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That’s On You, NOT Me – #SHORTS

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This is the problem with most black men, they still believe that black women are “our women”, however nothing could be further from the truth. Black women as a collective are our female counterparts, this is as far as the connection goes.

Secondly, no black man worth his salt who truly respects himself is ever going to deal with a woman who has no problems being involved in relationships with drug dealers.

Unfortunately, the DailyRapUpCrew like most Negroes believe that they can reform black women and bring them back from the gutter, the problem is most black women enjoy dwelling in the sewers and wouldn’t have things any other way.

They love opening their legs to and getting impregnated by the dregs and the scum of black male society, at the same time black women love giving the middle finger to hard working, non criminal minded, intelligent, forward thinking black men.

Like I’ve stated before, these male/female panels across the board are a complete waste of time because by engaging in them, these foolish women now believe they are equal to men and in their delusional state reckon themselves to have the grounds to challenge us.

Women should only be coming to men to LEARN FROM US, exactly what can you learn from a woman that you couldn’t from your own male peers, I’ll wait?

Just look at these various podcasts that have sprung up recently, you’ll notice(at least I have) that the majority of the female guests are dummies, they have nothing constructive to bring to the conversation and they’re only objective is to be right and win the argument no matter what.

Paul the Apostle was right and well ahead of his time when he stated that women need to learn in silence with all subjection as well as be obedient and not attempt to usurp authority over men(1 Corinthians 14:34, 1 Timothy 2:11-12).

It’s time to clean house, men of worth/value simply need to lay out their terms and conditions, stipulations and standards, any women who are not willing to comply with them need to be discarded and replaced.

These unbridled Western females have had their fun in the sun, they’ve enjoyed challenging men and believing that they’re our equals, however it’s now time to shut this garbage down once and for all.

Gentlemen, the power is in your hands, not theirs. You’re the ones who decide whether women will be granted access to a relationship or not.

Western women especially black women have made it abundantly clear that they’re NOT willing to fall under our authority, therefore the solution is simple, venture elsewhere until you meet a woman who is willing to cooperate and fall in line with your framework.

These male/female panels, podcasts and discussions are nothing more than women trying to emasculate, control and dominate men.

I’m not stupid over here and nor is the SYSBM™ founder and creator MBD, which is one of the reasons why he’ll never brings women up on his lives.

If you allow women to have a say or dictate the day to day runnings of your movement/philosophy, it won’t be long till said philosophy/movement is turned into mush, rendered useless and is only fit for the toilet. Gentlemen, know your role and NEVER allow females to dictate it. #SYSBM™

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Women Need To Return To The Home As They’ve Made A Complete Mess Outside Of It

Most High Bless

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11 thoughts on “That’s On You, NOT Me – #SHORTS

  1. Drug dealers are attractive to certain groups of women because they are earning more money than law-abiding citizens.

    The lifestyle of a law-abiding citizen is boring to certain groups of women because the money ain’t as high as a drug dealer.

    Women chase resources in general.

    Some of them would only chase resources the legal way.

    Some of them would only chase resources the illegal way.

    Some of them would chase resources in both ways.

    Quality stargate matters.

    My seed can’t go to waste.

    I have to make sure my seed is useful to a white girlfriend that deserves it.

  2. The first mistake this simp, make was to even try to ”entertain” or discuss with damaged women.
    People waste so many time, entertaining, people they soukhd) shouldn’t.

    These girl, are tattooed all over their body, to the face until the feet.That should tell you everything you should know already.

    People just need to accept, that some people are who they are, and are attracted to who they want to be attracted to. Attraction isn’t a choice.

    He, stupidly think that they women want to saved by, men like ”him”. What a fool, and naive this man is.

    White Knight, still believe in the 21th century, that women are little angel without conscious, on their action who need, to be saved.

    I actually agree, with the last girl, that’s seem to be a personal problem for, him, since I would not give a second thought about who these tattoed hoes, want to have fun, sex with. They are so unattractive.

  3. I remember Verbs made a show a video (I am not sure it was Verbs) or some Red-Pill member saw a link which I saw.
    The video was the Black Women telling BW how to date and court with Pookies and Ray-Ray. That video was funny because the BW was educating other females how to deal with them.
    They should be making video how to avoid them.

    Wittexton Witwijf wrote:
    “The lifestyle of a law-abiding citizen is boring to certain groups of women because the money ain’t as high as a drug dealer.”

    That is exactly why they deal with drug dealers. Since they are gold-diggers and they want men making quick money, they do not care how illegal they are making fast cash, as long as them doing bad things pays for the BW’s lifestyle.

  4. SYSBM: Last night was cold.
    White Sugar Honey: Maybe we can warm things up!

    This is the men the ghetto black women like. Here’s the list:

    Weed Man Jake
    Rapid Fire Rasta
    Six Shooter Derrick
    Rum Head Frasier
    Corner Boy Ronney
    Des The Drunk
    Machete Man Briggy
    Rum Smuggler Don
    Whiskey Baron Tony
    Knife Point
    Razor Dreed
    357 Jimmy
    Randy Shot
    Last Long Palmer
    Fuck All Night Freed

    These are the men that they will open their legs to in a heartbeat. They will never open their legs to the simp. When they see a good black man, they will not give him a time of day. But when it comes to the worthless man, they will give them the opportunity to be with them.

    As they have children with the worthless type of black men, that’s when they become nice to black men. and when the good black men reject them with the quickness, that’s when they get scornful.

    I know there are some black men are with black women in the USA but here this. The interracial dating rate has now gone up. The black American men are now checking for Becky, Su Ling or the Mamacita Rodriguiez girl.

    Hey, keep your white sugar honey safe at all times as these ghettos ratchet black women are coming after non-black women.


    1. Money Cultural wrote:

      “This is the men the ghetto black women like. Here’s the list:

      Weed Man Jake
      Rapid Fire Rasta
      Six Shooter Derrick
      Rum Head Frasier
      Corner Boy Ronney
      Des The Drunk
      Machete Man Briggy
      Rum Smuggler Don
      Whiskey Baron Tony
      Knife Point
      Razor Dreed
      357 Jimmy
      Randy Shot
      Last Long Palmer
      Fuck All Night Freed”

      Verbs and you should make a list of each names and the description of these type of people are
      I know some description of the few.

    2. You forgot Long Cocky John, Knife Man Priest and Road Man Jake


  5. Here we go with the same old bs over and over and over again (David Carroll voice). I’m beginning to think these podcasts are a scourge. Look at this simpery. These women are hideous, especially the Blasian one with the lip plumpers, ugh. Thinking BM just need to leave these women to their preferences but most don’t have the balls to leave the plantation. That’s why these tattooed hyenas were so shook by Passport Bros, dudes actually quit talking, left the plantation and were posting receipts.

    I have been posting here for a number of years now and I don’t still don’t see a better solution than SYSBM.

  6. I hate these podcasts where these dudes go back and forth with these straggs; I wonder, do these simps feel like they’ve accomplished their objective once that camera goes off? Like Verbs stated, most of the women featured on these podcasts are total dummies who bring nothing constructive to the conversation; we can look at podcasts like Fresh & Fit, whatever, DailyRapUpCrew, and even these podcasts where it’s only women, and it makes you want to give up on humanity. I can get more edification watching FailArmy on YouTube than these “simpcasts” any day; these guys can continue to try and reason with these straggs until they’re blue in the face, but the truth of the matter is THEY DON’T WANT TO BE SAVED! When will these dudes learn that you can’t talk a reptile out of its biological imperatives?

  7. Verbs 2015.

    Black women are not our women because they all go for bad boys and gangster type of black men even the so called educated sensible black women with 4 university degrees go for them too. Black women no matter what social class or educational level always make the fatal mistake by having kids with the worst type of black men ever and when they become single mothers they have the cheek to come to us childfree black men so that they want us to take on their bastard kids that they had with thuggo. Fuck that shit as I refuse to date single mothers who made poor life choices.

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