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They Just Cannot Handle The Truth!

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Women in the West have an extremely difficult time accepting the fact that they have an expiry date, at some point they’ll exit their prime. Therefore, in response to this uncomfortable truth, some older women will attempt to shame and guilt trip men for choosing younger women over them.

Let’s talk about the first video, firstly a messy weave wearing, masculine looking, older black siren should NOT be weighing in on the conversation of younger women generally being more attractive.

Additionally, did you notice how like most black women, the weave wearing old hag lead the conversation with what she could do with her contaminated snatch? Black women typically lead with their performance in the bedroom because most have absolutely nothing to offer outside of sexual activities.

To be honest, I really didn’t pay attention to the rest of the garbage the black witch prattled off because she wasn’t mentioning anything of value(nothing new there at all).

Younger women in general are more attractive than older women, that older black hag refused to accept this because she just like most black females probably wasted her prime years getting dicked down by Slim Sauce, Shorty Fist, Cheezy Grillz and Field Mouse and currently is having a very hard time living down the fact that she’s become old news and unwanted.

Oh well, that’s her problem, not mine. Now, let’s deal with the younger siren in the second clip. No witch, one of the main reasons why older men date younger women is because they are MUCH LESS CONTAMINATED with trauma and baggage picked up over the years messing around with dickheads they should’ve never entertained.

Another reason why men date younger women is because younger females are more fertile. This is very important for men like myself who at some point are looking to start and continue our own legacies.

Another obvious reason why men date and marry younger women is because overall they look YOUNGER and FRESHER in addition to looking more attractive.

Yet another reason older men date younger women that Kokobeaute conveniently omitted is the fact that younger women are much easier to mould, guide and direct, yes I said that correctly.

The woman is supposed to be a reflection of the man, therefore any man of quality is going to want his woman to be the best reflection of himself, thus he’ll put in the work to ensure she doesn’t stray off the beaten path and besmirch his image and reputation.

Men typically avoid older women because as is clearly demonstrated with Kokobeaute, these older women all too often implement standards and unrealistic expectations exiting their prime years when they should’ve put some reasonable terms and conditions in place as soon as they first entered the dating scene while they were fresh and uncontaminated.

Additionally, younger women are not as stubborn and set in their ways as older women, as the saying goes, you cannot teach an old dog new tricks. The same goes for older hags, they’re much more inclined to push back, scoff at and rebel against any sound advice you attempt to give them.

Men of quality who are looking for younger females much prefer INEXPERIENCED women, so called “knowledgable” and experienced women tend to have a dark and shady past which reflects on their mental instability as well as their outlandish and unrealistic expectations in men.

Finally, the ludicrous idea women in the West have propagated that those men who choose to spend ridiculous amounts of money on women on the first few dates somehow proves something of worth is pure lies and deception. All that proves is the dude is a simp who has seriously slipped out of his masculine frame.

Don’t waste your money on any woman you don’t know, if she isn’t satisfied with getting to know you without all the razzmatazz, flashy restaurants, money and high expenses, she’s not worth a fart in a windstorm, kick her to the kerb and continue your search for a woman who is actually serious about wanting to get to know you as well as getting into something serious. #SYSBM™

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Men Age Like Fine Wine, Women Age Like Milk

Most High Bless

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7 thoughts on “They Just Cannot Handle The Truth!

  1. Verbs 2015.

    The reason why older men prefer to date younger women especially if they are childfree is because younger women are better looking, in shape, less damaged and less baggage from previous relationships, they are more fertile so that they can give birth to healthy children, you can mould them, they are less experienced in sex, they just seem more happier in life, you as a man gets to enjoy a womans younger years in her sexual prime years (18 to 30) so that you can create long lasting happy memories in your long term relationship/marriage so that you can both grow old together and younger women tend to make better wives and girlfriends because they are more than likely to listen to a decent man especially if he trying to guide her to the right path in life. Older women make worst wives and girlfriends because they rided the cock carousel when having lots of sex in their sexual prime years (18 to 30), alot of older women are single mothers especially if they have kids with the wrong men, they have emotional damage from past relationships with the wrong men and no decent man wants to be a therapist to the woman especially if she made poor life choices with the wrong men. As the old saying goes men age like fine wine and women age like spolt milk. As a childfree black man at 41, I rather date a younger 22 year old childfree woman than date a woman who is my age at 41 because I can create a long lasting relationship with a 22-year old woman because I can get to enjoy her youth, beauty and innocence and that I can have healthy kids with her. That black woman at the above video is fucking ugly and she looks so horrid with that stank weave. This is the reason why I refuse to date black women because they are so manly in their personality that its a huge turn off for me. I prefer to date feminine girly woman.

  2. That weavehead in the first video couldn’t pay me to engage in any form of sexual activity with her even if it only involved wearing one of those virtual helmets from the movie Demolition Man. She needs to take several seats.

    As for that second chick – her picture literally needs to be right next to the very definitions of COPE and DELUSIONAL in the dictionary! These older women, like this typical western broad passed up on those same men back in the day and now resent those dudes in relationships with a younger prettier version of themselves. Funny how they were the same girls who used to mess around with the guys in their mid to late 20s driving a sports car, but now later in life there’s suddenly an issue in age gap when the woman is a grown ADULT with an older man.

    How the hell can their bodies and physical appearance not play a part in us selecting younger women?? WTF?? This ditzy blonde bimbo actually said with plastic surgery you can’t tell the difference between an 18 year old and a 40 year old LMAO…..she’s gotta be trolling! If she was speaking in terms of mental maturity nowadays, she’d have a point. I already know what her views on Passport Bros are without even searching for it.

    If you have the money at your disposal and you’re looking to purchase a car, why would you buy an old 2014 model with three previous owners, wear and tear, hidden defects and high mileage over the latest, brand new, unused 2023/2024 model with a fresh engine and all the most up to date, modern technology?

    Younger women for me ONLY and that’s that. It’s been that way since the beginning of mankind, so it shall be in the end. Shaming tactics from older women and dudes who are married to women their age or can’t pull younger women won’t work on me.

    If any healthy, older dude with resources says he only wants women his age, then to quote Jay-Z: “We don’t believe you, you need more people!”


  3. The first video is an example of why black females have no place in this topic of beauty standards.

    They are the ugliest race of females.

    The second video is an example of jealousy from an older woman.

    The older they are, the more body count they have.

    The younger they are, the less body count they have.

    I would rather build my future family with a younger white woman in non anglo saxon societies.

  4. SYSBM: Today, I was busy.
    White Sugar Honey: Come rest your head, hun!

    The reason why me date younger women is because that they are more fertile and they older women they age. Some older women have children already and the man with no children don’t want to be with a woman that has children, you understand?

    Now, when it comes to younger women, they like older men because they know things more then a younger man. they are more experience about things that have been through in their lives. Now, the woman who said to the guy that he can’t last three minutes with her. She was acting ratchet while she was talking on the mic.

    There are some young guys who are with older women but the thing is that those young dudes and just using the older women for money really while they are creeping with a younger woman. There are some older women lovely and I have met some of them on speed dating but some of them have children.

    Hey, keep your white sugar honey safe at all times as these ghetto ratchet scraggle daggles are coming after non-black women.


  5. That Daggle was hideous! She had the nerve to talk about beauty & sexuality but she possess neither! She LITERALLY looks like someone pushed her wig back! 😭 The 2nd broad is in denial & insecure af! Heauxes like these are finished!

  6. Time for my Mouthful on this:

    I got nothing to say about the black woman because she cannot take L’s because they are loosing in dating. As for the White Woman, this is just an act of jealousy.

    The reason they say this shit such as ‘men date younger women because they can manipulate’ because they are now washed up has-been.

    You see these older talk all hate about men date younger women are the same women at their prime did the same thing (dating older men).

    These women say they date older men because they say that the old men are mature and established and men in their age group acts immature. We all know when we were young and at school, we have to compete against the older men (2 years older than us) because these men were out of school and got jobs whilst we were at school studying whist the girls were at the same age as us men.

    Now they are old and hitting the wall, they are now competing against the younger versions of themselves which is why they are shaming men. They had their turn and if the messed up their prime years, they have to take a L.

    Now the 2nd video where the White Woman shaming men:

    This reminds me of the Know as the ‘Me-Too Prequel’. If you never heard of the ‘Me-Too Prequel’. This is 2 years before the White Version of ‘Me-Too’ in America.

    Let me explain about the The prequel version:
    The prequel version began in the UK, you know Britain. It began where Jimmy Saville died at old age. Weeks after his death, these old hags (women who hit the wall) came out of the woodwork talking about how he sexual and rape them. Claiming that he uses sexual powers in 1970s and 80s which was 40 to 50 years ago because he was a celebrity. These broads did not report it at the time because they say he uses sexual bribe which I do not believe at all. Other women tried it with 2 other actors but they were let off Scott-free because it reveal at the time when these women were young, they practice hypergamy and did casual orgies with the actors.

    So basically saying that at their prime years, they were participating hypergamy and 30 years later when they hit the wall, they now claiming false-rape which happen 30 years ago.

    They now stop this prequel because they know these women hit the wall. Then years later, America decide to follow the trend called ‘Me-Too’ when these washed up has-been women try to get money because they did hypergamy with actors such as Harvey Weinstein 30 to 40 years ago. I will not mention Bill Cosby because he was innocent.

    Now another example of washed up has-been – Mia Khalifa:
    Here is another women going after Pro-Black hoteps because they are self-rigorous simps and they shitting on men who date younger women. Then attacking Hoteps playing this born again and saying how men are judgemental because she now hit the wall. Coming from the same women who use to do porn and still using the porn actress name. The reason why she is attacking White Western men because we all know that when she become a Liberal the Muslim country, I think it was Lebanon. Because she gave that country a middle finger, she not just got booted out of the country, they told her she was barred from Citizenship from the country because that country does not play shit there. It like saying once you turn your back on Patriarchy, never come back. We do not want you back.

    So year, we all know that these older women think that they are the shit. As soon as they going in to the dating pool. They know fully well that they are loosing against the younger counterpart. So when they shaming men they know they know deep down that are loosing hard.

  7. The late comedian Patrice O’Neal once said on the “Opie and Anthony Show” that men compete with each other mentally, while women compete with each other physically; that couldn’t be any more true in light of this conversation. These are the same women who make a big deal about Leonardo DiCaprio dating women who are no more than 25 years old, but also did a victory lap when Keanu Reeves started dating a woman who was in her 40s. They’ve even resorted to trying to classify men as pedophiles if they date a woman who recently turned 18! Like, what??? As for this “he’s trying to manipulate you” Kansas City shuffle, what exactly are men trying to manipulate young women to do? At this stage, everything Western women say and do wreaks of delusion and desperation; don’t save them, leave them at the Wall of Silence to suffer alone. #SYSBM

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