put in any post requiring customer service etiquette, is barbaric at best. Now most will be slavish to a bottom shelf Brad. But to any black person, they show their nasty ass.

        This is why I always avoid the line attended by a scraggle daggle. This is a good rule of thumb.

  6. Ultimately, the question must be asked, “What can they honestly do to stop or at least slow the exodus of thinking black men from the plantation of the community?” Nothing. Absolutely nothing. Remember a few years back when they first tried to out SYSBM, or all the stupidity hurled at us by fag faced Aaron Fountain!? How did it end? We’re still here, operating at 100% and they’re gone! Same crap, different year! #SYSBM FOREVER!

    1. They can’t stop it.

      I don’t live in a Black Enclave. While I see other Black men around me, I rarely associate with them.

      When I got a ride back from the airport from a Uber Driver who happened to be a Black man, I asked him if he knew who Tommy Sotormayor was? He said yes and that he was harsh on Black women.

      Harsh? My mother agreed with Tommy (RIP), my stepfather (RIP) agreed with Tommy.

      How so? They have been exposed to the ratchetness. They were firmly middle class, they read the writing on the wall.

      That is why when we tried to live among Black people (near Inglewood), it wasn’t possible and we high tailed it to the San Fernando Valley.

      When I say I am a guest, I am not joking. When I say I see Baba’s POV as well as most of ya’ll POV, I see it, hear it and understand it.

      The fact remains –

      Being around White women is second nature, having sex with non-Black women is expected

      In other words, I know nothing directly about dating Black women other than aggressive interactions from time to time which I rebuff. The last time I had sex with a Black woman was over 20 years ago, that isn’t by accident, that is intentional.

      I wanted a passport because I felt the overt racism that exists in America makes it nearly impossible to find a reasonable and attractive WHITE WOMAN to marry in the US. As time went on things got worse.

      The women got older and fatter; hook up with 12 Gage/Field Mouse. We put a higher value on youth than any other culture which limits my access to younger women.

      That is why I often say I would have liked to be born later. It’s much easier to date interracial in America today (2022) than it was when I was in my 20’s (1992). Impossible? No, I dated more than a few, could have dated more I suppose but didn’t.

      The difference today is that WW are more overt about their desire to be with BM. Great, I can’t take advantage of that. I don’t have the status or the money to do so.

      All the machinations about feminism is funny. The women I have been involved with never used feminist talking points. They are ready to listen, be wives, be mothers, look after their families including their and even YOUR parents.

      My main issue with the West as I said is my status doesn’t match my desires.

      The passport allows Economic Arbitrage. When women overseas make less than I do, are younger and more attractive than what I can get in the US/Canada. That makes being a “Passport Brother” acceptable to me.

      I didn’t get a Passport to escape the hood, Black Enclaves or Black People. I have already detracted myself from the community except in limited cases.

  7. Dudes who can afford passports and air travel are “broke.” Make it make sense. And what if we were “trickin”? Whose business is that except for the hoes we supposedly trickin’ with? And with the exodus of so-called “Passport Bros” that would mean mo’ available single QUEENS for these white knight nighas to scoop up. Why are they pressed about what grown men do with their family jewels? These player-hatin’ crab in a barrel negroes talk and their Section 8 mammy’s voice comes out like ventriloquist dummies smh.

    SYSBM remains the most sustainable solution for the gifted, productive Black man.

  8. The ignorance of these people is off the damn roof for sure. I just don’t understand these people’s talking points. These people are definitely closed minded for sure. The ignorance and hypocrisy of these people! As for the passport, I’m still sticking to my plans. No matter what bullshit they spit out their mouths, I’m still gonna travel. They ain’t nobody’s daddy or mama. These mofos are not gonna mess up my travel plans, nor are they gonna do shit of trying to stop dudes from traveling. I don’t care if they go to the damn government to stop dudes from traveling because first of all, what’s that gonna solve? Them slick ass talking points, that don’t mean shit. I mean yeah, there’s badness in other countries too, but don’t badness happen in this country of America too? When they said, you’re gonna get drugged, robbed, beat up, killed in other countries, like the same shit doesn’t happen in America too? When they say they’re prostitutes in them countries, like we don’t have them here in America too? When they say they only want you for a green card, money, finesse you, like the same shit doesn’t happen in America too? Them slick ass talking points about the women in other countries being pros, they wanna get you for a green card, dirty feet, blah blah blah blah, that always gets to me, especially when they talk about women from Brazil, Colombia, Thailand, Philippines, Dominican Republic. The reason why I said that is because it’s funny how these simps and other women talk about them women in other countries are pros, talking about men going to other countries for sex, sex tourism, when clearly we got a lot of that shit going on in America, with the women talking about “getting the bag,” OF hustle, hookup culture. Why would I need to travel for sex tourism when I can do that here in the states? If I’m looking for love, I’m doing that outside the country, because these western women can’t choose right, and that feminism, sexual liberation, city girls crap, done a number on these American women on god. For all the traveling bros and SYSBM, keep doing y’all thing, Don’t let these haters stop you, and thank you for opening my eyes at a young age (I’m 23 by the way). With the passport, I’m getting mine for sure. Once I get that passport, it’s on. I’m gonna have a good time exploring the world outside the US.

  9. There must be a serious uptick in American brothers quitting the spiders web and leaving for new places to live a stress free life for these bastards to be speaking.
    Somebody with the means has activated all nearby simp drones to mock, smear and gaslight us (well known narcissistic traits) in order to stop their queandom breaking apart, wonder who? Don’t be surprised to find out if some of those Mongol mush mouth gold grills youtube simps were compensated to hate on passport bros.

    Take yourself off the communiteh electrical grid and walk in freedom. You’re not a human battery to be drained, go free and save your soul.

  10. I’m goanna go straight to it Bubatundae, I’m goanna go start to this. We have a war between these simp and dating coaches against the passport bros. I have no issues of any man going to another country and look for a woman. If the black American woman is causing problems, so does the UK black woman as well, why not look for a lady overseas. This is another example of dick policing here just like these simps who was dick policing SYSBM. This is some homosexual shit they are bringing, you get me? I have no issues of anyone living a certain lifestyle but man oh man. Fools like Bareback Fountain, Shawn James, Dr Foolmar Johnson, Woke Poofgressive and all them simps will come after the passport bros. Let me tell you something. You think these foreign women would be with these simps? Hell no! Would you think these ghetto ratchet hoodrats love it when they come after guys like you, Mad Bus Driver, Quincy 82 and me talk about these ghetto ratchet harridans? Na blud! They don’t like these simps are at all. They want the worthless man, the bums, the thugs and the unproductive men. And they will open their legs to these men in a flash. I did an article about these simps going to war agaist the passport bros just like these simps coming after SYSBM.

    Hey, keep your white sugar honey safe at all times as these ghetto ratchet black women, simps and these beta males are coming after non black women.


    1. Money,

      As Michael MisterTea and Mister stated, they will not come after likes of you, Quincy and UK brothers because they know that Passport in the UK is standard for ID here.

      It is an all out war against American BM with Passports also the war is all about women and sex. Even men with passport who travel are not even thinking about women at all, but the haters makes assumption that Black men spend $2k to travel oversea to get laid and prostitutes which we all know this is Bull Shit.

      Also Shawn James was asking a question to Passport Brothers, he was asking ‘Why don’t these Passport Bros go to Africa?’ Does he knot know the answer? It is because West Africa is also westernised there.

      Shawn James has now given up talking about Passport because he know he is loosing Patreon supporters which affect his rent money.

      1. That is true. Black men are not traveling thinking about women. Some black men travel with their wife and children. Just remember, Shawn James haven’t left his country all of his life. He hasn’t left his bedroom all we know.

        1. Unfortunately for Shawn, he has made a lot of enemies, now there this group called the ‘Rogue Passport Bros’ who unlike ‘Passport Bros’, the ‘Rogues’ are fighting back against Shawn. He his getting cyberbullied by them.

          Even he stop talking about the BM with Passports but the damage has been done.

          Link =

          Should of kept his mouth shut and keep it moving, but no he keep on doubling down.
          Calling them Beta Males will make the issue worse online.
          When you slander the wrong people they will retaliate and that is what happening.
          Shawn just turn 49 last week. Nearly 50 next year.

          He cannot come of the internet such as YouTube because he needs it to pay his rent and his business is struggling because of his competitors which makes him vulnerable to be dox.
          As Michael MrT stated, he is the ‘Innovator of Passport Gate’ and he have to live with this because he did this to himself.

  11. The key is simply not to provide these bottom feeders with an audience. Understand that these losers will always be present and eager to critic anything a FREE THINKING BLACK MAN do!! At, this point it is pathological and would require and great deal of therapy to even scratch the surface of their minds. My recommendation is be acutely aware of their position but continue to move forward with your agenda.
    Nothing says more that you don’t give a shit is when you’re living your best life without their input! It takes the wind out their sail yet…all the while not even aware the ship isn’t sailing!! Exactly where we want them!!!


  12. Wow! Great book bro and excellent drop as usual. I literally had a epiphany today about this very subject.

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