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Shout out to YouTuber International Passport for bringing this video to my attention.

We already know what’s happened, this black siren has checked over to Japan to live believing she could bag herself a Japanese man, however she’s now realising that East Asian men are the least likely to date out.

Even when East Asian men do engage in interracial dating, their first choice is predominantly WHITE WOMEN. The overwhelming majority of East Asian men would much prefer to burn themselves alive with kerosine rather than deal with a black female.

So, seeing as the mission to snag herself a Japanese man failed, she decided to fall back on the brothers out there hoping one of them would step up and perform cleanup man/janitorial services on her behalf, you know the same black men who she dismissed as well as labelled as “corny, lame, square, boring, nerdy” etc when she was State side getting ran through, used up and rinsed out by 12 Gauge Mike, Slim Sauce, Trap House Jim, Chunky Bruh, Spoony and Field Mouse.

We already know that back in the US Morgan McCane and her tatted up motley crew of black female miscreants weren’t checking for the same black men who are now receiving king treatment at the hands of Japanese women. Let’s not pretend that back home in the United States she was kind to them either because SHE WASN’T.

Additionally, the reason why those black men in Japan are treating Japanese women like delicate flowers is because Japanese women for the majority part are FEMININE and still hold to TRADITIONAL VALUES.

This black harridan is over in a completely different country and yet she’s still holding onto the same feminist, Rottweiler guarding the scrapyard, billy goats gruff foul, stank attitude, these black females just can’t let the liberal victimhood mentality go even when they move into new pastures, smh.

The modern day black female’s image and reputation is square deep in the sewer and this has been accomplished by none other than the black woman herself. With the likes of Cardi B, Sexy Redd, Sukihana, Meg Thee Stallion, City Girls etc now being the fresh representatives of black female society, what Japanese man in his right mind is going to deal with those types of women, I’ll wait?

Just look through this heifer’s TikTok page, she’s got all kinds of funky colours in her hair, we already know what that means. Another monumental L for the angry and bitter black sisterhood of failure, they CANNOT do what SYSBM™ Knights, practitioners and Passport Bros do.

As for you black American men still bothering to engage in conversations with these disgruntled black females whilst abroad, my question to you is, WHY? What does it profit you to involve yourselves in chitchat in a foreign land with the same women you claim to have escaped from?

Again, as we keep on observing, very, very few black men have the ability to cut off these black harriets for good, even when in non black foreign countries there are still Negroes out here all too willing to fall back into licking the muddy boots of the black witch contingent, smh.

Another Open Mic Wednesday is here, what’s on your minds for this week gents? You’ve got the floor, roll that dice. #SYSBM™

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Stay Individual(In Your Mind)

Most High Bless

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36 thoughts on “Free Topic/Open Mic Wednesday!

    1. Brotherdanunlimited,

      But Dr Umar “Gerbilface” Johnson would tell us that we need to go into neighbourhoods like that and wife up the single mothers that reside therein. No thanks, I’m good, I’ll pass.


        – Dr Gerbil


  1. ****LONG POST ALERT****

    I’m so sick of black women it’s not even funny…

    This femcel obviously knows using buzzwords like “coon” when speaking against black men is a dog whistle to get all the these fuckboy, Umarite militant simps and the septum ring mob’s juices flowing because they’ll believe any bullshit said against us no matter how asinine or blatantly untrue.

    This video has obviously been doing the rounds, so everyone’s seen it. I’ve interacted with brothers who have visited Japan and stationed there…and they ALL say the same thing when they’ve had the misfortune of encountering black women: they come with the SAME horrible and toxic disposition that they have back home. Plus NO black man is going to Japan with black women on their minds, let alone disparaging them. It just doesn’t happen. There’s just way too much to do out there to be thinking of hoodrats.

    She said: “and then they’ll go over to their Japanese girlfriend and then talk shyt about us…”

    She’d know this how??? Bdubs like this have to turn every little encounter that doesn’t go their way into a nuclear bomb by putting all these wild exaggerations and blatant falsehoods when relaying them, because to tell the real story would obviously expose how toxic and mentally unstable they truly are. And these ducktales conversations about “fetishisation” and worshipping black women are all in her head. Brothers don’t talk like that. If that happened, I have a bridge to sell.

    Anyone listening without bias can easily read between the lines: She encountered black men who were simply being polite to her then went about their day. But because they’re not hounding her for pussy (since they already have Japanese girlfriends and/or they can tell she’s obviously a lunatic) or pursuing her (after she got rejected by Japanese men) after a normal, brief conversation, that means you’re “treating them like shit” and it makes you a “coon” apparently.

    Since black women think they own us, we’re not allowed to travel thousands of miles and have fun and date the local women in the countries we visit or move to and just get on with it. Of course, she gets to keep HER black card by attempting to date Japanese men who rightly and sensibly avoid her like the plague. She really thought we were gonna be her fallback options like we’re fucking stupid. If you don’t say “how high” when they tell you to jump, then you’re a “coon” and they know everything about you as a person simply because you’re a black man who is their property.

    Black women are the total polar opposite to Japanese women, bottom line. Black women personify chaos, trouble, trauma, damn near everything negative you can think of that many of us had to deal with since we were little boys. They don’t even know how to be pleasant on a very basic level even in a different environment. Who the fuck is still gonna want to deal with that after moving to another country thousands of miles away?

    Japanese women on the other hand are friendly, feminine, soft, appealing, traditional and just generally a breath of fresh air…everything that appeals to men about a woman. The same black men she knows damn well she never gave the time of day to back in the states – i.e. the “nerds” and the “lames” – can be themselves around Japanese women who value their intelligence. Imagine a young, clean cut black dude in Japan dating or hanging with this cute chick for a day:

    Look at that video and tell me if you think she’s gonna care about how much “swag” he has, what brand name clothes he wears, how much money he makes or some kind of ignorant ghetto war story? No, he can be himself without putting on an act and pretending to be something he’s not.

    The problem with black women is that they want first right of refusal. It burns them that the same dudes they turned down have a multitude of options (unlike them who have nearly none) and are being chosen by REAL women. They hate the fact that we can be appealing to other women rather than be these easily controlled eunuch robots sitting in a corner somewhere that they can order around and fallback on whenever they’re ready. They can hate on us all day, disparage us and tell the world we ain’t shit, but we’re supposed to put our lives on hold and march to their beat just to make them feel better about themselves. They have to cope by calling us “coons” or saying these women just want us for our money, or don’t really like us for who we are blah blah blah.

    Then she’s gonna say “they don’t give a fuck about y’all”. Well, look at the success Passport Bros and black men in general are experiencing abroad compared to YOU, witch. We don’t have to make videos whining and throwing tantrums because the women are rejecting us. We’re eating all over the world. Despite all the negative propaganda, I’d say we’re doing just fine. Clean cut brothas are respected. Black women hate those types.

    And why the fuck is this harridan even living in Japan in the first place? We don’t wanna see no KKKeishas there. Hopefully I don’t when I visit, but if I do I will blatantly ignore any I see – except the Blasians who are born there and culturally Japanese.

    If she wants attention from black men, then she can take her bug eyed, rah rah, Sista Souljah bullshit to any African or Caribbean country. I’d recommend Jamaica where so many of the men have no standards and will pursue and fuck anything.

    I know I sound like a broken record when I bring up how Panamanian women improved themselves to compete after they saw other Latina women moving to the country and scooping up their men. Black women just get more unappealing and grotesque in mind and spirit, therefore they’ll always remain on the shelf to collect dust. Oh well, that’s their problem, not mine.


    1. SYSBM Forever,

      Bro, you went in, I don’t even know where to start. That’s an article you’ve posted, lol. I was just passing through International Passport’s channel yesterday night when I saw his latest posting about this disgruntled black harriet who isn’t happy that black men are finding joy, happiness and peace outside of her dirty clutches.

      Then I woke up this morning and commenter TeamWhiteGirls(shout out yourself brother if you pass through) had emailed me the link to this video on your Twitter, yep, this video is definitely doing the rounds.

      The bottom line is Morgan McCane is not having the dating success in Japan that she thought she would and to make matters worse, her fallback options are too busy having the time of their lives to give this black witch any substantial time of day(good, that is exactly how she treated upwardly mobile brothers back in the US).

      What really ticks me off is the way that she’s addressing black men, in a completely condescending and disrespectful manner as if black men are beneath her and as per usual she has the slave master’s attitude as if she owns us.

      Those black men in Japan had the common courtesy to talk to this harpy and her terror squad, mind you they didn’t have to and as we see from her bitter response, those brothers should’ve minded their own business and never given these black sirens the time of day.

      Too many black men haven’t learned yet that when it comes to the modern day black female, you’re damned if you do and damned if you don’t, you cannot win with these heifers no matter what action you take.

      Now, let’s go to the YouTube link of that Japanese woman you posted, this is her Instagram page:

      Notice how there are no pictures of her showing off her breasts or butt cheeks, nor is she engaging in other ratchet activities such as sticking out her tongue or sticking up a middle finger(something many of these disjointed Western females as of late seem to believe is cool to partake in, smh).

      The difference between the Japanese woman above Vs your average black female is like night and day, it’s a no brainer which woman I’d go for, Yamamoto all damn day. You feel such a pleasant and innocent vibe from her.

      Even though they’re not my first choice, as I’ve stated before East Asian women as it stands in 2023 are the most feminine, submissive, cooperative and traditional women on the planet bar none.

      McCane could learn a thing or two from Japanese women but she’s not ready to drink that industrial strength coffee yet, I don’t think she’ll ever be ready for any sort of self examination, scrutiny or reflection.

      There is no way that I’m rolling out to a foreign country and would be willing to forfeit interacting with pleasant, feminine local woman for Keisha and her ghetto, loud, masculine, overbearing demeanour, NO WAY!

  2. Verbs 2015.

    Black womens reputation worldwide is so bad that no decent man no matter what race he is wants to deal with them. Black women are the biggest feminists worldwide and they are always without fail making catastrophic poor choices in life by having kids with the worst type of men ever and why would a decent black man date a man hating feminist or a single mother with multiple kids from multiple wutless thug baby daddys when he can get a beautiful childfree feminine non black woman to have a proper nuclear family with. I saw that video last night with that black woman complaining about the black men who are dating Japanese women and I don’t blame black men for doing it because they are only going where they are loved and celebrated not tolerated. That black woman at the above video is a fucking cunt who should be avoided at all costs. SYSBM lifestyle is the only way for a decent black man in 2023 and beyond.

    1. Quincy Fitzpatrick,

      One of the main problems with modern day black females is they have no scope when it comes to self reflection, self examination and self scrutiny, they don’t believe that men are actually looking at their atrocious track record and thereafter making the wise decision NOT to deal with them.

      This is why a single black mother of 4 will go onto Kendra G’s dating show and will still expect to snag a productive black man, you know the same black men she rejected many times over in favour of Slim Sauce, Field Mouse and Trap House Jim.

      Most black women in 2023 stand for nothing good, they exalt babymotherism and single motherhood, they throw black men under bus whenever the opportunities present themselves, they try their utmost to look like either white women or grotesque looking trannies.

      What exactly is good about the modern day black female that she should be considered above women of other ethnic backgrounds, I’ll wait. #SYSBMTILLTHECASKETDROPS

      1. Verbs 2015.

        I fully agree with you bro. Like I said before Verbs I refuse to date black women and single mothers as a SYSBM childfree black man at 41. The black community is dead and finished and can never be fixed.

        1. These BW went hard in the paint for feminism and are now getting rewarded with a lifetime supply of
          L’s – courtesy of L Express.

          L Express – Delivery in 30 minutes or the next L is free. Worldwide. 24x7x365.


  3. Happy Open Mic Wednesday! I don’t think everything she’s saying about brothers in Japan is true; why would any brother (assuming he’s a thinking brother) go over to Japan and be using the N word like that? Also, why would that brother who asked her about her dating life express that he still loves Black women if he has a Japanese girlfriend? I call cap on that! We all know the score with this one: she’s jealous of the treatment that Japanese women are getting over her from Black men; perhaps she can find some comfort at that “penis festival” she attended in April (yes, that is a phallic lollipop she’s licking):

    1. Blue Collar Trevor,

      I don’t believe what she saying about the use of N word either. The only reason why I believe there may be a little credibility to her story is because many years ago when Charles Tyler was confronted by two black sirens on the beaches of Brazil, the first words out of his mouth were “I love black women”:

      McCane is most definitely jealous of those Japanese women because she know that not one single feminine nor cooperative bone resides in her body, thus she cannot compete.

      Black men need to stop coddling these black sirens when they’re abroad. Don’t speak to them, don’t engage them, always remember that they didn’t want to speak to you back home.

      1. I remember this. That conversation went on for way too long. It shouldn’t have lasted more than a second because he should have told that female to kick rocks. You think as a grown man I’m gonna stand there and explain myself to some chick I don’t even know about who I date or anything else for that matter?

        Black men have gotta get out this habit and start growing a pair.

  4. Happy Wednesday to SYSBMers ONLY!

    There is a whole subset of black females who wash up in Japan, Korea and China trying to bag Asian men via their feigned interest in anime, manga and k-pop. Many videos have shown us that Asian men are not interested in these hoes. If this woman is in Japan, what does she care what Black Men do? And like Verbs pointed out, Asian women are treated better because they are FEMININE AND TRADITIONAL.

    Black hoes be in a whole other country but can STILL find a way to bash Black Men. Go home, Keisha lol.

    And I agree, BM abroad need to leave these black hoes alone, period. You are there with these Asian goddesses, why even acknowledge the same sheboons you left behind?

    Another L for the Passport Hoes, they’re coming in thick and fast haha.

    1. Schadenfreude,

      I believe these black harpies are trying to follow the janky and misleading advice of Issa Rae that she wrote in her book The Misadventures of Awkward Black Girl where she recommended that black women and East Asian men should get together because they’re both the least desired demographics when it comes to the dating market.

      Of course, as I’ve always said time and time again, in order for black women to successfully link up with East Asian men there MUST be an equal interest on the part of said men which unfortunately for black women there isn’t.

      I don’t think Keisha knows just how badly she’s destroyed her own image and reputation, at this stage nobody wants to get with black women and it’s not surprising really when you look at their appointed representatives such as Sexy Redd, City Girls, Sukihana etc. We get it, so called “cooning” is refusing to pay homage to and worship the American black female no matter what land you happen to see her in, smh.

      These black sirens behave like monsters no matter where they go and yet they still expect to get treated like ladies, that’s never going to happen and the sooner black women realise this the better.

  5. Gentlemen,

    It amazes me how so many Western women want men they don’t know to spend major cheddar on them for the first date. Never allow these disjointed harriets to shame you into spending large amounts of money on them, you don’t know these women. Since when is it normal to go all out for strangers?

    I’ve come to the conclusion that most Western females are simply professional sideways beggars/panhandlers except instead of outright asking you for money(which some do within a short space of time mind you), they demand that you take them out on expensive dates ie spend excessive amounts of cash that could’ve been put to better use.

    This female isn’t even all that attractive, fake eyelashes, cakefaced up to the hilt, I really don’t know what the guy saw in her to begin with. That being said, I’m glad he abandoned ship. Brothers, if any woman expects you to dig deep into your pockets while getting to know them, walk away and never look back, she’s not worth your time:

    1. These Western women for the most part aren’t worth the extra cheese on a whopper. I mean, just listen to the typical entitlement.

      Having a dinner date for the first meet is backward, let alone an expensive one. If you and the woman have no chemistry, then you’re stuck together having a long meal and that’s NOT fun!

      A drink or a coffee date is enough. Some kind of fun activity or anything that doesn’t require huge amounts of money being spent like an art gallery, museum, parks etc are even more ideal.

      Any woman who is seriously feeling you wouldn’t require you to give her the Cinderella treatment. The best way to gauge a woman is meeting them while you’re both already doing something you like such as sports or some kind of charity/volunteer work. I’ve been on walks through Epping Forest with a couple of women and it was great as it’s something I already do regularly in the spring and summer. It’s also a good way to sift the wheat from the chaff since women with no class or substance wouldn’t be into certain things anyway.

    2. OMG. Why did Prajeet there even ask her out in the first place? Cheesecake Factory is on par for an ungrateful heffa who looks like she does. Talk about inflated self-image. Just dump her back at her place and call it a day.

      1. Schadenfreude wrote:
        “Just dump her back at her place and call it a day.”

        I think he did. As 3 strikes and you are out!

    3. That was a good video because whilst she was trying to embarrass the Indian guy, the guy spoke to her like a chad. He verbally pimped her in a nice way so she end up pulling back.

      This is why I explain the term ‘Cultural Patriarchy’. Meaning when you are dealing with other types of men you cannot pull that shit on these men. Even Madbusdriver stated that other race of women knows how to adapt in other countries and when dating different type of men. No liberal mindset towards other men.
      Also seeing BW in other countries lots taking ‘L’ just like the video from Japan.

      Back to this video as an example of ‘Cultural Patriarchy’:
      She tried on this guy and it failed. If this was a Black Man, he would be called a ‘Brock Ass Bum’ and he
      will have to pay premiums like a simp. She expect an Indian guy to pay Premiums on a 1st date? Hell No.
      He even said he had to wait an hour because she was doing make up and chatting to her friends, holding him up which shows disrespect, she was asking ‘let’s do it again’. His response is ‘No’. Meaning you fucked up and you are out, like 3 strikes and you’re out.

  6. SYSBM: Got caught in the rain.
    White Sugar Honey: Let me dry you.

    I don’t believe the black woman says about black men using the N word. She is just not only getting attention but she’s trying to snag up a Japanese man. A Japanese men will date out but he’ll go for a white woman instead. And when the Sin Young look at her, he was thinking no way to her because of her nature.

    I know that there are some women especially black women are coming after black men who got their passports and flew out of dodge quick time. They probably wish that Concorde could fly again but they have to take Jumbo jet instead.

    I’m watching Charles Tylor’s video of him talking to a black woman of why black men fly to Brazil. He says that he loves black women. Alright, but does the black women love him. Black women do love black men but not the good black men. They love the hopeless men that will not do anything for them.

    I know that the passport bros is more of an American thing but I have no issues of any man going overseas just to look for a honey to be with.

    Hey, keep your white sugar honey safe at all times as these ghetto ratchet scraggle daggles are coming after non-black women.


    1. Verbs2015,

      If she means 10 on the Richter scale, then yes 100% I agree.

    2. I didn’t even have to click on the link to know who that was; I saw that clip on Instagram recently.

    3. Moustache Queen is back on her delusional bs. She’s a 2 and that’s being generous. What did BM do in antiquity to be cursed with the worst genetic counterparts on the planet?

    1. brotherdanunlimited,

      Seems like “Pride month” lasted a year, now this shit. I went to get my passport renewed a couple of months ago and noticed they had the qu33r flag posted up on the flagpole right next to the stars and stripes, appalling. They also do it in embassies around the world including the Islamic world. Just imagine if your grandfather who fought in Vietnam and managed to survive could time travel to the future to see this shit.

      America is a fallen nation, it has been taken over by government-sponsored black bitxches, fay-gotts, d rag q ueens, tranni3s and p3d0s, many of whom openly serve in Biden’s cabinet. Meanwhile there is not ONE straight Black Man representing our interests in his cabinet or in Congress.

      And these deranged liberal white bitxches are leading the charge trying to teach this groomer shit to 5 year olds. Get out of the USA if you can it’s cooked, don’t make babies in the USA.

      SYSBM/Passport Bros is the only solution for the educated, productive, HETEROSEXUAL Black Man.

      End rant.

  7. Sometimes in life, that gut feeling of not being wanted because of my previous location.

    That gut feeling of not being wanted goes away when I move to a different location.

    Everyone knows that the majority of East Asian men don’t date out as much.

    They are on the same boat as south east asian men, arabic men and black females.

    It seems Black men are dominating the East Asia market of dating and took over the default throne.

    Non anglo saxon societies is my answer to seek my future companionship with a white girlfriend.

  8. Our very own homegrown UK ratchet Kweenz. I’ll just leave these here:

    But we speak out against them and we’re the villains. Notice the non black woman in the restaurant not paying them any attention while still obviously in disgust and probably secretly filming them. Whose fault is this – Black men? CIA? MI6? Daily Mail?


    1. SYSYBM Forever,

      You already know that their first choice scapegoat will be black men. You can’t go to any restaurant and have a peaceful meal these days without some black siren acting the fool desperate to show off her sexual proclivities, smh. Black women always want to show out in public and they wonder why they’re looked upon as mentally unstable, sexually depraved whores. #SYSBM™ #NOTMYWOMEN #DAGGLEFREEZONE #PASSPORTREADY

  9. Guy’s any update on the chick in Minnesota who got hit in the face with a brick?

        1. Schadenfreude.

          Why are we not surprised? It’s what we keep on saying, they want these black sirens on the streets so they can continue to wreak havoc destroying what little remains of black society. If it was a black man being questioned for fraud, they would’ve never released those funds and the dude would’ve been in jail pending the completion of the investigation. As I keep on saying, the modern day black female is a State asset, she’s state owned, state run and state funded.

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