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She Told The Truth, No Lies Detected PT5

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I have to salute the second black female(her link is directly above and is live at the writing of this article) for NOT believing the first, for using her own thinking and reasoning skills as well as choosing to conduct her own research into the “claim” that black men in the US are killing their female counterparts every 5-6 hours.

It’s extremely rare to run into black women who refuse to fall in line with the angry and bitter black sisterhood of failure even when lies and outright fabrications are involved.

I keep on telling you black men about your female counterparts and the “blame the black man for everything” religion they have formulated, subscribed to, wholeheartedly embraced and practice without respite.

I’m glad that many more brothers are indeed clocking onto the fact that the vast majority of black women are NOT their allies and as per their contractual obligation towards the State are trying their utmost to destroy black men by any means necessary.

Intelligent, free thinking black men checked out a long time ago as they accurately deduced that black women were never going to cut them a break and that they(black men) would always be blamed for anything and everything that goes wrong in the modern day black female’s life.

It never ceases to amaze me how many lies and falsehoods black women are willing to make up or grab onto just so that their position of victimhood can remain steadfast and secure.

Unfortunately at the moment black women are able to do this because they have a steady buffer line of blue pilled, black male simps who bow down at their feet and worship them regardless of any transgressions these same black women commit.

At this stage as I’ve mentioned before, outside of heavily induced witchcraft and sorcery, I really don’t understand why so many black men are still choosing to deal with such females.

As I’ve already mentioned in my book Negro Wars as well as on this website, black women have taken feminism/women’s empowerment and liberation to a whole new level, to date they’re the only group of women on the planet who openly and proudly reject the majority bulk of their male counterparts.

Despite the sundry issues non black women claim to have with their respective male counterparts, AT NO TIME have any of them en masse scorned and rejected their male counterparts.

This is because unlike the black witch, non black women know deep down that their men are vital to the survival of themselves, their societies and their people overall, therefore they won’t cross the line black women have already had no problems stepping over.

For some strange reason black women as a collective believe that they can go it alone and survive without black men, an extremely rude awakening as well as a broken life awaits any black woman who believes in and subscribes to such folly.

This once again is the beauty of SYSBM™, we fully respect the black female’s choice to either date the dregs and the scum of black male society, dip her feet in the snow with Admiral Frost or to go it alone down a path of so called “strength and independence”.

True SYSBM™ practitioners won’t attempt to change the black female’s mind on the path that she has chosen, however she MUST accept any negative consequences that may follow and must NOT look towards free thinking brothers to bail her out when the waters turn tumultuous.

Brothers, the lies and the deceptions continue, unfortunately most black women are determined to rob you of your peace and happiness, this is why ABANDONMENT is your best weapon against the wiles of the daggle and any other women who share her sentiments and mentality. #SYSBM™

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Know Your Enemies And Act Accordingly

Most High Bless

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22 thoughts on “She Told The Truth, No Lies Detected PT5

  1. Sometimes the enemy will say the truth to not fall in line under one condition.

    This condition is to appear as a unicorn to passport bros.

    Her goal is mainly to bring back passport bros on her plantation.

    Showing factual stats of violence is a cover up to her true intent.

    Black mother nature is the worst kind of female nature on planet earth.

    A tiger can’t change its spots.

    A negress can’t change its nature.

    The white female nature is always diversed depending on environments and not all the same.

    The same can’t be said about black females cause they are all the same culturally everywhere, DNA is everything.

    1. “Sometimes the enemy will say the truth to not fall in line under one condition.

      This condition is to appear as a unicorn to passport bros.

      Her goal is mainly to bring back passport bros on her plantation.”

      This is why I can’t help but be cynical when it comes to these bdubs. It’s like, if Passport Bros/SYSBM wasn’t a thing, would you even be speaking up like this? Because I don’t remember seeing any of these videos in defense of black men before these movements came into fruition. They see that we’re dead serious about our stuff and that other women genuinely desire good black men and even speak up for us at times, so now they gotta play the unicorn part to disarm good brothas like that’s gonna work lol. Nah, ain’t happening. They had ample opportunity to get their act together, but our patience isn’t infinite and we’re not gonna keep on loving women who don’t love us back.

      We have OPTIONS and the world is a smaller place now. We’re not just talking shit to make ourselves feel good, there’s actual proof all over the internet that this is a great way of life for black men and bdubs are getting scared now that the well is rapidly running dry.

      Keep speaking to your fellow sistas, sweety, cos while you’re doing that I would have already moved on to greener pastures. Good luck to you though lol.


      1. SYSBM Forever,

        It’s too little too late now, the modern day black female’s goose is cooked. She’s made it abundantly clear on numerous occasions that she loves the dregs and the scum of black male society while openly demonstrating her utter disdain and hatred for the productive, free thinking brother.

        True SYSBM™ Practitioners as well as Passport Bros have already left the building never to return, these black sirens only want productive black men as a backup/retirement plan once they can no longer freely run the streets with Slim Sauce, Chunky Bruh, Roof Top Trey and Field Mouse.

        It’s all a smoke and mirrors illusion, a Kansas City shuffle. They’ve been slating black men in the media for so long, can they really be surprised that the black men that count are checking out at an astronomical rate?

        The black men with sense and intelligence simply need to keep it pushing, black women as a collective must be left to stew, marinate and burn in their own failures as well as pay for their innumerable transgressions against black men.

      2. SYSBM Forever,

        Before Passport Bros blew up, you usually heard from the unicorn “We Love You Black Man” crew at the end of the month when rent was due, or when a Republican (including and not limited to Trump) gets into office and threatens to cut welfare and Section 8.

        Any other time they’d be arrogant and twerking because Democratic policies backed their play.

        Now that affirmative action is dead and they can no longer wave their double-minority hire, makework jobs in our faces, and now that they’re discovering with their own eyes that Passport Bros is real, you’ll see more unicorns “defending” Black Men.

        1. Verbs2015/Schadenfreude

          Unfortunately for them it’s way too late for the old “heyyyy bighead” tactics. We’re not stupid.

          Black men are not gonna just forget the disloyalty, horrible disrespect, being told we ain’t shit, being called lames and cornballs simply for being normal etc and other things we had to endure from the hands of black women for many, many decades. Neither will we forget the “good” ones who stayed silent and never spoke up for us, but only just now found their tongue.

          They never saw this coming. They never expected certain sections of black men to wake up and rise like the phoenix and discover their power and potential. Well too bad, cos the good that comes to us is something they won’t benefit from. Let the Pookies and Ray Rays hustle for them while the simps and hoteps be the cleanup crew. The rest of us are out of here.


    2. That is a FACT. I was coming to say that as well. DONT TRUST HER EITHER. She graduated from the gerbil face johnson school of pandering, and is trying to lure black men into her trap. She’s basically on a rogue mission. Our jobs is to ignore ALL OF THEM. Even the so called “good ones”. They’re pulling out all the stops now, even if it means to turn on members of they’re sistahoodz, which, is natural to them anyway. She’s just doing what she knows best. Backstabbing and betraying. DONT FALL FOR IT. And as far as big-face in the initial video, I see she’s still up to her old playbook. With them big ass hands. Shoulda been a wide receiver.

      1. Marc-Lo,

        The supposed “unicorns” Courtney Michelle and Nicole Michelle are some other examples of black females who were preaching all that good stuff until they both could no longer hold Jezebel in her confinement.

        Give them enough time and push the Jezebel button for long enough and that evil witch will eventually show her wretched face.

        4-5 years ago I said that black women were on the ropes but there was nobody to throw in the towel for them, in 2023 things have gotten exponentially worse for these black sirens.

        Black women have now hit the ring floor but there is no referee to begin the countdown to declare the match is a wrap. Oh well, that’s their problem, not mine.

    3. Wittexton Witwijf,

      I stated in my book Negro Wars that black women are NOT to be trusted under any circumstances, this statement still stands even though I’ve given this woman props on the truth she’s spoken as well as taking the time to do some research and broadcasting it. The damage that black women have inflicted upon their own people from a long time ago was well beyond them redeeming themselves, they’re on their own now.

      Whatever her true intentions are I’m not interested as the black female’s goose is cooked, as commenter Thebackhandofreality always says, SYSBM™ till the wheels fall off.

  2. Verbs 2015.

    Black women are dangerous to a black mans life that is the reason why I refuse to date black women as a SYSBM childfree black man at 41. Even some of my black female family members piss me off so I just cut them off out of my life and I refuse to see them ever again.

    1. Quincy Fitzpatrick,

      I fully agree with your bro, black women as a collective across the board have proven themselves to be completely untrustworthy. They love throwing black men under the bus at every opportunity that presents itself. #ABANDON #SYSBMFORLIFE #DAGGLEFREEZONE #SAYNOTOSTRAGGS #TRADITIONALWOMENONLY

    2. Quincy Fitzpatrick,

      “Family” is the worst, I know that better than anybody. Blood don’t mean shit.

      Many, if not most black men are SYSBM as a direct result of their female relatives.

      1. SYSBM Forever.

        Yep and I fully agree with you bro. My step mum and my auntie (my dad’s older sister) are one of the reasons why I refuse to date black women as a childfree black man at 41 and that I became a SYSBM black man.

  3. That 1st woman was a Ytuber screen named Cerebral. Cerebral in the early years of YT used to be about the truth, nowadays she sold out for butter biscuits to the “fems” which got her talking dumb nearly every video she makes.

    1. Goose,

      I remember that black siren Cerebral, they all sell out to Mutant Black Female Feminism HQ eventually and have a hoard of black male, blue pilled simps who are more than happy to cosign their skullduggery and are willing to follow them down into the deepest depths of Hell for the possibility of getting a whiff of some contaminated snatch, smh. Attacking black men is always the easiest and preferred route for the overwhelming majority of black women.

  4. SYSBM: It’s been a hot day.
    White sugar honey: It’s goanna be hotter when I get home.

    When a ghetto ratchet black woman say that black men are killing black women in every 5 to 6 hours, all I can say is this. The scraggle daggle can lie you see. Bomba claat. The scraggle daggle is a big time liar like my ex when she said that she ask me £15 as she was going to Manchester in 2003. As I see the black women that killed their boyfriends and husbands, they are nothing but ratchets who are dysfunctional and they are not afraid to show it on display.

    It’s very hard for black men to find a good black woman because there are more and more scraggs on the streets. So black men have no choice but to date non black women or get their passport and fly the hell out of dodge. The passport bro thing is for the American men but I have no issues of any black man in the UK getting their passport and fly to another counrty just to look for a woman to wife up.

    I have something to tell you. I know that the ratchet black woman wouldn’t even pull that stunt to the dudes like Corner Boy Ronney, Machete Man Briggy, Street Mice, Dirty Biscuit and so on, trust me guys. The beating they will give these ghetto ratchet daggles, I bet you that they won’t try it again.

    Stretchy: Brookie, what ya do to her face!?
    Brookie: What you tink? Mi fuck her up!

    Hey, keep your white sugar honey safe at all times as these ghetto ratchet scraggle daggles are coming after non black women.


  5. I seem to remember a run where Zaddy was offing these black heffas twice a month. Remember “I tried to make it work with you coloreds”? Remember Chad Wheeler? DJ Kidd? The white cop in Tulsa, OK who would pull BW over and rape them? Yet again, they’ll ignore all that to shit on Black Men with phony stats.

    Shout out to King Sigma who did a sterling job documenting the real Black Femicide.

    1. Schadenfreude,

      We already know to the modern day black female, the white man is god, therefore any transgressions committed against her by her lord and saviour Admiral Frost are discounted due to his “elevated” status.

  6. The gift that keeps on giving: blaming the Black man for all of their woes; General Tito explained in a livestream that the easiest way to appear smart in America is to attack the Black man. The film “Birth Of A Nation” did just that, Alice Walker’s “The Color Purple” did just that, Sojourner Truth even said that if Black men received the right to vote, they would become worse than White men; funny that she came to that conclusion after witnessing the horrors of slavery firsthand, especially the abuse done to Black men. Walker’s book was set in the early 20th century, a time period where slavery was still going on, but who were the villains in “The Color Purple”?

    One comment above mentioned Daniel Holtzclaw, the cop who pulled Black women over to rape them; Holtzclaw was reported to have said that he thought he’d get away with it because he was in a position of power over them as a law enforcement officer and the victims were minorities. Would you believe that a daggle blamed Black men for what he did, citing “rape culture”? Blaming Black men is too easy; we’re never given the benefit of the doubt, we’re judged as a collective rather than as individuals, and then we have to qualify ourselves as not being like that one bad example of Black men. White men have the most damnable track record ever, from killing their wives and girlfriends over alleged cheating and infidelity scandals, preying on underage girls and boys, and committing acts of terrorism as revenge for some wrong they’ve felt was done to them by society, but who is seen as most dangerous?

    White men created this propaganda monster, and the scraggle daggle have picked up where he left off; do you comprehend just how dangerous their rhetoric is to the Black man’s image? They will use their words to justify whatever bad treatment you receive from law enforcement or whoever else has it in for your downfall, but they didn’t expect you to wake up; rather than repent for their transgressions, they doubled down on stupid. Like Rick Scorpio prophesied in his classic video, Black women will regret making good Black men their enemies. We haven’t seen the results of their foolish decision in its full magnitude yet, but I don’t think were too far off from that; revenge is a dish best served cold. #SYSBM

    1. >revenge is a dish best served cold.

      Or to put it another way: An L is best delivered to the scraggle in mass quantities.

      L Express – Delivery in 30 minutes or the next L is free. Worldwide. 24x7x365.


      1. >revenge is a dish best served cold.

        And that revenge is called Passport Bros. These bitches are hurt by it. Every brotha who gets his passport and takes off is a stab in the heart for these bitter heffas. Keep traveling, gents.

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