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What They Really Mean By “Disrespect”!

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Firstly, as per usual it must be pointed out that black women are NOT OUR WOMEN, they’re more correctly defined as our female counterparts, however they haven’t been “our women” since slavery.

Other than this the video above is on point. Let’s talk about the so called “disrespect” black women claim they’re experiencing from black men, what do they really mean when they constantly talk about black men disrespecting them?

The short and simple answer is this, so called “disrespect” in the eyes of black women from their male counterparts is any black man who refuses to accept their debauchery, degeneracy, reprobate, reprehensible, lazy and dysfunctional behaviours.

Black men who refuse to accept black women who choose to wear another ethnicity of female’s hair upon their heads in the eyes of said black females are being “disrespectful”.

Black men who refuse to deal with black women who wear nose rings, nose studs, septum rings and who have sundry piercings on their body in the eyes of said black females are being “disrespectful”.

Black men who refuse to accept black women who have ran the streets and allowed themselves to be used like the village bicycle where every dude on the block has had a ride, in the eyes of said females are being “disrespectful”.

Any black men who refuse to accept black women who have or subscribe to the act of killing unborn children in the womb aka abortion in the eyes of said females are being “disrespectful”.

Any black men who refuse to accept black women who wear heavy makeup, fake eyelashes, fake nails and have undergone any forms of plastic surgery in the eyes of said females are being “disrespectful”.

Any black men who choose to check black women on their open disrespect towards black men as well as any out of line, dysfunctional behaviours in the eyes of said females are being “disrespectful”.

Any black men who refuse to accept black women who have branded themselves with tattoos in the eyes of said females are being “disrespectful” towards them.

Any black men who refuse to accept black women who subscribe to the decadent religion of feminism/women’s empowerment in the eyes of said females are being “disrespectful” towards them.

Any black men who refuse to accept black women who practice any of the dark arts be they witchcraft, sorcery, magic, enchantments etc in the eyes of said females are being “disrespectful” towards them.

I believe you guys are now seeing the pattern. If as a black man you refuse to lick the muddy boots of the angry and bitter black sisterhood of failure as well as deny them a pass on ANY negative behaviours they choose to engage in, the bottom line is you’re going to be seen as a disobedient and disrespectful black male in their eyes.

Let’s face it, black women as a group don’t even respect themselves, if they did they wouldn’t allow themselves to get knocked up by the dregs and the scum of black male society, neither would they breathe fresh life into negative stereotypes concerning their sexual prowess by embracing slut culture to its fullest degree.

If black women actually respected themselves then they wouldn’t be walking around looking like repulsive circus side show attractions and mutant level freaks of nature with all of the external appendages they love utilising.

Respect is earned and as a general rule, black women as a collective typically put in little to no effort to warrant it, they truly believe that by default they should be respected just because they’re black women, smh.

Additionally, it should be pointed out that since black women are the ones who have and are raising the overwhelming majority of black boys, any so called disrespect towards them coming from their male counterparts was crafted and taught by black women themselves.

Gentlemen, ignore the circular talking point coming from the black feminist propaganda machine concerning “black men disrespecting black women”, if black women were genuinely seeking respect then they would conduct and carry themselves in a respectful, cordial, presentable and upstanding manner AT ALL TIMES. #SYSBM™

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Respect Is Earned, Don’t Complain About Being Disrespected When You Don’t Even Respect Yourself 

Most High Bless

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9 thoughts on “What They Really Mean By “Disrespect”!

  1. I don’t mind disrespecting negress women.

    I understand every guy has a preference including me when it comes to skin complexions of dating a woman and personality qualities.

    As a childfree black man myself, I know where to go for seeking a quality white girlfriend.

  2. Verbs 2015.

    I never disrespected a black woman in my life as all I did was tell them the truth about themselves in which they didn’t like. Black women have been disrespecting black men for over 70 years and that’s the reason why I refuse to date black women.

  3. Of all women in the world, black females are the very least deserving of respect because they’re just terrible people. I could type a list of reasons as long as the North Circular road, but there’s no need.

    Look at this twitter thread that I was just tagged in:

    They take pride in being repulsive and think it’s cute. Imagine black men kee-keeing because their grandfather once shot their grandmother in a store.

    They EARN the contempt and disrespect they receive. Simple as that.


  4. SYSBM: You got your T Shirt and panties on.
    White sugar honey: I’m not wearing any panties!

    These ghetto ratchet scraggle daggles are the women that village bicycle that that even man had a ride and they ride the bike peddles hard. They paddle that relentlessly.

    You see the ratchet black women, the people who disrespect them is themselves. Look how many times we have seen their dysfunctional behaviour and not afraid to show it on display.

    They twerk on the internet for free, they fight each other in the street mostly for a man that has another woman in the bed, bus, mall or anywhere, they are racist as the Spanish football league, they chase after the worthless men and breed for them, it’s a big list. Lord have mercy!

    And not only black men are dating non black women but they are taking their passport and jet it the hell out of here and find a woman overseas and marry her and have children with.

    The reason why some black men can’t find a good black woman which is hard to find is because of these ghetto harridans.

    Hey, keep your white sugar honey safe at all times as these ghetto ratchet scraggle daggles are coming after non black women.


  5. Slow Clap

    Classic Masterpiece Bro. Please subscribe to his page bro’s and support Verbs

  6. Verbs2015,

    You Know it Kills Me How they Always talk About The ”Cracker Women” are Bad. Yet From the Stuff I See Black Women Especially the One’s in America Enact in. I Ask How are ya’ll any better? They’ll Open their Legs to Any Dude that gets them Aroused & When they get Knocked up. Where is the Man that Knocked you up to handle his Responsibilities? Hence Why you see these Women go on Talk Shows thinking that they’ll find the Solution on Live TV, When in Reality, They are there to be Made Fools of in a Live/Televised Audience. The Notion of Putting on Other Females Hair on their Heads or Dying their Hair is a Clear Signification of ”Self-Hate”. The Fact that if they Have Sons & Don’t want the Father to be in the Picture, They Begin the Mental Programing of Either ”Don’t be Bringing Home No Becky, Ming-Ming or Lola” or It’s their Job to get them Out of Poverty by Picking up a Basketball or Baseball aka Become a Sports Star. Now There’s Nothing Wrong with that, But Why Should your son be the Breadwinner? When it’s your job as the Parent to Provide a Better life for yourself & your Child. But I Digress, Non the Less, It’s Clear that The Straight Black Man in this World is Viewed as ”The Enemy” in Everyone’s Eyes, More so In the Eyes of the Women of our Race, Rather than Offering Comfort, Understanding & Companionship, Were Offered the Opposite of Distain, Misunderstanding & Antagonism, Often times Violence. Hence Why Brothers are like We Rather Take our Chances & Seek Companionship from the Enemy, Then with our own Women, Who’d rather be our Enemy. SYSBM For Life!!!

  7. If you as a Black man have any standards by which you expect Black women to abide, they will consider that as disrespect, all the while being the most disrespectful group of people you’ll ever come across; also, if you possess a masculine frame and speak to them with a strong tone, they consider that as “disrespectful” (Black mothers are especially fond of this Kansas City shuffle). Respect is earned, not given; you cannot shame or bully others into respecting you either. #SYSBM

  8. The SYSBM recruitment videos keep making themselves. I guess realistically, the majority of BM feel like they’ve got stick it out with these fat, loud, tattooed, musty, ghetto-named, unruly, twerking, bigfoot, dope boy-loving weavehead hyenas. Oh well, it’s their funeral. This is why Plantation Bros are always hating on us.

    Hold the line, fellas. SYSBM.

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