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Body Count Still Matters – Get Over It!

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It really doesn’t matter how Western women attempt to wangle out of the fact that most have sold their chastity/purity down the river for a measly 2 pieces of silver, promiscuous women will ALWAYS be frowned upon and ultimately be rejected when it comes down to long term relationships, there is NOTHING they can say or do to change this, NOTHING.

In 2023 it’s truly comical listening to and watching the verbal and mental gymnastics of women who’ve squandered their chastity, they know once it’s gone they can NEVER get it back, hence their current overdrive mission to have men NOT look at nor hold them accountable for making such reckless decisions.

Notice how weave wearing, cake faced, liberal, feminist harriets such as Chasity Soules refuse to talk about the emotional and psychological baggage and damage that’s commonly associated with women who have high body counts(as far as I’m concerned, as soon as any woman has slept with more than 2 men, she’s now entered whore territory), nope, they won’t touch this side of the conversation which is much more important and has further reaching implications as opposed to a vagina’s elasticity.

Yep, these western women are out here in full force still trying their utmost to peddle themselves off as quality goods, while at the same time having had no problems performing village bicycle services to any and every man that’s passed by, smh.

The best type of women to be in relationships with are the ones who are either virgins or those where very very few men(preferably 2 or less) have had access to them.

Most women in the West unfortunately have lost this concept, instead they’ve chosen to subscribe to and execute the tenets of feminism while at the same time fully embracing a path of decadence, reprobation and debauchery proudly venturing down 304 Avenue.

Things that are rare where only a small select number of individuals can get a hold of them are seen as more valuable vs things that every Tom, Dick and Harry has easy access to.

I really don’t understand how these women out here can count themselves as “valuable” while actively jumping on every penis they can allowing Chad, Brad and Tyrone maximum access.

This is the delusional pervasive degenerate female mindset that unfortunately in 2023 and beyond haunts Western culture and one of the major reasons why more Western men are choosing to get their passports and travel to countries where the women as a collective still embrace a traditional mentality and adhere to customs of the same.

More men are going to have to face the grim reality that Western women are deeply contaminated, they’re not interested in raising a family and keeping their legacy/family tree in continuance.

Instead they simply want to be doted on like royalty ie have the luxury of living a hedonistic, materialistic/superficial lifestyle to the fullest while at the same time reciprocating NOTHING in the man’s direction.

One clear as day outward manifestation of Western women’s gradual psychological and mental decline as a result of their prolific promiscuity is so many of these females listening to each other(instead of learned and wise men) on top of prattling off the worst advice imaginable.

In my history on this planet, I’ve never seen so many calamitous, scatter brained women picking up mics and getting in front of cameras literally running their mouths talking undiluted babble and outlandish folly which they then further delude themselves into believing is wisdom from on high because no man is there to chastise, check and correct the nonsense(remember, they’re strong and independent, they don’t need men, they can do bad all by themselves).

Gentlemen, once again always maintain your standards in the women that you choose and never allow these wandering harpies to shame you into doing otherwise.

Additionally it should be noted that a woman who has slept with a large number of men is going to find it very difficult to pair bond with any man, observe how many women out here in the West are single and you’ll begin to understand at least one of the reasons why this is the case.

Don’t listen to this delusional black siren above, she’s clearly lost. Women who sleep around for sure are tainted and outside of recreational use should be avoided at all costs.

We didn’t even mention the science of dna retention(6-7 years) associated with women who allow random men to ejaculate inside of them(yet another reason why there are so many mentally disjointed females walking these Western streets).

Brothers, as per SYSBM Tenet Number 3, be wise and be very careful concerning the woman you choose to take onboard, always keep the quality high and never be afraid to cut loose any females who fall short of reasonable standards.

Finally, unlike a man, the majority part of a woman’s value IS predicated on her purity, the more sexually active she is, the lower her value. This standard will NEVER change no matter how much women complain, shout from the rooftops, bang their pots, pans, march in the streets as well as attempt to debate the topic. Body count still matters, get over it. SYSBM™

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Contaminated Women Must Always Be Ignored And Rejected

Most High Bless

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36 thoughts on “Body Count Still Matters – Get Over It!

    1. Brendan Dubalos,

      Appreciate the kind words bro, it’s time to clean house and give women a long needed reality check, one that men have been forced to face from the very beginning.

  1. You notice that these so-called 304 always use these self-righteous Christian terms such as ‘Chasity Soules’ meaning ‘Chastity Soul’. They all talk biblical when there are complete opposite of them.

    I agree that these females think this is about physical attraction when it comes to body count. No it is more Emotional, spiritual and mentally because of Pair-Bonding. In reality they will never experience genuine men because they stay away from these 304s anyway.

    I remember late KS stated that the Baby-Daddy is more the prize when the females becomes single mother because he got her knocked up, this is the reason why Kevin always advice single mothers to get back with their kid’s bio dad because these single mothers know very well that some top thinking BM will never accept single mothers and never play step dad/cuck.

    Also these single mothers really belive in their deluded mind that they are more valuable then women with no kids.

    These are the same 304s hating on men who are virgins because western/modern females hates virgin men. I seen many MGTOW/Red-pill videos interviewing normal western women and they find men who are in their 20’s or 30’s who are virgins are 100% turn off and unattractive, even the man is well discipline morally.
    This demonstrates that they are use to being 304s and want men with experience.

    1. MMT,

      As I’ve been stating for a while now, most women in the West have turned into hedonistic, superficial, materialistic savages who are only living for the moment and nothing more.

      Where once upon a time most young girls and younger women used to dream about one day having their fathers walk them down the aisle into the hands of their future husband at their wedding, today most of these Western females are more concerned about building up their Instagram/Onlyfans followings and getting as much free attention and validation from as many strange men as they can than they are about being involved in committed relationships and starting a family.

      These modern day women refuse to be shown via explanation that their value has plummeted deep into the sewers due to innumerable reasons, therefore they’ll have to be shown that they’re worth nothing via the action of abandonment instead.

      Most black women will remain loyal to 304 Avenue until they hit the grave, they’ll continue to get knocked up by 12 Gauge Mike, Slim Sauce, Trap House Jim, Roof Top Trey and Field Mouse.

      Equally in their delusion they’ll fully expect the “educated lames” and the “squares” to step up and take care of children that aren’t biologically theirs. No thanks, I’m good, I’ll pass.

      1. Chasity Soules,

        Lol. I see you’re continuing with the verbal gymnastics still attempting to wangle a high body count as something that should not be taken seriously:

        That’s not going to happen, additionally it’s further noted that you still refuse to deal with the mental and psychological impact on women who choose to live a whore’s lifestyle.

        Men of value aren’t going to take a woman with a high body count seriously, trying to shame them into doing otherwise isn’t going to work either.

        Lastly, remove that weave, the heavy makeup and the fake eyelashes Chasity, give your scalp and your face some much needed rest.

        1. What you fail to understand(because you’re unintelligent, uneducated and insecure) is a decent man wouldn’t care to even ask how many men a woman has been with. Men don’t ask that question. You should ask a woman if she has ever been asked that, and I guarantee she will say no. That question is something low life internet trolls use to scare women into submission.

          I am not trying to shame men into doing anything. They should do what they want, and the same goes for women. My message in that video is about respect, not about brain washing men into accepting someone they don’t want to accept. I know that’s a hard concept for you to understand, but I’m not surprised that you missed the point being as you’re a misogynistic imbecile.

          Lastly, maybe if you would take the time understand and respect women, they would actually give you the time of day. Because no man who actually has any success with women, would be on the internet crying about a total stranger’s body count. Again, stay mad and lonely.

          1. Chasity Soules,

            Back again huh, lol. Your shaming and insulting techniques do not change any of the facts surrounding this particular topic. Allow me to take you back to school.

            Look, the witchcraft and sorcery you and other sirens of your ilk are attempting to “weave” in your efforts to persuade men to take onboard whores/sluts isn’t working.

            More men are finally realising who they are, their true worth/value and in turn are rejecting the sub par standards females like yourself are bringing to the table.

            You clearly don’t seem to understand that while women control access to sex, men control access to relationships and marriage.

            Therefore, if a woman wants to be involved in a relationship with a QUALITY man, she MUST meet the terms, conditions, prerequisites and standards that HE has set out.

            From the beginning of time men have ALWAYS been deeply repulsed by loose, degenerate women, it’s hard wired into our DNA to reject such individuals, one of the main reasons for that is to ensure paternity.

            As I’ve stated before in other blog posts, whores indeed have their place, they are to be used accordingly, however the problem is in 2024, said whores are now trying to claim privileges, rights and benefits that are only bestowed upon women who are of quality girlfriend/wife material.

            Since most of you Western 304s love to lie the majority of the time, cannot be honest nor trusted to save your own lives, men are now having to resort to using other methods and techniques in establishing exactly what type of women they’re dealing with.

            Men who are worth their salt aren’t out here attempting to scare any women into anything yet alone submission, we’re simply separating the wheat from the chaff and setting reasonable relationship standards and boundaries that MUST be met and adhered to.

            There is no respect involved when as a woman you attempt to bring yourself to men of value knowing full well that you’ve allowed so many lesser males to freely clap your cheeks, fast not slow.

            Your lame attempts to label me as a misogynist aren’t working either, men rightfully should have serious problems with liberal, feminist whores who have already lost respect for themselves and who are trying their utmost to spread their lies, degenerate and decadent propaganda to others especially younger women.

            The overwhelming majority of you older liberal, lefty black harridans have become a curse and a pestilence upon society, you love leading the younger generations astray down a path of misery, death and destruction while at the same time pretending that said path is “empowering” and “liberating”.

            Respect is ALWAYS EARNED and self respecting men are NEVER going to give whores/sluts/304s access to relationships and marriage. You’re over here asking for respect yet your own sexual history as well as your social media profiles clearly demonstrate a serious lack of SELF RESPECT(and I’m NOT referring to your “loyalty tests” just to be clear).

            So now I’m insecure because I refuse to get involved in a relationship with a woman who has liberally been busting it wide open for strange men? At this stage the jokes literally right themselves.

            Women are free to venture down Jezebel Avenue and engage in whatever sexual exploits they please, however there are negative consequences that will always follow them for participating in that type of behaviour, one of the main ones is being rejected by the men they want for long term relationships.

            This is the real world we’re operating in, not the liberal, left leaning fantasy dimension that feminism as well as social media and the West have sucked you into.

            Finally, you’re out in Vegas which means you’re most probably selling your cooch for a fee. You talked about me being lonely(which I’m not), however I strongly suspect that you don’t have a man to claim as your own, that’s the price you pay for being a premium grade whore for hire.

            Deflection is a beast when it doesn’t produce the desired results you’re looking for. Class is dismissed.


            1. This weavehead hoe replies several months later lol.

              Women can have a list a mile long of all their standards and rules but men aren’t supposed to vet women in any way at all, OK.

              1. SYSBM Forever,

                Exactly, men having standards in the eyes of Western women is a cardinal sin especially when these hoes don’t qualify. I guess the weavehead Chasity is still in shock that there are actually men out here who refuse to be swooned in and mesmerised by her large milkers, fake hair and thick makeup. #SYSBM™

            2. Class dismissed? Class was only ever in session in your head, sweetie. “Back again?” isn’t the gotcha moment you think it is, seeing as you created an entire thread on this website about me. Which means you’re either obsessed, triggered or both. Spare me with the “I would never be obsessed with a whore like you” comment because we both know if you can’t have them, you insult them. Which is exactly the case now. And for the record, I would never.

              Men do not hold “access” to marriage. Delusional men like yourself have created that idea in their mind to feel a sense of control in a world full of women who don’t want them. The only way anyone would ever be with you is if they have low self esteem or they were forced against their will. A respectable woman would never be with a man who goes online and calls complete strangers whores. If she did, she’s just as delusional as you.

              I see I hit yet another trigger point when I called you lonely. You putting emphasis on me not having a man leads me to believe that you think women need men. You little boys want us to be scared of being single because you all are afraid of being single. The “lonely man” epidemic is so prominent because you men are insufferable, and women would rather be alone than slum it on your level. Y’all have to go overseas to find love—that is the magnitude of how unwanted and invaluable you all are.

              You knowing I live in Vegas means you’ve been stalking my videos and social media in general. It’s strange how much time, energy and investigation goes into someone you think so low of. Please stop lying to yourself—it’s embarrassing. Speaking of Vegas, I see you used the ol’ “if she lives in Vegas, she’s a hooker” line. How about this; if I sell sex, then you only have sex if you pay for it. See how that works? It’s unoriginal and lazy. Next.

              You passport bros use the same predictable copy and paste material because your brains can’t function beyond the mind of an elementary child. Your remarks don’t phase me. If anything, they bring me joy because I know I’m triggering you;)

              You despise women with a high body count—we get it. The solution to this is for you to simply engage with the women who adhere to your standards, and leave everyone else alone. Instead, you want to change the women who are out of your league, so that you can bring them down to your level where they are attainable. You insult people who have absolutely no bearing on your life. That is what I meant about respect. There is something to be said about you being bothered by people simply living their lives, which means you probably don’t have one.

              I guarantee you would not know the difference between a woman who has slept with 1 man versus a woman who has slept with 100. How can you tell? If your answer is that you could tell by the look or feel of her vagina—you should enroll in an anatomy class. If your answer is that you would simply ask her how many partners she has had—what if she lies? So how are you ever sure you’re getting truthful answers from these women? You have zero logical reasoning for your rhetoric besides simply being ignorant.

              My motive for the video was not to motivate women to be or not to be “whores.” It’s about women doing whatever is in their comfort level and advising against being shamed for that. Imagine crying and punching walls over a complete stranger making a video to promote liberation. That’s not normal. You are clearly controlling and abusive.

              You don’t respect women, because you don’t respect yourself. You want to make everyone feel as bad about themselves as you feel about yourself and I pity you for that. I hope you can start therapy and heal the wounds you have created for yourself.

              When someone doesn’t have a legitimate argument or enough intelligence to have an adult discussion, they always turn to bashing one’s appearance. If you would like to continue this conversation, please reach out to me on Instagram so I can actually validate that your appearance matches your personality. No need for me to give you my Instagram account because you already know it, being as you’ve been stalking it and my other social media accounts. I won’t read your response on here, so continue to throw a fit and talk to air.

              1. Chasity Soules,

                Since you won’t be reading my response, this comment will be aimed at educating the men who still recognise the need to call out and shame whores like yourself. That’s right, I created an article out of the decomposing garbage that was coming out of your mouth in the video posted above.

                Even after that lengthy comment you’ve written, you still have yet to deal with the emotional baggage, psychological trauma, STDs, physical wear and tear of the vagina, DNA retention from previous men, inability to pair bond etc that comes with women who have high bodycounts, smh.

                Just as you decided to throw your hat into the ring and put in your 2 cents regarding the bodycount subject, in like manner I decided to do the same in the form of deconstructing the rubbish you spewed.

                Nobody is obsessed with you over here, as you can see my last comment responding to yours was back in July 2023 when you called me an idiot in which I made my reply short and sweet.

                You’re the one who has chosen to return in February 2024, I haven’t been commenting on any of your TikTok videos nor your Instagram posts. YOU CHOSE TO RETURN HERE TO COMMENT, never forget that.

                The reason why you don’t believe that men hold access to marriage is because you’re constantly surrounded by weak blue pilled simps who just want to clap your cheeks, fast not slow. However, as you’re witnessing everyday in real time, men who are worth their salt are giving you an extremely wide berth because they DO NOT want to be associated with female trash.

                Respectable women don’t dress the way you do, nor do they comport themselves in a reprehensible manner as well as promote decadent and degenerate lifestyles. There’s absolutely no way that any man of value and substance would look at your social media and conclude that you’re a “respectable woman”.

                Additionally, respectable women aren’t online begging for clicks, likes, views and attention from strange men by constantly showing their cleavage at every opportunity that presents itself. You should’ve never raised the subject of respectable women because the image you portray is the complete and total opposite.

                Like I said before, you don’t have a man or at least not a man of value, you may have a load of simps that send you money as well as guys who pay you for extra recreational services, however as stated previously, no self respecting man who knows his worth is going to take you seriously, not now, not ever.

                You don’t know my status(single, in a relationship, married etc), you’re simply filibustering because you’ve finally run across men who are NOT impressed by your assets, who aren’t mesmerised and swooned in by your makeup and weave and who aren’t afraid to call your backside out for disseminating false information. We’re cut from a completely different cloth over here.

                It’s not that men are insufferable, the truth is entitled Jezebels like yourself are never satisfied and are constantly asking for more and more(even though you don’t qualify for anything you demand in the first place) while at the the same time reciprocating little to nothing in return.

                You have NOTHING of real substance and value to offer any man he can use to bring about improvements to his life. The only asset you have to fall back on is your used up, blown out, extremely high mileage vagina which at this stage isn’t worth a fart in a windstorm.

                I’m not stupid, you’re no different to the rest of these mincing, immoral 304s, you’re running the Las Vegas strip selling your ran through meat holster to whoever is willing to pay for it, you’re not fooling me or anybody else here in the slightest. It really didn’t require a lot of research and investigating to discover that you’re living in Vegas, like I said before, nobody is stalking you:


                If you want to sell your vagina to strange men on the Vegas strip then go ahead, nobody is stopping you from doing so, however don’t come over here and attempt to demand respect while living a lifestyle of degeneracy and reprobation that cannot command any respect whatsoever.

                I’m NOT a Passport Bro, I’m SYSBM™, however I fully support the Passport Bros in their endeavours to get away from whores like yourself and instead travel to non Westernised foreign countries where they can once again encounter NORMAL wholesome women.

                If my remarks weren’t phasing and triggering to you then you wouldn’t have spent so much time writing such a large essay as if you were completing an exam paper for university.

                Let’s deal with you personally, your ardent and militant defence of women being able to live life as they please(sexually), coupled with the way you dress, the way you talk as well as your behaviour are clear indications that your bodycount is astronomical.

                I don’t need to sleep with you to figure this out. Like I said before, since women like yourself are premium grade liars, men are now resorting to using other methods and techniques in order to determine exactly what type of women they’re dealing with.

                You need to get it right, I don’t respect dysfunctional females as well as whores, I have absolutely no problems with fit, feminine, friendly, functional, sexually disciplined women who have the ability to think and reason for themselves and who don’t take their cues and instructions from feminism as well as other knucklehead, low brow females on social media platforms especially TikTok.

                On the contrary, masculine men have always been repulsed by and called out whores and sluts for their transgressions, I have a lot of respect for myself, so much that like the respectable man that I am, I purposely give 304s such as yourself an extremely wide berth.

                I’ve NEVER appealed to women, I’ve always aimed my message at men(heterosexual free thinking black men) because women are a lost cause whenever they reside in an environment that coddles, exalts, worships and babies them.

                “I hope you can start therapy and heal the wounds you have created for yourself.”
                No problem, I hope that one day you’ll wake up, see the light and realise just how badly you’ve played yourself as well as sold yourself extremely short by merchandising your snatch on the Vegas strip for shekels, mites and pennies on the dollar.

                Nice try but my appearance has absolutely nothing to do with the conversation, the topic at hand is bodycount, I’ve simply pointed out your thick makeup, weave and constant cleavage display to illustrate that you’re insecure and no different from other black females as well as non black Western women.

                Note, I never said that you were ugly, I’m just not impressed with the way you’re out here hard begging for attention from complete strangers online. Where you’ll continue to lead women down a path of whoredom, over here I’m going to continue wisely advising black men to get their passports in order to escape the mire of filth, degeneracy and debauchery women like yourself have created and still continue to perpetuate. #SYSBM™

  2. Verbs 2015.

    I will never get into a long term relationship with a woman that has a really high body count. The only women that I will take seriously for a long term relationship if she has slept just with 3 men or less or if she is a virgin because she is less damaged and she can pair bond with me and she will also have a much positive view on long relationships.

    1. Quincy Fitzpatrick,

      These women out here in the West believe they’re men and thus can do things as men do, however we can see the serious fallout from women and their embrace of the decadent feminist culture. Women with high body counts are only useful for recreational purposes only, the saying “you cannot turn a hoe into a housewife” still remains prevalent, strong and true to this day.


  3. If a woman has a high body count but hasn’t got any kids, is she desirable or not?

    Some would argue yes and no.

    If she has had an abortion, she ain’t desirable at all.

    If she is a single mother, she ain’t desirable at all.

    Non anglo nations are the way forward for me when it comes to seeking a white girlfriend.

    I’ve never cared for non white women when it comes to dating, relationships, sex and marriage.

    1. Wittexton Witwijf,

      Women with high body counts are great for pleasure and recreational purposes, however they always must be rejected when it comes to anything long term. Many men have found out the hard way trying to forge 304s into long term companions.

      1. Matt M.

        This is your typical modern day black female, absolutely no decorum in her soul whatsoever. Just imagine the ruckus that would erupt if you tried to tell her that dress code was inappropriate for a graduation, enough said.

  4. I know a light skin woman who has five kids by five different men and slept with 13 different men, she asked me does body count matter and I said yes indeed it does. She slept with all pookies which she admitted on the day we met. They love street dudes. I don’t do horse trading.

    1. Robert Chavis,

      These pro black love proponents have their work cut out, they know that most black men who still like black women are going to have to settle for babymothers.

      The problem is most black women don’t like average black men, instead they either want Tyrone, Pookie or Skillet, a rapper, athlete or entertainer.

      The black love proponents such as Dr Umar “Gerbilface” Johnson have never come up with a solution to the above, how to match average black men with female counterparts who aren’t attracted to them.

  5. SYSBM: You got the wine ready.
    White Sugar Honey: Yeah, for tonight, hun!

    When a woman with glasses on, I expect her to be intelligent but this scraggle daggle who was chatting with the weave in her head trying to look like a white women, no! I do talk about women that have high body count but the thing is I call them ran thruz because they got ram through by the worthless men especially by the worthless white men who is taking her to the set for a scene of ghetto gaggers.

    When a woman say that he doesn’t want a woman that have loads of bodies, that means that he doesn’t want a woman that has slut herself with one man to another. Some of these women have children with men that had plowed them and take care of them by themselves. As we see these women like the hoe with the glasses, when they get older they suddenly looking for a good man. But then when the good man especially a good black men sees a used up woman, he is not taking his chances.

    Hey, keep your white sugar honey safe at all times as these ghetto ratchet scraggle daggles are coming after non black women.


    1. Money Cultural,

      The stragg above specialises in “loyalty tests”, you can check out her collection in the link above. Of course the black siren had to put her Instagram to private because she been catching some serious heat. I don’t condone cheating in any form, however being cake faced up to the hilt wearing white women’s hair is also deceiving.

  6. These liberal hoes like “Chasity” (and the queers and trannies they enable) are at war with the basic laws of nature and biology lol. It would be sad if it wasn’t so stupid. YES, YOUR TWAT GETS LOOSER WITH EACH NEW DICK. YES, YOUR DICK GETS SMALLER THE LESS YOU USE IT. NO, MEN DO NOT WANT RAN-THROUGH GOODS. YES, WOMEN WANT EXPERIENCED, SEXUALLY CONFIDENT MEN.

    It’s not nice to fool Mother Nature.

    SYSBM/Passport Bros 2023.

    1. Schadenfreude,

      I didn’t even know about the penis shrinking in size with less use, you learn something new everyday. Regarding the above stragg, this is why I’ve increased my promotion of men going abroad to find NORMAL WOMEN as the gymnastics these Western harriets are performing in their futile attempts to negate their extra recreational activities and shady pasts at this point are beyond ridiculous.

      1. Verbs,

        To be fair, I just feel that it’s a muscle like any other and should be exercised. No real research behind it, just my opinion. Like people say, “use it or lose it.”

  7. Besides the fact that men of quality don’t want a used up ran thru woman, there are practical reasons for low female body count. Number one is sexually transmitted diseases. Then there is the damage to a woman’s capacity for pair bonding. In the case of black women, multiple sex partners usually means multiple baby daddies. Then there is the sexual desensitizing effect of high body count.

    Prostitutes who fuck 10 men a day, don’t have orgasms. They probably can’t. If a woman has a high body count, she becomes desensitized to sex. A high body count does a woman grievous psychological damage as well. She begins to view all men as the same. When a woman has a high body count, she has devalued herself. There is nothing special about receiving something that everyone else has had.

    1. AmericanBlkMan,

      Exactly, there are so many valid reasons to wanting a woman who hasn’t been ran through when seeking a companion for a long term relationship. These whores out here are trying their hardest to get themselves accepted for serious relationships, albeit their propaganda isn’t working. Whores will always be just that, whores who are only fit for one purpose.

  8. Let me be the first to say that this stragg didn’t debunk a blasted thing; all I heard from her were deflections, denial of the premise, shaming language, and insults (she’s well versed in SIGN Language). Of course, she dismisses the men who raise the issue of women’s body count as “slit shaming misogynists”; she didn’t even cite any doctors or quote from peer reviewed journals to back up her points (if you look it up on Google, all of the results pretty much mirror her statements in the video). After seeing the second video, I think we can add the “Master Key” & “Bad Lock” analogies to this discussion: any key that can open many locks is a master key (not every man has one), but a lock that is opened by many keys is a bad lock.

  9. Yep. Nature is an ass kicker on this one. If these women wanna have a high body count, they might as well be a pornstar. At this point, let them act like pornstars and rack up a high body count, because maybe they’ll learn when they get older that it’s not a good idea for a woman to give up the goods to every dude they see. They can make the argument that guys don’t keep it in their pants,Yeah you got us, but why are they praised the most in society instead of the guy who’s disciplined with his organs? You know what, I’ve finally started to wrap my mind around something. Maybe these stigmas are true: If a guy bangs/sleeps with a lot of women, he gets praised, but if a guy is a virgin, or he doesn’t have sex like that or whatever, he’s sexually disciplined, then he’s looked at as a creep, weirdo, incel. If a woman bangs/sleeps with a lot of men, she’s looked at as a 304, but a woman who has a little to no body count, she deems desirable to a lot of men. Crazy shit. It sort of got me thinking like on that Fresh and Fit podcast, they be having a lot of porn chicks (mainly them chicks that adult content on onlyfans), and they be catching heat with them controversial questions they get asked. It’s funny because in that adult industry, it’s women who receive a ton of backlash most of the time, but the men who have been in that industry, we barely hear anything from them. Why is that though.

    1. “It’s funny because in that adult industry, it’s women who receive a ton of backlash most of the time, but the men who have been in that industry, we barely hear anything from them. Why is that though.”

      Because the women are whores, but the men are expert swordsmen. Same double standard as when a female teacher has sex with their teenage male students yet magically they’re not rapists or pReDaToRs.

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