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His Story Is All Too Familiar – Black Women Are Mean!

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Of course black women and their preprogrammed blue pilled, black male, bootlicking simp squads have come out of the woodwork thick and fast attacking Owens still trying to pretend that black women as a collective aren’t extremely hostile towards decent black men who’ve got their stuff together ie those who are planning for a better future.

I’ve explained this many times before and I’ll explain it again, black women can control and manipulate thugs and street Negroes, thus they’ll never pose a threat to the black female’s faux leadership position over the black community handed down to the black witch by her white lord and saviour Admiral Frost.

The upwardly mobile, free thinking black man however is a serious problem to the modern day black female, he cannot be manipulated and controlled, he fully understands his worth and as such poses an extremely serious threat to the black female’s reign over black society.

Therefore in the eyes of black women he must be rejected and ultimately ousted from “da communitah” in order for her to preserve her leadership role, we’re not stupid over here, we know exactly how these things work.

This is an all too familiar story of non criminal oriented black men being harshly rejected by black females simply because they don’t fit into the gold grill wearing thuggo, shooting up the block demographic of black men these disjointed black harriets much prefer.

Additionally, I remember highlighting years ago how black women love berating dark skinned black men, calling them crispy, soot, charcoal, midnight, blackula, darkie, darko, blacky, black as hell etc.

Black women and their pro black simp flunkies have been using these names to disparage dark skinned black men for the longest. Now this information is being brought to light on a wider scale, these black sirens are running around like headless chickens implementing what reasonable damage control they can, smh.

Let’s not forget Sherri Shepherd’s son Jeffrey, back in 2018 during an interview on The Breakfast Club she revealed that her son(who was 13 years old at the time) “doesn’t like black girls because they’re mean”, his words and I agree with them 100%:

Black women are more upset at Owens because they view themselves above black men, therefore whatever foul and evil treatment they choose to dish out against their male counterparts, in their eyes black men are supposed to accept said treatment without any protest.

I’ve been telling you Negroes for the longest that most black women view black men as slaves, commodities and assets, in the eyes of the black witch black men have no rights to complain about any foul treatment or wicked works wrought against them by black women themselves.

The bottom line is most black women are a bunch of dishonest, evil, narcissistic, heartless, bloodthirsty savages who derive pleasure, joy and happiness from the pain, suffering and misery they inflict upon others especially black men.

Investigate the many responses from black women surrounding Terrell Owens’ account and you’ll find very few black females who are willing to be honest enough to admit that black women as a whole don’t treat black men very well at all.

Most black women and their pro black simp underlings live in an Alice in Wonderland fantasy realm, they still believe that non black folks cannot see for themselves how horribly black women treat black men, smh.

Most black men are matriarchal and as a result are totally lost, despite this revelation they’ll still continue to “stick it out” and put up with black female dysfunction foolishly deluding themselves into believing that they have no right to experience respect as well as better interactions with the opposite sex.

SYSBM™ is one of the very few groups of black men who fully respect the black female’s dating preference. Long ago we accepted that black women preferred the thug types and we simply moved on to women from other ethnic backgrounds.

When a group of women express that you’re not their preference, you don’t fight them on their decision or try harder to impress them, you simply move on to the women that do like you, it’s not that hard. Pickings of quality black women 2023 are extremely slim to none, only the pro black bootlickers as well as the red, black and green matriarchal knuckleheads are trying to argue otherwise.

If more decent black men simply accepted the fact that black women much prefer dealing with roughnecks, hoodlums and ruffians who enjoy shooting up the block(even though black women themselves are cowards and refuse to openly confess this as a group), said black men would find their ideal woman elsewhere much quicker.

For you black men who can still think and reason for yourselves and who DON’T need black female validation and approval, get your passports with the quickness and get the heck out of dodge. #SYSBM™

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Owens’ Story Is An All Too Familiar One Amongst So Many Black Men

Most High Bless

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31 thoughts on “His Story Is All Too Familiar – Black Women Are Mean!

  1. Verbs 2015.

    Black women treated me like shit growing up in my teenage years as did my step mum and my auntie (my dad’s older sister), telling me that I aint shit and that I will be a loser in life because I am not living up to their crazy unrealistic expectations of what I should be. Those situations made me realise that black women hate good black men and it’s given birth to me to become a fully SYSBM black man from the age of 16 years old all the way back in October 1998. I am now 41 years old and I haven’t regretted it since and I refuse to date black women because their attitude stank like their smelly weaves on their heads. I don’t blame Terrell Owens for his dating choices with white women. He should have gone SYSBM a long time ago.

    1. Quincy Fitzpatrick,

      I don’t believe there is a black man alive who hasn’t had any bad experiences with black women, however very few black men possess the focus, the will and the courage to up and leave. Most black men choose to stick it out believing the black female propaganda of them being “weak” and “soft” if they opt to walk away and expand on their options. I wish I’d opted for SYSBM™ when I was 16 years old, I would’ve saved myself a whirlwind of headache and drama. I finally decided enough was enough at 29 and I haven’t looked back since. I’m glad to see many of the younger bucks heading straight into SYSBM™/Passport Bros territory at a much younger age, they get it whereas most of the boomers and Gen Xers don’t.

      1. “I’m glad to see many of the younger bucks heading straight into SYSBM™/Passport Bros territory at a much younger age, they get it whereas most of the boomers and Gen Xers don’t.”

        Same. I think my generation was the last 90s r&b, simp, stepdaddy generation. Gratifying to see the younger dudes out there actually learning from our mistakes and resisting this forced black matriarchy. Every year there is another viral interracial prom photo that sets the sistas’ weave on fire. Funny to watch.

        1. I am Gen X and I see this all too often with men around my age reluctant to admit the jig is up.

          They will argue and reason with Boomers such as BGS and Ask An Older Man who have either married non Black women (Older Man & Sunshine Shoulders) or gone MGTOW (BGS) keep telling them to forget it, get your passport or seek out non-Black women inside the Matrix.

          The false belief that are lives are the same is wrong White women treat Black men differently period and in a good way. We are usually much bigger than our significant others, they feel protected by your presence.

          That is powerful and why so many women cringe at dating men shorter than they are.

          Use all these to your advantage and there is laundry list of them.

          As a Gen X who has always dated non Black women I never felt I owed the community anything. Besides the Marshalls and others that paved the way are all dead.

          I dare these Pro Wack flunkies to name somebody that has removed a barrier. If anything it’s been the Innocents Project and Kim Kardashian herself releasing Black men and women from being incarcerated, not these Pro dinks.

          The grass IS greener.

      2. Verbs 2015.

        At least you became a SYSBM black man in 2005 at the age of 29. I am so glad that Millennial black men (1981-1996) like myself and younger Generation Z black men (1997- 2012) realised the bullshit from the black community and decided to walk away from the black community for good, date good looking childfree non black women because we now know our value and we will never come back to save it because it is dead and finished. Baby Boomer black men and Generation X black men are a fucking loss cause because they still believe in the Walt Disney fairy tales of the black community.

    2. Quincy Fitzpatrick,

      I have an aunt just like yours (well more than one actually). I mentioned her a while back on here. She thought it was cool to put me down and break my confidence even as a young boy and later in life manipulated my so called family against me. Now, several years later, she’s broke and having to live with relatives after trying to finesse a well off older black man by marrying him for his wealth. Luckily he didn’t allow himself to be treated like a sucker and he bounced on her and took all of HIS well earned money with him. Now I’m the one progressing in life, obviously got more money while she’s out here looking stupid and literally depending on others to survive. I wouldn’t spit in her direction to cool her down if she was crawling in the Sahara Desert.

      Typical cocky black female who never stops to think that one day the tables can turn.

      It’s always great to witness karma do its thing. Who am I to get in the way lol.

      1. SYSBM Forever,

        I’m fortunate in that my aunt is one of the few black females who didn’t go out of her way to put me down and strip away my self confidence, in fact she would stick up for me when other female family members attempted to go to town on my self esteem.

        That being said I can confirm that black females outside of my family had no problems berating, disparaging, mocking and laughing at me whenever the opportunities presented themselves.

        Most black women derive great pleasure cutting black men down, because of this competition mentality they have, these black sirens believe that they always have to be ahead of us no matter what.

        So much for teamwork and working together. The tables will always turn on arrogant, prideful and haughty black women who spend their entire lives waging war against black men and young black boys for no valid reasons.

        1. Verbs2015,

          I actually have an older cousin in Jamaica I’m in regular contact with who is one of those rare types – feminine, soft spoken, traditional etc and just pleasant to be around – nothing like the ones that I had to deal with growing up.

          Unsurprisingly, she’s a good wife and remained married for several years (unlike them) and all her kids and grandchildren despite being somewhat poor are happy and productive – shocker! I send her money on a regular basis to help out and I’ve told her that because she’s always been good to me, she and her people will always be good in return. That aforementioned aunt of mine can go on the stroll in some red light district for all I care, she’ll never get shit from me.

          My female relatives haven’t changed at all or shown any kind of growth in character over the years. They’re literally the same as they were from way back when I was a little boy. They’re just older. It’s sad, but that’s black women for you.

          Bdubs would rather live in hell and misery out of their need to be in control and always right, rather than simply enjoy a good quality of life by being pleasant at the bare minimum. They act like this towards us and then act surprised when their sons/nephews grow up and want nothing to do with black women.

          I mean, what other group of women would berate their own men for wearing suits and looking presentable? SMH.

      2. SYSBM Forever.

        I had to cut off my Auntie(dad’s older sister) back in February 2023 because she was being rude and disrespectful towards me for no good reason at my cousins house in front of my Grandmother(my dad’s mum) and my other auntie and my cousins on my Grandmothers 89th birthday on 1st February 2023. You are right when you say that these female family members get right cocky and arrogant towards us good black men thinking that they can treat us like shit and get away with it not realising that we will turn the tables on them and cut them off one day and they got the cheek to act all baffled and play dumb as to why we cut them off in the first place.

  2. Man, I wish the good Dr. David Carroll was still alive to weigh in on this. He believed that “repetition is the mother of skill for you negroes,” so he hammered his points home week after week. You, Verbs, are doing the same. You have been caning this same message for many years.

    Many thinking Black Men of all complexions have been in the same boat as TO. I was checking the comments on one video and many brothas chimed in with similar stories. All these dudes of different ages from all over the country, with nothing in common except for trying to deal with black women, can’t all be lying on these heffas.

    Yet another L for the sisterhood, it’s been a cruel summer for the strong and independent demographic. Sassy Trucker detained in Dubai, Passport Hoe slapped in Italy, another Passport Hoe chased down and arrested in Bulgaria, twerking for the ancestors in Ghana, Brickgate, Protectiongate, Travis Kelce dumping his bedwench for Taylor Swift, Jodie Smith divorcing her white zaddy, another bedwench murked by her white kang, now TO’s comments. The hits just keep on coming. What’s funny is the HGTVs and bluepill black simps are more upset about all this than the biological females hahaha!

    SYSBM forever! Get the popcorn!

    1. Schadenfreude,

      I could only imagine what Dr David Carroll’s email inbox was like, nothing but disgruntled black sirens as well as their pro black, blue pilled simp flunkies flooding it calling him every name under the sun just for speaking up against unacceptable black female dysfunction.

      It’s the same story with productive black men when it comes to their interactions with the modern day black female, nothing but drama, strife, contention and sadly in many cases violence.

      Like I said before, black women as per the instructions of their white lord and saviour General Blizzard have a position to protect, the black man with his head screwed on straight is a threat to that position hence why these black sirens are so militant and hostile towards decent brothers for no obvious reasons.

      Black women can’t hide this anymore though they’re still trying their best to cover this over as much as they can. The L’s are rolling in thick and fast for the angry and bitter black sisterhood of failure, we need commenter Thebackhandofreality and his L Express company to ramp up shipments because extra deliveries upon more deliveries are definitely needed.

    2. Schadenfreude,

      Don’t forget Carlee Russell and her fake kidnapping story.

      1. Blue Collar Trevor,

        “Don’t forget Carlee Russell and her fake kidnapping story.”

        Damn, forgot all about that one. #believeallwomen, amirite????

  3. If a black man is disrepecting black females, it would have more views than someone who is simping.

    I’ve allowed this statement to sink in.

    They are more interested in black men who don’t want to date a negress than someone who wants to date a negress.

    I’ve allowed this statement to sink in.

    If Owens is dating a foreign white woman, that would be the best option as long as he keeps her in check.

    If she is an American woman, he still needs to be careful.

    I won’t recommend anyone dating a woman if English is her first language.

    This is why its been a month since I’ve moved out of UK.

    I’ve got way more options to choose from in non anglo saxon societies.

    My future white girlfriend will have a different native language that ain’t English.

    I understand not every black man can move abroad but if you can do it, just go and never look back.

    1. Wittexton Witwijf,

      As per her contractual obligations towards her white lord and saviour General Blizzard, the black witch has the task of keeping black men in check and ensuring that NONE leave the proverbial plantation. Those black men who choose to up and leave are seen as anathema in the eyes of the black female. The Negress of 2023 is no different to a fascist dictator running a country with an iron fist, as far as the black witch is concerned, black men are NOT allowed to have any dating options where black women are excluded.

      Glad to see that you’ve made it out of this God forsaken country, you made the right decision, I’ll be doing the same pretty soon as there really is no future here in the UK, especially when you’re surrounded by government obedient knuckleheads who are only to happy to shaft and snitch on their neighbour. 1984 is right here right now.

  4. Black females always feel like they have to control and own you. I mean, just listen to the tone of this beast and the way it’s talking to Terrell:

    But we’re supposed to want to come home to THAT? And I wish black men would get out of the habit of explaining themselves like they owe bdubs anything and start putting their foot down and STOP tolerating that disrespectful and demanding tone from them. I understand we’ve been mentally and emotionally beaten by these broomstick riding witches from childhood, but still. We’ve seen how other men handle black females when they get out of pocket, because they’re not as scary and pathetic as many of us. Harsh truth, but it is what it is.

    Thank god for SYSBM, thank god for Passport Bros. Everything happens for a reason and more and more black men are waking up which is great to see.

    Realising your potential and knowing your worth is liberating. Of course, well put together, free thinking, self sufficient black men who are doing great in life are a major threat to them – they simply have no leverage over these brothers. Plus these men tend to quickly get scooped up by women from other ethnic groups – these women are always prettier, supportive and more feminine which is another reminder of the black female’s failure as a woman. Of course, she views black men as beneath her, so she won’t bother to do any self reflection or improvement to compete. She’ll just get worse and worse because she’s ignorant and backward as hell. If you’re in the very lucky position to not have kids with black females, not share a home or any assets with them, what can they hold over you? Nothing.

    Once more good black men start to see that black women are a huge downgrade and a literal cancer to us, then their harsh words will have much less of an effect. I don’t value the opinion of a cockroach. Being a “lame” or “boring” or whatever they wish to throw at us is actually a compliment. If any brother is feeling hurt by those insults, then simply check out International Passport’s channel. From bagging quality women to making six figures, black men are killing it all over the globe with their eyes closed. These are the type of black men “our” women refer to as “lames”. If that’s the case, that’s fine by me. We should all strive to be the biggest “lames” as possible.


    1. Do these harpies have a comprehension problem? He never said he didn’t like Black women; he made it clear that in spite of how he was teased and the success he had with expanding on his options, that didn’t deter him from pursuing Black women. They are just like their White zaddy: they have selective hearing, and they don’t play fair; I agree, we don’t owe them an explanation for why we do what we do, and we should dismiss any stragg who comes at with that disrespectful and demanding tone.

      1. Blue Collar Trevor,

        I believe this is one of the major problems right here, rather than just accept that black women don’t like them, too many black men are still willing to go the extra 10,000 miles trying to impress these ungrateful and unappreciative harriets.

        Like I said before, if a group of women don’t like you, go to other groups of women that do. Too many black men are out here spending too much of their time begging for black female acceptance and validation. That matriarchal programming is a beast.

        1. “Too many black men are out here spending too much of their time begging for black female acceptance and validation. That matriarchal programming is a beast.”

          BM in the public eye like TO feel like they have to mollify da sistahood, even if their money is not dependent on them. A bunch of Section 8 hoes who don’t work and are home all day on their Obamaphones have all the time in the world to hate, stalk, doxx, attack your socials, attack your job, and generally harass BM. Brother TO was just trying to keep the peace, to no avail.

          The best thing to do is ignore these hyenas, period.

      2. BCT,

        Anything that’s not outright praise is a declaration of war in their fucked up minds.

        They’re just crazy and irrational which is why it’s best to simply avoid them as much as possible for your own sanity.

  5. White Sugar Honey: Tonight’s the night to heat up the place.
    SYSBM: I’m ready for the heat.

    Right, Terrell Owens is the same black men like every other black man has gone through when it comes to black women. The good black men always have been called Corny, lame, boring and so on. And also, there are some black women always put a black man down for his skin tone as well. The ghetto ratchet scraggle daggles and the simps are coming after him because what he said but what he said is harmless as I look at it.

    Ratchet Black women: You ain’t shit!
    Me: Man close your mouth and control your ratchet self. Lord have mercy!

    Black women never wanted him in the first place until he becomes successful. Now he says that it doesn’t matter, it’s all about the nature of the person. Right, my exes that are black. Last time, I checked, most of my ex-lovers were from Jamaica and non-black British. Let me tell you something. When I was whispering sweet words in their ear and the words when into their Jamaican brain, they were lost. They were gone.

    And I know that Jamaican women are ratchet but at the end the black UK woman didn’t gave me a chance until 2008 when I started a relationship with a black UK woman and it lasted for 10 months. There are black women have treated black men like shit until they get the same treatment towards the men that they really want and try to change.

    In the UK black men are with non-black women around 60 per cent I heard and the reason for that is that black women don’t give a man a chance. So, it was like let me go elsewhere. I know that black men prefer black women but what kind of black woman they are looking for?

    Hey, keep your white sugar honey safe at all times as these ghetto ratchet scraggle daggles are coming after non-black women.

    Enjoy your weekend guys!


  6. Terrell Owens told the truth, no lies detected; I understand exactly what he meant by your self esteem being affected by the scraggle daggle. When I was in the 8th and 9th grade, there was an obese, Gabby Sidibe looking harridan who would tease me and call me ugly, and that dealt a blow to my self esteem as a teenager; my confidence levels were also low then, but like Owens, I had my own glowup. I’m about 6’2″, I have naturally wavy hair and grew a beard, I have broad shoulders, and I have beautiful eyes (I’ve always been told that); I recently looked at an old photo of myself from 10 years ago, and I was amazed at how different I looked back then versus now. Also, my family and I have moved to the South, and I would be lying if I said that I haven’t noticed White women giving me smiles when we make eye contact; once you realize and accept that you’re loved and appreciated outside of the communitah, there’s no going back! #SYSBM

    1. “…once you realize and accept that you’re loved and appreciated outside of the communitah, there’s no going back! #SYSBM”

      No, brother, you is supposed to go back to “da communitah” that never loved or helped you, and help rebuild because it takes a village to mentor Shaniqua’s kids while Pookie is in prison, and to protect manless black wimmens you don’t even know and ain’t having sex with from getting a brick to the face. Shame on you, negro….shame on you!


  7. This is funny because these simps and BW saying that he is a hater of BW. Hater for what?
    He just saying from his personal experience.

    Yeah some men are called BW haters just for saying what they been though by their personal life.

    I am sorry to say this that the BW especially black girls when growing up they were ‘little bitches’, yeah, I said it because that is what I experience when I was a kid. It is not the BM’s fault that they were, they hate BM’s because of mere existence. As Verbs stated that the hate is justified and the reasons are legit.

    These simps can say BM did something to them, really?

    Let me tell you something:
    BM taught to respect and love BW, however BW taught to see BM as enemies, that is that.

    The problem about the Pro-Blacks that they knew this but they still believe that they are not like that, even they experience this themselves, but they refuse to acknowledge this because they are too blue-pilled to say it.

    Let us get to the Black Boys Growing up hearing from their mum saying ‘Black Men Ain’t shit’:
    This reminds me of Tommy Sotomayor how he grew up hearing this because his mum saying that his dad is a dead-beat and a no-good man.

    When he got older, he finally met is dad and his dad explain to him why he was never there for him.
    It revealed that his dad was a married man with his own family and his mum was a side-bitch. That is why she was saying ‘men ain’t shit’ be she was the side-piece who gave birth to Tommy.

    I remember years ago that Jeffery Sheppard got shunned because he was saying by his own experience.
    They want us to lie and say BW was not like that, yes they were.
    Just like Michael B Jordan as he was promoting ‘Black Love’ what happen, he got dumped and the BW call him ‘Corny’. Now they are mad because he decide to date non-BW. Do you blame him.

    Understand this:
    Black Females only wait for you at the finish line whilst other race of women help you out on your journey.

  8. When I was in the 4th grade some of my female classmates told me I was too dark for them. The irony of that statement is some of them are darker than me but the light skin & Italian girls couldn’t get enough of me. I guess that makes me a self hater. 🤣😭

  9. Terell Owens is one of my favorite football players. I watched his Reality Tv show, and check out his podcast on the tube. I get it… Big Respect to him.

    Side bar why is it that black men who are older are ALWAYS very critical of black women and there bad actions and behavior. However they still fuck them on a daily basis? They just don’t wife them,wtf. You are rewarding bad behavior and actions, those women not only will not change. It will only get worse.

    I can’t respect those guys too hypocritical they don’t live what they preach just Cash Grabbing.

    1. “Side bar why is it that black men who are older are ALWAYS very critical of black women and there bad actions and behavior. However they still fuck them on a daily basis? They just don’t wife them,wtf. You are rewarding bad behavior and actions, those women not only will not change. It will only get worse.”

      Older ex-Pookies are still addicted to these black bishes, they just can’t break free. They talk mad shit but can’t bring themselves to leave the plantation. These are the same exact Plantation Bros who have so much to say about SYSBM and Passport Bros, trying to get brownie points with these ghetto hyenas. Matriarchal programming is a beast. Part of the reason I stopped listening to Tommy Sotomayor was his whole schtick was talking greasy about BW, yet he was flying them out and fuc**** them on his donators’ dime. Sometimes he even had these hoes on camera. Pure hypocrisy.

      Those of us “nice guys” or “blerds” as the kids call us today, who were never attractive to BW yet had good experiences with white and other non-black girls and women, have it much easier when it comes to breaking away fully. It ain’t like these black hoes ever treated us right in the first place.

  10. Hey brother long time no see, hope you doing good.

    These broads are very embarrassing, with this colorism talk. I think it was much pretty clear that light skin in the community is seen as something making you prettier instantly regardless of gender.
    They feel the same way, that men feel about light skin women. A lot of light skin men get rejected for being ”too pretty” by these same activist, or get pursued to have baby with the good hair.
    Dark skin is seen as masculine on a man universally, hence why black men are seen as the most masculine men instantly and feared.
    Still in term of attractiveness, light skin men, and light skin women just don’t have to do much to get attention not only from inside the community but, outside of it.

    Those who think, that a light skin black men, with green eyes and ”good hair” will not attract more women right of the bat than, a dark skin black men with broad nose, big lips, and kinky hair are straight up delusional ‘

    Both men and women with dark skin are seen as unattractive, right of the bat because of the colour of their skin. The problem come when women like always only look at colorism through the lens of ”desirability”.

    Of course we know why, but still very intellectually dishonest,when you know colorism affect far way more areas.

    To finish, they only care about it because they feel that they can’t compete like women who are deem as the epitome of beauty by society that’s it, hence the emotional language, shaming tactics coming in.

    Black men can compensate, with their dark skin with statuts, power, money, personality etc.
    Dark skin women cannot, or don’t know how to compensate for that, as a women in society requirement for men and women are very different hence why, the delusional, shaming language, coming in.

    In conclusion, contrary to popular belief both gender and globally not only in the black race perpetuate colorism, it’s just show in different ways.

  11. Verbs, check this out:

    Basically Shawn James saying that the man shows internal self-hate.
    Self-Hate for what? From saying by his personal experience. He also claims that he took the BW hatred personally.
    So what should he done? Still dealing with them, even they hate your guts.

    On top of it all, Shawn even stated that the man was playing into White Supremacy by dating a Becky.

    So let me get this straight:
    Shawn basically saying that he got played into White Supremacy because he dates Becky because BW hates him.
    That does not make sense. Where is this ‘Go where appreciated?’

    At the end of the day this was his experience when he was growing up and being called a self-hater because of his personal experience when growing up.

    1. Mister Master,

      I watched his video about it he is full of crap. He is just of crap. He talk like these ‘Intellectual Hotep’ who thinks being fake intellectual make him think he is smart. Sometimes people do not know what they are talking about.

      The reason why people like him using ‘White Supremacy’ as conspiracy or ‘Gender War’ because they still want to deal with the black 304s. Shawn still want to deal with BW, even he has the knowledge. There is no conspiracy about what you experience personally.
      He can use all this ‘Critical Thinking skills’ on this guy all he wants, but at the end, he is nothing but a Plantation Bro who never got a Passport himself.

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