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This cleavage showing black Jezebel Chasity Soules is at it once again with the lies and deception, this video is super rich coming from a black woman, the same group of females who openly declare their love for thug Negroes and Chad while at the same time proudly mocking, ridiculing, disparaging, berating and laughing at productive brothers.

Don’t believe this disingenuous black siren, black women in particular and women in general know exactly what type of men they allow to access them from the rip, this talk about the men switching it up in the middle of the relationship, these 304s already knew what was coming.

There are plenty of good men available(who these Western women know about and are full aware of), yet these depraved harriets purposely home in for the top 20% of guys who already have a roster of women on rotation.

Remember, these are the same women who talk about wanting “thrills” and “excitement” in their relationships, therefore they deliberately home in on the men who are going to give them the rollercoaster ride they desire.

Gentlemen, don’t fall for this “we don’t know what these guys are like at the beginning” Kansas City shuffle because once these heifers are ran through, used up and rinsed out with 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10 children deep, they sure know what type of men to come after hoping those same guys will “step up” and provide them with the cleanup man/janitorial services they so desperately need, smh:

Meanwhile in other news, I’m sure you guys by now have heard about the loud mouth, weave wearing black siren from Houston who was recently arrested in Dubai for shouting in public:

Black women in particular and Western women in general are going to learn very quickly that non Westernised countries will NOT tolerate their sassy, “I can do whatever I want to do and say whatever I want to say” attitude in their lands.

Western women need to check their dysfunctional Western mannerisms at the door of the aircraft in their home countries BEFORE visiting non Western regions or alternatively refuse to heed the warnings, step out of line and learn a lesson the very hard way.

Another Open Mic Wednesday is here, What’s on your minds for this week brothers? You’ve got the floor gents, roll that dice. #SYSBM™

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Stay Individual(In Your Mind)

Most High Bless

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17 thoughts on “Free Topic/Open Mic Wednesday!

  1. The more black females locked up in prison, the better it is for society as a whole.

    I wish anglophone nations had the same backbone to not tolerate nonsense like UAE.

    When I visited Abu Dhabi and Dubai in February 2023, I knew exactly why westerners are going there.

    Tourism, income tax free haven and hot weather near a desert.

    Anglophone nations are wastelands when it comes to dating.

    Wastelands where no decent man can live in to build a future family in.

    This is why from next year on, I will travel to Eastern Europe every year.

    I might travel to spain once a year to naturally receive Vitamin D from the sun.

    If I travel out of Europe again, I would only do that with my future white girlfriend.

    1. Eastern Europe is the truth my brother. I plan to visit more countries in that region in 2024.

  2. Speaking of BWs who think they can go abroad and do whatever they want, has anyone seen this yet:

    The words out this grown woman’s mouth were literally “if someone tells me not to do something, then unfortunately I go do that thing!”


    Now they JUST told her in plain english that bringing in food from outside the hotel is against the rules, but of course, in typical black female defiance, she goes and does it again anyway and exacerbates the situation instead of taking the L. They think this type of defiance is cute and always have this need to be right no matter what the circumstances are.

    This is why they’re always getting in trouble and why we as black men can never build anything with them.

    1. I’ve never heard of not being able to bring outside food into a hotel, especially if the hotel has no kitchen or restaurant. Sounds like an “I’m white and I say so” rule they pulled out of their ass. These black female solo traveler are easy pickin’s for racist intimidation because people know that she has no man to protect her.

      I was wondering why she was in Italy by herself anyway until I remembered that it’s the mythical place where Italian men “love black (read: African-American) women” LOL.

      If she had heeded the rule and not brought food in, they would have made up something else to harass her. If she was traveling with a man, they wouldn’t have tried it.

      Bottom line is these daggles think they can copy us and be “Passport Hoes” to disastrous results. Other countries do not coddle these black bitches like America does, they’re learning this the hard way.

      1. I never heard that rule either and suspect they were on some b.s., but my point still stands.

        Common sense and a risk assessment would tell her that if she’s alone in a foreign place, escalating the situation needlessly and potentially putting herself in danger isn’t the best course of action. Choose your battles.

        She admitted she’s generally disobedient, so if she’s in someone’s home and lights up a cigarette and they suddenly decide to enforce a no smoking policy, is she gonna light another one up to prove a point or simply get up and leave if she doesn’t like the rules? Black women keep giving people an excuse by always acting out in rebelliousness, then expects everyone to clean up their mess and help out when it gets out of hand.

        1. “Common sense and a risk assessment would tell her that if she’s alone in a foreign place, escalating the situation needlessly and potentially putting herself in danger isn’t the best course of action.”

          Common sense? Risk assessment? We’re talking about a Black American Female here, man.

  3. The only reason any single woman goes to Dubai, is to sell sex. Arab men in general have zero game. But those with money will eagerly purchase sex.

    Dubai’s reason for existing is to be a sin city get away for wealthy Saudi, Kuwati, and Emerati men.

    While Instagram model type women from Eastern Europe make tens of thousands in a weekend, doing things like the ‘Dubai Porta Potty’ act, the black scraggle daggle does the same for relative peanuts.

  4. BW breaking rules and behaving badly overseas

    Their reputation is on full display for the rest of the world to see. Deservedly so.

    Sponsored by L Express – Delivery in 30 minutes or the next L is free. Worldwide. 24x7x365.


  5. Priceless comment: “you put a B-Woman on an iceberg alone in Antarctica she’ll start a fight.”


  6. Good Open Topic Wednesday afternoon,

    Almost a week ago, a local television television station in my area held a ‘STOP the Violence Town Hall’. Take a guess which ethnic group in the community was pretty much singled out? (Full town hall video.)×630+40+0/resize/640×360!/format/webp/quality/90/?×630.jpg

    “She’s focused on stopping community violence in Richmond: ‘I just refuse to believe this narrative’ “

    It’s a coincidence because nearly 30 years earlier, another local television station here held a similar town hall called ‘Facing the Violence’ on July 19th, 1994. (0:00:00-0:00:21 (promo))

    What’s the point of saving said blk urban communities that never had a chance to begin with since communism and socialism took over?

  7. My evening got ruined big time. I accidentally press the following button on and unfollowed. My week was difficult and I’m thinking about taking some time off with the blogging thing you get me. Getting too much stress going through my head and I’m goanna be 42 and I need that shit. Bareback Fountain must be happy while he’s getting back blown out!

    But anyway, with the three videos I saw, I’m just thinking that the good black woman is getting much rarer then before because that we see more and more of these ratchets on these streets. And black men look at this and going to women in other races.

    Hey, keep your white sugar honey safe at all times as these ghetto ratchet scraggle daggles are coming non black women.


  8. By the way, I notice all the weaveheads and their (mainly) American simp lackeys are once again being all giddy over a ‘passport bro’ taking an L:

    Apart from black simps, bdubs would be lucky to get a man from any other country to say hi to them, much less be in a relationship. They’ve been taking Ls themselves lately, so I guess they feel this counteracts all of that. They see that more and more black men are waking up and rightfully distancing themselves from them and have other options, so when a video like this comes out it’s as if christmas came early for them and they feel like they got one over on us.

    I expect it from them, but what kills me are the black men who they don’t even care about giggling along and celebrating it. Black men can never be on code or stick together for shit. They literally relish in other black men suffering some kind of misfortune, meanwhile the black female coven back each other up no matter what.

    Bdubs need to be more concerned about that fat liar Carlee Russell which is something that affects them directly rather than some man who went overseas and made a poor choice in a woman. They already don’t get taken seriously as it is and she just made it much harder for them when one actually does get abducted and there’s even less black men around (including “lames”) to “protect” them….

    1. Let’s establish first that this clip is from a reality TV program; Passport Bros is not reality TV! Did this man declare himself to be a Passport Bro? I wonder how many different episodes they poured through to find this one unsavory clip of a cultural misunderstanding between a Vietnamese woman and an African American man to paint the movement with a broad brush, whereas you hardly have to move a muscle to find damning evidence of the stragg’s bad behavior.

  9. Happy Open Mic Wednesday! So, Chasity Soules spent 1:36 deflecting from the point of the comment she had on screen: most men are single and childless, so what the heck is she going on about? Yes, Black women DO choose poorly, and they continue to expose their poor decision making everyday! As for that stragg in Dubai, she played a stupid game, and she won her stupid prize; Abdul doesn’t play that ghetto quean stuff in his country. Another L for the Black sisterhood of failure!

  10. Chasity Soules talks about red flags – she IS the embodiment of a walking RED FLAG. She has more red flags than a parade in a communist country.


  11. Chasity Soules has already sold her soul out to feminism a long time ago.

    As for men changes or flip flop during relationship from good to bad.
    This does happen, not how she describes how she say how men feel like it

    This happen during circumstances where men has no control of nature. Such as economy, company structure which affect your job such as pay rise or downgrade, redundancy which causes unemployment. Health can change a man.
    That is how this works.

    The problem with Chasity ‘Sold out’ Soules is she is not use to good thinking brothers because she do not know how to deal with them and those thinking men will never deal with the women like her anyway.

    As for this BW arrested in Dubai, this community activist simp Quanell X is full of shit when he is trying to cape for this 304 about she is innocent because she is a women. Listen here simp activist, you do not play this liberal shit in those countries which she did. I been told that that country is like haven there, but they do not play this feminism crap there. Obey and respect their culture and laws. Simple.

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