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At This Point He Really Needs To Keep His Mouth Shut! #SHORTS

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This won’t be a long one. As I’ve stated many times before, the only reason why this frying pan African, pro black knucklehead named Dr Umar “Gerbilface” Johnson is still being heard is because unfortunately we have too many unlearned individuals who have podcasts still giving the dude a platform from which he can spew his racist garbage/rhetoric.

Again, I find it strange and suspicious that every time Johnson begins his tirades on various platforms, nobody has the testicular fortitude to ask Dr Johnson some of the obvious questions:

1. If black women are as great as Gerbilface continues to claim, why isn’t he married to or at least in a steady relationship with one yet?

2. Why hasn’t his school/academy for young black boys been opened yet despite him collecting steady donations for it over a 10 year plus period?

If somebody is going to continually harp on about black men needing to stick within their own race when it comes to dating and marriage, shouldn’t they at least first be setting an example themselves?

Additionally, the main reason why more black men are choosing to date out is because the product(black women) has become defective beyond repair.

If Johnson is so eager for black men to date and marry black women exclusively, then he first needs to IMPROVE THE PRODUCT instead of attempting to shame and bully black men into taking onboard dodgy, sub par goods.

To add to this, blaming black men for the various external appendages black women use(raptor claw nails, fake eyelashes, thick makeup, weaves/wigs etc) as well as the plastic surgery they voluntarily opt in for isn’t helping the black female’s case at all.

When it comes to all of the above, because black women claim to do all those things for themselves, immediately black men are off the hook for culpability.

At this stage I have to categorically state that the numbskulls who continue to platform this fool are now the problem, not Foolmar Johnson himself.

Gentlemen, until Dr Umar “Gerbilface” Johnson gets his own “black queen” as well as finally opens up his boys academy, nothing he says should ever be taken seriously. #SYSBM™

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

At This Point Dr Umar Has Completely Discredited Himself

Most High Bless

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17 thoughts on “At This Point He Really Needs To Keep His Mouth Shut! #SHORTS

    1. SYSBM Forever,

      With the current condition of the modern day black female being square deep in the sewer pipe, only a mentally challenged idiot would pigeonhole himself into a corner to where it’s black females he’ll deal with or nothing else. Meanwhile Foolmar is lusting after Dominican and mixed women on planes and in hotels, you cannot make this stuff up.

      1. Gerbilface Johnson Claimed that Dominican women have African mixed in them.That was his conclusion on that matter.He’s Always been so Fixated for many years on the Ethnicity, Nationality and Color of women Brothers are putting their Joysticks in that it makes me think that in his subconscious mind as well as his conscious that Deep,Deep,Deep down inside he Really wishes he could get away with being with a Snow Bunny under the radar if he hasn’t already tried.

    2. SYSBM Forever,

      A few weeks back I mentioned that I have mentored a small group of very upwardly mobile young Black Men. They are doing fantastically well and are on a path to lead a life that will be far bigger than mine.

      And I truly believe the biggest reason is because they left Blackistan mentally and spiritually at a very young age. I like to believe I had a small part in that.

      Unlike them, I didn’t have anybody like myself when I was young. I spent too much of my youth mired in the muck and madness of Blackistan. Until age and wisdom taught me better.

      Foolmar is just another flavor of Blackstani demon whose job is to keep Blackistanis forever in the position of the lowest of lows. Blackinstan has many flavors of demon who are all pied pipering one group of Blackistanis or another to the edge of some cliff. There’s the preacher pimps, the political race whores, Hotep race-pimp whores like Foolmar, rappers, Divestors, Oprah wannabes; you name it.

      I like to believe that SYSBM is about more than getting a good stargate. Getting a good stargate is super important, but that’s the easy part. Once you leave the Blackistani mindset, you won’t accept anything less than a good stargate.

  1. Verbs 2015.

    Umar Johnson needs to shut his fucking mouth and leave us SYSBM black men alone and let us live our lives in peace with our non black girlfriends/wives. Umar Johnson needs to sort his life out first before he starts criticising other people. He needs to get himself his black queen and build that blasted boys school that he is yapping about during the last 15 years since 2009. Umar Johnson is a joke and I don’t take him seriously.

    1. Quincy Fitzpatrick,

      Black men simply need to get on with their lives and date who they want to date. As I’ve stated before, if Foolmar Johnson wants black men to deal with black women exclusively then he needs to improve the product instead attempting to shame black men into settling for below sub par goods.

      I’m glad to see more black men not paying this fool any attention but instead moving how they want to move.

      Most older black men in the US still deal with black women, however Umar sees that the younger bucks aren’t buying into this pro blackity black Tom Foolery. Always go where you’re loved and appreciated, stay away from those women who only tolerate and hate you.


      1. Verbs 2015.

        I fully agree with you bro. These pro blacks and Umar Johnson are full of shit. I am SYSBM for life man. 😎😎

  2. Umar Johnson loves to talk about black oppression.

    He never really goes deep into that as he claims.

    No one should take him seriously after failing to open up academy schools for black boys.

    Black females have always been oppressing black men since the beginning of time.

    The money they spend on weave and other things are going to non black communities.

    A sheboon negress would use black men on child support, get welfare checks, create black on black crimes and get black men locked up in jail.

    When white women are in relationships with black men or in marriages with black men, they spend money on their black men and their biological kids with black men.

    White women are helping their black biracial sons economically.

    White women don’t need to help any black community.

    Why should a white woman help a black community?

    Black communities don’t give a fuck about black men.

    Black communities don’t give a fuck about white women either.

    Black communities only care about black women.

    1. Wittexton Witwijf,

      Your last sentence sums it up perfectly, black communities only care about black women because as we already know, “Da Communitah” IS black women.

      Gerbilface’s failure to open up his boys academy is a monumental blemish on his image and reputation, however these left leaning, socialist, liberal podcasts will continue to platform him and ignore his heavy shortcomings.

      I just find it very suspicious that every time he goes on a podcast or somebody’s show, no one has the nuts to ask him about his school nor why he doesn’t have a black female by his side despite him continually harping on about black men sticking with black women only, smh.

  3. Gentlemen,

    Here is a clip I found from General Tito and a direct link.
    This hotep has got a black girlfriend and he decide to troll and bait Umar Johnson.

    Basically he decide to invite him to do an interview and bring a Becky to a ‘Pretend girlfriend’ to see who Umar reacts.

    Umar was funny and he mention that if you got a Becky Umar thinks has the power and authority to kick you out of the black community.
    He stated that ‘You’ve been excommunicated from the black community’ just for having a Snow bunny and give you the boot and no are no longer black, your black card and your colour of your skin is revoked.
    Becky try to entice Umar but he is trying to act like a priest and resist temptation.
    Watch the full 20 minute clip if you can.

    Link =

  4. SYSBM: Dr Foolmar Johnson keeps talking and talking.
    White sugar honey: You know, I have no issues of him or any black person helping the community. It’s that racist mouth of his.
    SYSBM: He’s doing nothing at all but conning people.
    White sugar honey: I don’t know if that school is goanna be open.

    “I employ more blacks then you” – Damn, son!

    Right, if he loves black women so much, then why isn’t he married to one? And also, why the simp hasn’t open up his school for black boys for the last ten years? Ten years? Right, let me tell you something. You see him, when it comes to black women, he only wants to sleep with them and breed them. And he’s paying child support for them kids. And the school. As he’s getting donations for him to open up the school, he’s using it to snort cocaine like he’s Tony Montana in Scarface, Lord have mercy!

    The man just keeps opening up his damn mouth every time people put this simp on these podcasts, opens his racist month when he talks about black men who are with non-black women. But when a black woman is with a non-black man, we don’t hear a single word from this fool. As the ghetto ratchets listens to this simp, they are getting pipe down by the thugs the keep chasing like Weed Man Jake, Rapid Fire, Rum Head Fraiser, Machete Man Briggy, Des The Drunk, Long Cocky George and Fuck All Night Freed.

    You know this dick policing is getting out of hand. These simps really wanna know where black men are pushing their dicks in. This is some homosexual thing they are displaying. We heard what happened to Woke Poofgressive — I mean Woke Progressive. He was dick policing and he came out as a homosexual like P Diddy. I wanna say this. you know Bareback Fountian was abused by his mother when he was little. Do you think that Dr Foolmar Johnson, Woke Progressive, D Derrell, Rap Raven and all of the other simps have been through abuse when they where little children? Because I see a big pattern here!

    Hey, keep your white sugar honey safe at all times as these ghetto ratchet scraggle daggles are coming after non-black women.


  5. “The King Kong of Travelism and Passportism”

    “Work Out, get your passport, be the best version of yourself, get a trade or skills, and frequent flyer miles.” Brother’s luggage is cheap on temu, and at TJ-MAXX right now due to overstock from spring break. SO if you are a bi-racial brother, melanated chocolate brother, or a brother so dark the daggles call you Wesley Snipes Jr. Get your ass on the plane with the quickness….

    I’ll say it 3X just for you hard headed brothers…..

    Get your ass on the plane with the QUICKNESS

    Get your ass on the plane with the QUICKNESS….

    Get your black ass on the plane with the QUICKNESS…….


  6. The more I hear Umar speak, the more I’m convinced that he is an agent sent into the Black community to stoke the flames of racism; ever notice how he always addresses interracial dating as if it is detrimental to the overall wellbeing of the Black communitah? Who does that sound like? White nationalists who gripe about interracial couples (it’s always the Black male/White female dynamic that bothers them); the only difference between them is the White man’s fear is genetic annihilation whereas the pro Black’s fear is economic dissipation.

    Another thing he must be challenged on is why doesn’t he say anything about swirlers and divestors, especially famous examples like Halle Berry and Aisha Tyler, whose White exes are getting their money in child and spousal support? Dick Police are usually hypocrites, so I don’t expect a straight answer from Gerbilface any time soon; in the meantime, he needs to quit stalling and start that boy’s school, for goodness sake!

    1. Blue Collar Trevor,

      These clowns who continue to platform the knucklehead as far as I’m concerned must also be looked upon suspiciously now. He won’t check the so called swirlers/divestors/levelling up crowd because he doesn’t have the nuts to confront his black female overlord and saviour Keisha. He’ll stick with the “it’s always the black man’s fault” narrative so that he can continue to stroke the egos of as well as fleece these weave and fake eyelash wearing black sirens. At this point Umar Johnson is a straight up hinderance and a stumbling block to what’s left of black society, where’s the school Gerbilface?

  7. You best keep that ding-a-ling away from them white girls, I’m warning y’all…


    1. Dr Umar “Gerbilface” Johnson,

      Any dates on that boys academy opening yet? Have you managed to land yourself a black queen since you keep harping on about black men dating black women exclusively? Have you kicked the drug habit yet and cleaned up your messy apartment?

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