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It amazes me how these weave/wig, fake eyelashes, fake nails, heavy makeup wearing black harriets who are constantly bragging about being “strong and independent” can so quickly be move out of that supposed frame of strength by a guy wearing a ghillie suit.

I’ve been watching a lot of these bushman pranks lately and no matter where the location, the reactions from women are all the same. If women can be rumbled and shook so easily for a few seconds, can you imagine how broken, disoriented and lost they’d be during an economic collapse?

Just thought I would bring this forward to add more evidence to the fact that the “strong woman” trope as I’ve been stating for the longest is a crock of nonsense. Of course you don’t have to take my word for it, look up “bushman pranks” on YouTube and observe the universal reaction from women for yourselves.

Western women are in serious trouble, most don’t have a clue what’s coming down the pike for them especially since their beloved religion of feminism has declared their usefulness as having come to an end.

In case Western women haven’t noticed, they no longer have any privacy rights nor protection, oh well, that’s their problem, not mine. Meanwhile in other news:

My question is this, in view of the modern day black female’s atrocious track record of treachery and betrayal over the past 60 plus years alone against her own male counterparts, how is such hatred and resentment towards black women from black men NOT justified, I’ll wait?

Additionally, it should be pointed out once again that Auston Holleman was demonised and ran out of Brazil by none other than a feminist black female, a black witch who for obvious reasons has had no problems with Shea Whitey rolling into her country and engaging in acts much worse than calling Brazilian women “easy”.

Watch out for blue pilled simp Negroes out here attempting to minimalise the irreparable damage black women have brought upon their own people.

Also, it’s all well and good talking about African women being a quality alternative to the black female in the West, however in case you haven’t noticed, large swaths of women from Africa are following and getting their marching orders from black women in the US, here is an example of this:

Take note of the weave/wig, fake eyelashes, thick makeup, nose ring as well as the declaration of what will interest her, money.

As I’ve mentioned many times before, you have to be very selective when choosing a woman from Africa, if she’s not from a north African country then the only other area I would recommend would be the Horn primarily because many of those women are mixed.

Below is an example of US black females bringing their degenerate trash to the country of Ghana, I’m sure you guys have already come across this video. They claim they were twerking at Elmina Castle’s slave dungeon “for the ancestors”, you cannot make this garbage up:

Anywhere this black female goes she always has to engage in some form of dumb foolishness, yet black men who rightfully call out this behaviour as unacceptable are labelled as the bad guys, really? There is nothing to like and everything to hate about this type of behaviour.

In 2023 any hatred targeted towards black women no matter how big or small is completely justified, sexually suspect simps like Sa Ra Garvey are acting as if swaths of black men just began resenting black women out of nowhere, come on dog, isn’t this the same KCS(Kansas City Shuffle) the black female herself uses?

Just like MadBusDriver stated in his latest livestream, until black men as a collective practice SYSBM™, the modern day black female will NEVER change. Most black men unfortunately point blank refuse to accept this and will continue to wait in hopes that their “unicorn” will one day descend from the heavens.

In other news, this video below is an example of black American female exported dysfunction:

Notice how like the black siren, these Middle Eastern women have no problems fighting while holding their children. This is why the modern day black female has become a curse and a pestilence on the planet, before the internet and social media women from other cultures would’ve heavily frowned upon such behaviour, not anymore.

Finally, here is a clip I pulled from MBD’s latest livestream where he talks about the risks associated with dealing with black women from Africa and how many of these internet famous rabble rousers instructing black men to go to Africa in order to find a woman wouldn’t do so themselves:

Another Open Mic is here fellas, what’s cracking for this week gents? You’ve got the floor, enjoy!

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Stay Individual

Most High Bless

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27 thoughts on “Free Topic/Open Mic Wednesday!

  1. Verbs 2015.

    Black women in 2023 throughout the world are in such a terrible state that I avoid them like the plague. I refuse to date black women as a childfree black man at 41 and I don’t feel bad or guilty about it. Also black women are famous for guilt tripping, emasculating and shaming black men throughout the world that it’s not even funny. I am only interested in dating beautiful childfree in shape non black women.

    1. Quincy Fitzpatrick,

      Black women have left a bad taste in the mouths of many decent black men, especially with them mocking, ridiculing, berating and disparaging upwardly mobile, intelligent brothers while at the same time worshipping, exalting and giving praise to the street loiterers, criminals, thugs, gangsters and serial impregnators. Child free non black women all the way. #SYSBM™

      1. Verbs 2015.

        I fully agree with you bro. SYSBM for life man. 😎🇬🇧

  2. Verbs2015,

    “if she’s not from a north African country then the only other area I would recommend would be the Horn “

    A trip to Africa is definitely on my bucket list. I will visit Cape Verde and Ethiopia. I also plan to visit South Africa and Kenya as I want to see Kruger Natiomal Park and the Serengeti.

    I completely cosign your statement about North Africa and the Horn. Here in the US, I have seen many Ethiopian and Somalian women, as I spend a lot of time in 2 cities where they have settled; Atlanta and Washington DC.

    I have yet to meet an unattractive Ethiopian women. Most of the Somalian women are attractive as well, but the Ethiopian women are a little more so. I have talked to a brother who has traveled thru Ethiopia, and he tells me that in the public spaces like airports, all he saw was eye popping beauties.

    Not to disparage the rest of Africa, but there are plenty of African women from elsewhere in SubSaharan Africa, in the 2 US cities I’ve mentioned. Truth be told, 99.9 percent of them are a 3 or less on the attractiveness scale.

    1. You are correct about women from the Horn of Africa in DC & Atlanta. They are large swaths of them in Seattle, Los Angeles, Denver, Dallas/Forth Worth, Las Vegas, San Francisco Bay, Minneapolis/StPaul. & Columbus(OH). Ethiopia 🇪🇹, Seychelles 🇸🇨, Mauritius 🇲🇺 & Cape Verde 🇨🇻 are on my list to visit in 2024. I totally agree about seriously vetting African women south of the Sahara. The Zaddy worship & influence from The B-Dubbs should be taken seriously 😐 in dealing with them. Northern African women intrigue me as well & I will visit those countries also in 2024. In addition, I did see those B-Dubbs twerking at Elmina Castle 🏰 in Ghana 🇬🇭 & that was horrible but typical of the Modern American 🇺🇸 Black Woman 👩🏽. It is best to stay away from them to keep your sanity & peace ☮️ of mind.

  3. People like ‘Sa Ra Garvey’ are part of the problem and the reason why things will never change. Always a “yes, some black women can be problematic….BUT….” followed by “U jUsT hAtE bLaCk WiMmiNz!!” There always has to be a deflection, excuse, shaming tactic, accusation of blasphemy and projection of some sort whenever black men have genuine gripes with black women without actually addressing the issues we speak of. Nobody cares about what some of us may have went through from childhood at the hands of black women all through to adulthood. We’re supposed to just take anything thrown at us and deal with it and not say anything because we’re men.

    Clearly he’s unaware of what Auston went through in Brazil. And yeah, our friend recently dated a cute chick in Rwanda, but so what? How does an anomaly negate anything we say? Let Auston bring that feminine, attractive, fair skinned girl to the west around other black women and watch what happens. That will be like placing a goldfish in a piranha tank. Misery loves company, so these daggles would try to corrupt her the minute her feet touches U.S. soil or they’ll just mistreat her out of jealousy. Black women DO NOT like other black women who go against the grain, I’ve seen it myself countless times.

    The truth is, dealing with them in any capacity, in any situation is a mentally and emotionally draining experience. They’re very horrible women if you can even call them that. They don’t even make good friends, much less partners and mothers of your children, so I don’t see how anyone can defend them. They’re nothing but agents of chaos. Look at the case of the mother using her 14 year old son as an attack dog to kill a man she provoked in a fast food place. I’m not gonna get too much into the story, cos it speaks for itself. Dennis Spurling just did a podcast on youtube speaking on it.

    When you think of black females, your subconcious mind doesn’t associate them with any good or positive quality you would want in a woman. When was the last time you met one who was in shape, feminine, a genuine breath of fresh air and had really good energy? I’ll wait. Other women are just simply WAAAAAY more pleasant to deal with it. That’s just a fact. Everyone knows this – including black females. I can’t speak on Rwanda like that, but outside of Habesha women and maybe women from a couple of other countries from the continent, I wouldn’t even waste my time and neither should any sensible black man who values his sanity, his health, his life and his future.

    1. SYSBM Forever,

      As per usual black men are just expected to get on with it without protest, as sure as night follows day our genuine gripes and concerns are counted as nothing by black women and their pro black simp, black male, blue pilled flunkies.

      As I’ve said before, how can black men expect improvement from black women when every time the black female’s feet are held to the fire, a blue pilled simp will voluntarily step up to fall upon the sword on her behalf?

      “When you think of black females, your subconscious mind doesn’t associate them with any good or positive quality you would want in a woman. When was the last time you met one who was in shape, feminine, a genuine breath of fresh air and had really good energy?”

      I know of very few black women who fit the above and the very, very, very few that I do know are either in relationships, are married or they live a considerable distance away so we don’t see each other that often.

  4. MBD is correct, I would feel awkward introducing my future white girlfriend to a black BBQ cook out.

    This is why I would never go to the black BBQ cook out because they would feel threathened by any non black woman.

    1. Wittexton Witwijf,

      There is also the risk of the black cookout being shot up by Nook Nook, Skillet and Dey Dey, we know that’s happened many times before.

    2. Wittexton Witwijf,

      Never take your white girl around those black scavengers at the imaginary “cookout.”

      1. Better still – LEAVE the community altogether. If it means cutting ties with family members, so be it. It worked for me, and my life has been peaceful ever since.


  5. Right, I know that there natural black women around but the thing is this that that is a rare thing seeing a black woman with her natural self. We have black women that is wearing weave trying to look like the white woman which is black woman’s main rival.

    I don’t know about Auston Holleman but — hey, he’s just one simp. I got no time for him.

    And the video of the middle eastern women are fighting while holding their children in their hands. I have never seen them fight each other. I don’t know why they are fighting but it was just chaos between them women.

    And I have to talk about the video of Sa Ra Garvey. Where did you get that video, blud? Where did you find it. I downloaded the video just now. And you know why? In case he comes after the passport bros, you get me?

    Hey, keep your white sugar honey safe at all times as these ghetto ratchet scraggle daggles are coming after non black women.


    1. Blade,

      This is some evil wickedness if ever I did see any, yet Umar Johnson will still tell you to “be patient” with black women, I imagine even at the expense of losing your children. These modern day black females are a wicked bunch, they’re the closest individuals to the devil other than the devil himself.

      This is what really annoys me about the pro black love crowd is they point blank refuse to deal with the severe mental health issues most black females suffer from. The above news report is reason 945,393,334,333 NEVER to put your seed into these monsters.

      1. >yet Umar Johnson will still tell you to “be patient” with black women

        Our patience has run out many moons ago.


  6. Good Open Topic Wednesday evening,

    Finally, the final couple of days left of Fag Month and it will be over.

    1. BrotherDanUnlimited,

      I’ll be glad when it’s over as well, I’ve more or less managed to keep any visuals of the alphabet crew’s celebrations out of my zone outside of my employers doing their part to be “inclusive”. I’m glad to see that more folks are beginning to put the pieces of the puzzle together and are now standing against the LGBTQP+ agenda, however it’s a shame that it’s taken the contamination of children for people to finally smell the coffee.

    2. And thank fucking god.

      Love how the Muslims and Armenians are the ones standing up against the English cigarette grooming agenda. But where are the white American “patriots” and their “well-regulated militia”???? Why are they letting immigrants do their dirty work?

  7. Happy Open Mic Wednesday! Well, I want to address the Sa Ra Garvey post on Auston Holleman; Sa Ra Garvey is using the same SIGN language that the daggles use to shame Black men who voice their opinions on why they refuse to deal with the ABWs. General Tito did a live where he addressed Auston now trying to convince Black men to date African women; African women are notorious for White male worship (such as the Mike Oliver incident), and Tito also brought up his experience with them begging for money, so that TikTok was spot on.

  8. Seeing everything that’s gone on for the past couple years and for others.
    How does one deal with burnout from society and it’s crap it deals to Black men (would prefer a UK perspective but open to others) that other groups don’t face?

    Yes I’m talking about from various factors from employment, society perception, relationships, the negativity in this world.
    I think the next few years are going to be very crap before it even gets a shred better.

    1. Jon,

      The main thing I would say is you should be going on vacation as much as you can, even if you can’t go to the Caribbean or somewhere else exotic, a country such as Spain is just down the street, it has some good weather especially in the south and is cheap to get to. Vacationing is one of the main ways to de-stress from the garbage that’s thrown at you on the daily over here.

      When you do go abroad I would strongly recommend getting an apartment over a hotel, that way you’ll actually have the chance to unwind and won’t be interrupted by the room service every morning. It might also be a good idea to choose an area that’s near to a beach, the sea breeze will definitely help you in depressurising.

      You might want to take a blood test to check out your vitamin D, iron and vitamin B12 levels as well, they could be on low due to the extra stress. I get mine checked out, however I do it privately because the NHS is a pile of junk.

  9. I give you my input:

    1. On Madbusdriver’s video:
    Some brothers like me and Madbus were binge watchers of Kevin Samuels because when he is the 10% brother in America and in real life. This shows true colours of BW more than before because we all know how the dating works 90-10 rule.
    The reason why Kevin only put BW in the dating group because they can get a chance to become better to get the best brothers. Madbus and we all know if you add all types of women in the group, BW will lose easily.
    Mudbusdriver did support Kevin Samuels on his message as he uses High Value status to SYSBM, that way the brothers here who are SYSBM knights to become more self aware of the environment and Kevin’s death prove a point as he spend time trying to promote ‘black love’. I knew he did his best which some were successful as at least 5 black couples got married/engaged because of Kevin’s talking points. Since Kevin was gone these Plantation Foes and Keishas were celebrating his death even so Kevin was fixing the problem. Just like Nipsey Hustle when he was building the hood and he got killed for it.

    As for Austin Hollerman, he is just young and naïve at the moment and he will learn the hard way and he will regret turning is back on good BM as this pro-black will bite him in the ass. The reason why African likes him because he is a foreigner, but he need to understand that he cannot be a simp for African females or else they will become Westernised there. Verbs did state that BW is an International problem. The problem is the manosphere still want to negotiate with liberal Feminist. Understand that women will never change.
    Then you have simps talking about

    2. Sa Ra Garvey:
    He stating that how thinking brothers have bitter hate towards BW. Lets run with this.
    SYSBM brother do not hate BW, we understand them and Verbs is right that hatred towards BW is justified.
    Most BM have this hate towards BW because they are just evil, disgusting, manipulate and it is not worth call them Jezebels as they are far worse by them.

    3. Why the strong hate towards Black Women? I will explain why most men have this strong hatred towards them:
    They are not natural
    They are taught to disrespect BM and Black Patriarchy
    They wear weaves. Even baby hairs are just completely 100% turn off. Pure ugly.
    Their soul, mentality, personality is ugly,
    They find many ways to destroy you for now reason.
    They instigate petty stuff
    They are not GF or wife potential.
    Fat and overweight
    They wear bonnet outside as a rebellion against BM and claim to be fashion trend which is not.

    4. Twerking at Elmina Castle’s slave dungeon:
    I saw this video and people on Facebook calling Verbs out to take a look so he can post it on this website.
    I got no words for this as BW do not care about Black Legacy.

  10. Middle Eastern bitches fighting with kids in hand… 🤢

    It only just clicked for me but I’ve noticed that my line manager at work takes frequent holidays to Jamaica.

    She is white… and clinically obese.

    She’s also in her 30s and single with a child.

    It only just clicked for me that since she is so overweight, she thinks her only option left are black men. Which I find an insult.

    Brothers. Do not take on any woman – white or black – to try to shame you into accepting heavyweight, obese, whale blubber, heifer sized arse. It is an insult to think black men are desperate enough to mount hippopotami. Black men should never be any woman’s last resort, nor black men should never pick up second hand garbage.

  11. Off topic but…
    Hollywood Actress Dies By Assisted Suicide Following COVID-19 Booster ‘Illness’
    An actress and model says a COVID-19 booster shot led her to seek assisted suicide, because she developed a long-term illness.
    Katarina Pavelek, 41, announced her decision on Instagram in early June, explaining she became severely ill and unable to leave her home.
    Why isn’t this on mainstream media? Hmm.

    1. Matt M,

      Nope, no topic is off topic on Open Mic Wednesday, I should really emphasise this when I go off on my rants, lol. Open Mic is open mic. Yep, a lot folks “dying suddenly” or having “short” illnesses. Let’s not even forget the amount of folks suddenly getting heart attacks, keeling over and croaking it.

      Some of us aren’t stupid over here, we know exactly what’s going on. Convid-1984 was the biggest scam in the 21st century to date and the so called vaccine(which is really a death weapon) was the icing on the cake.

      This is exactly one of the desired results for the so called “elites”, take the devil juice poison jab, get mangled in the process and conclude that offing yourself is the best solution. Of course this is outside the cases of the jab killing you anyway. It’s incredible that so many folks fell for this garbage hook, line and sinker including the likes of Obsidian, David Carroll, Kevin Samuels and Alan Roger Currie.

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