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He Told The Truth, No Lies Detected! PT 5

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At this point I sound like a broken record when I repeatedly tell you that black women as a collective HATE black men and where leverage is granted to them are trying anything and everything within their power to make black men’s lives as painful and as miserable as possible.

As stated by MBD, the SYSBM™ commander and chief himself, SYSBM™ was born out of black female dysfunction. MadBusDriver looked at the conduct of the modern day black woman in terms of her serious lack of morality and ethics in addition to her poor choices in mate selection(amongst many other things) and decided that he’d stand a much better chance in life dealing with women who have been raised in more conservative, traditional, family stable households.

Thus SYSBM™ was born and continues to grow day by day as more black men come to the realisation that their female counterparts are NOT working in their best interests.

I stated this over the years and also in my book Negro Wars, as black women as a collective continue to sink deeper and deeper into the mire of degradation, reprobation, degeneracy and filth, at least those black men who are not so heavily under the black witch’s spellbinding trance will be forced to read and accept the handwriting on the wall.

When SYSBM™ was launched back in 2012 black women laughed and chuckled at it believing that the lifestyle and philosophy would eventually fizzle out, however in their folly they failed to understand the key formula that continues to fuel SYSBM™ helping it to go from strength to strength, THEMSELVES.

Black women are the reason why SYSBM™ as well as the Passport Bros continue to exponentially reach new heights. Black women honestly believed that black men would continue to tolerate their garbage for eternity, they thought that the psychological mind bashing they’ve subjected black men to from a young age would be sufficient enough to hold them in place as their perpetual slaves.

The modern day black female as far as I and many other like minded black men are concerned is beyond saving and redemption, her arrogance, ultra stubborn nature, incorrigibility and uncooperativeness cannot be understood when looked upon from a normal point of view.

As I’ve mentioned before, I believe most black women are possessed by evil spirits, this as far as I’m concerned is the only viable explanation behind large swaths of them conducting themselves in some of the most wicked, evil, vile, disrespectful and nonsensical manners known to mankind.

Imagine that, black women saying that black men hate them just because a small number of black men have chosen to chastise, righteously judge, hold to account and correct them on their errors as well as NOT cosign their degenerate garbage, smh, you cannot make this stuff up.

The blue pilled, black male simp is the number one lover, worshipper and supporter of the modern day black female and for these specific times was the black male simp created.

White men love white women, however white men also pull into line, chastise, correct, judge and hold their female counterparts to account and NOT ONCE will you ever hear white women say “white men hate us and are not husband material” because of it. White women as a group will accept correction from their men, the same however CANNOT be said for black women.

Brothers, don’t ever allow yourselves to be gaslighted by this “black men hate black women” trumpet as the hate they speak of is more than justified. Choosing to work hand in glove with the State with the sole aim to destroy your male counterparts as well as your own people but hate shouldn’t be directed towards you for such a monumental transgression, really?

Lastly, Q Pill is right, it is these single black mothers who have been the root of the majority of woes currently plaguing black society, pestilent single mothers that Frying Pan African simps such as Dr Umar “Gerbilface” Johnson say that we should save as well as raise up and mentor their bastard children.

No thank you, I’m good, I’ll pass, let the men who sired those children come to the rescue of the single mothers they created, don’t ever try to put that burden on the productive black men who protected their seed, principled themselves, worked hard and additionally accepted being rejected by these same deceitful black females who now are only sniffing around and seeking out finances and provisions from the men that count. #SYSBM™


The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

The Majority Of Black Women Are Against Black Men

Most High Bless

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15 thoughts on “He Told The Truth, No Lies Detected! PT 5

  1. If they say black men hate them, my hate is justified as far as I’m concerned.

    Separation is justified and like you said, a white girlfriend won’t mind me correcting her if needed.

    1. Wittexton Witwijf,

      Black women act as if most black men hate them but the reality is those that truly despise them are in the minority, with the rest many of them are angry at black women because of their dysfunctional antics, yet not angry enough to abandon ship and walk away.

      Black women conveniently morph those black men who are angry with them into hatred in order to play the victim. Yep, the minority of black men who do hate black women, with the black female’s atrocious track record, the hatred is indeed justified.

  2. If Bdubs were halfway decent women, maybe their shaming tactics would work – but everyone and their pet goldfish is finally seeing them for who they are. They’re too exposed at this point to play the victim card. No one’s trying to hear it anymore. It’s pretty hard to sympathise with a group of uncouth females who are seen to fly off the handle over every little thing and have no social or emotional intelligence.

    If we hate them and we’re uneducated, financially unstable, not “husband material” etc, then once again, why do these reprobates care so much about us deserting them and moving on to greener pastures and pursuing other women who are literally superior to them in every single way?

    Like that man said, black men are by far the biggest simps. I remember when I used to listen to the blackity black shows on blogtalkradio many years ago and every time a black male caller got into a debate with the female host or some other female caller, you’d get a ton of hoteps and other simps calling in cussing them out and in some instances even making physical threats – all for simply DISAGREEING with a woman!! Crazy. Any man who didn’t kiss black female ass got shouted down and faced major backlash.

    Simps are a bunch of enablers and cowards, so they’re just as much to blame for black female dysfunction as the broomstick riding witch herself.

    All these pathetic eager to impress, look-at-me types, the “I’m not the stepfather, I’m the father who stepped up” jokers and the rest of those bozos can be the fallback options for these Jezebels. As an SYSBM breh I’ve already written off Bdubs because I value my sanity, happiness, health and future and it feels like a major weight has been lifted off my shoulders ever since.


    1. SYSBM Forever,

      Once again we have a situation where the blue pilled simps are giving these black females the leverage they require in order to continue playing the victim while at the same time berating, mocking and disparaging the same men who exalt and worship them, smdh.

      Black men with sense and intelligence kicked out a long time ago realising that these modern day black females were a lost cause, only the blue pilled, black male simps are hanging on in the hopes that black women will change for the better(which we know isn’t going to happen).

      I’ve heard a few black females themselves confirm the reason why black women as a collective won’t change for the better is because they know that most black men haven’t got the nuts to leave them, unfortunately as we’ve seen they’re not wrong in their assertion.

      Most black women are a lost cause, most black men are the same, therefore let them have each other while the black men worth their salt who aren’t afraid to branch out move on to greener pastures.

      1. Verbs2015,

        “I’ve heard a few black females themselves confirm the reason why black women as a collective won’t change for the better is because they know that most black men haven’t got the nuts to leave them, unfortunately as we’ve seen they’re not wrong in their assertion.”

        And this is the problem. Black men really piss me off. We have virtually zero standards, no sexual discipline when it comes to “our” women and have the worse case of Stockholm Syndrome.

        No matter what women of any race may say, the one thing that will break them down to their core is the lack of attention from men. You refuse to give them the time of day, they will lose their minds. That’s why they’re really paying attention to SYSBM/Passport Bros despite us being a very small minority. They may pretend to laugh at us and act like it’s a joke, but it’s obvious they’re deeply worried, hence all the antics we see them displaying at their poor attempts to sabotage us.

  3. Verbs 2015.

    Q Pill spoke the 100 per cent raw truth. The reason why the black community in 2023 and beyond is destroyed and it will never recover because of black womens stupidity and poor choices in life. I am so glad that I never bought into the pro black narrative and the black lives matter movement because I knew it was bullshit from the beginning and it will never benefit me as a SYSBM childfree black man at 41. When black women say that black men are uneducated and stupid I take it as a insult as a highly educated black man who has 5 qualifications including 2 business degrees with zero debt.

    1. Quincy Fitzpatrick,

      If black men make poor choices in life, we’re forced to deal with the harsh consequences, whereas with the black female, a simp or the government are always on hand to help them escape out of sticky situations.

      The West is truly an evil empire, deliberately pitting women against men and at the same time giving women a squeeze from suffering the consequences stemming from the bad decisions they make.

      At least we black men are amongst the few who have the testicular fortitude NOT to deal with a group of women who disparage and ridicule us on the daily, unfortunately the same cannot be said for most black men.

  4. It is true that the dysfunctional, unproductive, broke, unitelligent, often illiterate, wastemen who populate da communitah, were spawned by the legions of single mother scraggle daggles in da communitah.

    Even so, the same scraggle daggles who rant against these wastemen will eagerly let these wastemen impregnate them, if said wasteman has a six pack physique and swag.

    1. Additiomally, the wasteman doesn’t need looks for the scraggle to spread her legs for him. All he needs, is to be aggressive and have what da communitah crazily identifies as swag.

      Da communitah and its denizens are way beyond saving. Black people must build something new, if they want to move forward.

    2. AmericanBlkMan,

      The utter disgrace is most black women openly confess their preference and desire for the gutter of black male society and think it’s a flex or some sort of trump/victory over the productive, upwardly mobile brother, this goes to show us just how far the mind of your average black female has sunk into the sewer. All the best to those black men who choose to remain behind and believe they can save “da communitah” as well as the unruly black harriets who have driven it into the ground. Regrettably, most black folks really don’t know when to call it quits and walk away. #SYSBMFORLIFE

  5. SYSBM: What you want, boo!
    White sugar honey: Get between my legs

    Q Pill is right. No man simp for black women more then black men. No man kills for a woman more then a black man. No man DM’s a black woman more then black men. Black men ap porched black women most of all. The black men who are uneducated, unintelligent are the ones who were raised by single mothers. The black men who stalks other men were raised by single mothers. So when they say that black men hate black women, that is nothing but a myth. Black men want to be with black women but the issue is that there some black women that act ratchet like their mothers.

    Hey, keep your white sugar honey safe at all times as these ghetto ratchet scraggle daggles are coming after non black women.


  6. If “white men love their women” why is the WM/AW pairing the biggest interracial group? And the plethora of MGTOW channels and groups also say otherwise. That the mythical white man is her standard says it all about this daggle.

  7. Boy, these straggs are so deep in delusions, they honestly believe that Captain Blizzard doesn’t have his share of women problems; if they loved their women so much, why then do they kill them whenever they get cheated on, get rejected, or project the thought of infidelity onto their women before the psycho simping takes over? Don’t even get me started on their insecurities over White women being with Black men; with the rise of MGTOW, MRA, & Red Pill centered channels and podcasts, less and less of them are showing interest in dating and marriage, especially with the current crop of White females in Western society.

    Also, what is so special about being “educated” to the scraggle daggle? As Q Pill stated, single mothers are the source of these reprobate who are uneducated and not financially stable; if they were truly tired of these types of Black men, they would also stop procreating the dregs of Black male society and choose better, but we all know they love Black men who are weak and unintelligent. Since that stragg also wants to believe that we are not financially stable, what do we make of this?:

    Excerpts from this article:
    “1. A substantial share of black men in the United States are realizing the American Dream—at least financially—and a majority are not poor. Per a new analysis of Census data outlined in the report, more than one-in-two black men (57%) have made it into the middle class or higher as adults today, up from 38% in 1960. And the share of black men who are poor has fallen from 41% in 1960 to 18% in 2016.

    “2. Education, work, and marriage are central to the economic success of black men in the United States. Black men who work full time, earned at least some college education, and married are significantly more likely to be members of the middle or upper class in their fifties. For example, about 70% of married black men are in the middle class, compared to only 20% of never-married black men and 44% of divorced black men.”

    In other words, Black men are doing exceptionally well where it concerns education and finances, so the stragg whose tweet Q Pill addressed was talking out of her backside; lastly, it’s funny that a member of the least desired group in the dating and marriage arena has the unmitigated gall to try and dictate to us what “husband material” is. They are only making SYSBM and Passport Bros more attractive for thinking Black men; get those passports ready! #SYSBM #PassportBros #QualityStargatesMatter

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