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No rant for this week gents but I’ve been seeing much going on including Podcaster Adam22 allowing his wife Lena the Plug to shoot her first adult movie scene with another man, namely a black man. From this move we already know that his marriage is on borrowed time.

One thing men in general need to learn is to say no whenever necessary and hold steadfast when it comes to women trying to violate boundaries and cross lines. As I’ve stated before, women are exactly like children, at various points in the relationship they will try and test you to see what they can and cannot get away with.

Always hold that masculine frame in place, if the female isn’t willing to follow your instructions, advice and guidance then either use her as a 304(if so desired) or get rid of her altogether. Rebellious women with a lack of sound ethics as well as no moral compass are seriously problematic, practicing hedonism rarely if ever ends well.

It’s out job as men to mould females into the women that are most suited and beneficial for our lifestyles, women who refuse to listen and take heed to sound advice are a liability and should be kicked to the kerb with the swiftness.

Another Open Mic Wednesday is here, what’s on your minds for this week gentlemen? You’ve got the floor, roll that dice.

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Stay Individual(In Your Mind)

Most High Bless

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18 thoughts on “Free Topic/Open Mic Wednesday!


    Typical negress thinking its a taxi.

    This is the UK version of BW terminatrix at 1000 model from west Africa.

    Multiculturalism failure.

    Umar Johnson can go fuck himself.

    I will only date a white quality girlfriend from non anglonized societies.

    1. Wittexton Witwijf,

      She’s kicking off too much, to request the bus to go back is ridiculous, that’s not going to happen. That being said, some of these London bus drivers can be real dickheads, I’ve had several instances where bus drivers either haven’t stopped when I’ve put my hand out(buses weren’t full) or they’ve missed the stop I’ve requested even when I pressed the bell well in advance.

  2. 1. Lena The Plug – I somewhat remember this chick. I forgot what she went viral for. But the news about her doing adult content, and shooting her first scene with a black dude, while married to Adam22 from no jumper and plugtalk, Yeah he’s a real sucka for that. If I be around women who have or are in the adult industry, I’m gonna trust my instincts and not get into nothing serious with them, nor have kids with them. Why? Because I don’t wanna be that guy who’s getting laughed at, embarrassed, and be the butt of everyone jokes because I got with a chick who’s getting banged by other dudes, or doing other girls or solo stuff on camera, and I made the dumbass decision of having kids with a porno chick, knowing damn well my kids are gonna be suffering a whole lot of trauma because their mom did adult entertainment as an occupation. What’s not gonna help the situation: These women acting like it’s all good, telling us men what a real man is, telling us to be a man and suck it up. First of all:
    A) It’s all good at first until these women start to get hit with some unexpected bullshit while being in that adult industry, and the aftermath.
    B) They telling us what a real man is: They wouldn’t know a real man if one didn’t leave their sorry asses with babies, have sex with them and leave their sorry asses, nor beat their asses.
    C) Telling us to suck it up: Yeah I’m gonna suck it up and leave, because life is too short to be dealing with the backlash of dealing with an adult entertainment chick.

    2. Umar Johnson or Biscuit Head Johnson – Not a good move for him to be saying it’s black men’s fault for black women’s poor dating choices. One day, the black women will sell him out big time. First of all, as a black man, how the F&*@ is it my fault that black women choose poorly? Explain that! Why is it that black men are being told to stick with their own, while everyone else, including the BW can date whoever they want? Explain that Shit! How are we black men supposed to stick with our “own” when Black women choose poorly? This is a message to Black men who’re gonna read this comment: Date whoever you want to date. No matter what race or ethnicity or nationality that woman is, Date whatever type of flavor/flavors of women that interests you and you only. F$%# these wackos that’s on that suspect shit trying to us who we can and cannot date because nobody don’t run your preferences of women but YOU! Don’t you black men think it’s time to say enough is enough with folks telling you who you can and cannot date because of the race and color of your skin?

    Discord Link for SYSBM/PassportBros:

  3. “No rant for this week gents but I’ve been seeing much going on including Podcaster Adam22 allowing his wife Lena the Plug to shoot her first adult movie scene with another man, namely a black man.”

    Cuckolding is huge in the US. 99 percent of the time, it is a white couple who both get off on the wife cuckolding the husband with a black stud. It is huge in the states !!!.

    It takes various forms, but usually involves some form of humiliation for the white male. Often the wife entertains the black stud at home while the white cuckold husband serves them both like a maid or butler. Sometimes the white cuckold is degraded by the black stud. He might have to perform fluff duties or worse.

    White couples are advertising all over the internet for black studs for cuckolding. The US is really a dgenerate society. The same racists who work day and night to deprive black people of wealth, security, and material well being, make the biggest cuckolds. Their sexual proclivities are truly disgusting. I bet the slave masters liked to be cuckolded during slavery. The internet has degraded American society exponentially. I wonder if Great Britain is as bad as the US?

  4. So this video showed up on my youtube timeline:

    He clearly doesn’t know what we as SYSBM brothas are about. This is what happens when people chat shit without doing their research. He’s got it all backwards.

    Since when are British bdubs in particular any kind of prize? The thing with us, we CAN date black women if we wanted to – we simply REFUSE to. You know how many of them I ignore on dating apps who express interest or that I’m polite to in person (since I have manners and don’t give attitude for no reason at all, unlike them) but walk away from when I see they want to take things further? He’s talking like bdubs are some kind of pinnacle and if they were giving us choosing signals we’d stop interracially dating and go with them lol. Their interest in me at this point is more of an annoyance than flattery. I don’t want it and couldn’t care less. Once you date other women of quality, you won’t even want to look at a black woman again.

    The one thing he said that I will agree with – “our” women only want a certain type of black man. We already know that if you are intelligent and talk like you have sense and carry yourself like a grown man and not some idiot, that they will pass you over for some roadman/Pookie. I’m from “the endz” like him and can talk all that lingo, neither do I sound like some stereotypical nasally voiced “coconut”, so that shit means nothing to me. Plus I like places and love to do things that expand my mind. Most bdubs are still mentally 16 years old and still have the estate (projects for you American bros) mentality where all they want to do is rave and flash shit they can’t afford rather than build for the future.

    Then at the end of the video he throws some shots at Passport Bros with the usual “you can’t get women in your own country, foreign women just want your money and a green card”. SMH some of these dudes are the reason why bdubs will never change.

    1. “Then at the end of the video he throws some shots at Passport Bros with the usual “you can’t get women in your own country, foreign women just want your money and a green card”. SMH some of these dudes are the reason why bdubs will never change.”

      Still for the life of me can’t figure out why these Plantation Bros are so salty that SYSBM/Passport Bros are getting on planes. It’s more black queens for them. Maybe they think they’ll get Scooby snacks and a pat on the head (but no pussy) for attacking us.

      1. A huge part of it is envy. Some of them are just not in the position to move freely like PB or don’t have the money, so they have to attack brothas who travel to make themselves feel better.

        They want all PB to be these socially awkward, overweight, dusty losers who get preyed on by foreign women, but if you listen to the experiences of most of them, these brothers are WINNING in life. Just check out International Passport’s youtube channel for example – his Patreon is even better lol – and listen to the experiences of black men who are flourishing and living their dreams.

        When black men do anything for themselves that other people can’t control, it will always draw opposition – even from other black men unfortunately.

        1. “When [productive, intelligent] black men do anything for themselves that other people can’t control, it will always draw opposition – even from other black men unfortunately.”

          A little edit there. Yes it’s called “crabs in a barrel.” That’s why I scoff when people say black dudes should get together to do anything as a collective. Matriarchal-raised niggas with no brotherly code will stab you in the back faster than biological females. As an intelligent Black Man, you must move, stack paper, and make your escape on the low.

          1. Those are the only ones I mean. I’m personally only interested in being friends with other black men who have something going for themselves already and want to elevate further.

            I’ve seen and experienced firsthand the jealousy and betrayal – these “conscious” clowns with all their so called knowledge are no different. You have any kind of success, they see you as a threat and then the green eyed monster starts to rear it’s ugly head. Nah, I’m good on that.

  5. Verbs 2015.

    There shouldn’t be any white men incels existing in this planet because when it comes to dating and relationships white men are the most desired men on the planet by all races of women no matter what the white man looks like.

    1. These white guys would rather be incels than fuck black chicks, let that sink in.

    2. Quincy Fitzpatrick,

      I hear you brother. But trust me, there are plenty of beta white male losers afoot.

      You are right, the white male has the deck stacked in his favor. He has very few excuses for being a loser, but many still manage to find a way to lose. I see them all the time. I work with white guys who are thirsty losers, who have a very difficult time getting female company.

      These guys are mostly blue pill, but they still believe they have white privilege. They are also couch potatoes. The ones who do have wives or girlfriends, usually have the overweight Karen type.

      It might be that mainstream culture in the West has gone so gynocentric that it has disadvantaged all men. Truth be told, white guys in the US should have and use their passports as well.

  6. Husband: Don’t cum in my wife!
    Wife: Cum in me, hard
    Bull from the streets: I’m goanna breed this!

    Yeah I have heard about Adam 22’s wife doing a porn scene with a man, a black man as well. You think to yourself that he’s a type of guy who wouldn’t let his woman getting smashed in the camera but holy shit. To be honest, this is nothing but cuckolding basically. I have done a article about men getting cuckold to the core. I don’t know where this fetish comes from, people.

    Jack Murphy, John Anthony, Mr Locarrio and all of the simps who think they are alpha, let me tell you something. There is no way that these men are alpha males at all. But this thing about Adam 22 and his wife getting piped down on camera, it doesn’t shock me?

    Hey, keep your white sugar honey safe at all times as these ghetto ratchet scraggle daggles are coming after non black women.


    1. Only another simp can comprehend why a simp does what he does. LOL

  7. Happy Open Mic Wednesday! I trust that you had a good 4th of July holiday (if you reside within the United States of America); it wasn’t very eventful for me, but I did leave the house to do a few Doordash deliveries. I, too, heard the news about Adam22 being cucked by his wife; Ho3busters’ IG has the clip posted of Adam from his podcast with 2 other Black guys and streamer Destiny (who is himself in an open marriage and is openly bisexual). Adam22 has even owned his cuckoldry in a subsequent Twitter post, admitting at first that he was jealous, but is now cool with it after seeing the video; nothing to see here, just Lord Frostbite being his blue pilled, simpish self.

    In other news, General Tito recently did a livestream where he addressed a Psychology Today article on how racial minorities view interracial couples; here’s the live:

    Here is the article for your reading pleasure (I will post this article in the “Planet SYSBM” page on this site, as well):

    There’s a lot to dissect from that article, but I’ll just deal with the highlights; before I do that, do you guys remember that video Verbs shared a few weeks ago where a brother debunked a TikTok video by an alleged White female where she stated that interracial relationships between Black men and White women don’t last, but relationships between White men and Black women do? Initially, I thought it was a segregationist Becky, but my good sense kicked in; I believe that a stragg was behind that video because the syntax of the video’s narrator gave her away. The B-Dubs thought they could get under our skin with that video, but as the Psychology Today article showed, Black men don’t care about who Black women date.

    Another thing the article mentioned is that the most common interracial marriage combination is between Black men and White women, but the reverse for White men and Black women is quite uncommon; this article underscores everything that we’ve said about SYSBM growing by leaps and bounds! SYSBM truly can’t be stopped! Another thing worth noting is that Asian men, like the daggles, frowned upon interracial couples when it was the White man-Asian women combination, but not vice versa; isn’t it funny how the two groups that are the least desired in the sexual marketplace both reacted similarly in this study?

    Tito made mention of this briefly, but the Asian women who led this study was taking a swipe at BW; she must’ve observed a lot from how BM were treated by the scraggle daggle while dating a Becky, as well as how Asian men behaved when a White man dated an Asian woman. You know, Tito tagged Dr. Umar “Gerbilface” Johnson’s channel in the video; Umar is actually a psychologist, so I wonder what he would say about this study’s findings?

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