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Always Know Your Enemies! #SHORTS

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Isn’t it funny how these same black females who’ve willingly formed an unholy alliance with the State, signed onto and participated in the “conquering” as well as the ongoing destruction of black men and black society as a whole, are now turning to black men and telling them to “stand up” and “build a legacy”?

You cannot make this stuff up, do these feminist black harriets honestly reckon that black men as a collective are that stupid? Do they really believe that we haven’t seen in realtime their joint efforts alongside the government and its various institutions to ensure that both black men and black society remain flat on their faces for eternity?

Whenever these black women turn to you and say that “you black men are conquered”, you must always point to the fact that they BLACK WOMEN alongside their white lord and saviour General Blizzard are the primary culprits behind the so called “conquering”.

If it wasn’t for black women siding with the system in order to obtain their temporary State treats and benefits, today black men would’ve been a lot further ahead. The black female’s long and rotten history of treachery and betrayal is the primary cause behind the overall stagnation in black male society.

Though not nearly on the same scale as black folks, many other non black men on this planet have also suffered at the hands of white supremacy, however what makes them different is you’ll NEVER hear their respective female counterparts referring to them as “conquered”.

Latinos, East Asians, Indians etc at some point in their history have fallen victim to the ills of the white supremacist infrastructural machine, however unlike black women, non black women DIDN’T choose to form an alliance with the State in order to bring down their society as well as their male counterparts.

Non black women have always stuck with their male counterparts through thick and thin, the fact that it was so easy for black women to sell black men down the river for 2 pieces of silver as well as some mouldy bread crumbs clearly demonstrates what little regard they have for us, if only more of these blue pilled simp Negroes would see this and understand.

Black siren Tonya TKO is right on one thing though, black men indeed need to build a legacy but for THEMSELVES, already knowing and understanding the malevolent nature of the modern day black female as well as her State confederacy, black men with sense and intelligence must build AWAY FROM THE REACH OF BLACK WOMEN!

The narcissistic audacity of the black witch at this point is off the damn chain, that’s like somebody smashing the legs of a cow with a baseball bat, thereafter telling the cow to walk and then complaining and asking why the cow cannot get to its feet, smh.

Black men must build for themselves, however black women MUST be completely etched out/removed from any building and constructive plans and endeavours to be embarked upon. History since slavery has clearly shown you black men that nothing can be built successfully with black women in your midst, NOTHING.

At this point black women are truly on their own, decent brothers continue to leave the building at an astronomical rate never to return and there’s nothing that black women can do to buffer the harsh consequences that are to follow.

Yes, build black men, however DO NOT BUILD ANYTHING FOR THESE UNGRATEFUL BLACK HARRIETS. Focus on and build for YOURSELVES and ALWAYS BUILD AWAY FROM THEM(black women). You NEVER “come together” with individuals or groups who’ve demonstrated themselves to be your enemies, you don’t need to be told this.

Finally, the video below demonstrates yet another major reason why you cannot build anything of value, strength and longevity with the modern day black female. #SYSBM™

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Always Remember The Black Female’s Contractual Obligation Towards The State

Most High Bless

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20 thoughts on “Always Know Your Enemies! #SHORTS

    1. Val Zod,

      No disagreements with me on that, it should be obvious to any black man with his head screwed on straight that the modern day black female is a deadweight that needs to be cut off and abandoned. It’s a shame that most black men won’t see things that way though.

      1. Verbs2015,

        I’ll tell you what this crazy ass uber painted scraggle daggle means when she says black men should “stand up” and “build a legacy”. This crazy ass daggle is calling out good black men to save da communitah.

        The only thing good black men should be saving is themselves. If they live by the tenets of SYSBM, they will be productive, positive contributors to the greater good. The only legacy they need build is their own legacy; separate and apart from the failure, degeneracy, degradation, and ignominy of scraggle daggles, blue pilled black male simps, hotep black male simps, da communitah, and all its hellish denizens.

        1. AmericanBlkMan,

          These black harriets at this stage are beyond a bad joke. Good black men have done checked out of “da communitah” along time ago heading for greener pastures. The nerve of these daggles, oust quality black men from the black community but then want the same guys to return to fix their mess. No thanks, I’m good, I’ll pass.

          I completely agree, black men with their heads screwed on straight only need to worry about looking out for themselves. What man in his right mind is going to look out for a group of females who don’t like him anyway? SYSBM™ till the wheels fall off and even then we’re willing to roll on rims and let the sparks fly.

  1. I fully agree with this message. I will go even FURTHER and tell all brothers that are currently reading this message to ignore them COMPLETELY. Not just on a romance scale, but I mean to not even make eye contact with them. Pretend they do not exist. Me myself, after a long hiatus of NOT being in the west, I had to return for obvious reasons. I am and forever will be a handsome and charming man, so there are still women I have known before I started utilizing my passport that would contact me and attempt interactions. I have made the conscious decision to ignore them as well. This of course can lead to loneliness and isolation, but that also allows you to get your mind, body and spirit right, for when you ultimately hit those passenger gates again, allowing you to offer the best you to the women of your destination. Let’s stay focused, men. It is time to exchange ideas and points of reference to better ourselves. I would have LOVED for this to be Verbs final message. But I understand the work. And these hyenas provide too much content. But me personally, I am moving on. I will no longer even pretend that bwack women exist. I will not be shamed into thinking otherwise, either. Yes, I know “mY mAMa BlaCk!!” Thank you. There will be no debating on ANYTHING. No arguments. No reasoning. No attempts at reconciliation. PERIOD. With that being said, if anybody would like to speak to me you can respond to this message with your twitter or IG handle, and i’ll message you. (LOL, Verbs, this DOES NOT mean I won’t be visiting and contributing to the site)

    1. Marc-Lo,

      For those who talk about “negotiating” as well “horse-trading” and “reconciliation” with black women, how would they even begin to implement the above when these same females are working hand in glove with the State to keep their male counterparts broken and flat on the floor? Like I said above, any black men with sense and intelligence have recognised that the modern day black female is a deadweight that needs to be cut off and abandoned, they’ve left the building a long time ago never to return.

      It’s unfortunate but some of us have to remain behind to comtinue highlighting the serious shortcomings of the daggle because there will be other young black boys coming up who’ll need to hear this information and more.

      I agree, at this point squeezing the modern day black women out of your life as much as possible is the most viable, sustainable, sensible and healthy way forward for free thinking brothers, let the thugs, criminals and gangsters as well as the blue pilled, black male simps deal with these backstabbing black sirens.

  2. @Verbs2015

    On this Monday evening I’m not even gonna waste my energy on this chick’s talking points that I could easily destroy, as you’ve already covered most of what I would usually say.

    Black man, the world is your oyster. Way better women who see and know your potential unlike these doomed, useless witches have made it clear that they want us, are waiting for us and will in turn play their part as feminine, cooperative, nurturing and supportive wives/girlfriends/mothers. The receipts are all over youtube with the women saying this themselves and you see how the black men are finally enjoying the happiness they’ve always deserved once they remove themselves from the black female devil’s clutches.

    Japan, Colombia, Panama, Thailand, Philippines etc take your pick.

    SYSBM forever and ever.

    1. SYSBM Forever,

      As I’ve stated above, at this stage the best way forward for black men with sense and intelligence is to squeeze the modern day black female out of their lives as much as is humanly possible. There are so many non Westernised foreign women who are open to giving black men the love, care, attention, support and affection that’s severely lacking in these disjointed black witches.

      As I’ve stated before, most black men don’t have the nuts to walk away(which is the only way black women will change), we can’t afford to worry about those guys, it’s all about getting the message out to those black men who have eyes to see and ears to hear.

      There are so many spineless black men like the Dailyrapupcrew who are willing to stick it out through thick and thin with a group of females who don’t even like them. Oh well, that foolish move is on them, NEVER me.

  3. No need for me to waste my time on talking points while on vacation in Spain, Majorca, also known as Mallorca.

    Only one demographic group sold their own people to other races of people during slavery.

    Black slaves to Arab Islam religion.

    Black slaves to western Christianity religion.

    Black slaves to Jewish religion.

    Both black men and black females were also slave owners.

    The colonial powers only exposed how most black people are politically and economically compared to other non white groups.

    Just enjoying myself on 36°c heat outside by the swimming pool during the day.

    Most tourists in my hotel resort are British.

    Over 15 million people from Britain went on holiday to spain last year.

    Next year, I’m planning my next trip to Eastern Europe in Slovenia.

    I will observe white Slovenian women to potentially find a quality white girlfriend.

    1. Wittexton Witwijf,

      I’m currently visiting a friend in the US at the moment, this is why I posted this article so late. I’m so happy to see young brothers like yourself continuing to exploring the world, getting in much needed sunlight and expanding on your dating options not only past black women but also defective Western women in general.

      I do like Spain because you’re guaranteed good weather especially in the south. I was in Mallorca back in March 2020, I returned just as the Convid-1984 scamdemic/plandemic kicked off. Brits are the number one tourists who visit Spain.

      Enjoy your holiday bro, I know that you’re not worried about the fraudulent and backwards comments of any black sirens. Looking forward to the day when you finally announce the acquisition of your non Westernised white girlfriend. #SYSBMFORLIFE

  4. SYSBM: I wanna make your body melt!
    White sugar honey: Make it melt like butter!

    When I saw the clip of the black woman saying if you get pregnant by a black man and found out it’s a boy never have a son, it really goes to show that black men should know their enemy and it’s the ratchet black woman. Not the good black woman which is hard to find. But the brown skin chick is right. Black men need to build a legacy.

    The best thing for black men is to dating non black women or get their passport and go overseas to look for a woman to wife up. I know that women from the west are fucked in the head but if a man wants to find a woman in the west, then I’m not stopping him, just to make sure that he raises his standards.

    Hey, keep your white sugar honey safe all the time as these ghetto ratchet scraggle daggles are coming after non black women.


  5. Verbs 2015.

    I am SYSBM for life man and I walked away from the black community and black women all the way back in October 1998 as a 16 year old. I am now 41 and I am only interested in dating beautiful childfree Turkish women, Turkish Cypriot women, Greek women, Greek Cypriot women, White women with brown eyes and Indian women so that I can create my own nuclear family with them from scratch. 🇹🇷🇬🇷🇨🇾🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿🇮🇳

    1. Bro, I completely ENVY you. To have such wisdom and foresight at 16 years old, is absolutely amazing. We are the exact same age. Only if I had known….

    2. Quincy Fitzpatrick,

      Living daggle free is always the best way forward, the so called black community is a mess and has been that way for a long time. It’s interesting to sit back and watch those black men who still date black women going absolutely nowhere in their aims to bring black women “back to the table” so to speak. Men are NEVER supposed to negotiate with women, we make the rules, women choose to follow us or go their own separate ways, it’s that simple. I look forward to the day when you’ll have your quality non black female stargate.

  6. The gaslighting and SIGN Language are strong with this one; also, the White male worship knows no bounds! I would love to hear her explain in detail exactly how Black men are conquered worldwide; also, if she keeps running into these “conquered” Black males, what does that say about her? Sounds like she’s apart of that conquered class herself, aside from her heavy use of makeup, fake lashes, and the blonde hair to make her look like a victim of Marilyn Monroe Beta kitten programming; also, that condescending language she used is indicative of her bedwench mentality.

    Now, to further dismantle this “Black man are conquered” shaming tactic, I shall once again bring up the late Patrice O’Neal; Patrice once stated that men compete with each other mentally, while women compete with each other physically. With that said, who is really the conquered one when Black men make White men (and the scraggle daggle) uncomfortable when they are in relationships with White women? This video is a feeble attempt to shame Black men into building for the communitah; I’ll cut this rant short and just say SYSBM till the casket drops!

    1. Exactly. She looks like the “conquered” one to me. I don’t see any black man walking around trying to physically look like white males, if anything it’s the opposite. She really thought she was saying something with that wack ass Viola Davis speech all the while looking a struggle brown version of Betty Boop lmao. FOH.

      All she’s doing is shouting rhetoric and whatever she thinks sounds good, yet when black men come together to build something, black women are literally the first to destroy it.

  7. This ranting, strong-nostriled black heffa Tonya TKO was living in her car at one point, yet BM are “conquered.” Does blond hair happen naturally in African-American females? Who’s “conquered” again? LOL. I wonder who exactly she is yelling at. All these “conquered,” loser niggas were raised by SINGLE BLACK FEMALES ALONE. They said they could raise boys into men BY THEMSELVES. They alienated the dads who wanted to be in their boys’ lives while letting Thuggo come hit at 2 am. So here are the fruits of their labor, fuck ’em.

    Notice only those in inferior positions are crying about “coming together.” What they mean is “coming together” with your resources. Don’t fall for these masculine, socialist heffas.

    Productive Black Men, get your passports and SYSBM.

  8. Here goes the old ‘BM are defeated and conquered’ which comes from Cynthia G’s talking point.

    The reason why BM in America are losers, conquered and defeated because of these females signed up to the welfare as Verbs stated. I also blame the elder simps such as Umar Johnson as he wants BM to be submissive and loyal to these feminist BM. Also blame these hotep simps who keep on putting these 304s on the pedestal.

    As for building, thinking brothers are building, but not for the BW, nor for the communitah. BM will build for themselves and if other race of females such as foreign women comes to the brothers to tag along, these females will snag these BM. But that is piss off the BW because they want black men at the finish line, however other women will meet them half way so these BW will lose to other women anyway.

    Also as Schadenfreude said in old comments ‘Black Women complain about how Black Men do not build, but they do not respect blue collar men’.

    Also MadbusDriver said: ‘BM are leaders, not negotiators’. Which is referred to these black manosphere who spend time on the YouTube panels negotiate with these liberal feminist females.

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