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She Really Doesn’t Care Bro! #SHORTS

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This is one of the main reasons why we true SYSBM™ Knights and Practitioners heavily emphasise the utmost importance of picking a quality stargate from a QUALITY CULTURE and choosing very wisely which woman you opt to place your seed into.

This is what can and all too often happens when certain sects of black men operate on emotions and lust instead of logic, common sense, rationale, reason and wisdom.

Whether this video is real or a skit, we already know that this happens regularly in black on black relationships. Just look at this woman, tatted up to the hilt, she clearly doesn’t take pride in her own natural appearance, combing and pressing out a wig while she visibly has hair growing out of her own scalp.

Additionally, no doubt this tatted up harriet has been raised in a single mother household, she saw her mother engaging in whore activities and in turn she’s decided to do the same, however at this stage we shouldn’t be surprised though. Take note how she had no problems declaring herself to be a babymother, smh.

Moving onto the principle issue at hand, the guy is wasting his time talking to a modern day black female about boundaries, ethics and a moral code, she in typical black female fashion doesn’t care for those things.

For you black men who still choose to deal with these broads, just remember that most modern day black females are hedonistic, they only live for pleasure and they live for the moment only, if they want to sleep with your brother or another family member(be they male or female), they’ll do it and feel no way about it.

Clearly the dude’s plan to make his babymother feel guilty about sleeping with his brother backfired because she obviously doesn’t care.

Just to let you know, I don’t feel sorry for this guy in the slightest either, he should’ve known better than to sleep with and deposit his seed into that witch’s womb. Now she’s got him hemmed up for the next 18 years and that’s his own fault.

Again, even if this is only a skit, it’s still spot on with what goes on in so many black on black relationships, nether the less, this video should serve as a cautionary tale to those who have no problems placing their seed into a black female’s dungeon of a womb, most black men still won’t listen though.

Be careful out here brothers, keep your heads on a swivel and watch your six at all times. As more black men choose to get their passports and travel overseas in order to find NORMAL women, expect these black sirens to begin pulling major tricks out of the hat in their efforts to trap you on the plantation.

The guilt tripping and shaming tactics clearly aren’t working to deter brothers from going abroad, don’t believe for a second these heifers won’t resort to dirty tricks and underhanded tactics. You’ve been warned.

This is your modern day black woman in a nutshell, a disrespectful whore who has no commitment switch built into her DNA and as a result she’s unable to be loyal exclusively towards one man.

Finally, notice how he mentioned how good he’s treated her and she still isn’t bothered, as I’ve stated many times before, black women as a collective DO NOT appreciate the good deeds of black men. #SYSBM™

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Say NO To Women Who Come From As Well As Uphold Dysfunctional Cultures

Most High Bless

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23 thoughts on “She Really Doesn’t Care Bro! #SHORTS

  1. This type of skit already looks bad on them from 0 to 100 very quickly.

    If they were smart, they would have chosen a different skit to not expose reality.

    I have one of the main reasons to never ever date a black woman.

    This reason nobody has mentioned it.

    Risk of sickle cell offspring.

    I don’t have this issue cause I had a blood test 2 years ago to confirm no sickle cell in my blood.

    I have always dated a white woman and my future white girlfriend won’t have it cause its non existent in her DNA.

    1. Wittexton Witwijf wrote
      “If they were smart, they would have chosen a different skit to not expose reality.”

      Actually all skits which are created by the black culture do expose reality.
      Those skits which expose reality happens many decades, that is way they made these type of skits like BM posing as simps and BW gets mad when they get caught. Also the reason why these videos goes viral quickly as a warning of the Black Community.

    2. Wittexton Witwijf,

      To be honest I’m very suspicious of sickle cell and how it predominantly affects black people. I personally believe that something else is at play here, something sinister. As for the video, most black women cannot help but expose themselves, this is what they do.

      1. You’ve been brainwashed, most likely through television. Genetic disorders of haemoglobin, abound in historically malarious regions. Sickle cell anemia affects those of Hispanic, Arabic, Indian or Mediterranean descent. IOW, there are ITALIANS who possess that proclivity.

        Sickle cell anemia is NOT related to black people. It’s related to ANY population that has lived in an area affected by malaria. BUT SURPRISE, SURPRISE! If you’re dumb enough to watch television, your enemy is going to make you think WHATEVER disease (sickle cell anemia, AIDS, STDs, etc.) is ONLY related to black people. WTFU!

        1. Warin West-El,

          Dealing with black female dysfunction in particular, Western female dysfunction in general, feminism and the institutional church beast infrastructure are my focal points, not sickle cell anemia. I don’t watch television, I haven’t watched television in over 20 years. There isn’t a man on this planet who knows everything.

          Every time I’ve seen the topic of sickle cell being brought up, it’s typically been associated with black folks. That is the way it’s been promoted, unless you’re an individual who feels inclined to dive deeper into the topic, you won’t know that a wider range of individuals from non black backgrounds also suffer from it.

  2. There’s no reasoning with sociopathic bdubs. It’s like trying to get the Terminator to consider Sarah Connor’s point of view lol. It’s pointless, so why bother?

    It’s hard to feel sorry for grown men impregnating blatant hoodrats they knew good and well were trash and then crying when those women act like what they are. I blame him way more than her. I know the Hotep Walrus tells the rest of us that this is the mess we’re responsible for cleaning up, but of course that ain’t happening. We’re leaving da communitah behind. As the very respectable and anomalous Chez Charde said, literally the only thing that can save these hoes at this point is God and I totally agree with her. It’s way above us now.


    1. SYSBM Forever,

      Charde isn’t wrong, only the Most High can save the black witch, however black women as a collective have made their bed with the devil and they’re quite comfortable with this arrangement. Black women really aren’t interested in change, I’ve never come across a group of individuals who are so hard headed, stubborn and point blank refuse to self reflect.

      No boys academy manifesting minstrel Umar “Gerbilface” Johnson can suck up gravel and kick rocks, black men of worth and value aren’t going to attempt to save a community that has ousted them and where they stand to gain absolutely nothing for putting in the work to resurrect a smouldering pile of ashes and rubble.

    2. The revealing statement was “You’re my baby mama.” He DIDN’T say, “You’re my wife.”

      That was IT for me. You can’t say the other person is a POS, if YOU’RE a POS.

  3. Verbs wrote:
    “Whether this video is real or a skit”

    I remember Aaron Fountain use to say ‘Internet do not count as real world’.
    I will tell you this when Black people make skits, I always take them seriously and you should take them seriously because every time I see these skits, they represent ‘Real Life’.
    You think they make joking video like this for no reason? Actually this happens, but never recorded or observed. Also BW will preach these videos and use it in Real Life which purposely destroys Black Men Reputation.

    Again, when you brothers see skits like this, be aware that the video skits you see happens in real life.
    These simps will find skits funny until this happens to them in real life which will make their life turns upside down.

    As for this video:
    I seen lots of videos like this. I respect people who are sorry when they get caught because they admit they are wrong.
    However, when I see BW gets caught cheating, they show no remorse, they do not even care that they are caught because they know they can get away with it and do it again. BW response will be ‘Yeah I slept with Pookie, so what!’. They can say this because BW been taught not to respect BM at all.

    As for these Super Simps like Umar Johnson when he say ‘You must have patient for BW’ when these BW going to destroy your life with every means.

    These simps need to learn and this video is a message to all BM why not to deal with BW and never deal with women who are never admit they are in the wrong, they will just gaslight you.

    1. MMT,

      The fake academic Fountain Top had to beat a hasty retreat because he couldn’t successfully defend black women, additionally his plan to snag himself a “black queanie” in the process didn’t work either. Western women in general, black women in particular speak their thoughts and actions through the internet.

      Fountain tried to get around this but he looked incredibly stupid engaging in various verbal gymnastics trying to save those who cannot be saved. Black women love opening their legs to Pookie and Nook Nook, respectable black men who have positive things going for themselves should NOT apply.

      Gerbilface is trying to pitch for his elder daughter, this is why he goes out of his way to disparage, berate, mock and ridicule black men who choose to expand upon their dating options, however at this stage it’s too late, the horse is already dead on arrival.

      1. A LONG time ago when Umar hit YouTube, I had an edited video of him on my channel. But once time passed and no school was built, it became obvious he was merely a grifter, pretending to be a man.

        Since then I’ve done the research and discovered the original inhabitants of North America were black people. IOW: We were here BEFORE Africans were brought here. So Umar’s pan-Africanism shtick is completely bogus crap. He’s not merely a con artist, he is actively working for the enemy.

        Traitorous Negroes like Dr U get paid by white people to make you think you’re from Africa. WHY? Because once you realize you’re from here, the next step is to claim your land and take it back. Under maxims of law, the possessor ETERNALLY has a claim. IOW: if a thief steals your wallet, it still belongs to you. If a thief stole your grandmother’s wallet, that wallet STILL belongs to your family.

        Go down to the courthouse and research the land records. And you will discover the titles to ALL of the properties in your town don’t go all the way back to the original land owners. They start in the early 1900s. Well, who owned the land BEFORE that? Your ancestors!

        The white man NEEDS you to believe you’re from Africa. If you voluntarily walk away from your property, then it’s considered abandoned and he can legally claim it. Mr Pan-Africa is a race traitor working on behalf of the devil. He is pure evil.

  4. Verbs 2015.

    The above video reconfirms the reasons why I refuse to date black women as a childfree black man at 41. This is the ultimate betrayal when your girlfriend or wife has sex with your brother or any other family members. You get fucking idiots like Umar Johnson telling us SYSBM childfree black men to be the clean up men and date single mothers when he himself isn’t doing it in which I find hypocritical and ironic. Umar Johnson is a fucking joke who is not to be taken seriously.

    1. Quincy Fitzpatrick,

      Umar Johnson has of late has left a very bad taste in the mouths of respectable black men, the audacity in attempting to blame us for the black female’s janky decision making is beyond an insult.

      Black women are adults, they also declare themselves as independent which further vindicates black men from any involvement in any fallout as a result of their stupidity.

      Every-time the fool Johnson opens his mouth, he’s simply confirming to the men that count that in 2023 the black female juice just isn’t worth the squeeze.

  5. White sugar honey: Your staying tonight, hun?
    SYSBM: Off course, boo!

    The scraggle daggle slept with her brother and I bet you that he’s a Pookie. Then, she was straightening that damn long ass wig for goodness sake. These black women can’t stay natural? I tell you, these ghetto ratchet black women love trying to look a white woman, their biggest arch rival. And the man breed up the wrong woman as well. This man is goanna pay child support for the next 16 years.

    As you look at her, you can tell that she has been raise by a single mother and she might of seen tones of thugs coming in and out of the house just to sleep with her mother. And now, she is continue to repeat the cycle just like her mother. As I see black men going through the madness with the ratchetness of black women, they are just dating non black women or they are just taking their passport and jet it out of the ratchetness.

    And also, the way he treated her and he treated her good as well. But she throw it back in his face. Nothing is wrong treating a woman good but the thing that there are women that will dash it back in your face. I have been through that road in 2000 and in 2003.

    Hey, keep your white sugar honey safe at all times as these ghetto ratchet scraggle daggles are coming after non black women.


    1. Money Cultural,

      No hope, no change for the modern day black female, abandon ship and never look back.


  6. Oh boy, more fuckery from the “most educated” demographic, must be a day ending in “Y.” Look at her grooming that wig like it was a pet. Dr. Umar says not only is her bad behavior your fault, Intelligent Black Man, but you better be there to mentor their bastard Pookie baby when it comes of age. Who’s signing up for that deal lol. SYSBM is undefeated!

    1. Schadenfreude,

      Those high octane illegal substances must really be getting to Gerbilface’s head, any person with 2 braincells to rub together can clearly see that black women as a group are a lost cause.

      Crackhead Johnson needs to lead be example, as I’ve stated before, if black women were so great then a long time ago Johnson would’ve landed himself one.

      I’ll only be mentoring my own seed, if Johnson had the damn boys academy open, once again he could’ve been leading by example in mentorship. He has so many instructions for productive black men yet the dude isn’t doing diddly squat himself, smh.

  7. Schadenfreude,

    Umar blame productive black men for not getting picked by Keisha over bad boys in dating.

    1. Sheriff X,

      Yup, the BW’s burning desire to raw dog it with thug niggas is somehow the productive, intelligent Black Man’s fault, and we are also jealous that 12 Gauge Mike gets all the black pussy. Yup Dr. Umar is right again, lol!

  8. Whether or not the video is real or a skit, it is even more evidence to help SYSBM build its case against the scraggle daggles and the communitah. First off, the girl has the standard hood rat aesthetic; what did this guy even see in her, or ON her? Her edges look like a scorched jungle; why else would she have that long, disgusting wig in her hand? Those tattoos and piercings are also a big turn off; her body isn’t that great, either. It is imperative for brothers to consider positive traits of character before breasts, booty, and pum pum; it will save you a lot of time, money, and keep you free from the stress and headaches in the long run. This guy clearly ignored all of the red flags.

    This stragg clearly has no moral code or respect for this guy, neither does his brother have any integrity to respect the relationship they had (he must’ve dirty macked his way to her); oh, and did anybody else hear her call him a simp in the video? To be fair, he is being a butthurt simp because he’s rattling off all of the good things he did for her as if that will make her stop and feel ashamed, but as Reese said in the “Terminator” film, “it can’t be bargained with, it can’t be reasoned with, it doesn’t feel pity, or remorse, or fear”; this is why SYSBM Tenet #23 exists. If you choose to deal with a BW, one way or another, you will be simping. #SYSBM

    1. BCT,

      So many black men fall into the trap of following their lust for black cooch, they get Keisha pregnant and now they’re hemmed up for the next 18 years. As is evident, most black men are incapable of saving themselves, many are angry at black women but not to the point where they’re willing to leave them.

      Black women know full well that most black men aren’t going anywhere, this reason alongside the blue pilled simps are the mechanisms that allow the black female to continue running amuck. Unfortunately most black men aren’t logical thinkers, they’ll continue to return to and grovel at the feet of a group of women who wouldn’t urinate on them if they were on fire. #SYSBMFORLIFE

    2. I’ve been doing a lot of research and these tenets are not merely applicable to black women, they’re applicable to ALL women. Black women are simply the most strident. Nevertheless, you can’t be a simp to ANY woman. If a man NEEDS a woman, it’s over.

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