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“If youre not going to adapt the culture, its a cope to be a passport bro. Get ur shit together”

At the end of the day, the overwhelming majority of these women who rattle off talking points they’ve heard from men at some point will always fall back in line with other women in order to keep their “sacred code” intact.

Once again, it isn’t a woman’s position to determine what constitutes being a man, stop allowing these females to come out here and tell you you’re not a man simply because you may not have the materials, superficials and finances at a level THEY desire.

Being a man goes way beyond superficials, materials and money. Character, personality, moral compass, disposition, ambition, drive etc, these are the types of attributes that mould real men, not vain temporaries that won’t mean anything in the near future.

Gentlemen, be careful out here, most women in the West have subscribed to the religion of Hedonism and are now attempting to levy this type of lifestyle as their so called “standards”, don’t fall for this Okey Dokey.

Just look at Western women as a collective, most are observably defective beyond repair, how is it a cope to recognise this and as a result choose to seek NORMAL women elsewhere, I’ll wait?

At the end of the day, what constitutes a “real man” to most Western women today is literally being a walking ATM that will aid them in living a lavish lifestyle their delusional minds feel they deserve. Now let’s talk about the recent attacks on the Red Pill:

It seems that there are folks out here who are claiming to be Red Pill but at the same time are attempting to attach their own philosophies to the Red Pill and claim that they are one and the same, however nothing could be further from the truth.

A most recent example of this was Rollo Tamassi and the infamous “high value man” list he released in which one of the 8 suggestions was to get a vasectomy in your 20’s, here is that list if any of you missed it:

Mutilating yourself is NOT Red Pill, controlling your sexual urges IS. Sleeping/dealing with multiple women is NOT Red Pill, being with one woman of good quality and if further desired, raising a family IS.

It seems that Red Pill critics and scoffers will take anything spoken by those who claim the Red Pill and automatically attribute it to the Red Pill Philosophy in their attempts to bolster their arguments as to why the Red Pill is supposedly “toxic”.

There is nothing wrong with the Red Pill, just like SYSBM™ the Red Pill philosophy in recent times has had an influx of grifters claiming it but who are NOT really a part of it.

As a result the Red Pill haters have had a field day. This is why it pays to have a set of tenets/creeds in place so that when scoffing knuckleheads come along and attempt to besmirch the lifestyle, they look stupid when their conclusions are slapped down by what is already written.

Another Open Mic Wednesday is here, what’s on your minds for this week gentlemen? You’ve got the floor, roll that dice. #SYSBM™

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Stay Individual(In Your Mind)

Most High Bless

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36 thoughts on “Free Topic/Open Mic Wednesday!

    1. This goes back to what I’ve said in one of the previous posts.

      If they want to claim biracial people as black people, they should shut the fuck up about race mixing and dating out.

      Logic is always going out of the window when it comes to most black people.

      Bronny James should date a white woman overseas in a non anglo nation.

    2. These bitter bitches just can’t leave that CHILD alone. Black boys get no grace or protection. All they see is his potential earnings and seed going straight to his prom date a.k.a. the BLOND WHITE GIRL. Most of the hoes complaining wouldn’t qualify for a future NBA star, anyway. I just love seeing these ghetto bitches suffer. They deserve it. SYSBM, family.

      1. Schadenfreude,

        These black sirens stay disgruntled, angry and bitter because they aren’t being chosen and it isn’t rocket science figuring out the many many reasons why either.

        1. Verbs, check this out and listen to the whole of the video by Umar.
          He encourage to kick out black sons out of the house if he dates Becky.
          He goes on about a war on Snowbunny and a revolution over this interracial dating.
          He only shag a London BW.
          He is on an international simping rampage.
          He is nuts. He just lost the plot. I do not feel bad for his supporters listening to his BS.
          I can put more but I rather listen to the whole thing.

          Link =

          As long as BWs are pro-liberal, pro-feminist and pro-ghetto, he already lost the fight.

      2. You can’t even been seen to have a regular conversation in public with a white female for five seconds without the broomstick riding witches having their evil eyes on you.

        They’re only proving why they’re the worst choice for black men or anyone else for that matter. A distant cousin of mine who I don’t know well saved himself by marrying a white woman after divorcing a daggle who cheated on him. From what I hear, his biracial son does NOT check for black girls at all and wants no parts of them (smart kid). Can’t say I blame him. He wants to be a footballer, so no doubt if he makes it the weaveheads will have something to say about him too lol.

    3. Matt M,
      You Beat Me to it. They did this Before, Last Year I Believe. Funny How When it was Announced Rozanda Thomas of TLC is Dating Actor Matthew Lawrence, No Blow Back, But Someone like Lebron’s Son is Doing this with a Non-Black Female, Everyone is Out With the Torches & Pitchforks. The Double Standards is Very Real & Anyone Who says it’s not, They’re Stuck in a Bubble, Regardless, Bronny doesn’t owe Anything to Anyone. Hell, Probably got Rejected by Black Girls to a Point Where he was like ”Maybe I Should find Love outside the Communitah”. Bottom Line, That Dude is Living his Life with a Girl that Most likely Likes/Loves Him & You got the Black Females with their Negro Male Simps Trolling & Mudslinging. Which is Pathetic. I Say Rock on Bronny & Others like Bronny Who are SYSBM. SYSBM For Life!!!

    4. I am going to be very hard on this because this is Dick Policing is stupid

      The black community is still having a ‘National American Black Community Crisis’ over a fuk’in kid?
      Even Umar Johnson is trolling over a kid. Seriously?
      Now Umar wants war on a kid because of a prom?
      You have these grown ass hoteps and BW staking a teenage over a Becky?

      The black culture a lot to worry about (such as crime and poverty) and their biggest issue/threat in the black communitah is a kid with a Becky.

      Verbs, I am just lost for words because it is now a national news over petty shit like a prom and trolling a kid.

      These people do not know how he grew up, type of environment and the type of network of friends he meets and they expect him to date a BW who may not be a wife/GF material anyway.

  1. Verbs 2015.

    These western women in 2023 haven’t got a clue about what’s its like to be a man because they’re not a man.

    1. Quincy Fitzpatrick,

      Yep, they never have, they never will and most don’t care because Western society is propping them up while at the same time putting men down.

  2. The last person I need to hear from is a masculinized, Americanized sheng-nu. Notice how she just built a strawman generic loser guy completely in her head. Last time I checked, a BM who can afford a passport and to travel to Asia or anywhere else in the world is the opposite of broke. In fact, that $3000 travel budget is NOT going to foodie calls, movies, gifts, or otherwise entertaining spoiled, manly, feminist Western CUNTS.

    2023 is almost half over and these hoes are still crying about the same Passport Bros they say are broke losers and the same ones they don’t want, hilarious. Pookie, Chad and Ray Ray and all these 6 foot “swag” and “moufpiece” niggas got all the dick these bitches want, what’s the problem?

    I never in all my years have seen this kind of sea change in BM attitudes, and backlash against these hateful heffas. Long live SYSBM & Passport Bros! Get that Blue Book of Salvation!

  3. Good Open Topic Wednesday morning,

    More videos in the wacky world of Transgenderism.

    Trans “Woman’s” ENTITLEMENT Is Shocking

    Bill Maher no such thing as boys and girls #shorts

    Douglas Murray | ‘The Incoherence of LGBTQI+

    Woman Claims Men Can Get Pregnant and GETS OWNED

    When Reality Slaps Your Transgender Ass!!🇺🇸

    1. Brotherdanunlimited,

      I cannot feel sorry for real women as they went along with this feminist garbage as long as they were getting one up on men, however now that feminism is beginning to eat its own, now all of a sudden women and their spaces need to be “protected”. The androgynous agenda continues, the powers that be want a society where there are no genders and where any individual can have sex with everybody and anything without consequence.

      If they manage to “equalise” men and women, the children will be next and of course the paedophiles will be rubbing their hands together ready to get their grubby paws on somebody’s kids. This is one of the reasons why I have serious issues with Western women, they have absolutely no foresight at all, they cannot see where this LGBTQP+ reprobate monster is going.

      Women losing their safe spaces is something that women by themselves are going to have to deal with and defend since they were the ones who opened the door which has enabled this decadency to gain a stronghold.

    2. Brother Dan and Verbs,

      I give you my thoughts on this:

      What is happening now is women are now declaring war against transgenders. Also asking men to join and help the women fight back.
      Me? I will not join the fight, in fact let these women rot because they deserve everything they get when it comes to this Trans-alliance.

      There is something I heard a lot from the MGTOWs and they are stating “Islam are right about women” and “Patriarchy always wins”. They are right that patriarchy always rise up after the defeat because you can never beat nature.

      Remember the clip of Drew Barrymore kneeling down to Dylan Mulvaney to signify Transwoman are the dominant women? That is the example of ‘Patriarchy always win”.

  4. The passport brothers movement. Right, these western scragglies says that the passport brothers are broke, they have more money then these western women. I know it’s more of an American thing but at the end of the day when the men see the state of women, they just feel like they have to get a passport and jet it out of here.

    I’m not a red pill guy but the red pill is that the red pill is truth and what is going on in the world especially with women. But now, it looks like it’s toxic with the shit going on with it. But I now about the bill pill like these simps who doesn’t say about the dysfunction of these ratchets, Lord of mercy!

    Anyhow, I found out the stats in Jamaica that over 80 per cent of children are born out of wedlock. I’m goanna do a blog on that on Friday for that one. But I know it was high as I see so much single mothers in Jamaica and the father is not there taking care of the children.

    It was a Sunday and I was at Southwark, Central London. And I was making a video as I delete my videos on YouTube because of copyright and it was slowing the views down. I went to the toilets to take a whiz. Then when I come out after I was my hands, I saw the transsgender sign next to the door of the ladies toilets. It seems like its here now. Look, a person can live their life and we do see homosexual characters in film. Even Hollywood is gay but the thing is that why would a T – Girl go to the woman’s toilet? It’s still a man.

    As I see the way some of the black women act, it’s like no wonder black men saying no to black women in the UK. They don’t want to deal with the ratchetness and the dysfunction with them. So they bail out and date non black women.

    Hey, keep your white sugar honey safe at all times as these ghetto ratchet scraggle daggles are coming after non black women.


  5. I am the sort of black man who looks pretty good, has good health, my money is okay, and I don’t have to ask anyone for anything. I have one grown son who I am pleased with. Therefore I don’t need a woman for anything. i have procreated already, and I get it if a man wants to procreate. Which is why I don’t even grasp the concept of wanting to get one’s balls clipped.

    I have never had trouble attracting women, hence I can’t comprehend extreme thirst and simping. But I know simping is always bad. I was once what I would call, a cultural simp. But never thirsty.

    I say all this to make a point. A fully actualized man moves through life persuimg his agenda, and no pne else’s. At this point in my life, I deal with women for pleasure. If she is not pleasant to be with, I don’t want her in my personal space. A man who cares about what a random, strange, unconnected woman says about him, is weak. Simple minded women like the one in the video, don’t know me. Therefore, they can’t speak about me. What they say about anything, machts nichts to me. If a man has his stuff together and knows who he is, no one else can define him. Only he can.

    I am very particular about the type of women who I share my time, my space, and my resources with. One’s life is short, and should not be wasted on undeserving women.

    So I don’t give 2 farts about what a women says, when she doesn’t qualify for my time in the first place. If more black men moved thru life this way, the simping epidemic would cease, and a whole lot of things would get better.

    1. Luke Cage,

      And this is the female that these pro blacks want me to procreate with. Nope, that’s NEVER going to happen. I’ll only be placing my seed into a female that doesn’t have a propensity for killing children whether inside or outside of the womb.

      1. Verbs2015,

        I love to blame simping as much as mutant feminism, for the sorry state of women in the English speaking world.

        I believe that any man who is so thirsty that he knowingly deals with dysfunctional women just to get their stinking cooch, is a simp.

        1. AméricanBlkMan,

          I can’t disagree with you, ultra simping has enabled these dysfunctional Western women to run amuck and evade facing the consequences of their bad decisions. If it wasn’t for these blue pilled simps, Western females would’ve crashed and burned out a long time ago. We can include these dating roaches who’ve also contributed heavily to the spoiling and the contamination of the Western dating market.

          1. Verbs2015,

            I truly believe that the males in the English speaking world are just as responsible for the the sorry state of their females, as the females themselves.

            Females are followers, western females too. Why do you think they follow fads so religiously? Females have remained feminine in Asian societies, Latin societies, the horn of Africa, and Eastern European societies, because the males have remained masculine.

  6. Happy Open Mic Wednesday! So, this Asian braud didn’t say anything we haven’t already heard come out of the daggle’s mouth; videos like the above are why it’s important for yoy take SYSBM Tenet #22 to heart. I’ve listened to a video where a traveling brother spoke on his trip to Thailand, and I’ll tell you right now, he didn’t have to go there flaunting any superficials, materials, and money; the fact that he spoke English was itself a plus. I don’t know which Asian country her family is from, but she is too Westernized to be of any value to ANY man, yet she has the unmitigated gall to talk about what constitutes manhood?

    Now, I’m glad that you addressed the recent attacks on the Red Pill, but I’d like to add on to what you have already touched on; the Red Pill as a concept is brilliant where you can choose between staying within the life you’ve been brainwashed to believe is normal, it you can decide to find out the truth and go deeper into understanding life as it really is. Sadly, many have crept in unawares who have made merchandise of the Red Pill and hide behind it to appear as if they are the pinnacle of manhood and masculinity; if you dare to challenge them on their positions, you will be attacked.

    1. Blue Collar Trevor,

      I think what has to be pointed out here is if you’re able to get a passport, travel overseas and in some cases live abroad, you’re clearly NOT BROKE. This is how you know this Asian harpy is getting her talking points from the black witch’s coven, she’s rattling off oxymorons thinking that she sounds smart yet isn’t first thinking about what she’s saying, smh. Once again, the supposed black men who aren’t wanted have gotten these Westernised females all riled up through no fault of their own.

      On the Red Pill, we saw the same thing happen with SYSBM™ when it got a little attention back at the end of 2019 beginning of 2020, so many who weren’t SYSBM™ rolled in, many of whom were looking for clicks, views and money, however fast forward to 2023 and where are those same individuals now, that’s right, nowhere to be found. There will always be grifters and merchants who’ll look to seize on the moment in order to make money and get some attention, such is life.

      1. Yeah, you know these brauds don’t think anything they say through; like Hardcore Tito said, the easiest way to appear smart is to criticize Black men. To address this Red Pill issue again, I’ve noticed how many times critics who address the subject do so from a negatively biased point of view; take Aba & Preach, for example. Ever since their Fresh & Fit beef, I’ve seen them talk more and more about faux Red Pill characters and they don’t even do reaction videos like they used to with Jubilee and The Cut.

      2. “I think what has to be pointed out here is if you’re able to get a passport, travel overseas and in some cases live abroad, you’re clearly NOT BROKE. This is how you know this Asian harpy is getting her talking points from the black witch’s coven…”

        Yup I keep saying these Western hoes are racing to the bottom following these black bitches. First the suburban white girls, now even these immigrant hoes. If they know the words to any song by Ice Spice, Cardi B, Nicki Minaj, Coi Leray et al., they’ve been brainwashed.

        Someone on a YouTube comment said that the educated Black dude in the past could at least get a white girl, but ratchet culture took over, now a cute white (or Asian) chick who would have been a good girlfriend in 2012 is now also chasing Pookie, twerking, got an OnlyFans, got 100 bodies, and regurgitating black girl magic talking points. Passport Bro is the only way to go for the normal Black man.

  7. They always have to go to absolute extremes lol. Every so called Passport Bro is an ugly, pot bellied, balding, overweight loser incel with bad hygiene who lacks social skills and doesn’t have two pennies to rub together (but somehow manages to travel and stay in accommodations) who is also a lowkey predator. These chicks man, lol.

    I would tell them it’s the men who already have their shit together who are taking their resources elsewhere to women who are DESERVING of it and smart enough to know you catch more flies with honey than with vinegar, but they already know this. Most of these western women got too cocky and arrogant, overplayed their hand and ruined their own futures.

    They thought we were gonna be the standby Cleanup Crew later on in life. Not a chance!

    1. SYSBM Forever,

      You have to laugh at the extreme examples these women will make up in their minds attempting to paint not only Passport Bros in a bad light but also any black man who decides he’s had enough of Western based women. These heifers are big mad, they just want to keep the control they wield and have men continue playing in an extremely rigged dating market.

      It’s already been established that Passport Bros are upwardly mobile, financially well off black men who have resources so I don’t know what this chick is talking about. Western women are cooked and they did it to themselves, fighting for their private spaces against trannies on the one hand while men with means check out and exit the building never to return on the other. #SYSBMFORLIFE

    1. It’s always Spirit Airlines. I bet the flight was to Atlanta. Avoid el cheapo carriers at all costs. The extra money is worth it to bypass the black girl magic. We need a final solution for these hyenas.

    2. SYSBM Forever,

      This is one of many reasons why I try my best to avoid budget airlines and fly business class when and where possible. Black women can always be guaranteed to act the fool no matter what setting they’re in, they just can’t behave themselves, smh.

  8. Lets get to this Redpill debate. I know Shawn James made an input about this.

    The problem about this Redpill debate is there are full of false, fake, Rogue and imposter Redpillers.
    I am going to explain the 4 (Fake, False, Imposter and Rogue) however they just take the Redpill just to get back at women. Then you have these High Value Man wannabes becaue the real ones are 10% just like the late KS who is 10% outside of Social Media will never deal with Western Women and they can easily get foreigners.

    Just like MadbusDriver stated and we all know that these fake Redpillers just like the manosphere just want to be with the BWs, the ghetto females who has no value.

    What annoys me more, you have these MGTOWs who keep on preaching about ‘Pump and Dumping’ women. Why? Pump and Dump will make women more bitter because these guys are responsible for making dating harder and rigged. Then these Minister Jap Fans (not knocking his supporters) and Black Manosphere always getting wet dreams about ‘Pump and Dump’ or bang these single mothers. Even worse, bang these single mothers without condoms. Seriously, why would anyone want to deal with them. If you dealing with them and even get them pregnant, it is equivalent to ‘doubling down’.

    Any sane man will want to avoid these toxic females especially single mothers period.

    1. “What annoys me more, you have these MGTOWs who keep on preaching about ‘Pump and Dumping’ women. Why? Pump and Dump will make women more bitter because these guys are responsible for making dating harder and rigged.”

      Women set the rules of engagement, let’s be clear. Men are reacting to the marketplace. If hoes don’t want to be pumped and dumped, then they should try being better women.

      Have you seen these TikToks where these hoes admit to all their bodies? Seems like they’re the ones pumping and dumping. Young chicks with 50+ bodies. Most guys want loyal girlfriends.

      Women’s so-called “bitterness” is not my problem. They got “bitter” chasing and getting pregnant by the top 5% bad boy then guys like us are supposed to play clean-up. Fuck ’em.

  9. When Admiral Frost’s teeny weeny peeny psychosis turns homicidal:

    It’s not surprising to me that this psycho cuck was a cop because we’ve seen officers like him shoot people from behind; this act wreaks of extreme insecurity because her comment literally drove him to kill. Don’t be this guy, please!

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