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Aren’t these the same black females who go around bragging to the entire world about how “educated” they are? This black heifer couldn’t even name two Presidents once the handicap was put in, what a complete and utter disgrace.

This reminds me of other podcasts where these brainless 304 bimbos are asked to name 2-3 countries and so many of them struggle:

Incredible, and these are the same blockheaded Western females walking the streets beating their chests bragging about how free, educated, liberated and empowered they are.

Meanwhile we have mullet headed women freely throwing out the word “misogyny” yet they don’t have a clue as to what that word actually means, smh:

I’m done. Another Open Mic Wednesday is here, what’s on your minds for this week gentlemen? You’ve got the floor, roll that dice. #SYSBM™

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Stay Individual(In Your Mind)

Most High Bless

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24 thoughts on “Free Topic/Open Mic Wednesday!

  1. Verbs 2015.

    Being educated and being intelligent are two completely different things. Most women these days in the western world in 2023 may be educated to a university degree level(Batchelors Degree) but they aren’t very bright in real life and they not intelligent at all. I know the names of more than 3 past presidents of the United States of America and I know the names of more than 3 countries in Africa because Africa is a continent not a country. These women at the above videos are fucking stupid.

    1. Quincy Fitzpatrick,

      Western women in general just aren’t that bright and unfortunately American women are amongst the dumbest on the planet.

      Three past Presidents of the United States:

      1. Jimmy Carter
      2. Richard Nixon
      3. Benjamin Franklin
      4. (bonus) Bill Clinton

      Three countries in Africa:

      1. Benin
      2. Togo
      3. Ghana
      4. (bonus) Morocco

      How do these women live in the US and don’t know who their past leaders were? Absolutely disgraceful. #SYSBM™

      1. Do not get distracted by so called Good great Black American Women like Kelly Stamps. It’s crazy that from time to time she will talk about racial black issues but mainly for herself and Black Women but it now really gets to me that she never as far as I have seen in her videos said anything or talked about any topic relating to Black Men. I mean it’s like we don’t even exist in her own world. She now calls herself being a good christian woman now I mean now you can see where so many of the so called good Black American Women have gone these days. Check out her latest video A pretty, Black, Christian, intelligent woman is THEIR worst nightmare!! It’s really crazy how social media in the west has fucked up so many things for men but at the same time Western Women Especially Black Western Women of this generations are the most spoiled up and morally messed up. Kelly now calls herself struggling to get a good man now but she either at times doesn’t seem to know what she wants especially since she likes to go travel around the country or around the world. Black Men in the west avoid these spoiled so called independent confused women hell even Megan Thee Stallion said Black Men we want you but we don’t need you.

  2. Oh no. Jodie Smith divorces white zaddy Joshua Jackson. B-But I thought white men treated black wehmens better? He was the first man to make her feel “attractive,” too (eyeroll). And SHE proposed to HIM. I guess she got her mixed baby, that’s what they all want. Oh well.

    In other news…

    Another white zaddy deletes a black female and all these hyenas can do is argue at Black Men. Divestors pretend not to see this shit. I miss King Sigma he kept a running tally of black hoes getting murked by their white kangs. “Remember I tried to make it work with you coloreds.” Again, oh well.

    This guy went viral for torching black women but again, barely a squeak from the loudest, most opinionated demographic. “They hate that they look like men.They can’t grow pretty hair naturally so they cut it off or sew in braided neon boat ropes. They speak like they haven’t completed a single elementary school English class. They are the most obese people in the country. Of course they hate white women.”

    Black hoes respond by…mocking Black Men in suits, who were doing a benefit for the homeless.

    Not a black female, but entitled Western woman gets a year long sentence in a Dubai prison after “gently touching” an airport guard. Yeah, right. Those Arab Sheikhs don’t play. Based as fuck. I would love to spend my vacation dollars in the Kingdom.

    That’s the news round up lol. Black and Western bitches alike have devolved into literal beasts. IG, TikTok and Tinder have destroyed these hoes. SYSBM and Passport Bros remain undefeated.

  3. Good Open Topic Wednesday late morning/early afternoon,

    “Hercules star Kevin Sorbo, 65, brands Hollywood men ‘bumbling idiots’ and claims feminists are forcing males to be ‘wussies’: ‘We normalise androgyny and misunderstand masculinity.”

  4. SYSBM: Name three countries.
    White Sugar Honey: Canada, France and Portugal.
    SYSBM: Name three countries in Africa.
    White Sugar Honey: Ghana, South Africa and Egypt. My IQs are 185, hun!
    SYSBM: Yeah, I can see that.

    Name two presidents of the USA. Nixon and JFK. Nixon was crooked.

    Name three countries. Britain, Jamaica and Brazil.

    Name three countries in Africa. Nigeria, Ethiopia and Congo. The girl who said Africa it is own thing. Right, Africa was known as Ethiopia at first and then it called Africa afterwards. Until 1885 when Africa become a content when the Europeans break it into pieces.

    What is a misogynist? A person who dislikes, despise and a strong hatred for women.

    Right, when a woman says that they are intelligent, when someone ask them a question of something, they will not ask the question and get it wrong. The only thing they are got at is being a 304.

    Hey, keep your white sugar honey safe at all times as these ghetto ratchet scraggle daggles are coming after non-black women.


  5. Name 3 USA presidents

    Bill Clinton
    George Washington
    Ronald Reagan

    Name 3 African Countries

    South Africa

    This is a logical IQ test.

    I can tell that a lot of American women have failed in geography class.

    The UK wants to be like USA in other ways.

    Although British women ain’t that stupid compare to American women, they still are heavily influenced in many ways.

    Anglo saxon nations should be avoided permanently for dating relationships and marriage.

    Non Anglo saxon is always the way.

    A foreign white girlfriend wins all the time.

    1. Rule of thumb in 2023, if English is their first language, be on the alert for fuckery. Their mentality stays frozen at 16 even if they’re smashing the wall at 40. The West is cooked and liberal feminist bitches killed it.

    2. Wittexton Witwijf,

      Three US Presidents off the top of my head:

      1. Andrew Jackson.
      2. Lyndon B Johnson(the guy who weaponised the black witch against her male counterparts and black society as a whole through government welfare, smh).
      3. Franklin D. Roosevelt.

      Three African Countries:

      1. Senegal.
      2. Niger.
      3. Kenya.

      That was too easy. As for dating, I agree with Schadenfreude, if English is the first language then it may be best to move on to another location as at least some negative aspects of Western culture most definitely have already crept in.

  6. Gentlemen,

    Here we have another black man who has come out and talked about his many horrible experiences dealing with black women and of course the black witch contingent weren’t happy about his comments:

    Notice how this conversation is always one sided, when black sirens complain and talk about how black men “ain’t s**t”, everybody is supposed to stop what they’re doing, listen attentively and immediately take action, however when black men talk about their rough experiences dealing with black women growing up, straight away we’re met with ridicule, we’re mocked, berated and disparaged.

    Get your passports gents, don’t tolerate the matriarchal musical chairs black women love to engage in, they have been doing this for the longest while and have no intentions of stopping because they know most black men aren’t going anywhere.

    Peep the first knuckleheaded comment, even though black women disparaged the guy, it’s still not their fault and he shouldn’t disrespect black women?! You cannot make this stuff up folks, smh.

    1. So this new video pops up on my timeline and I saw the title and decided to listen to what this dude has to say:

      I wish all these hoteps and simps would stop addressing us. I don’t wanna hear it. This “If you don’t like the things that happen in the community, what are YOU doing to change it?” doesn’t fly. The answer is NOTHING lol. Of course I have no problem giving good advice to young black boys and men who genuinely want to improve and make a difference for themselves, but don’t tell me what I “should” be doing if I’m single and childless. I’m not obligated to be a cleanup man for a “community” that doesn’t want to do better. When you do that, they don’t suffer the consequences of their actions and they’ll just keep being dysfunctional because they know there’s always help around the corner.

      He says black women act up because of the men around them. Don’t these women have brains? Aren’t they adults? What about the ones who still act ratchet despite coming from decent environments? Look at how they respond to good black men online who do have standards and tell me whether they’re interested in those types of men or not.

      How about simply addressing the Pookies and Keishas who are causing the issues on the first place? No, they don’t wanna do that. They’d rather lecture us good black men for not being janitors. Change has to come from within. If a person is trash, then no matter what you try to preach to them, it will just go in one ear and come out the other.

      I’m not throwing pearls to swine. I’m only interested in building with likeminded good black men i.e. Passport Bros/SYSBM and having relationships with non black women. I’ve distanced myself from da communitah. They’re not “my” people. End of.


      1. SYSBM Forever,

        It’s always the typically dysfunctional black community that typically expects those black men it staunchly rejected to return to it like a bunch of spineless lackeys and clean up the mess said productive black men where NOT responsible in creating. No thanks, I’m good, I’ll pass.

        Keisha doesn’t want quality black men around her, if she did then she wouldn’t be deliberately procreating with and getting knocked up by block and corner store loiterers as well as serial impregnators.

        Just as it is NOT the job of men to rehabilitate broken beyond repair women, it is NOT the duty of the free thinking brother to return to fix a community and society he had no part in the destruction of.

        Slim Sauce, 12 Gauge Mike, Chunky Bruh, Field Mouse, Roof Top Trey and Cheezy Grillz are already on site, let them build up the very community they’ve destroyed. In fact, let them mentor and look after the very children they’ve created, that sounds like a much better idea to me.


    2. Verbs2015,

      I mistakenly submitted my previous post as a reply to this video.

      In answer to this, I’m not surprised by black women’s responses. We’re supposed to care for their pain and whatever issues they have, but ours simply get dismissed like we’re nothing. Because we’re men, we should simply suck it up, get over it and give the bdub her due anyway, just because. Black women are unloving, uncaring, psychopathic sycophants.

      Black male athletes are the smartest black men when it comes to knowing that the black witch is simply not a good partner to have, nor does she deserve any of their resources. Da communitah always talks about the money ending up in non black hands as if it already doesn’t anyway considering black folks don’t own anything and have no community in the real sense of the word lol, so that’s a moot argument right there.

  7. Happy Open Mic Wednesday! I don’t even know what to say about these broads in the above videos; the more I see these broads in action, the less desirable they are to me. Those questions are so easy to answer, but this goes to show how low we’ve sunken when it comes to education; as for women throwing out that word “misogynistic”, it’s a word that has no meaning but is used to shut down conversations that their feeble minds cannot handle. In other news, this news of Travis Kelce & Taylor Swift dating has caused Kelce’s ex girlfriend to sit down for an interview with Inside Edition to call him a “narcissist”:

    Am I the only one who notices how these swirlers and divestors view Lord Frostbite as “perfect” until he chooses the woman they envy the most? All of a sudden, he’s a narcissist after they announce he’s dating Taylor Swift? Do you remember Christelyn Karazin’s crybaby video? In that video, she accused the VeGAINator of being a White nationalist for preferring White women. Looks like Express has some gargantuan L’s to deliver!

    1. BCT,

      Here we go again, another black siren who doesn’t understand her place/relationship with Admiral Frost. He simply used the wench for sexual exploits and recreational services rendered and moved on, he was never going to marry a black female Becky wannabe, it was NEVER going to happen.

      As I’ve repeated many times over, Major Sleet is NEVER going to accept the black female into his fold, she is an outsider flunky whose sole purpose as per her contractual obligation is to carry out the ongoing destruction of her own community in exchange for State treats and benefits.

      This black siren is up there being interviewed with white women’s hair glued/strapped to her head and she wonders why Kelce chose to dump her in exchange for the genuine article, smh.

      Black women stay delusional for life. Like I said before, there’s no way he was going to marry a black female Becky wannabe when there are plenty of original, attractive white women to choose from.

  8. Oh and the fact most black women have a problem with this…..

    …tells you all you need to know.

    Non black women would have been swooning and looking for ways to scoop those brothers up before even getting to know them. “Our” women simply ridicule and ask what the hell is that supposed to be about.

    But decent black men are supposed to give them the time of day?

    Now you see why Passport Bros/SYSBM is vital for black men.

    1. SYSBM Forever,

      Black women wouldn’t even give those guys a first look, they’d only be interested in them once they’re 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9 children deep and options have either run extremely dry or vanished altogether.

      Despite their increasingly many shortcomings and transgressions, Western non black women recognise quality black men when they see them and have no problems swooping down and scooping up those brothers.

      When was the last time you heard a white female refer to an educated, intelligent, productive black man as “lame, corny” and “boring”, I’ll wait?

    2. If I could sum up all of those brothers in one word, the word would be “dapper”; Black men clean up very nicely when they wear suits. I stay getting compliments (mainly from Whites) whenever I dress up in a suit.

      1. BCT,

        You is ‘posed ta be insulted when whites say that you look good or you is articulate. Is you really blek, my nigguh? LMAO

  9. Gentlemen,

    The battle to save the children and defend traditional masculinity continues:

    Be sure to check out the above channel, through satire the guy is fighting the good fight standing up against the Alphabet squad and their continual encroachment of normal people’s spaces.

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