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Peep The Mind Trickery!

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Revelation 2:9 reads:

“I know thy works, and tribulation, and poverty, (but thou art rich) and I know the blasphemy of them which say they are Jews, AND ARE NOT, but are the SYNAGOGUE OF SATAN.”

Revelation 3:9 reads:

Behold, I will make them of the SYNAGOGUE OF SATAN, which say they are Jews, AND ARE NOT, BUT DO LIE; behold, I will make them to come and worship before thy feet, and to know that I have loved thee.”

Firstly, I find it funny how a Jewish guy is speaking on black issues when it’s primarily been Jewish folks specifically zionists who have been the main culprits behind the destruction of black society as a whole.

The overwhelming majority of slave owners were Jewish and even when we come down to most of the destructive modern day black entertainment, it is organised, ran and funded by Jewish men.

Most folks are afraid to call out these Jewish zionists for fear of being labelled “antisemitic”. In fact, practically every form of entertainment that is destructive towards society as a whole is being run by Jewish people and they openly brag about this themselves.

From the music industry to pornography, behind every black male and black female entertainer/performer are Jewish men overseeing the ongoing destruction of the culture as well as cutting the cheques to ensure that the degeneracy continues.

Kanye West tried to warn you, however the Jewish owned and ran mainstream media as they always do whenever they are rightfully called out launched a campaign to paint West as a black man who’d gone off the deep end ie lost his marbles.

Jewish men most certainly should NOT be speaking upon a group of women they themselves have deliberately weaponised against their own male counterparts(not without the black witch’s voluntary assistance mind you).

Check out these videos below and look at how Jewish people treat outsiders, I can attest to receiving similar hostility when I was a teenager walking past synagogues and being hissed at by these same individuals for no valid reason whatsoever:

These Jewish folks as a whole are not a very nice group of people and slowly more and more individuals are discovering this for themselves. They have no rights to speak on how black men choose to reprimand black women especially in light of how said Jewish people treat non Jewish individuals as seen above.

Let’s also not forget what they did(and are probably still doing) to Ethiopian Jew women who sought to migrate to Israel:

Onto the lame defence of the scraggle daggle. Dark skinned black women are the most incorrigible, intolerant, violent, uncooperative, belligerent, murderous individuals on the planet and nothing these guys say can change that.

As I always say, there will always be swindlers, merchants and fleecers lurking around every corner waiting with their coffers wide open ready for black women to “make it rain.”

As per usual when it comes to black female panderers, whenever they spew decomposing garbage from their mouths, you can blatantly see the disingenuous looks on their faces, neither of these guys believe what they’ve said.

Additionally, whenever it comes down to the sorcery and the witchcraft spun in the defence of dysfunctional black females, you have to understand the play at work.

Most non black folks don’t want black men in the US to establish themselves as a dominant force in the world, this is one of the main reasons why the black witch is continually propped up and weaponised against her male counterparts.

Certain individuals in key positions(Jewish folks) understand that keeping the black siren in place as the faux leader of “da communitah” will ensure that black men and black society itself can NEVER get properly back on its feet.

Believe it or not, under the Trump administration the dethroning of the US black female was gradually getting underway and for once black men were in the process of being elevated to a position where they could actually lead and steer the black community into the right direction(though I personally believe it’s too late to turn things around, the ship should be abandoned).

However in addition to the monumental fraud which took place in the 2020 US Presidential election, we also saw at least 80% of black men who voted cast their support towards Biden/Harris, smh.

Unfortunately most black men alongside their black female overlords have become a burden and a curse upon black society because they have no problems being ruled over by women and desire the black witch to remain in place in order to continue her reign of terror.

Therefore in light of this knowledge, the best option for the free thinking black man is to sever ties with “da communitah” completely, go his own way and form his own separate community in order to reduce the obstacles and hindrances that can be placed in his path.

Gentlemen, in addition to the hoards of blue pilled, black male simps that have been created by the black witch’s coven to serve as the gate keepers and enablers of black female dysfunction, we also have ADDITIONAL AGENTS of destruction lurking about in dark corners who also have the task of ensuring the black siren remains seated upon her decadent throne by any means necessary.

Keep your heads on a swivel and watch your six brothers, there are MANY OTHER PEOPLE out here who do not want to see black men being successful and prospering. #SYSBM™

The Deprogramming and Decontamination Process Continues

Jewish Folks are NOT Who They Make Themselves Out To Be

Most High Bless

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21 thoughts on “Peep The Mind Trickery!

    1. I have mentioned this grifter and liar AngryBiracial before but I can tell he trying to get BW money. This dude literally grew up “Arab” talking that crap. He is literally talking of Eastern European and 3rd world men but smoke screening it to BM. We know the Arab world is the WORST when talking about women being abused like honor killing.

      Let AngryBiracial talk about that which the community he has grown up in. It doesn’t compare.

      To make him FEEL better not of the Arabs but in Honduras, femicide:

      1. These simp grifters come a dime a dozen, but looking at his youtube page and the titles of his videos, you can tell its personal with this clown. He obviously has some kind of vendetta against black men cos of his daddy no doubt.

        That’s the one thing with these dweebs. Social media gives them a platform to spout shit they wouldn’t say to anyone’s face. He’s all hyper aggressive in front of his camera calling black men “kangz” as a slur, but put this fool in a room with black men and dare him to keep that same energy and I guarantee he wouldn’t say shit if he had a mouth full of it.

        He’s literally doing the very same thing he’s accusing us of, the only difference is we hold both sides to account because we know a lot of black men ain’t shit too, that’s why we’re differentiating ourselves and separating from da communitah.

        1. Sad fact. Republican necon Trotskyists ain’t shit along with Russia and Putin, but that doesn’t mean Confederate Brad and KKKeisha are any better. Let them fight each other

  1. This is a very good topic. First of all, no Jewish male has the standing to speak on the relations between black men and women.

    Sure, there were many Jewish slave owners. But let us not lose sight of the fact that Jews were major participants in the trans Atlantic slave transporting industry.

    Jews were major players in the trans Atlantic slave trade. They provided financing, they owned shipping companies to tranport slaves, and they financed expeditions to africa to kidnap African people.

    More than any other cohort of men, white Jewish males fetishize the black female body. They more than any other cohort of white males, have long enjoyed engaging in secretive racial fetsh sex with the black female. They have always used the black female to gain leverage over the black male.

    White Jewish males writ large have a strong and deep hatred of black males. They envy and despise black male masculinity, as it constantly reminds them of the man they would like to be, but can never be.

    Hollywood has a long and infamous history of white male Jews inventing and propagating a fictionalized cartoon stereotype of the black male as a mindless brute governed solely by animal urges. The movie ‘The Birth of a Nation’, widely considered the most extreme virulently racist movie ever made, was funded and produced by Jews.

    From Dorothy Dandridge, to Billy Holiday, to the Blacksploitation genre of the 70s, to the degenerate Hip-Hop-Rap craze of today, Hollywood’s Jewish exploitation of the black female, and demonization of the black male, should shame any decent Jewish person.

    But their love of money is far greater than their capacity for decency or shame.

    I would bet that the Jewish man in this video is having secretive degenerate bedwench sex with scraggle daggles. While in college, I encountered many Jewish men who fetishized black women. They all hated black men.They all talked just like the guy in the video.

    1. Truth…no lies detected. I’ve seen chosenites and wignats/Keishas put aside their mutual hatred of each other just to dick police black men who date out.

  2. These are the same jews who control the banking industry, stock markets, secret societies, mainstream media news, medical industry, entertainment industry, rigged sports, political rigged elections.

    The same zionist jews that want their new world order of Jewish communism by the year 2030.

    The slogan of owning nothing and be happy under central bank digital currency, 15 minute cities of climate change lockdown.

    Billions of dollars are going to Israel every year under a false flag invention of their holocaust as reparations.

    They lied about their imaginary gas chambers as concentration camps.

    I would be labelled an antisemite of saying the truth about them.

    There are only two groups that Jewish men hate the most.

    White women and black men.

    Lots of documentaries have proven this.

    1. That’s new information on Jews hating on both black men and white women. This is a great discussion piece

  3. If their mothers acted the way the strag acted they would be not only disparaged but excommunicated too. There’s always people outside with no real knowledge or understanding of whats going on in these blk communities that always have their supposed high iq mouths open, spitting pure intellectually dishonest at best , racist misandrist at worst drivel.

  4. What is it Paulie from The Sopranos said – “Hasidim, but I don’t believe them!” This guy has some nerve.

    I see right through his little chess move, this disingenous fork tongued zionist ain’t as slick as he thinks he is. And he was right, it’s none of his fucking business. What’s he doing for black women since he loves them so much? What’s he doing about the treatment from his own people towards black/African women in America and Israel? What’s he doing to ensure black people get reparations for slavery that HIS people took part in? I thought so. I could go on and on. Just enjoy your undeserved privilege, wealth and power and STFU over shit that doesn’t affect you in the least nor concern you.

    And as for Mr Tough Guy, the “angry biracial” dude – he’s one of those typical mixed race fools who hate all black men because of daddy issues, who gives a fuck. Looking at his youtube page, he’s just another self righteous lame with a point to prove on some anti black male revenge crusade. I wouldn’t be surprised if he’s an ally of the septum ring mob. I know his type.

    Other men call us out, huh? What the hell do they know? I can show many examples of how the women in their own countries of origin get treated, and trust me, black men are FAR from being the worst men on the planet when it comes to the treatment of their female counterparts.

    I bet you these guys in the video don’t have shit to say about the disrespect from black women towards good black men in general, like the ones going viral right now as we speak for wearing suits and being told they’re just a bunch of niggas doing nothing even though they’re involved in good work for the community. Nothing to say about that, just crickets…

    On the flipside, you know who DOES speak up for good black men? Non black women. Many of them see these daggles for what they are and have called them out on it because they’ve been the target of the black woman’s wrath verbally and physically. Funny how THEY don’t have a problem with us and know where we’re coming from. They also speak up for us and not on some phony divide and conquer shit either (even though we already are, but you know what I mean lol). And who gives a fuck about what other men have to say? They want us to keep quiet because they see the tide turning and don’t want us to rise up and be the competition and a force to be reckoned with. They see that we’re taking the reins and starting to control our own narratives and they feel threatened by that. Like I said, none of them are slick and none of them are doing anything for black women neither.

    Last I checked, I didn’t create any single mothers. Neither did the black men who are calling out black women for their part in sexual irresponsibility and the destruction of our communities, so we have a right to speak. We don’t need to explain ourselves to outsiders who should be more concerned about their own issues.

    We see you, non black man. You ain’t gonna shame or silence us, but nice try though lol.


    1. One, thing that bootlicker left out was that black women abort over 1k black babies everyday. They have no room to talk about some one being un unalived every 5.5 hours, I notice the number keeps getting lower and lower. But even if it were true, it will never catch-up to the fact that black woman abort around 49 black babies every hour of the day!

  5. SYSBM: Your alright now since Friday, hun?
    White Sugar Honey: Yeah. Everything is alright now, boo!

    I know that the Jews funded the slave trade and I know that the Adanggaman sold his own African people in slavery. There is a video on YouTube and I’ll give you guys the link for that video guys.

    Non-black men try to shame black men when black men are trying to say something logic. As I saw the black guy who is pouring water in the sink, it’s just a comedy skit. I know that that there are beta males that will shame black men who talk about black women’s ratchetness but at the end of the day, their women don’t want them because of their ways.

    Now the idiot known as the Angry Biracial. I have seen some of his videos and let me tell you something about this new simp on the block. This guy has got daddy issues. I don’t know if he’s father was a black man who breed up his mother and ran off or he’s dad was a racist white man.

    Let me tell you something. You know when black men are simps, there are biracial men that are mix as well. You know, he’s doing this just to get black women to give him money. I have no issues of any man who wants to get money but it seems like simping is a financially thing now.

    Let me tell you something. It’s always the men and never the women. These men have something to say and the women don’t say nothing.

    It seems like we have a new simp on these YouTube streets. I know that he has talked about the passport bros and I’m waiting for him to talk about SYSBM.

    Hey, keep your white sugar honey safe at all times as these ghetto ratchet scraggle daggles are coming after non-black women.


  6. That Jewish guy has some nerve fixing his mouth to talk about Black men treating Black women badly; also, this article and its content is a good sequel to Friday’s article because it exposed just how abusive and violent the scraggle daggle truly are, unlike the “sweet, patient, & angelic” beings he seems to view them as. Also, what comparison is there between Black women and Jewish women? I’ll wait for Mister Matzah Ball to tell me. As for this Angry Biracial shine, he’s a liar and a fraud; General Tito did 2 lives addressing this guy, but the second one was the most telling about his character. Born Jesse Macbeth, this tragically dumb mulatto lied about his military service, falsely claiming he observed and participated in war crimes in Iraq; he also fraudulently applied for benefits from the VA:

    Talk about stolen valor! His run ins with the law don’t end there:

  7. You’re trying to get your page shut down again aren’t you? You know better than to write an article attacking Jewish people. You are psychotically unhinged at this point. Violently unhinged.

    1. 4Chanpartyvan,

      You can NEVER shut me down, NEVER. I’ll always be popping up somewhere for the rest of your life. I’m here to stay shine bone. Jewish people are NOT exempt from criticism, scrutiny and examination, they aren’t special.

      1. Verbs,

        They never learn, do they?

        SYSBM will continue by any and all means necessary. It can’t be stopped – much to the dismay of Scrags, Maggs, trolls and other associated haters.


        1. Thebackhandofreality,

          They think they can stop SYSBM as well as the exposure of evil works, maybe one day they’ll learn than neither can be done. #SYSBMTILLTHECASKETDROPS

  8. Never refer to these people as Jewish.

    They are Khazars from the territory of the Ukraine, the same country bring torn up and de-Nazified by Putin.

    They are the prime cause of perpetuating the monstrous image of the Black man, profited off slavery, created Hip Hop and the pant sagging chain wearing pseudo-fag image that persists thought the world. Highly skilled tricksters that reserve kosher food for themselves but hide ground up baby parts for the scum “gentiles”. All because these usurpers are deeply insanely jealous of the true status of the real Jews – the Black men of Israel, and it shows.

    But don’t worry, out emancipation from the tricksters is coming.

  9. the Black Community because they create the system to do so.

    The reason why they say that the BW are the most feminine, angel, kind-minded creatures in the world and all the Bull they say nice about them because BW and non-Black Men knows fully well and we all know this, that BW only be compliant to all patriarchy of Men, except for Black Patriarchy. These BW knows 100% crystal clear and very well that other cultures do not play the liberal bullshit that is why they are so compliant just like Ghetto Gagger.

    In American Society and British is staring to caught up on this that there are a lot of talks and videos about the Co-operate hoodrat. David Carroll made video about this. Where BW in the workplace become so submissive to White Men and acting hostile towards Black Men.

    BW are the nicest, sweet creature? My ass. Far from it, we all see countless videos showing BM otherwise.

    Lets get to 2 people, Kevin Samuels and Jesus Christ. Why do I put 2 people into the Jew stuff?

    You see, these Simps and BW haters turn Kevin into a Social Media Martyr because he was overworked to promote ‘Black Love’, they spend so hard trying to cancel him because he was spitting real truth because he was to top 10% guy in Real Life, these haters cannot accept the truth so they still having smoke and beef against Kevin Samuels. They guy died a year ago and I saw a video from Minister Jap that the simp was going all beef on the Ghost of Kevin Samuels. The ghost is still haunting the simps and BW ever since.
    The Pro-Black saying Kevin did not do shit for the community, actually he died promoting Black Love more than these Hoteps as these simps just pandering for money.

    Then you have Jesus Christ, in the Roman days he was spitting facts and what the Jews did? Got him crucified because he was more wiser than the Jews and they got butt-hurt.

    Just like the BW supporting and loving the thugs and Pookies over productive men, the Jews told the Romans to relase the Barbarous who is a cold-blooded killer, but execute Jesus for spitting facts and he did not harm anyone, but went through the worse torture with the whip and thorn as a crown, for what? For preaching real talk.

    For all the Black communitah and the Democrats supporter who preach this Jesus loving thing are bunch of bulls-shitters because if all the liberals was there at the trial of Jesus Christ, they will cancel him just like the Jews for preaching Real Talk to the people and Jesus will go through the same fate.

    Calling them ‘Anti-Semantic’ is equivalent to silencing the person.

    Goose made a good point about these Arabs like to talk shit about how we talk bad about BW, these are the same men who treat their women like shit or worse, especially ‘honour killing’.

    Then you have these Indian Currycel trying to critique BM, the same one who throw ‘Acid’ in women’s faces for getting rejected.

    Guess what? BM are lenient when it comes to rejection because at least BM don’t kill them or showing acid on them.

    Kayne West just only critiquing about the Jews and he did not saying anything bad about them and somehow he is labelled ‘Anti-Semantic’ just for disagreeing.
    The black culture is a coward because they could of back up Kanye but they decide to stand down because they are comfortable living in a matriarchy environment and not fight for the community.
    Just like Madbusdriver mention that, as long as black communitah is in America, you cannot wrangle. Meaning as long as the Black Culture is Pro-Loyal-Liberal Democrat, you can never take back the community because ‘The System’ aka the Law and welfare feeds ‘The Beast’.

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