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DON’T DO IT, Don’t Listen To Him-SHORTS!

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I’ve checked out a few of the videos on this guy’s channel, he seems to be a hit and miss merchant, albeit he’s definitely missing very hard when it comes to attempting to encourage men to deal with single mothers.

This is surprising because you really only hear the “date and marry single mothers” doctrine within black society, however it seems that this goofy Captain Snowy blue pilled simp is trying to fly this nonsense into other communities.

The difference however between other communities vs “da communitah” is white and other non black men overwhelmingly will reject this advice because they for the majority part have been raised in two parent households and thus have seen a normal family framework.

We already know the score when it comes to single mothers, no matter how he puts it, the cons outweigh the pros by so many. As I regularly state that the black single mother must be left to stew, marinate and burn in her own failures, the same must be said for single mothers from non black ethnic backgrounds also.

Don’t listen to this guy, don’t be a simp, don’t be a cuck, don’t provide clean up man/janitorial services to women who passed over decent men in their prime for dickheads and serial impregnators.

It’s not your job nor your responsibility to raise another man’s seed, there are too many women in the world for any man worth his salt to be concerned with saving a single mother from the consequences of the bad decisions she’s made in the past.

Being a step father is stepping out of your masculine frame and emasculating yourself, about the only time I can give that move a small pass is if both individuals have children and come together to form a blended family.

Outside of this a single man has no business looking after another man’s children, where is the self respect and dignity in stepping into a relationship where you’ll always be placed on the back burner?

Where is the self respect in stepping into a relationship where the mother could still be getting drilled down by the babyfather while you’re there shelling out your hard earned cash sustaining progeny that isn’t yours biologically?

Where is the dignity and the self respect in stepping into a relationship where you’ll never have the authority to discipline her children if they ever step out of line?

Brothers, the advice given over here will always remain the same, REJECT THE BLUE PILL, SAY NO TO SINGLE MOTHERS, REFUSE TO BE THE CLEAN UP MAN and if you desire to have children, START YOUR OWN LEGACY/FAMILY TREE FROM SCRATCH. #SYSBM™

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Say No To Single Mothers, Don’t Save Them

Most High Bless

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11 thoughts on “DON’T DO IT, Don’t Listen To Him-SHORTS!

  1. Verbs 2015.

    Single mothers should be avoided at all costs because they destroyed their own lives by having kids with the wrong men. The funny thing is that these are the same single mothers when in their sexual prime years (18 to 30) when they was childfree and beautiful they was rejecting good men all the time because either he was too short, didn’t make a lot money, didn’t have swag or didn’t have a six pack and they went for the bad boys who had those things and they also dated bad boys who already has multiple kids from different baby mothers because they saw those baby daddy’s as more desirable than a childfree man who didn’t have any kids which doesn’t make any sense whatsoever. Single mothers need to pay for the consequences for their stupid choices in life and like I said before Verbs I refuse to date single mothers as a childfree SYSBM black man at 41. Younger childfree women(18 to 30) should take note from these single mothers mistakes, stupidity and poor life choices so that they can avoid becoming single mothers themselves in the future. Dating in 2023 is shit because majority of the good looking women always give their best years(18 to 30) to the worst kind of men and when they exit their sexual prime years when they hit the wall at 30 years old and beyond when they become old, fat, grey hair and the very worst if become single mothers thats when they want to date a nice guy that they rejected in the past to come in and be the clean up man and be a therapist to all her problems that she herself created. Fuck that shit as I will never be a clean up man for a woman who rudely rejected me in the past as I have a long photographic memory and I don’t forget these things. Also single mothers are the dumbest women on the planet because they are always having kids that they cannot afford.

    1. “Younger childfree women(18 to 30) should take note from these single mothers mistakes, stupidity and poor life choices so that they can avoid becoming single mothers themselves in the future.”

      One thing I’ve noticed is there’s no introspection, accountability, learning or growth with women, they simply blame men and go about their day. This is why you have old hoes in pre-menopause who are still mental teenagers. I’ve seen this with my own eyes.

      Old male heads try to educate young boys not to make their same mistakes (part of the reason this page exists), but old bitcxhes intentionally sabotage young girls because they’re jealous of them, then blame the negative outcomes on men, or the invisible boogeyman “pAtRiArChY.”

      1. Schadenfreude.

        I fully agree with you bro and thanks for using my quote. 👍👍

  2. This guy has no self respect.

    When in history has simping been successful?

    I don’t think it has ever been successful long term.

    How many women would date a single father?

    I haven’t seen anyone encouraging women to date single fathers.

    Why is that?

    We all know why that is.

    There aren’t enough single fathers around.

    The family court of law favors the single mother 99.9% of the time.

    Single mothers usually get custody over the kids automatically.

    Simping only works on vulnerable women that are donating to church pastors, dating coaches and podcasts livestreams that favor naivety women.

    Simping can never work in real life relationships.

    I don’t see videos like this in non anglo saxon societies.

    Seeing this reminds me why I left.

    Seeing this reminds me to not come back here to live.

    I would only date a childless white girlfriend.

  3. Man, I can tell this video will get major support from low self-esteem male viewers in western society and those who travel abroad to foreign countries and meet women with children.

  4. The reason why men especially black men with no children is because that there is no way that they will take care, provide and look after a child which doesn’t belong to them. the reason why he has that blasted thing on his head because that will not know what he looks like so we will expose him.

    In the white community and other communities, they are raised in a two-parent home. And in the black community, there are no fathers in the home. I was raised in a two-parent home until my dad died in 1999 and let me tell you something. It was downright toxic with my mum had another man in Jamaica and she was seeing him right through the marriage. And now she married the guy who has done nothing for him and cheated on her numerous times.

    If a man has children, then he can date or start a relationship with a woman with children but the thing is that a single mother will not deal with a man that has children. They are looking for a guy who is a Russell Wilson that will be the cleanup man. No Mr. Muscle here!

    I don’t know if I’ll ever have children at 42 years old but I can’t deal with a woman that has children. And now women in their 30’s do have children and some of their babyfathers are nothing but bums.

    Hey, keep your white sugar honey safe at all times as these ghetto ratchet scraggle daggles are coming after non-black women.


    1. “I don’t know if I’ll ever have children at 42 years old but I can’t deal with a woman that has children. And now women in their 30’s do have children and some of their babyfathers are nothing but bums.”

      Bro at your age, assume ALL these hoes have kids. Even dating younger does not help because these hoes start shitting out Pookie’s bastards in their teens. If a modern woman gets to 30 with no kids she’s either psychotic to deal with or a unicorn. The bad news is you have to figure out which is which.


  5. So is Ghostface Killah over here in a relationship with one, then? These dudes always tell other men to put themselves in disadvantageous situations that they themselves are never in.

    All the positive qualities he mentioned you could just simply find in child free women, so why deliberately live life on hard mode?

    I’m not gonna bother list out all the demerits this has for a man, because we know them already.

    And he could have made his so called points without casting aspersions at the red pill community, but I guess all grifters need a gimmick.


  6. It looks like we have another Derrick Jaxn wannabe, but this time he’s an anonymous Admiral Frosty; I took a look at his TikTok page, and I immediately noticed his bio which stated that he “ditched the Matrix” and now lives in Bali (sounds like he went the digital nomad route). I highly doubt that Anti-Prophet is even entertaining the thought of dating a single mother where he currently resides, but he feels the need to convince us that it’s worth a shot in spite of the outcomes we’ve seen of single motherhood in the Black communitah for well over a decade now; as SYSBM Forever stated above, he could’ve said his piece without taking jabs at the Red Pill community (he referred to Red Pilled men as “angry” at the end of his video), but, next to disrespecting Black men, I’ve noticed that it’s become lucrative to attack the Red Pill community online.

    1. Haha I didn’t check his TikTok. Sounds like he’s a Passport Bro chillin in Bali, yet wagging his finger at the Red Pillers and endorsing wifing up single moms in America? Hypocrisy 101. Like a great Negro philosopher once said, “You can’t make this shit up!”

      They need to ban TikTok in the West, asap.


    Enough said.


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