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Free Topic/Open Mic Wednesday!

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I’m not going to hog the mic with a long diatribe this week. Gentlemen, another Open Mic Wednesday is here, you’ve completely got the floor. What’s on your minds for this week brothers, roll that dice.

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Stay Individual(In Your Mind)

Most High Bless

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25 thoughts on “Free Topic/Open Mic Wednesday!

  1. Do you think Daylight Savings in the western world should be eliminated?

    For me, YES.

    But don’t worry, here’s a way politicians and proponents are going make it better for all of us.

    1. I saw videos about how Cynthia G got suspended for hate speech against Black Men as YouTube is doing some clean up. Her supporters are blaming Black Men (as usual) for her channel to be suspended and demonetised.

      Again, her losing money has got nothing to do with Black Men as she did this to herself.

      Then you have this simp name ‘Storm Monroe’ decide to bail her out. Great, another BW pandering simp supporting females like her.
      Now she asking simps for help.

      1. MMT,

        They’ll always be a stupid simp waiting in the wings ready to jump to the rescue of some decadent black siren. I didn’t even know about this rescue, how exactly do pro black simp black men expect black women to change for the better when they never allow them to be chastised, punished and corrected whenever they do wrong?

        As you said, she did this to herself and has nobody else to blame but herself. Cynthia G has been a pestilence and a menace from the first day she began spewing her unfiltered triple strength, industrial grade misandry against black men, if she’s so concerned about free speech and being heard, she should simply move over to Rumble.

    2. JC,

      I remember at one stage the Black Witch of Scalp Summit aka Cynthia G had well over 1800 patron members, now she’s resorting to begging on Gofundme, what a joke. YouTube finally decided to cut financial ties with the siren, but just look at the amount of damage that has already been done in her name, smh.

  2. I was deeply impressed by this beautiful young lady….

    What a breath of fresh air! You see the true power of femininity? A genuinely, sweet and feminine woman could stop the Hulk in his tracks. It’s so rare to see all those qualities at that age. She was obviously raised right. Kudos to her parents.

    As for the full video, I only skipped to her parts which aren’t many, because you know how these typical western birds love to say a whole bunch of nothing. All of them combined aren’t fit to shine her shoes. She said her piece and let the rest of them get on with it.

    “Wifey material” gets thrown around a lot, but she’s the type of woman good men take care of, nurture, protect, work long days, lavish and would go to war for. I wouldn’t blame any dude for simping cos at least he’ll be getting a huge return on investment.

    When you contrast it to that dumb, clout chasing chickenhead more than twice her age who recently went viral over that Cheesecake factory date thinking she deserved the whole world from some guy who doesn’t know her from a bowl of rice, the difference is truly staggering.

    She’s a very tiny needle in a massive haystack who deserves props and respect, but gents you know how it is. You’re way more likely to find these type of women in much higher numbers OUTSIDE the west.

    1. That is wifey right there! If she lived around my neighborhood, I’d scoop her up in a heartbeat; she not only holds to the right moral values and dresses modestly, she has a very nice aesthetic, too.

    2. SYSBM Forever,

      I can’t even remember the last time I came across a female as pure, meek, humble and modest as the woman above. Just like Blue Collar Trevor stated, she’d be scooped up immediately. The only thing I question is her expectation of marriage in the West, if she’s prepared to marry in a different country where the man cannot get shafted by the State if one day she decides to divorce then it’s all good.

      Marriage in the West is out, seeing as she’s been on Fresh and Fit, she has to know this. Other than that, women like her are an extremely rare breed.

      1. BCT,

        Apart from her spiritual/moral qualities, this is the type of woman you would gladly walk around with at any important event. Modest, no tattoos, very well kept, hair well done and not looking all crazy like the ghetto, loud mouth harridan sitting next to her with the Pelican on her head or whatever the hell that’s supposed to be.


        Believe me, I’m no fan of marriage here in Babylon. HOWEVER….just maybe an exception could be made for this one lol. She’s a keeper bro. If you’re looking to purchase a new home somewhere abroad with acres of land at a very good price, in a perfect location and it’s being sold for under six figures, and it’s one of a kind, don’t overthink, just buy that shit lol.

        But seriously, for those with ears to hear, when a woman speaks you can spot the green flags and the one thing that stood out to me which is a top 3 requirement IMO for any woman I’m considering for marriage is LOYALTY. She doesn’t have guy friends like that and part of the reasons she dresses modestly is out of respect for any future partner. And she’s a homebody. You won’t have to be paranoid about her creeping out on you or needing constant “excitement”. Bruh! What more could a man want???

        She was a guest on that show, but to be fair she’s only 21, however the wisdom she has so far surpasses most females in their 50s nowadays.

        Everything comes with some type of risk, but as long as a woman like that is holding you down and you’re equally doing your part, I don’t think you’d have anything to worry about. Personally I’d be looking to take the both of us out of here anyway. She’s too good for this rotten, sinking ship called the western world.

    1. Michel,

      Female bosses can be some of the worst, they demonstrate with clarity why women in general should never be in position of power and authority, especially over men.

  3. Happy Open Mic Wednesday! So, has anybody heard the news about Cynthia G getting demonitized on YouTube? I never watched a second of her videos, and I never will care to watch her content; it’s very interesting that YouTube waited so long to demonitize her for hate speech, but you can get a community strike for sharing honest commentary about something in the news that doesn’t go along with the status quo, which leads me to my next point: Hardcore Tito has revealed a new platform where he’s uploading all of his classic content from YouTube and Payreon, and thinking brothers can exercise their freedom of speech. Here’s the website:

    Tito’s infomercial promoting the new website:

    1. Blue Collar Trevor,

      Yep, YouTube took so long to finally clamp down on that black siren, she was useful to them for so long though. For a long time they gave that witch a clean pass, they wouldn’t even entertain looking at her channel for hate speech violations.

      We know about YouTube already, we know who they really are. Just think back to a few years ago, look at how hard they clamped down on those who told the truth regarding the Convid-1984 scamdemic.

      YouTube is one of the most dishonest and disingenuous platforms I’ve ever come across, most of my viewing on the platform is for entertainment purposes only. It’s a far cry from the platform it used to be way back in the day when you could actually speak your mind without being penalised. There is no YOU in YouTube anymore.

    1. I voted for Brexit because UK should be out of the EU.

      The reason why Brexit was a mess because we wanted a no deal Brexit, but the politicians were so butt-hurt so they wanted their own version of the Brexit instead the No-Deal which means we are out.

      I voted for Brexit because of the EU dictatorship and laws governed by the EU.

      People are blaming Brexit because of the economy. Brexit has nothing to do with money and economy. It was about Soverignty and Independance.

      I get the UK has economy and the cost of living. But it got nothing to do with not Brexit. It was the stupid Covid Rules and being Pro-Ukraine which kill the economy.
      We know Brexit cause the pound currency to devalue. However, this was purposely done by design because the people who decide to devalue the pound were butt-but that we were leaving the EU.

      Even EU was good but it became so corrupted so we need to get out.

      People who hate on Brexit because of the economy and money, they need to their hard research and know what EU was truly it.

      Rejoing the EU is like going back to the Slave Plantation.
      I do not know why the people who are pro-EU so keen to live in the Slave Plantation Dictatorship.

    2. Wittexton Witwijf,

      The EU is a sinking ship, why any country in Europe wants to join it is beyond me. Leaving was the best thing that happened to tbe UK, however the evil powers that be have been punishing Brits for their decision to leave ever since.

      To be honest, I really have to question if the UK was a legit member to begin with because we never ditched the Pound Sterling and adopted the Euro as our currency.

      1. Verbs,

        Money from the Monopoly board game has more value than the Euro at this point.


  4. SYSBM: boo, it rained tonight. We had wet weather.
    White Sugar Honey: Honey, I have something which is wet on this Wednesday night!

    I have a YouTube Channel called Money Cultural. Subscribe to my channel.

    Time to roll the dice!

    Sexy Redd pregnant?

    We all know about Sexy Redd with her song with the lyrics “My coochie pink, my booty hole brown?” I saw the sex tape with her and the worthless dude who has this electronic ankle which is for criminals. The dude said that her punany was dry when he was sliding his wood up her. The sex tape doesn’t shock me. What shock me is that this woman is pregnant. I just found out this morning when I woke up. She ah breed alright but who is the father if the yute? That what Money Cultural wanna know. And I’m hearing that it could be Drake’s child. I’ll look into this more and find out more info.

    The chick and the cheesecake factory date.

    I heard about the chick who didn’t come out of the car because her date went to a cheesecake factory. First of all, I don’t know why the girl is upset of the date. Food is food even though I don’t know about cheesecake factory. And second of all, when a man is goanna take a woman out to dinner and she says that she wants to go somewhere expensive. I have to say. Gold digger. When a woman says she wants to eat somewhere which is not cheap, the man has to drop her to the curb and move to the next woman.

    The ratchet black women not married.

    When you see these ratchet black women that are single and plenty of them have children, you must be wondering why these women are not married? Why these women don’t has a husband? Well, the reason for that is they are not wife martial. They will not listen to a man when he’s talking to them. They will argue with the man, they cause nothing but problems and black men will look at this and think “I’m not putting up with this!” and just leave them be and date non-black women or get their passport and leave the country they’re at and find a honey overseas.

    Hey, keep your white sugar honey safe at all times as these ghetto ratchet scraggle daggles are coming after non-black women.


    1. That is strange that I am not sure anyone knows that she already got a kid meaning she is a single mother and this is baby #2.

      As for the cheesecake factory. The BW trying to shame the Indiam guy but it got backfired when he verbally pimp slapped her when she was asking for a 2nd date. The guy went ‘No’.

    1. “LaShawn Fields, Owner of the I Heart Beautique hair salon in Decatur, said relaxers have been common for years.

      “If they say it’s not safe to use, then, I mean…”

      If they say – demonstrating a lack of ability to think for one’s self.

      Those queans certainly tell on themselves, don’t they???


  5. Late entry to the Open Mic:

    Never forget a pitbull doghusband gets gourmet meals and rubs from a black bish but cooking for a good Black Man is “sLaVeRy.” After thuggos, white boys and lesbianism, these depraved black hoes have finally turned to her final boss, bestiality. Dr Umar and Boyce Watkins say you’re supposed to stick it out with these dogpilled queans. Just imagine you competing with Cujo. Get your passports, gents.

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