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Cynthia G Gets Her YouTube Channel Demonetised! #SHORTS

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This really isn’t going to take long because the termination of this feminist, cake faced, weave wearing black siren’s sponsorship by YouTube was long overdue.

For years YouTube turned a blind eye to this single black mother’s industrial grade misandry and deep hatred towards black men, my question is why did YouTube all of a sudden decide to demonetise her channel at this particular time?

Is it possible that with the approaching 2024 Presidential election, these lefties are attempting to appease black men a little in order to keep the majority of them on the plantation because they see that in particular black male support for Donald Trump is growing at an exponential rate?

I get very suspicious when these left leaning social media platforms begin turning on and eating their own weapons. Cynthia G most certainly has been an extremely valuable asset to the State in her relentless attack on black men and black masculinity.

Let’s be honest here, so much damage has been caused not only by the Black Witch of Scalp Summit herself but also by others in her name. For example, how many women from other ethnic groups do we now hear using the term “dusty” to describe men that are displeasing to them, I’ll wait?

What’s disappointing (but not surprising)to me is the amount of support she’s been getting from other black women as well as self hating pro black triple cream certified, blue pilled simp black men.

If only black men supported other black men who speak up on their behalf as well as black women who without hesitation liberally throw their support behind other black women who stand up for black female causes, this so called “gender war” would’ve been shut down a long time ago.

Too many black men are out here bitching and moaning about their voices not being heard but at the same aren’t willing to financially prop up and support those black men who choose to stand up and fight the good fight on their behalf, smh.

As has been stated many times before, wars cost money, you cannot successfully defend yourself as well as operate an effective offensive strategy against your enemies for free.

Just check out the Gofundme that has been set up in support of misandrist Cynthia G, look how much money has already been raised just in 4-5 days:

What should also be known and noted is this black siren and her religious acolytes haven’t stopped their ongoing war against black men, feminist black harridan and baby mother Cynthia G has already set up a new channel continuing right where she left off:

This is why “da communitah” needs to be abandoned, it contains too many matriarchal blue pilled, black male simps who don’t have the testicular fortitude to stand up for themselves as well as reprimand masculine, out of pocket black females.

As I and many other brothers here have stated time and time again, SYSBM™ is the unmatched champion when it comes to the heterosexual free thinking black man making a clean break from the clutches of a community which is already square deep in the sewer pipe.

Gentlemen, never be afraid to reach out to and surround yourself with like minded individuals and be sure to put as much distance between yourselves and the black witch contingent as is humanly possible.

As for you Cynthia G, how does it feel knowing that the “bandits” you verbally scold, berate, mock, ridicule, savage and disparage on the daily had absolutely nothing to do with the demonetisation of your channel? You did this to yourself witch, your own filthy dirty hands brought this calamity upon your own weave/wig covered head, lol.

Finally, always remember that not just the feminist Cynthia G but black women in general will never stop their ongoing government funded attacks again brothers until their usefulness has fully served its purpose. #SYSBM™

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

The Black Witch of Scalp Summit Cynthia G Won’t Stop Engaging In The Endless War Against Black Men Until She Hits The Grave

Most High Bless

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44 thoughts on “Cynthia G Gets Her YouTube Channel Demonetised! #SHORTS

  1. This bald headed mannequin is a weirdo to say the least. When she first came out years ago on Moist Twatkin’s channel, her gimmick was relentlessly attacking white supremacy, white men in particular. She later got into some beef with that other grifter, the gang banger and hustler turned pimp turned dating coach turned Pan African turned pseudoscience documentary maker turned xenophobic hatemonger Tariq Nasheed and fell out with Moist and that’s where all the anti black male shit started if I remember correctly. Then she gets pregnant by the same type of ‘dusty’ she screeches against! Make it make sense.

    The thing is, I don’t give a shit about her nor her femcel black female followers and the backup singing non black men like ‘Angry Biracial’ and some of these other no name insignificant dudes. What gets me are the ultra weak and absolutely PATHETIC black men who literally support this weavebeast. Their self respect and pride are clearly lower than the depths of the ocean. These are the same men you see on twitter dick policing another black man just for standing at the same bus stop as a non black woman, but cheer on black women in relationships with non black men. Again, make it make sense.

    I honestly don’t understand the mentality of grown men who are scared to stand up for themselves and to these harridans. You’re 35+ years old, healthy yet still afraid of the belt? It’s best to just leave them to their devices and let whatever happens to them happen. F*ck da communitah. Biggest wastes of space on the planet who all deserve each other.


    1. SYSBM Forever,

      I totally get black women supporting her but I’m lost for words whenever I see a black man standing in her corner. This is what I’m talking about when I say that most black men don’t mind being ruled over, berated, verbally beaten over the head and constantly chastised by black women even though these are many of the same black men who complain about their voices not being heard, smh.

      Unfortunately there is an element of truth to what she says about most black men being conquered but that conquering has been executed by the modern day black female herself on behalf of her white lord and saviour Admiral Frost.

      Now more than ever separation is of the most important, the fact of the matter is in 2023 most of black society is dead weight, nothing but freeloaders who want you to carry them as well as the degenerate scum who should be left behind. #SYSBMTILLTHECASKETDROPS

    2. I hate this bitch she make a video about me. pro black karen’s Looking ASS like the bash black man All the time making silly videos of I HOPE Cyber G 🤖 Robot Get her youtube channel TAKE DOWN flagged that bitch Now

          1. If she made a video about you you’re doing something right and or hit her where it hurt lmao

  2. Verbs 2015.

    It’s about time that this ugly arse weave headed bitch Cynthia G got her youtube channel demonitised because she has been dissing and being horrible to decent black men like us for years all because they get into long term relationships/marriages with white women and other non black women. There is nothing wrong with black men getting into mixed race relationships with non black women because as you already know that I am a big supporter of mixed race relationships. What makes me laugh and I find it very ironic is that Cynthia G has calling us SYSBM black men men dusty when she herself got pregnant by a dusty black man who is Robert Perkins who he himself already has 5 kids with 5 baby mothers, make that make sense.

    1. Quincy Fitzpatrick,

      The weave/wig wearing black harridan doesn’t have a leg to stand on but because she has so much support from the angry and bitter black sisterhood of failure, she’s able to continue her decadent momentum without much resistance.

      I remember when the witch tried to come after SYSBM some years back, we ignored her because we recognised that she wasn’t worth the time of day. However we’re quite prepared to light her backside up as well as any other black man hating daggles.

      SYSBM cannot be stopped, not by the Black Witch of Scalp Summit not by any ot her acolytes, nor by any other haters of black men who rightly choose to expand upon their dating options.

  3. Report Cynthia G’s new channel to be taken down.

    I’ve reported one of her videos.

    Use the same leftist tactics against them.

    They like to silence freedom of speech.

    Not one rule for one and not the other.

    Everything on the same playing field.

    From now on, thinking black men/sysbm/passport bros should start reporting any channel that speaks against interracial dating.

    I think it is a good idea to flag down videos that have issue with me dating a white girlfriend.

    One person can’t do this on their own.

    1. Wittexton Witwijf,

      The Black Witch of Scalp Summit and her failing black female flunkies are determined to continue their relentless attack on black men, however in the end she’ll still lose.

      Her reign of terror is coming to an end, as soon as she allowed herself to be impregnated by the same “dusties” she vehemently excoriated, it was a wrap from that point onwards.

      These modern day black females are NOT fans of the 1st Amendment when black men are also allowed to speak and voice the truth, as long as black men didn’t have a voice, G her cronies as well as other black females were loving the exclusive.

      They were free to propagate the lies and falsehoods for the longest while, however not anymore. Black men are now striking back and I love it.

  4. I’m curious as well to why it took them so long. But another Weave Beast bites the dust. Weave Beasts have been taking MASSIVE “L’s” over the past few months from The Weave Demon Jada Smith, to being arrested in Dubai, to twerking on Slave monuments in Africa, Kee Kee Palmer, snatching the mic out of the college Presidents hand during graduation, the “Cheese Cake Factory” Beast, Sukihana in London, Weave Walker getting beat down in Italy and far too many others to mention…AND I LOVE IT.


    1. TeamWhiteGirls,

      Good to see you back here.

      Yessir it’s been a cruel summer for the would-be “Passport Hoes” and I’m loving every minute of it lol. And you forgot #brickgate, #protectiongate, Travis Kelce-gate, the sista who got murked by her White Zaddy and the one-time tennis darling Naomi Osaka is now the latest single black babymama statistic smh. Now their divester quean got her channel zapped, long overdue. The L’s are piling up for these hateful heffas, enjoy the show!

      Sprinkle Sprinkle, bitches! HAHAHAHA

      1. Shoot, I forgot another little darling, Hallie Bailey the little black mermaid, also got knocked up by a Pookie. No matter what age or walk of life, these degenerate hoes have absolutely zero pussy control when Pookie waves his hard dick magic wand. This is why I say these bitches are a lost cause. Even the #1 Black Man hater Synthetic G flew cross country to get dicked down by Raw Dog Perkins, the very kind of nigga black man she rails against. Make that make sense.

        David Carroll would be having a field day with all this news.


        1. Schadenfreude,

          Even the Black Witch of Scalp Summit aka Cynthia G couldn’t resist the phallus of a Slim Sauce type negro, very few if any black females have the solid mental fortitude to turn down some dick from Cheezy Grillz. G purports herself to be intelligent but how can this be so when she purposely got impregnated by a dude who already had I believe 5 baby mothers en tow? Even Hollywood screen writers couldn’t even draft up a story line laced with so much hypocrisy and recklessness, lol.

          1. “Even the Black Witch of Scalp Summit aka Cynthia G couldn’t resist the phallus of a Slim Sauce type negro, very few if any black females have the solid mental fortitude to turn down some dick from Cheezy Grillz.”

            If it ain’t Cheezy Grillz and Field Mouse it’s Neo-Nazi Ned. Remember that BW prison guard in California who was raw dogging a white supremacist inmate…and he accused her of giving him an STD? She rightly lost her career over it. It’s game over for these bishes and their bad boy lust.


            1. There was also the case of those 4 daggle prison guards that all got pregnant by the same guy–who turned out to be a member of the BGF prison gang (I believe that he ratted out his homies to the guards for some reason).

    2. TeamWhiteGirls,

      We need commenter Thebackhandofreality and his L Express franchise to deliver these Ls at lightning speed because they’re rolling in thick and fast. I said it years ago, these blacks sirens are on the ropes bleeding out heavily but there is no supporting team to throw in the towel on their behalf. Oh well, that’s their problem, not mine.

    3. Let’s not forget Carlee Russell and how she brought further shame on the scraggle daggle’s image with her fake kidnapping.

      1. Blue Collar Trevor,

        These days this all most black females know, bringing utter shame as well as complete embarrassment upon their group. Every corner you turn there is a black siren engaging in some sort of outlandish and ridiculous behaviour.

        Once again, where are the so called “good black women” separating themselves from the scum as well as calling out their skullduggery, as per usual, nowhere to be found, smh.

        Cynthia G let down her squad severely as soon as she got impregnated by Field Mouse aka Robert Perkins, she wanted to keep that pregnancy under wraps but another member of the angry and bitter black sisterhood of failure outed her.

        In the face of adversity black men go from strength to strength and remain triumphant, meanwhile black women voluntarily bring calamity after calamity upon themselves. Oh well, that’s their problem, not mine.

  5. Time for my 3m’s (Michael Mistertea Mouthful)

    Verbs wrote:
    “Is it possible that with the approaching 2024 Presidential election, these lefties are attempting to appease black men a little in order to keep the majority of them on the plantation because they see that in particular black male support for Donald Trump is growing at an exponential rate?”

    I find it interesting when you bring up the election.
    I got this theory that YouTube is deciding to remove feminist Youtubers and to make it Pro-Black and making it to support Black men because they know that the liberals are losing and also Biden is losing badly and Trump will win.

    As for YouTube is giving support to Black Men, I say ‘too late’ and ‘a dollar short’.
    They believe that making it safe for Black Men will gain votes to Biden, guess what? Not happening.

    Thinking men will not come back just like they will never return to the plantation.

    This YouTube demonetising BW who has hate towards BM remind me of all of these fake females who make these ‘I love you BM’, ‘Soft Girl Era’ and all the fake Kansas City Shuffle they try to make to fool BM.

    I know some of you SYSBM brothers know about Cynthia G use to be Pro-Black.
    I will give you the history of why Cynthia went from Pro-Black to BM hater.

    Back in the day (according to Akwesi), Cynthia G use to go hard against the White Supremacy and she was helping the black community for years, then the Jewish Commission got so butt-hurt about her videos so they send her a message that if she keep on making videos about White Men, they will shut her down.

    When she got that message, she decide to change her platform to make countless videos going all ham and hatred on BM just to please the White Men. Call BM ‘Dusty’, ‘Kangs’ and ‘Bandit’.

    Verbs wrote:
    “Too many black men are out here bitching and moaning about their voices not being heard but at the same aren’t willing to financially prop up and support those black men who choose to stand up and fight the good fight on their behalf, smh.

    As has been stated many times before, wars cost money, you cannot successfully defend yourself as well as operate an effective offensive strategy against your enemies for free.”

    This is what the Black Community does not understand how politics and sponsors work.
    When you donate your sponsor, they will become a candidate and once they become the candidate, you can vote for them.

    The communitah never sponsor anyone so they get no say. You cannot ‘Talk to Talk’, you need to ‘Walk the Walk’.

    I give you a scenario:
    I had a brother who was a lawyer and he supports the Trans Group and always make them win and he does not support the black community.
    The reason why he gets more props from the Transgender group and none from the Black Community because the LGBT/Rainbow/Alphabet are the paying customers who has the money to pay and hire him whilst the black communitah has no money meaning they cannot afford a lawyer. Basically saying ‘money talks, Bullshit walks’.
    Also the Black IT Tech guy said the same thing.

    Point I am saying is if one group decide to donate enough money to you, then they will talk to the donors and talk about tangibles aka Return of Investment when the candidate get voted in.
    Black communitah do not get it. It is all ‘What can you do to help the community?’ Whilst they go no money do donate.

    Look at other cultures such as Asians where when they kill a pookie, they got the group resource to get the Top-Dog Lawyer to make them 100% win whilst the communitah goes on and on about ‘Justice’ when they got no money for a lawyer to get justice. You can hire a lawyer for free but chances of winning with a free lawyer will be less. This is sponsors and donors work.

    Since you bring up Biden as he did nothing for the black community, even the communitah vote for Biden I remember Shawn James and the hoteps talking shit about Ice Cube and call him a sell-out and a traitor to the black community because he decide to turn his back on them. Do you blame him as he put a Black American Master plan on the table and even Trump approved it and put it on his manifesto to make to restore Black Culture. What did the Liberal communitah did in return? Laugh, mock him and label him a traitor, even he was helping the black communitah. Shawn James can talk shit about him, but what is he doing to help the black community? Selling books and comics where no one buys and they rather buy Thug and Swirling love novels instead. Not knocking Shawn’s books and comics, but at the end of the day, BW rather buy books from the simp/pimp panders like Derrick Jaxn, Thug Love and Swirling books before they buy Black Love books.

    1. That is real talk Michael.

      I do agree that Youtube trying to pander to Black Men to make Biden win votes because he screwed the black people for years. Even he stick a middle finger on the black people who voted for him.

      As for Cynthia G. She goes on about she want to boycott black men beggars, but she is the one who is begging by using GoFund Me because as Accountable Commentary stated, YouTube money is her main income and her rent money. If she cannot get money she cannot pay rent or bills.
      She is a dusty herself by got a kid by one and even asking the same ‘Broke Bum Dusties’ for help.

    2. MMT,

      Moat black folks unfortunately are lost, they’ll continue to vote for the left even though since supporting them, the left has done little to nothing for black folks. How many times do these lefties need to slap black folks in the face for them to finally realise that voting Democrat just isn’t it? Since most blacks are afraid of the right, they should at least be putting their votes behind independent candidates.

      1. “How many times do these lefties need to slap black folks in the face for them to finally realise that voting Democrat just isn’t it? Since most blacks are afraid of the right, they should at least be putting their votes behind independent candidates.”

        As long as Democrats are the party of welfare, Section 8, food stamps, WIC, affirmative action, double minority hiring in BW’s favor, abortion, paper-pushing gubmint jobs, made-up titles that benefit BW only like “Chief Diversity Officer”, BW prosecutors and circuit court judges who keep their feet on the necks of the BM that come before them (while lowkey dabbling with the same Pookies they’re locking up), symbolism with no substance or benefit for the Black collective like Harriet Tubman on the $20 bill, Kamala Harris and Ketanji Brown Jackson, fat black single mamas will keep on voting for them, and try to shame and browbeat their mama’s boys, rainbow sons, and simp negroes to do the same.

        It took a lot to snap me out of my Democratic trance.

        PS: Most indie candidates in America are frauds, like grifter-in-chief Bernie Sanders. There are no alternatives in the USA.

      2. LBJ was right, he has those nighas voting Demoncrat for the next 200 years

  6. SYSBM: What you wanna watch?
    White sugar honey: I wanna a erotic thriller tonight

    I heard that Cynthia G got demonetized by YouTube. I think it’s about time to see that ghetto ratchet scraggle daggle to get demonetized. But the thing is that what took so long for YouTube to get to her? And what is the reason why? Maybe she might have said something that made YouTube come after her.

    As the US election for 2024, the reason black people are goanna vote for trump because that I know that Joe Bidan really don’t care about not only for black people but for the USA. And I know that the current president is a racist bastard that ain’t shit. America has the worse president they ever had and they need a change for a new one.

    Cynthia G is goanna blame black men for her channel to be demonetized. It’s basically her fault that this has happened to her. And I know that she did a go fund me and I know that these simps are giving her money, Lord have mercy.

    We had Ms Archduchess back in 2013 who came after black men and she never showed her face, then we had Crystal Swirls who had a hatred towards black men ended up getting her ass beat down by a while guy who was addicted to meth and now this ratchet broad gets demonetized.

    Hey, keep your white sugar honey safe at all times as these ghetto ratchet scraggle daggles are coming after non-black women.


  7. She’s been terminated because her pay masters, the Khazars are on the run from the anti globalist Alliance clean up crew.

    These are the same Khazars that stole Black Men’s heritage and dignity with slavery and economic inequality and created the BW Frankenstein creature. Synthetic G was used and dumped like an old tampon, no longer needed for the task. She’d also better be careful, because the Khazars always break their toys when they’re really done.

    1. Michel,

      It’s incredible how the entire feminist scam can be laid out in front of black women but they’ll still choose to roll along with it because it’s all about getting one over on black men. Now feminism in the West is eating its own, as a man I can use female restroom facilities, identify as a woman and there is nothing that any female can do to stop me.

      Cynthia G is what the former KGB informant Yuri Bezmenov would refer to as a useful idiot. It’s totally insane to me how black women can allow their deep seated hatred for black men to completely override any ounce of common sense, logic and reason, smh.

      YouTube is owned by Khazarian folks, so you’re not wrong when you said that the Khazars decided to give her the boot.

  8. I was reading through the comment thread on this article, and there are a lot of great theories as to the motive behind the sudden demonitization of Cynthia G; I, too, would like to share my 2 cents on why the Black Witch of Scalp Summit has received a “Thanos snap” pay deduction, but to put my comments in their proper context, listen to the following clip:

    Since the days of slavery, Captain Frosty has employed Black women to keep Black men in line; fast forward to today, they’ve had the whole media industrial complex behind them, they’ve had the Academic Left, the Black Church, the feminist movement, etc., all of these elite entities behind them, yet a couple of rank and file Black men congregating online to dismantle the misandrist propaganda levied against them has these straggs shook. They had one job, but they couldn’t even accomplish it with all of the advantages they’ve had over us; qe’ve been able to create our own platforms, we used government stats and data to debunk the “Birth Of A Nation” style propaganda, we’ve pioneered movements that prioritize our happiness, prosperity, and well-being, and they’re all growing by leaps and bounds.

    As for the election, I believe the Democrats have taken note of how many Black men threw their support behind Donald Trump in the past as well as how many Black men are not falling for the disrespectful ways they try to appeal to them (i.e. the shameful “Hot Sauce in my purse” pandering, get your booty to the poll, “no voting, no vucking”); they didn’t expect us to wake up, but they have taken notice of the awakening amongst Black men. I believe this is why they all of a sudden are trying to prioritize Black men; don’t think that they aren’t aware of the many conversations that we have in our online spaces.

  9. “Just check out the Gofundme that has been set up in support of misandrist Cynthia G, look how much money has already been raised just in 4-5 days:

    $1870 USD in 4-5 days isn’t much when you consider the lying Somali #brickgate heffa walked away with $41,000 scot-free. They would have investigated my black ass top to bottom before they released the funds to me, but this bish has actual video of her making it rain in the strip club and getting lapdances with her ill gotten gains. SMDH.

  10. L Express dropped a (well-deserved) heavy shipment of Karma on the head of Synthetic G.

    L Express – Delivery in 30 minutes or the next L is free. Worldwide. 24x7x365.


    1. Julllz,

      Good, that black siren has been a thorn and a pestilence in the side of black men for so long. Let’s see what the Black Witch of Scalp Summit will do now. Admiral Frost has given her the proverbial boot, lol.

        1. JC,

          That’s excellent news, the witch is out here begging for coin to talk nothing but ill and malice against black men. I’m happy Admiral Frost gave his black female flunky Cynthia G a serious divorce, lol. The Ls keep on rolling in for the black witch contingent. Unfortunately most black women have proven themselves to be useful idiots, contingents of white men know this and will not hesitate to take full advantage. #SYSBM™

            1. JC,

              Let’s see how long she lasts over there. The bottom line is she’ll never be able to garner as many subscribers over there as she had on YouTube, never.

  11. Gentlemen,

    I just got an update for you all, but this was just recent.
    Cynthia G’s channel. Old and the new one has been deleted by YouTube for hate speech.
    Her channel is gone.

    1. MBDX,

      The SYSBM™ commander and chief graces us with his presence, a maximum salute to you brother, I hope that all is well with you and yours.

      Once again, doesn’t this go to show those of us with eyes to see and ears to hear that white women care more about black men and black children than black women do?

      Whenever we see photos and videos of pro life rallies, who are the main constituents present, that’s right, white women.

      Glad to see white women striking back against these destructive black harridans, at least they can see that black women as a collective are squarely working against the best interests of black men.


    2. So we have a pro-life white queen to thank for slaying Iron Bang? LMAO.

      Non-black women seem to be the BM’s allies against the hateful hyena. Oh happy day!

      Hail the commander in chief and maximum ruler, MBDX! Hail SYSBM! I’ve been watching since 2015, and all hath unfolded as thou hast foreseen.

    3. Madbusdriver,

      It is an honour seeing you commenting on this website.
      It is like Madbusdriver is the Captain and Verbs is the Commander of SYSBM.
      You both made Black Men’s lives better with this website and your videos.

      As for Cynthia G:
      I saw this rumors about the white women crtique on Cynthia G’s old video and took action.
      Since your link is the proof and I saw videos of why Cynthia G’s channel has been shut down, her supporters cannot blame BM.
      Black Men has got nothing to do with her demise.

      Full Link from MadbusDriver if brothers here want to see it:

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