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All For Attention And Validation! #SHORTS

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This is one of the main reasons why online dating is squarely in the deepest sewer pipe, there are too many women who aren’t actually looking for relationships and commitment, instead they’re simply seeking as much attention and validation from men they can garner and the internet is the best place where they can stroke their egos while at the same time being doted on by so many men at once.

When the first dating apps came about, at the beginning women were much more realistic with their expectations of the men they desired, however as time progressed those same apps slowly became flooded with blue pilled simps resulting in Western women’s egos being hyper inflated to the point where in 2023 the archetype man most of these women want put plainly doesn’t exist.

Many of these females on dating apps upon being contacted by a man will immediately direct him to their Instagram page and tell the guy to follow them there, what kind of crap is that?

Other sleazy underhanded females will go a step further and use dating apps to find men who they will direct to their Onlyfans pages, smh!

But wait a minute, you mean they aren’t really looking for love and companionship? Nope, afraid so. This is a major reason why so many men are running into great difficulties trying to meet women through online dating, too many females are more interested in likes, clicks, ego boosting as well as building a subscriber base as opposed to finding a suitable mate and starting a family.

Additionally, why is this female still scrolling through dating websites when she has a boyfriend(as exposed by her friend in the background)? It just goes to show you that Western women as a collective are never satisfied, they’re always looking to monkey branch up hoping that Chad, Brad or Tyrone will finally pay them some attention, however we all know how that story ends.

The above is why I continue to encourage brothers to seek traditionally minded women only as at this point most western women cannot be taken seriously.

SYSBM™ as well as the Passport Bros will continue to grow and gather more momentum as more of these feminist minded harriets come out of the closet so to speak and show the world their truly selfish nature and narcissistic tendencies.

Sadly the Western dating market has become an extremely rigged one strongly in favour of dysfunctional women, as I’ve been stating for a while now, free thinking brothers stand a much higher chance finding a decent non westernised foreign woman(if possible) as opposed to trying to locate that needle in the haystack traditionally minded female domestically.

As always the choice is yours, the world is your oyster. If you cannot find what you’re looking for in your own country, don’t be afraid to expand upon your options on an international level. #SYSBM™

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Don’t Give These Flakey Women Any Time, Energy Or Attention

Most High Bless

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8 thoughts on “All For Attention And Validation! #SHORTS

  1. If a man wants to be a single monk, he can stay living in anglonized societies for the rest of his life.

    If a man wants to build his own family with a woman, he needs to move out of anglonized nations eventually.

    I will end up either renting out the property I’m living in or sell it in future.

    The world is my oyster to choose wisely on one white girlfriend.

  2. Verbs 2015.

    Online dating apps in 2023 is shit for men because women nowadays are looking for the perfect man and we all know that the perfect man doesn’t exist. When I scroll through the dating apps that I am on like Match. Com, Bumble, Tinder and Happn if I see womens dating profiles putting their Instagram name to follow them, they are single mothers, they hugging and kissing up some next man or they are looking for just male friends so that they can put you in the friend zone then I avoid those women like the plague because they are only going to waste my time.

  3. There are times where I say to myself that Dating apps, Online Dating shouldn’t be invented. I don’t give a damn what anyone say. What happened to meeting people in person nowadays? Folks just wanna live their whole life on the internet. About them dating apps, and social media sites too, whenever I see chicks who would direct you to their OF page, or whatsapp, or whatever site they want you to go to, or hell ask for cashapp or send them some money, I automatically assume either that person is a bot, a scammer, a weirdo, or something suspicious. If it’s one thing that’ll extremely comes to mind, is to use your instincts to the T. This is why I said to myself when I start traveling, and when I meet women, I’m meeting my women in person, and in person only.

    To tell you the truth, I’m 24 years old, and I’m past the point of not dealing with an American woman any more. The American woman has completely lost it big time.

  4. SYSBM: It was raining all day.
    White Sugar Honey: Stay with me tonight, boo!

    As I find out that chick has a boyfriend while she is using these dating apps, I was like DAMN! Let me tell you something. I really don’t like using these dating apps because all your goanna get is the women you don’t want. Some of the women have children, they have been ram thru and so on. So dating apps is something I don’t even think about going on.

    If a man wants a woman in the west, then I won’t knock him for that. But if he finds a woman like that chick, then he can go overseas and find a woman and make her his wifey. And that’s what the men are doing now. They are getting their passports and flying out just to got to find a Asian woman like Su Ling or a May Ping or a Anna Pong.

    Let me tell you something. I rather go on speed dating then go on a dating app.

    Hey, keep your white sugar honey safe at all times as these ghetto ratchet scraggle daggles are coming after these non black women.


  5. I had started to write to give my thoughts on dating apps when I felt impressed to Google search “dating apps”; here is an article for your consideration:

    I would personally advise against using dating apps at this point in time; women’s standards and expectations in dating have become so unrealistic that there is no possible way I can see the relationship working unless there is heavy compromise made on the man’s part. I’ve seen screenshots from different dating apps where you’ll discover just how entitled most women are when it comes to what they expect from potential dating matches; many of them also are very delusional about their own sexual marketplace value (i.e. the scraggle daggle, fat & unattractive women, post-Wall females, “strong & independent” women, and toxic feminists).

    As a practitioner of the SYSBM lifestyle, I refuse to doggy paddle through the septic tank of bad options that Western society incubates; with all of the testimonials from men who’ve traveled around the world, the verdict has been reached: Western women are done! #SYSBM #PassportBros #QualityStargatesMatter

  6. I give you my input of this dating apps.

    We all know that dating Apps are just a waste of time and I agree with Verbs that, the dating site was meant to be for people who are looking for love. But the simps/liberals and these feminist come up with this high inflation, unrealistic inflation and it is just flat out rigged.
    During the MGTOW days pre-2015, that they were talking about dating Apps and how delusional females are.

    Madbusdriver, I and some SYSBM supporter were binge Kevin Samuels viewer and the reason why Madbus co-sign with High Value with SYSBM because most Kevin’s video, Kevin shows how delusional females are when they want the top men and they realise Kevin’s shattered their dreams that this will never happen because the top men in real life are looking for a wife and ‘help-mate’, not a gold-digging liability of a female.

    Another reason why Madbus co-sign with High-Value term because if you know top status men, Kevin Samuels, but I mean in Real life, not some phoney manosphere ‘High Value wannabes’. Unlike Kevin, real life High Value man will never negotiate with these modern females. Kevin explains that these top men are low-key rich meaning they are rich but no one knows about it as they keep it to themselves, they run their business and rarely go on Social Media. Also as Kevin stated, they never affiliate with Ballers, Celebrities, sports players and other rich-bragging people. Also they live a normal home as they are financial smart, that way the good quality females (usually foreigners) who want to be wives and not these westernise modern females.

    What all this SYSBM/High Value man go to do with this Dating topic?
    I tell you. Basically these females believes in this ‘Pretty Woman’ mindset, you know the film with Richard Gere and Julia Roberts and these modern females believe that these men can turn a ‘304 to a housewife’. Frank Rosenthal (Sam “Ace” Rothstein from Casino) learn the hard way on why you should never marry a 304).

    Now about these delusional females on the dating Apps.
    80% these females are disgruntled about their ex, that is why you see a lot of their description saying ‘No Friends with Benefits, no sex’ and ‘no games’ even they make you play their game. Talking how they are born again Christian. Expect BM to pay premiums on the 1st date. I seen a lot of gems from the ‘Say no to single mothers group’ showing countless screenshot of these single mothers profile writing all the BS statement like ‘Real Man’, ‘looking for serious men’, ‘No sex’, ‘kids come first’. Some are fake themselves and some deluded descriptions about mentioning God or Jesus. Yet, these females claim they get a High Value Man which is absolutely Zero chance in hell. Most of them are reach-backs anyway.

    I also seen females on the dating group who are in relationship or married and I do not know why they are on the dating site when they are taken. I agree with Verbs that these women are monkey-branching’. I feel bad for their boyfriend and husband if they find out that their females are using the App.

    In reality, these women are not serious at all and I do not blame men for becoming bitter and angry about being single because how screwed they are paying for something which they cannot get.

    I do not blame men who meet foreigners online and get their passport and leave.

    Something I like to add and you may not like this what I am about to write:
    I have a friend and I kind of agree with him that he got put off with these Chinese females and no longer find them attractive.
    This is because during the pandemic and after the pandemic is return to normal, they stop doing this.
    They been doing this ‘Pig Butchering Scam’ (Cryptocurrency Scam). What these Chinese females do is they go on Tinder, then Facebook dating App (they stop on Facebook as Facebook clamp down on it which is good so it is still happening on Tinder), they match you, then they start chatting to you, saying they do not like using Facebook so they take you off Facebook and use other messenger such as WhatsApp and other messaging App) mostly WhatsApp.
    On WhatsApp they start being cordial with you and days later they start bringing up Digital Currency such as Crypto Currency and financial stuff. Luckily I and the friend never use Cryptocurrency so we cannot get scammed. If you do not have Digital Wallet, they try every means for you to sign up to it and get mad when you do not. Also they do not like Video calls as they get defensive and gaslighting you because video call will reveal they are catfishing.
    My friend has loads of them and he had enough of that Facebook Dating App.

    All these females talking about how they want ‘Real Men’, but they do not like video calls which contradict themselves as Video Calls is the proof the you and she is real.
    Any women are against Video calls and starting to gaslighting you saying ‘you want sex’ are not serious with you to begin with. They cam talk about ‘let take it slowly’. However the next guy she meets she will get dick with. If she wants you she put effort to get you.

    My advice is get off the Apps. If you want to use the Apps make sure you are willing to travel and have your passport because this is the better solution for dating. If the females get mad because you got your Passport and travel, let them, it is their loss.

  7. If they’re looking for attention and validation – give the neither – starve them of both.


  8. I was on Tinder and Bumble right before lockdown. I actually met a chameleon woman I saw for 2 years. While I was with her I dumped the apps. We broke up after quarantine was over and I went back to the apps but it was a wasteland. They changed it so you had to pay in order for your profile to be visible. Nothing of value on there (in fact it was a horror show) so I dumped them again.

    Years ago, a lot of these hoes women knew their place in the market and was happy when a guy showed them some attention. Now even fat bitches and old hags 50+ with saggy titties, stretch marks, saggy belly and cellulite are on the apps for validation (including Instagram) and getting it.

    I feel sorry for you younger men out there. It was a pussy gold rush back in the early 2010s.

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