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Nothing To See Here, Move Along! #SHORTS


Here we go again, black women continue to engage in their favourite past-time, street fighting, and we black men are supposed to accept this type of violent behaviour and take on board a group of females who believe that this manner of conduct is normal?

To think, these will be the same disgruntled, angry, bitter and bloodthirsty black sirens who’ll attempt to mock and shame you because you’ve chosen to look for love and companionship elsewhere due to their horrible dispositions, extremely volatile and feral nature.

As per usual, notice how black women typically will encourage other black women to fight, very rarely if ever will you run into a situation where a member or members of the black sisterhood of failure are actively trying to stop fighting from taking place.

I tend to find that it is either black men(NOT SIMPS) or white women brave enough to step up who are the ones attempting to prevent fights between black women from erupting.

As I stated in Negro Wars, black women should enrol in UFC or some other MMA field/program, that way at least they’d be doing what they love the most and at the same time be getting paid.

On another note, the above videos are yet another reason why black women’s chances of climbing Swirl Mountain are practically zero, which white man with his head screwed on straight is going to choose any female from a group of women who engage in this kind of ultra violent behaviour, NONE!

Another one for the archives, the violent nature of the modern day black female continues to grow and expand, black men with sense and intelligence have already left never to return. Let the blackity, black hotep slowteps and black male simps deal with these extremely violent feral hogs, black women as a collective are sick in the head, this type of behaviour is NOT NORMAL. #SYSBM

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

The Usual Suspects Engaging In Their Usual Activities

Most High Bless

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13 thoughts on “Nothing To See Here, Move Along! #SHORTS

  1. I couldn’t help but laugh when the daggle in the video put a beatdown on that fat ass black male simp. He must be a simp because he got his ass beat.

    But seriously, there are daggles walking around, over six feet tali, who are more buff than Serena williams. And they will knock a nigha out. I’m a non violent man myself. But I still keep a louisville slugger on the back seat of my car, just in case. And I won’t hesitate to use it on some feral 6.5 BT1100 if I need to.

  2. That level of aggression is rarely displayed by men but when the Daggle is involved this is the status quo. That video where lil man was screaming like a bitch while his mother was catching those hands was quite amusing. LMAO!!!

  3. Just another day in the Ghetto Union (Blackistan, Simpistan, Cuckistan and Wokeistan).


  4. Weave comes off.

    Blackistan males get a beat down by negress females.

    They truly belong in MMA, UFC, WWE, AEW and professional boxing.

    Black violence has many many archives for the whole world to see on social media.

    All non black communities can watch all of these videos online or experience an altercation in person.

    They type in on the research bar black on black violence, black on white violence, black on asian violence.

    The USA has had more than two ethnicity race wars in history.

    If there is a final one during an economic collapse, that is the end of black america.

    If you look at the national debt for each nation, the fiat currency won’t be worth anything anymore.

    A global reset would use cryptocurrencies and precious metals to devalue fiat currencies.


    1. >> The USA has had more than two ethnicity race wars in history.
      If there is a final one during an economic collapse, that is the end of black america.

      Agreed. And I’m the one always saying for ya’ll to get ready for Civil War 2.0 and Race War 1.0 in the dis-United States of Amerika. Yes, the CONservative Right will be going toe to toe with the degenerate NeoLiberal Lefties. But both sides will take the opportunity to OFF the black degeneracy in their midst – a twofer.

      Go read up on the destruction of Black Wall Street aka the Tulsa/Greenwood Oklahoma race war or the the 1906 Atlanta Race Massacre at the hands of the allegedly superior Anglostanis. And those 2 race wars were NOT due to the kind of black degeneracy we’re seeing today. In essence, it was out of pure JEALOUSY that the supposedly “inferior” nigg*rs could create thriving commercial business operations without the assistance Lord Euro. The same jealousy they have for Afrocoids who are superior to them athletically, rhythmically/musically, masculinity etc. is why they will try to off black America.

      And here’s where so many black braindead Amerikan sheep are OUT TO LUNCH on this possible REALITY. Let Snow White try that shit in BLACK Africa where all of their assets will be SEIZED if they even try. This is not colonial Africa of the 1800s, early 1900s, 1950s or 1960s. Them Yankees and their Euro vassal slaves are standing on very fragile soil because Africans REMEMBER all the destabilization – Congo’s Lumumba, Burkina Faso’s Sankara, overthrowing Ghana’s PanAfrican architect Kwame Nkrumah, inciting tribalism in Rwanda & other regions, etc etc.

      Payback is going to be a bitch when the gloves come off.

    2. UFC/MMA requires discipline and hard work. Foreign concept to these ultra violent welfare recipients.

  5. There are so many black women fighting on the street or in the night club. There are so many videos of black women fighting no matter where they are. Some of the time, black women are fighting each other for a man that is worthless. Them fighting for a good black man, that never happens. When black men see black women fighting and sometime it’s more then one, they record the fight on their mobile phone. And also they can’t stop them from fighting because if they do, then the black women will fight them. It’s all about left hooks, right hooks and kicks when it comes to black women. Oh boy!

    Hey, keep your white sugar honey safe at all times as these black women are coming after non black women.


  6. Verbs 2015.

    I avoid black women like the plague because they are too violent and too masculine for my liking.

  7. Damn!! This is some seriously top-rated insider degenerate scraggle footage, Verbs!
    Wow!! In fact, I’m having a very hard time trying to figure out which “street fighter” classic is my favourite.

    The scraggle in the red outfit would make an excellent wommins boxer with serious training. She landed all of her punches. The next video with the Jamaican beast roughing up the woman with the cell fone is MADNESS. lol
    And 2 videos down, the mamma wearing them heavy boots dragging her daughter by the hair & unleashing a MAD beating is hard a fcuk! She does not play. The neighbour brotha is totally in shock. lol. I think I can hear her Jamaican accent. That’s not a woman you fcuk with. lol

    I showed these clips to my gf last nite. She’s like “what are the fighting about?” lol She’s getting a clear picture of the black degeneracy I left from the allegedly “superior First World” West. lol

    Many THANKS for the infotainment, bro! Keep em coming. lol

  8. BEASTIE’S BACK! BEASTIE’S BACK! This must be what they are talking about when they say that they’re on the front lines fighting for us; police brutality pales in comparison to the violence that the scraggle daggle engage in. These videos were a bit uncomfortable for me to watch as I noticed the violence progressively get worse with each clip; this is the self destruction that a few Hip Hop legends tried to warn us about in the 90s:

  9. Black women hate themselves (contrary to the whole “black girl magic” bullshit) or anyone who looks like them, they hate their daughters who they see as competition, they hate their sons who reminds them of all the hood negroes who have “busted a nut” or in some cases a “cap” in them, they hate all other races of women because they don’t need weaves or chemicals for their hair or have to do little to nothing to look like a female and not a “insane clown tranny” and they are desired by most men. They have a love/hate relationship with their “white god”, love him because he’s well…white, hate him because he doesn’t treat them like white women or pretty much any other race of women, but they’ll blame the black man for that, so all that pent-up frustration gotta be released somewhere

  10. Damn, these bulldogs scrap and brawl worse than NIGGUHS. When was the last time you saw dudes going at it bare knuckle like these HEFFUHS. Floppy titties, bonnets and hair on the ground is the aftermath of street battle. Hats off to the thug, ex-con, hotep and matriarchal simp nigguhs who still deal with these Section 8 savages.

    Misery loves company, so they try to shame the “educated lame” college boy with options and a bright future back to the plantation to somehow uplift these hideous sheboons. “BuT wHat iS yOu sAvin’ yO seLf fRoM?” These disingenuous, low IQ, red black & green niggas know good and well the answer.


  11. Wow! I think you should start entitling these clips Bearilla Battle Royal! It certainly applies and you have my full, unrestricted blessing to do so. Seriously though, Verbs, I have a newfound appreciation for what you do. To actually lower yourself to watch this trash in order to supply the hard evidence takes an uncanny level of commitment and discipline. I’ll never feel compelled to jump in and try to save these substandard pieces of crap. Salute, brother Verbs 👊🏿. #SYSBM

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