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Free Topic/Open Mic Wednesday!

Apologies for the late posting of Open Mics and articles recently, I’ve been preoccupied with work as well as other ventures that will put me in a better position for the future. As this world continues to go down the toilet, it’s all about individuals who can think and reason for themselves to carve out a new path, one that will weather the storm that’s fast approaching. Another Open Mic Wednesday is here, what’s on your minds for this week fellas? You’ve got the floor, roll that dice.

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Stay Individual(In Your Mind)

Most High Bless

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17 thoughts on “Free Topic/Open Mic Wednesday!

  1. Verbs 2015.

    I was at this years Notting Hill Carnival on 28th-29th August 2022 and I saw two black women fighting like its the royal rumble. This is the reason why I refuse to date black women as a childfree black man at 40.

    1. Thank god I do not go to the Carnival.
      I forgot about how BW fight for no reason.
      They fight everywhere for petty stuff.

    1. Brother Dan, you beat me to this.

      I got a lot to say about this Shawn James guy:

      Unfortunately he has stoop to a very low here.

      Instead of differ ate between Passport Brothers and Traveling brothers, he decide to put both in the same coin.
      I think deep down he wants to call Verbs a grifter but he cannot because Verbs just like me, Quincy and Money lives in the UK and not in America.

      How is SYSBM and Travelling Brothers (not Passport Bros) a grifters anyway?
      SYSBM has been taught to better yourself and travel so you can heal your mind. He is no different than that haters because this is all about women for them.

      Calling SYSBM a gimmick. He even pull an Akwesi and David Carroll calling Travelling Brothers Beta Male stalkers because unlike Passport Bros, Travelling Bros has an Army to go after anyone who try to slander them.

      Shawn even goes on about how Thinking brothers has no tribal mindset. How can you have a tribal mindset when the Black Culture is run by liberals and Matriarchy. Also calling SYSBM weak because he claims that SYSBM cannot control BW. More like we do want to deal with them. Also saying we fear BW and our mothers. We no, because this is got nothing to do with mothers and the reason why BM cannot control BW because the legal system is in their side. Meaning if BM man up, the BW will call the police and ruin you legally.

      He even saying how BM run a way from fear. Let me debunk this: We walk away from something we will regret and why should I stay and deal with the trash. Shawn even himself that he cannot go home to the community because it is ran by dodgy immigrants and the took over the black community there and hold hostage.

      He even bring up example like Bakari Henderson and the Nigerian guy who got killed by a IG Model Becky. Nigerian guy is not SYSBM and he is an immigrant.

      I can write more but now Shawn is emotionally exhausted and good thing that he will make anymore videos about Passport because he has no experience on this subject and he need to refrain from talking about them as he will get roasted. He may call Travelling Bros stalkers but in reality he is expediting real tribe who come after him if he does not shup up about it.

      I do feel bad for American Thinking Brothers here because they have to put up with this guy like him and this war against Black Men with Passports.

      Verbs, I want you to watch these videos Brother Dan put on the link as I watched it myself.

      1. Sheriff,

        You took word out of my mouth.
        To all these people like Shawn talk about how ‘Grass is not greener’ and be tribal. He fail to realise that tribes and your neighbourhood can be infiltrated by supporting and being liberal, just like a Trojan Horse.
        He say grass not greener, his home community is ran by dodgy refugees so he cannot go back to his hood. Also hood is run by liberals and matriarchy. Also made laws ans system to make sure that Matriarchy is there to stay. No turning back.

        Also talking shit about foreign women, lets say this:
        Each country has its own hypergamy, unlike westernise version.

        He ask a question why these men do not pick the foreigners as Black Men got for trash foreigners?
        I can answer this question.
        Some women in other countries are not picked by men there because they may hit the wall in their culture, not the wall as you think. Some walls in other countries are strict e.g. Chinese women, in that country they hit the wall at 25 if they are not married, but it does not mean they hit the wall in the west, why? Because they did not pick bad boys or has high body count or mileage, each countries set of wall are different than the west. The western version of the ‘wall’ is when these females are liberals picking bad boys such as thugs, becoming single mothers. That is where these women are damaged goods, but Women in China called spinsters at 25 are not damaged goods unlike the west.

        He mention that he lost money on Patreon after the Passport attack, I think he was attaching the youngsters who are travelling and finding opportunities. Also these young brothers found out he has no passport himself and has no experience on this subject. He is becoming one of these elder guys who has envy towards the young bros.

      2. I kid of find it funny where Shawn saying that Passport Brothers and even insulting Travelling brothers calling them cowards and weak because they cannot control Black Women.

        Did Verbs made a topic recently? Yes he did, showing lots of videos of BW how they act like primitive animals:

        Let the Thugs control them.

        He talk about how SYSBM and Travelling bros are mentally trauma.
        I am no Passport or SYSBM but they help you heal spiritually and emotionally when you travel outside the country.
        He believes that you can heal by staying in the community where there are toxic and full of hateful vibe.
        And he thinks not leaving is not a solution. Tell that to Ice T when he was down with the hood and had few robbed attempts by his homeboys, ask the guy who build a Youth Club, but got beaten up while defending because his homeboys robbing stuff in the club. How about Nipsey Hustle? I forgot, he is dead because so he so polite to his homeboy and got shot for it. How about MC Hammer? He got broke.
        Shawn hating on Black Men on Passports while he is rely on YouTube ads and Patreon to pay his rent.

        I do not blame some thinking brothers here have this hate towards Shawn because he hide this stoic mindset but deep down he is envy of someone’s success.

  2. I have a story that was told to me by someone from work.

    He has a mate that has a girlfriend from the Philippines.

    His mate has spent around £1000 on flights, including other expenses to visit his Filipino girlfriend.

    His Filipino girlfriend hasn’t visited him in the UK.

    Her excuse is she lives in a third world country and can’t afford to visit him in UK.

    They have been in a long distance relationship for a year.

    Not one visit from her in UK, not once.

    I can only suspect that she is using him for his money.

    This is why I will never do long distance relationship with foreign women.

    I would only date a foreign woman if she is either:

    ● offering me a job overseas
    ● offering me to stay with her legally in her country
    ● planning on moving to the UK
    ● already living in the UK.

    Then I would know I’m not being used like an ATM cash machine.


    1. Witwijf,

      I have friends who are Philippines.
      I am not saying they are for the money as I done alot of research from their culture.

      The problem in countries like Thailand and Philippines is that Filipino require a Tourist Visa just to travel to the UK and it is expensive there. Normal Filipino cannot afford and as it cost a lot to travel to the UK.
      They have to be middle class or a bit wealthy Filipino/a to afford a Visa just to travel and a Passport. They can go to Australia or local countries. But UK, they have to pay for Tourist Visa.

      That is the reason why foreigners goes to Thailand and Philippines. Not other way around.

      For them to travel and get Visa discount, the westerner have to sponser to get the Filipina to the UK.

      The only way to do this is for him to go to Philippines to meet her in person, travel there few times to meet the Sponsor criteria for her to travel to the UK.

      Also bear in mind that some Filipino cultures in that country has Financial implications as there are no welfare system there.

  3. Happy Wednesday peps!

    I have a job interview tomorrow up at Dunstable in Luton for a passenger assistant job. I have done this job before and that was when I was living in North West London in 2008 and then the job finished in 2011. I was working for Brent. Let’s see what’s goanna happen tomorrow.

    I was at Carnival on Bank Holiday Monday and I heard that a 21 year old rapper got murdered. Not only that there was fights I heard and so on. Carnival wasn’t like before when I was little but now things have changed.

    Right, there is a video of a simp that was stalking Tommy Sotomayor and I’m goanna do a blog on that tomorrow. On the video, it was two black thug dudes kissing. Let me tell you something. Why would anyone — look check it out on Friday.

    Hey, keep your white sugar honey safe at all times as these ghetto ratchet hoodrats are coming after non black women.


  4. Happy Open Mic Wednesday! Lately, I’ve been thinking about how many outspoken people have been under attack for their words, more specifically men like Andrew Tate (for his comments on women), Alex Jones (for his conspiratorial take on world/current events), and most recently Aries Spears (for his comments on Lizzo’s weight and appearance); on that last one, go on Google and type “comedian aries spears lizzo” and watch how the Internet has responded. Of course, Lizzo herself responded in her VMAs acceptance speech by saying that fat girls are “winning”; winning at what, exactly? They’ve won the title for “Most Likely To Die Of Health Issues”, and no matter how they spin it, there is NOTHING empowering about it! This is why Hollywood should be hated, because they promote the worst elements as something fashionable and trendy; how can a society thrive when it glamorizes dysfunction? Back to the main topic, any outspoken person who says something that’s unpopular is instantly villainized by the media; why is that? It’s called negative bias; it’s a shame that folks are so receptive to this.

    1. Funny how the Jeux media go out of their way to make BW the face of fat bitches. Abercrombie & Fitch (the chain whose catalogs in the 90s featured idealized Aryan models) did an IG post with a fat white model and it was quickly taken down out of shame. Former fat white chicks Adele and Rebel Wilson have now lost the weight and look good. Only obese black hoes try to normalize being fat…and try to shame you into accepting it. Kevin Samuels tried to tell ’em that their weight was keeping them from accessing High Value Men and they attacked him for it.

      Reason #13426986410 to avoid the obese Black Mammy Matriarchy at all costs. SYSBM.

  5. Verbs and Gentlemen,

    Because of this Russian/Ukraine war which causes the price to go high, there is a new trend coming soon by the Black Women. This is called ‘Soft Girl Era’.

    “Soft Girl Era” is an another form of the ‘Reach Back’.
    Basically they are becoming soft and feminine towards black men because of the economy problems the world is having.

    Watch out for these BW who posts this because this is another trick.
    I know the simps and Hoteps will fall for this.
    Just keep it moving BM as the will the rise of the ‘Soft Girl Era’

    My response (as usual) to these BW is ‘Too Late, the ship has sailed’.

    Link of example of the video:

    1. I caught a livestream today from General Tito talking about that “soft girl era” crap today. I’m not falling for that fake femininity crap of these women.

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