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In this skit the guy did more than I ever would, dealing with single mothers are a NO NO in my book. If you don’t date single mothers to begin with then you don’t have to worry about “package deals, babysitters, babyfathers, rude children, quality time, negotiations” etc.

Once again, as has been repeated by myself as well as others time and times over, you’re NOT a weak man for refusing to take onboard somebody else’s children, quite the opposite.

NEVER allow any single mothers to Jedi mind trick you into believe somehow you’re less of a man because you choose NOT to take onboard and look after Slim Sauce’s seed. Another Open Mic Wednesday is here, what’s on your minds for this week gentlemen? You’ve got the floor brothers, roll that dice. #SYSBM™

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Stay Individual(In Your Mind)

Most High Bless

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23 thoughts on “Free Topic/Open Mic Wednesday!


    If UK prime minister paid me 75K to leave England permanently, I would leave immediately.

    England is a miserable place to live.

    The question is where do I sign up?

    I’ve looked on the UK gov website but no relevant info on there.

    I’ve always avoided single mothers.

    Childfree is required.

    A white quality girlfriend has to be childless like me.

    1. Wittexton Witwijf,

      The UK just isn’t the same place it used to be many years ago. At least you’re up north, London has turned into a complete sewer. As I always say, if you can get out of the UK, do it and don’t look back.

      1. Verbs2015,

        Facts. The UK as a whole really fell off. London could have been a great city but Sadiq Khan, the rest of the government and many residents in general just seem determined to run it into the ground. I’m seriously considering getting out of here for good or at the very least spending a few months away each year. Buying property abroad and getting residency/citizenship is a must.

  2. Verbs 2015.

    The above video skit is well funny😂😂😂😂 as it shows the raw truth on the reasons why you shouldn’t date single mothers if you as a man don’t have any kids yourself. I did date a single mother for a long term relationship for 3 years (2014-2017) and it ended badly because of the drama with the baby father and the fact that she cheated on me with her baby daddy. A single mother will always love her baby father more than she would ever love a childfree man because she has a unbreakable bond with the baby father because they had a child together that you can never ever break as a childfree man. I learnt my lesson and I will never ever date a single mother again as a childfree black man at 41. What makes me laugh about single mothers on dating apps is that they feel like they deserve to date childfree men even though these single mothers destroyed their own lives when they have kids with the wrong dudes and they also feel like they have the same sexual market value now with kids like they did before in their sexual prime years (18 to 30) when they was childfree women when they was rejecting every good guy in sight to have sex with the bad boys, thugs and criminals riding the cock carousel and having sex with the worst type of men ever. Single mothers are the most delusional women in the dating world and the planet.

    1. Quincy Fitzpatrick,

      As you always say, I fully agree with you bro. Single mothers should be avoided at all costs, there are plenty of child free women in the world to choose from. Single mothers must be left to rot, stew and marinate in their own failures. Not my child, not my problem.

  3. Good Open Topic Wednesday morning,

    I want to piggyback with a controversial response on a precious article concerning the blue pilled, black male simp.

    The anti-modern women movement is steaming up and I believe that certain people will infiltrate the movement, use the same talking points openly on social media for a entertainment following and don’t practice what they preach when the recording stops. The infiltration of said mens’ groups similar to drifters like Auston Holleman infiltrated the Passport Bros movement.

    1. Auston started Passport Bros, even though he denounces it today.

      1. Oh, Auston did not start the movement. Thankfully, lol! Unless you mean that he started out as claiming Passport Bro. His own channel didn’t even discuss anything Passport related prior to 2021.
        He chasing trendy topics like his homie Oshay
        As far as this space, it was started by Charles Tyler. The term “Passport Bro.” was coined by none other than Slaying Evil commenter King Sigma almost four years ago.
        At least Auston himself on that Fox station interview had ackowledge that he is not the founder nor the leader before he did his “heel” turn.

        Fuck that, that mama’s boy shitstarter don’t get any credit for the passport Bros

        But It’s #SYSBM for the win!

      2. Schadenfreude,

        Nope, it was King Sigma who coined the term “Passport Bro” Brazil Yesh was the one who took it and ran with it. Yesh himself even acknowledges that Sigma was the one who created the Passport Bros term. Even though every Tom, Dick and Harry is calling themselves a Passport Bro, the term is specific to black American men. They need to own it properly and stop allowing every man and his son to stake a claim in the name. I have heard that recently an actual Passport Bro has trademarked the term which at least is some good news.

  4. Another way they try to get in your head is by trying to shame men who don’t have kids by a certain age and tell them they may have to have a “ready made family”. Tell that to my now deceased friend who took on a weavehead and her biracial kids and tragically later ended up taking his own life due to the pressure and disrespect SMH.

    Boris Johnson just had his third kid with his wife and he’s 59 years old and she’s 34. Hell even Naomi Campbell, Hilary Swank and Janet Jackson to name a few have had kids at older ages and they’re women.

    You don’t need to support washed up Boomshequa’s little rugrats just to prove you’re a “real man” to people who really don’t give a shit about you. Only a fool will accept an expensive package deal that he gets no benefit from in return. Black women openly despise good black men, so why do this to yourself? Don’t say it’s for the kids benefit either. She didn’t consult you in making them. That’s not your problem.

    I hope this video serves as a warning to any potential victim contemplating taking on some hoodrat and her mob:

    As men, as long as you keep yourself fit and healthy, get your mind right and your finances in order, you’re good. I don’t care if you’re 35 or 55. Go overseas. You can enjoy longevity with a younger woman who will happily bear your children. The only thing I want “ready made” are my home cooked meals.

    Black man, don’t be a sucker. You deserve something fresh.


    1. Gotta hand it to the white boys though. If they can’t get the perfect Stacy of their dreams, they’d rather be an incel. 180 degrees from the average BM, who’ll screw any fat single mama in sight, white or black.

  5. White sugar honey: Play some romantic music, hun!
    SYSBM: Let me play the unreleased album from Tony Kurtis, boo!

    Here is the thing, guys. The reason why men who are childless will not date a woman with kids is that there is no way that they will take care of a next man’s child or children. That is the babyfather’s job. Not the man who doesn’t wanna be a stepfather. The best thing a woman who has children is when she dates a man who has children. Because both of them have the same thing in common.

    But the thing is that the single mother is not goanna be with a man that has children. So in other words, she is looking for a sucker. When a man says that he don’t want to be with a single mother, we see all the outrage. But thing is that how can he take care of a child which is not his? People feel that we are against single mothers, oh no! I know that it’s hard to raise a child without the other parent but the thing this that a childless man is not goanna take care of another man’s child.

    The only men that will look after children that is not theirs are the simps. They are willing to take care of another man’s child. Look at Jamaica. Look how many of them will take care of another man’s child. Lord have mercy!

    Hey, keep your white sugar honey safe at all times as these ghetto ratchet scraggles daggles are coming after non black women.

    Here’s my video of what man a single mother should go for:


  6. Happy Open Mic Wednesday! So, I wanted to address a few items briefly, first by revisiting the recent Adam22 debacle with his wife, Lena the Plug, getting BLACKED; hes been getting clowned on social media over it, but following all of the buzz it created, Adam, Lena, and the Black guy who rearranged her insides all got together and tried to write this whole thing off as strictly business. Mind you, all parties involved are in the porn industry, but I personally think this “strictly business” reason they’re now using is a coping mechanism for Adam; how do you go from admittedly feeling jealous to it being a business transaction you signed off on? Adam22 is a simp who got cucked harder by his wife than Jada did Will; their marriage is on borrowed time.

    Next on the list, Fresh & Fit along with the usual cast of straggs have hit a new low, much lower than any of their previous lows; the notorious White supremacist and anti-Semite Nick Fuentes was on their show, flanked on both sides by daggles in a photo that has since gone viral. If that fact doesn’t vex your spirit enough, he was liberally using the N word towards the straggs, and one of them was a pro Black; also, one of them just couldn’t help but twerk for her Whyte zaddy, another kissed him, and one of them sat on his lap. Are these your queens, Umar?! This is utterly embarrassing for the image of the communitah, but this should come as no surprise to us who are initiated. #SYSBM

    1. Blue Collar Trevor,

      I’ve also been following the whole Adam22/Lena The Plug/Jason Luv saga, Adam22 deep down knows he messed up royally, now it’s open season on his wife and literally everybody is pulling up to get a piece of her. As one YouTuber said, Adam has opened up Pandora’s box. 22 has been running some serious cope mechanisms trying his hardest to live down the fact that he’s a triple cream certified cuck and that Jason Luv’s BBC won’t be the last one Lena will be taking.

      Their marriage is done, watch this space, coming soon to a screen near you. There are certain lines that shouldn’t be crossed, Adam thought it would be noble to allow his wife to get piped down by another man, this is what happens when hedonism rules your life. Also, I believe Adam22 is an atheist, thus his decision under that condition would make sense, smh.

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