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There’s NOTHING Wrong With The Red Pill!

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Nope, not at all. True Red Pill men now realise that most Western women are complete knuckleheads who have nothing constructive to say nor anything of true worth and value to bring to the conversation, this is why women should NOT be invited into, have any interactions or say in men’s discussions.

Additionally, the Red Pill is all to do with the raw truth of how the world actually works and making adjustments within that framework whereas feminists want the world to completely revolve around them and desire any changes necessary in order to make that happen(delusion).

There’s nothing wrong with the Red Pill philosophy, as with any movement that gains popularity especially those that seek to place men back into their authoritative position as leaders, at some point such movements are going to be flooded with merchants looking to make a quick buck as well as Judas goats and paid Agent Smiths sent in by various government agencies who’ll be waiting for the right opportunity to strike.

SYSBM™ saw the same on a smaller scale when we had our mini moment in the spotlight at the end of 2019, beginning of 2020. Every Tom, Dick and Harry was claiming to be SYSBM™ or was using the hashtag #SYSBM in order to garner clicks, likes, views and attention.

We also had a load of Agent Smiths who rolled in, some as individuals who would start engaging in goofy nonsense and label it as SYSBM as well as others being well placed detractors whose job it was to call out the well placed “goofies” with the aims of smearing, besmirching and defaming the lifestyle.

Unfortunately for them it didn’t work because we already had the SYSBM Tenets in place, therefore any questionable actions that the goofies and detractors claimed were part of SYSBM™ could and were quickly shut down via reference to the tenets.

The insider infiltration technique is a CIA, MI5, MI6, MOSSAD 101 tactic that has been around for many years. Anything that could possibly derail the current trajectory the powers that be want the world to travel in ie down to Hell in a hand basket must be infiltrated, sabotaged, ruined and destroyed.

This is what you see them trying to do with the Red Pill philosophy at the moment, however unfortunately for them they’ll fail miserably because the IDEA will remain regardless of what attacks they launch against any true Red Pill men.

The main issue most women like Sadia Khan have with the Red Pill is the fact that it causes men to focus on themselves FIRST, therefore, women like her cannot get the mountain loads of attention they’ve been lavished with for many years in the same way.

A Red Pilled man is more than willing to give a woman attention and validation, HOWEVER this is to be done under HIS rules, HIS regulations, HIS terms and HIS conditions, this is the part that these leftist harpies don’t like and one of the main reasons why they label the Red Pill as so called “toxic”.

The Red Pill isn’t complicated, it’s simply the truth, something that most females in the developed world cannot handle which is yet another reason why most Western women despise the movement.

Additionally, we already know that women hate men who have standards, the Red Pill by default causes men of worth to REJECT women who don’t meet a reasonable quality.

This is yet another reason why Western women as a collective hate the Red Pill, most women in the West subscribe to slut culture which automatically disqualifies them from being considered for long term relationships. Take a look at this clip below:

Having one main woman while dicking down others is NOT Red Pill, this is what’s called Hedonism. I’ve noticed that a sizeable number of men in the manosphere who are claiming the Red Pill have also been attempting to attach their hedonistic ideas to the movement.

A well seasoned Red Pill veteran understands that a man who claims dedication to one woman yet has no problems dicking down others is living a hedonistic lifestyle, NOT a Red Pilled one.

You cannot claim to be dedicated to a woman if you’re putting your penis into other females, that’s an oxymoron. Dedication in itself means commitment especially when children are involved.

It’s one thing to be a single man and decide that because of the West’s ruined dating market, any women you interact with will be for pleasure purposes only, it’s a completely different story to have children by a woman but then be stepping out every time you’re away from her and feel aroused.

To be honest, any woman who would accept such a disjointed arrangement is openly demonstrating just how little she respects herself, her body and her children.

The woman(Lila Rose) was right and she knew it, that’s why she smiled when Justin Waller stated that it was none of her business. This is the problem when you embrace janky philosophies, you can easily be slipped out of your masculine frame and become stuck very quickly when you run into somebody asking the real questions that matter.

Brothers, traditional masculinity and classic manhood are both under heavy attack now more than ever, certain wealthy individuals desire to bring a new world into fruition, one where you’ll have absolutely no rights whatsoever, where you’ll literally be a slave.

They cannot do this if men hold onto their masculine frame and refuse to relinquish their rightful authority as leaders over to women(who by the way are more than happy to work hand in glove with the State in their efforts to take down men).

Hold onto your masculinity at all costs, never allow women to shame you into voluntarily emasculating yourselves, most certainly NEVER allow any women to do the same under any circumstances.

Gentlemen, it’s time to lay down the law and clean house for good, just as we true SYSBM™ practitioners have concluded that the back and forth conversations with black women are fruitless and a complete waste of time, the same policy must also be applied to ALL women who refuse to slide into our program.

Set the standards and DO NOT compromise on them, if a female is willing to be down with your program, great, if she’s not, kick the dust off your feet and move on until you find one who has no problems cooperating. If you have to go international in order to find such a woman, SO BE IT. #SYSBM™

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

SYSBM™ And The Red Pill Cannot Be Destroyed

Most High Bless

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14 thoughts on “There’s NOTHING Wrong With The Red Pill!

  1. The term red pill comes from matrix movie.

    Whoever invented this term knew something ahead of its time.

    It seems like 85% of women in anglo nations will be single for the rest of their lives.

    My only option is a white girlfriend in non anglo societies.

    1. But they’re strong and independent. They’ve got this! 🙂


    2. Wittexton Witwijf,

      I know you don’t like them but it was originally a black woman who invented the entire Matrix idea, the Wachowski brothers stole the idea from her and made the first 3 movies. In a rare turn of events a black female actually did something good for once. She was also responsible for the Terminator concept as well:

  2. Exellent article Verbs.

    Even women themselves don’t have a coherent concept of what feminism means.

    Substandard women use feminism to escape being held to standards, while engaging in untethered hypergamy.

    Unattractive women use feminism to shame men for finding them unattractive.

    Stupid women don’t use feminism for anything. On the contrary, they allow disingenuous feminists to use them to promote agendas they never signed on to.

  3. Verbs 2015.

    The Red Pill is the best thing to ever happen in mankind in 2023. SYSBM is the best thing to ever happen to black men in the history of this planet and I am proud to be a childfree SYSBM black man who is Red Pilled at the same time.

    1. Quincy Fitzpatrick,

      As you always say, I fully agree with your bro. It feels good to rest in the truth and not be a mindless zombie like most people on this planet.

  4. SYSBM: The bottle of the red wine is dripping.
    White sugar honey: I’m dripping too!

    The red pill comes from the movie the Matrix, one of the greatest Sci Fi action thrillers of all time since Terminator 2. I don’t know why both movies never got nominated for the Best Picture Oscar. You see guys, the red pill is reality and truth while the bill pill is deceit and deception.

    When you are with a woman that is not high value and she doesn’t agree with your opinion, don’t argue with her. There are some women doesn’t have the intelligence to know anything. As you see the western women, it really goes to show why men especially black men are getting their passports and leaving.

    And dicking other women is not red pill. That is just being a gyaliss, you get me? There are a lot of bill pill simps out there and they are coming after men who has an opinion. And we do have more and more blue pill simps around.

    I’m just goanna have something to drink on this bank holiday.

    Hey, keep your white sugar honey safe at all times as these ghetto ratchet scraggle daggles are coming after non black women.


  5. did you all know that the matrix creators are transgenders and admitted that the red pill is related to transgenderism?

    and FYI many of these red pill content creators are chronically single, hypocrites, liars, had failed relationships with women etc.

    before 2020 many red pillers was good they give good advice and self improvement, only be with women that show interests in your etc. today it get so bad that Andrew Tate and his brother are distancing themselves from the movement

    1. They stole it from a black woman and put their own spin on it 🤷🏿‍♂️

    2. Beat Man,

      I’m not buying into any of this because we have to remember that the Matrix concept was originated by a black woman who they had to pay a substantial amount of money to for stealing her idea. She never mentioned anything about the idea having tranny undertones plus when the Wachowski brothers made and released the film in 1999, they weren’t dressing up as women:

      I agree with commenter FireLord Trill, they’re just trying to be “woke” like everybody else and put a new propaganda spin on it to appease the LGBTQP+ alphabet crew.

  6. As you have stated, there’s nothing wrong with the Red Pill; the issue is now we have certain men who have snaked their way in and turned the whole philosophy on its head to where men now trauma bond over the ills of society, modern dating, and women no longer being wife material. Others have even made merchandise of the red pill, using it as a means of growing their own YouTube channels and making money; all of the detractors of the red pill will point to these things and say that they are no different to feminism when these same folks haven’t even looked at the Red Pill space from its origins.

    We’ve seen a similar development within the Black Manosphere where, when Black men came together to organize, talk about progress, and share valuable information with each other, all of a sudden certain Black men come on the scene and try to steer us back to the plantation to deal with the scraggle daggle and even allowed the daggle entry into the space; we need an official set of tenets for the Red Pill so that brothers can know for sure where they stand on the matter. Maybe that will help to shut down the video essay crowd who try to get clicks off of discussions about something they’re ignorant about.

  7. Time for my “Mister Mouthful”

    I am going to deep into this Red Pill:

    We all know about the history of the Red Pill and how this works.

    However I am going to explain the stages of the Red Pill we all go through.

    Pre-Stage – Red-Pill Rage:
    This is when you take the Red Pill for the 1st time you get to see the reality of things such as understanding women’s nature. When you go through the Pre-stage aka the Red Pill Rage, we all experience hate, bitterness and we get all but-hurt. Why because the Truth and Reality hurts, that is how nature is, we all were full of hate and bitter because we experience what is world and the reality see because we were taught at young age all the liberal Bull Shit and the Red Pill is a wake up call. This Rage is equivalent to dealing with a Con-Artist, you know they were cool with you and whey they were close to you, they screw you ovr and stab you in the back. That is how Red Pill Rage works.

    Stage 1 – Understanding Women’s nature:
    Once you get pass the Red Pill Rage, you spend time understanding women’s nature and how they are. Especially in the West because we all how rigged the dating scene is. Understand the legal system such as Child Support, Marriage, Divorce, dating, all of them, thought time, you start to understand how they work and how they manipulate the system and men.
    In this stage, once you master female nature, you start to acknowledge where they stand and loyalty lies, e.g. Swirlers/Divestors.
    You no longer have the hate, but you start to understand them and then you can start avoiding these bad females.

    Stage 2 – Understanding yourself:
    The more you understand female nature, the more you learn about yourself.
    You must be thinking ‘What you mean by the more you learn about female, the more you learn about yourself?’
    The answer is simple: We all look back on how we grew up, how we all taught about showing moral values to women which is good. However we all have to look back as we all use to be simps. We cannot hate ourselves for being a simps when we were young because we taught how to respect women in general, however what we all learn when we grew up that respecting the wrong types of females (304s, scraggle daggles, liberal feminist, ratchet types) will lead you into trouble, get shunned and disrespected just to be kind to them. Some cases, they take kindness for weakness.
    Basically saying, we all live and learn from the past. Then we learn how to better ourselves.

    Stage 3 (Last Stage) – Improving yourself:
    Once you understand female nature and understanding about yourself, then you can now focus on how to build on yourself, such as hobbies, what type of job you want to do. Be masculine by keeping fit, improve financial wellbeing. Travel if you can.
    Stop thinking about women, women are not your end goal in life, if you better yourself, you will find better ones and foreign ones.
    Some of the SYSBM tenants here will guide you.

    That is how Red Pill stages works.

    Now to this topic:

    Unfortunately, you have the Black Manosphere uses the Red-Pill to get the worst type of women.
    I do get what is Asian female saying from the video because most guys still on the Red Pill Rage and they cannot get over women. Most of them are Black-Piller who keep on hating on females and they have not acknowldge female nature. Then you have these fake-passport bros using a Passport as a Weapon against BW and they do not even travel themselves.
    The problem is these Black-Pillers just want do deal with the 304s and even Madbusdriver said it himself on why are they still debating with these Western Women? They are not going to change, leave them, travel and go elsewhere, these western females are not worth it.

    I am to put a quote from the old-school MGTOW and a message to SYSBM practitioners here on why modern western females hate the Red-Pill:

    “Yes, red pill rager’s comments are harsh as fuck without lube or warning. They have good reason to use mean comments. Most of us have lived under programmed inferiority our entire lives and that state of mind cost us a lot of trouble and pain. When a man discovers his true value later in life, he begins to see how his virtues were used as a weapon against him. He sees how his natural need to sacrifice for women was used by women to destroy his own rights, self confidence, and opportunities. It’s a harsh reality to wake up within. It’s an entire shift of worldview and that never comes without pain.”

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