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Most Black Women Never Grow Out Of It #SHORTS

These black females stay saying one thing while at the same time engaging in completely different behaviour. Black women as a collective stay stuck on loving “bad boys” for life, this is why they continue to come up pregnant by these dudes. For the overwhelming majority of black women, there is no exiting or growing out of this so called “phase”.

If we’re to believe what she’s saying, she is a one in 6 million case because as stated before, most black women much prefer bad boys over the so called “educated lames” and they have no problems making their feelings on this particular subject known.

In my much younger years I watched first hand as black women continually returned to the dregs and the scum of black male society even though they knew full well that those types of men couldn’t provide them with long term relationships, commitment and stability.

Additionally, I also watched and noted how so many of these same women would land up pregnant by these guys, some of them having multiple children by multiple men, this is an all too familiar story that we’ve all seen play out time and time again.

This is about the only time that a few black women MAY eventually snap out of the bad boy chasing phase, when they have 1,2,3,4,5,6 children en tow and now all of a sudden they’ll be on the hunt for a clean up man/janitor to fall upon the sword for their sins of the past while pretending to now desire a serious relationship and commitment, smh.

Of course we already know that these single mothers are simply looking for suckers from which they can drain money and resources from, the heterosexual free thinking black man knows this hence why he chooses to give the modern day black female in particular and single mothers in general an extremely wide berth.

The increasing departure from black women by more and more black men is very real and cannot be denied, only an individual with his/her head buried deep in the sand would be unaware of the current heavy exodus of black men from the building.

The truth of the matter is in 2022 black women as a collective have very little if anything to offer past a contaminated, high mileage cooch, weave/wig wearing with a heavily receding hairline, fake flyaway eyelashes, raptor claws aka fake nails and faces that are literally spray painted full of makeup.

Grow out of the bad boy phase, I don’t think so, especially in light of how black women have openly expressed their hatred and utter disdain for the upwardly mobile, intelligent, educated, free thinking brothers, you know, the black men who refuse to allow themselves to be manipulated, controlled, programmed, indoctrinated and enchanted by the black witch’s coven. #SYSBM

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Most Black Women Love Bad Boys For Life

Most High Bless

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24 thoughts on “Most Black Women Never Grow Out Of It #SHORTS

  1. Verbs 2015.

    The reason why the black community is dead and it will never be fixed is because all black women love their thug black men and they have kids with the worst type of black men ever and they have multiple kids from multiple wutless thug baby daddys. The only time that black women won’t become single mothers and stay childfree before they have kids is that if they are trying to get with a white man or any other non black man because they fully know that white men and other non black men aren’t willing to date single mothers because its a waste of time plus you can’t build a nuclear family with a woman who already has kids by other men. As a childfree man, I take it as a insult if a black single mum is trying to date me when I made it very clear that I am not interested in dating single mothers and the funny thing is that these are the same black women in their sexual prime years when they were childfree and single wouldn’t have given decent black men like me the time of day because we wasn’t gangster enough or bad boys. I am not trying to save these black single mothers from their poor stupid life choices.

    1. Quincy Fitzpatrick,

      Black women are the women most brainwashed by feminism and the social media delusion machine, in addition we have to take into account that it’s their State directive to continue ploughing “da communitah” deeper and deeper into the sewer.

      Had I recognised from a much earlier age that black women as a collective were a lost cause, so many years of frustration and confusion would’ve been avoided. I refuse to save single mothers and any females who’ve been used up and ran through, that’s not my occupation nor obligation.

  2. They want a clean up man after going through a bad boy phase with multiple kids.

    They want a clean up man to not have a passport and travel the world.

    They want a clean up man to be like Dr Derell in his debate against you verbs.

    He clearly lost this debate on so many talking points.

    Dr Derell has cognitive dissonance.

    Why would a white supremacist create SYSBM?

    Makes no logical sense whatsoever.

    There is a caucasian guy at my workplace who spoke to me about his experience of dating a white single mother.

    She works in my workplace and she is originally from Lithuania around Eastern Europe.

    Even he admits he would never date a single mother again and he is now single again cause he friendzoned her.

    He told me when he was fucking her, her kids saw him half naked in bed.

    So his relationship didn’t last long.

    He also tells me stories about using a VPN to block Russian gold digger models and white British women from using Twitch and instagram to promote their onlyfans page lol.


    1. Witwijf,

      Black women during their prime years want to “have fun” at the same time reducing their value down to zero, yet still expect the same men they previously dissed and dismissed to step up and clean up after them once they’ve past their expiry date. No thanks, I’m good, I’m pass, that’s not how things work.

      D Derell wasn’t ready, he’s a typical passport hating pro black simp who just like Reverend Bargain Bucket aka Shawn James thinks he knows about foreign women and non western countries but doesn’t have a clue.

      SYSBM was born as a direct response to black female dysfunction, SYSBM is in existence directly because of the black witch and her twisted behaviour and disjointed mentality, Admiral Frost had no involvement in its conception.

      Most single mothers have no standards, how many videos have we come across of black women getting dicked down or sucking on the same while their children are either in the next room or outside the door banging on it look for their mother’s attention, smh?


  3. These ghetto ratchet scraggle daggles prefer the worthless dudes more then they good black man, the so called educated lames and so on. They love them so much they will have children with these thuggish dudes. When they do have children with these hopeless guys that they love so much and have five, ten, fifteen or twenty five children, that’s when they look for the sucker just to use them. As the good black man sees this, he will start to think and then say no way because there is no way that he will take care of children which doesn’t have his DNA. So just be a single man, date multiple women or do interracial dating. When a ratchet black women says that she wants a good black man, I don’t believe her. Because that when she sees 357 Jimmy, Colt Five Rounds, Machete Man Briggy, Des the Drunk, Rum Smuggler Don, Big Dick Rodney and Ruff Cut Larry, she will open her legs to them in a heart beat. They rather be with Whiskey Baron Tony, Chopper Man Stoley, Cell Block Scrappy, Weed Man Jake, Rapid Fire Rasta and Fuck All Night Freed then the so called lames.

    Hey Keep your white sugar honey safe tonight and all times as these ghetto ratchet hoodrats are coming after non black women like crazy.


    1. Also 12-gauge Mike and Slim Sauce…


  4. “Black women as a collective stay stuck on loving “bad boys” for life, this is why they continue to come up pregnant by these dudes. For the overwhelming majority of black women, there is no exiting or growing out of this so called “phase”.

    Here’s the thing. These black females and these “bad boy” black males who they love, are cut from the very same cloth. They come from the same dysfunctional “communitah”. They are products of the very same dysfuntional single mother households.

    So we cannot reasonably expect them to behave any other way. This is who they are, this is what they are, and this is what they are gonna be. They are the products of generations of General Blizzard’s degenerate welfare culture inbreeding program. The sad truth is that this has been going on since the slave farm inbreeding plantations. Break the toxic cycle !

    Those few Black men who have an intact mind, must simply walk away from the toxic wasteland that is “da communitah”. And never look back.

    It is more than just the scraggle daggles who are produced by the toxicity of “da communitah”. It is also the black male simps who come out of “da communitah”. It is also the degenerate “hotep so called leadership” of “da communitah”. It is ‘da communitah’s” preacher pimps. It is their cooning sellout politicians. “Da communitah” is done. Stick a fork in it already. Leave this toxic cesspool and never look back !

    1. AmericanBlkMan,

      The mistake I see a number of black men making is choosing to walk away from the black woman but still believing that they can save “da communitah”. They don’t seem to understand that the black community is black women and her pro black simp flunkies, when you walk away from one you walk away from them all.

      The community cannot be saved because black women as a collective are stubborn, prideful, rebellious and a lost cause, if there was any hope in saving black society we would’ve seen a much more positive attitude amongst black females.

      The black male simp flunkies are the gatekeepers of black female dysfunction, yet another reason why the so called “black community” will forever remain in the toilet.

  5. Guess I’m too “white” and a sellout to even consider spinning the diseased wheel of the communitah. But as Dr Umar regularly sez:


      1. And like a spinning hamster wheel, that effort still leads to nowhere.


  6. Liking bad boys is not a phase for them; it’s the norm, and very, very few Black women ever snap out of this “phase”. This braud is talking about going back to Black nerds as if they are just waiting in the cut for a chance at dating her (which means she’s a “reach back”); that’s what she and many like her are hoping for, so she can have them as a fallback option once things go wrong with Slim Sauce. It sounds like the Black nerd was a phase for her because she went to the thug right after the “educated lame”. These daggles better wise up now and leave Slim Sauce alone because most of them will NEVER find a Russell Wilson type like Ciara did; life is not like a fairy tale where Prince Charming comes to slay the dragon and save her from the highest room in the tallest tower, where you’ll live happily ever after.

    1. BCT,

      No black man worth his salt is ever going to swoop down and scoop up these delusional broads, that’s the part they don’t seem to get. Even some of these blue pilled simps who aren’t as deeply brainwashed and indoctrinated are slowly beginning to snap out of the trance and realise they can do much better for themselves than settling for a ran through 304 with 2,3,4,5 bastard children en tow.

      As I’ve stated before, it’s time for men in general to begin withdrawing their energy, attention and resources away from women who don’t want to reciprocate on the same level. Men ultimately have the power, they simply have to take it back.

  7. There are actual black female lawyers and judges out there who risked it all to mess with the bad boy thugs that they were supposed to be putting away. These chicks went to undergrad, then law school, then passed the bar, then climbed through the ranks, and threw it all away for thug dick.

    And we all know how black hoes go for CO jobs in the prisons just to get access to thug dick. These hoes are making like 40-50K a year with bennies. One locked-up nigga got 4 COs pregnant at the same time.

    And not just black thugs, y’all remember the black female CO who was fu****g a white supremacist dude and he accused her of giving him an STD. She came into work one day like all was normal and the cops were waiting for her with charges.

    These are all real stories, most from Tommy and King Sigma, look ’em up.

    Nope so-called “professional” black hoes with actual shit to lose still fiend for the “bad boy” they never grow out of it. Black b*tches are frustrated they can’t gaslight good brothas anymore and we know how they get down.

    Don’t be the losers choice gentlemen. Don’t save these hoes. No other race of dudes have to go through this shit. SYSBM.

    1. These Professional Hoodrats such as lawyers dates these broke thugs because they use their degrees and careers to control the thug dick just like these Female Prison workers does.

      In cases these Broke Thugs drive these Professional BW to work and do all the chauffeur tasks for them.

    2. Schadenfreude,

      “Black b*tches are frustrated they can’t gaslight good brothas anymore and we know how they get down.”

      Statement of the week right there, the black witch’s goose is cooked!

      1. And a Becky named Dorothy continues to douse the witch with a pail of water on the daily.


      2. Yup they’re cooked, bro. In my younger years, BW would play the three-card monte game trying to gaslight BM that we were the problem. Now due to social media they have lost control of the “niggas ain’t shit” narrative and are lashing out. Even other races of women can see how BW get down. Which is how they snipe the best and brightest BM (aka educated lames) out from under BW’s noses.

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