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A Black Siren Speaks, Literally #SHORTS!

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Did you catch that, “sprinkle, sprinkle”? Many years ago I was one of the first individuals in these black digital spaces to highlight the fact that Sheraseven is a practicing witch. Yep, this is the skullduggery she’s engaging in as an elder black woman, telling these younger black females to interact with men on a transactional basis.

Elder black women can hand out bad advice like this because having almost exclusively raised the younger generations in single parent households, they already know that the brainwashing, witchcraft, sorcery and seeds of indoctrination are in place to where the younger females will lap up the destructive and calamitous ramblings to their own demise.

I really have to look at black men who still believe they can find “the one” within black female society with a perplexing gaze as this is the literal witchcraft you’re up against.

Sheraseven could’ve easily advised the younger woman to focus on finding a decent man so that she can raise a family in a two parent household(something which has become extremely rare in black society) but no, instead Seven advises her to be a literal prostitute, smh.

The feminist city girl, living it up, hot girl summer, girls trips, use men whenever and wherever you can, Cardi B, Meg The Male Horse, Doja Cat, listen to social media, misandrist doctrine is straight out of the devil’s cauldron and any women who subscribe to and practice such “arts” must be given an extremely wide berth and avoided at all costs.

This is exactly what happens when women choose to reject the authority, advice, knowledge, wisdom and understanding of learned men, they get sucked into the never ending vortex of decadent sirens like Sheraseven where they’re given advice to ensure that they’ll NEVER be successful in securing fruitful and prosperous relationships.

Finally, as has been pointed out many times in the past, all of these hoops only apply to black men foolish enough to accept them, if a black female manages to get chosen by Admiral Frost, you can guarantee that all of the above terms, conditions and stipulations will immediately be thrown out of the window.

I have to laugh at older sirens such as Sheraseven, if your magical powers are so fantastic, why don’t you simply use your spells and enchantments to manifest your own riches and wealth instead of having to interact with men in order to “get the bag”, lol? Where’s the magic? Sounds more like black girl tragic to me.

As I always say, in 2023 all the best to those black men who still believe they can find their “unicorn” black female, with weave/wig wearing, cake faced old hags such as Sheraseven lurking about easily misleading other black women, you’ve got your work seriously cut out. #SYSBM™

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Things Are Really That Bad Out Here

Most High Bless

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16 thoughts on “A Black Siren Speaks, Literally #SHORTS!

  1. Even in the world of Harry Potter, money can’t just be created out of thin air.

    Keep that in mind.

  2. Verbs 2015.

    The unicorn black woman doesn’t exist in 2023. The good black women died off in the 1950s.

  3. SheraSeven is married to an old African Man (aka the motherland) meaning he is the provider.

    She is using the African Men to compare with American BM calling them broke bums and African (motherland) Men are better.

    She is basically teaching these young BW to become a gold-digger and American BM are a useless bums, that is what she is preaching.
    I saw on the Facebook Video of her basically giving young BW advice how to avoid Dusty BM and called it ‘Dusty Repellent’. She is saying to BW that if you date a BM show him the utility bills during the dinner date. Yes you heard, the BW have to bring and show BM any Utility Bill in the date (Gas, Electric or Rent). The BM have to pass the shit test by paying one of the bill. If he does not pay the bill or disagree with the test. Then he his label a ‘Dusty’ and the BWs will name and shamed the BM Social Media labelling him a broke bum. Even he could be a rich guy. However the test does not apply to other race of men. Just only Black Men.

    When I watch the clip. I was thinking ‘what kid of advice these elder BW giving these young BW’.

    Verbs and Quincy, I remember say how I feel bad for these young BW when they become updatable because these older, bitter BW teaching and exploiting these BW. You both are correct and I decide to take it back and say ‘I do not feel bad for these young BW at all’ because they have to learn the hard way just like the simps.

    The problem is these elder BW setting these young BW to fail and they are blind to see it. Then they get mad when these BM dates Becky, foreigners or get a passport.

    I just pay no mind with these BW.

  4. SYSBM: your getting curvy!
    White sugar honey: You like them?
    SYSBM: Yeah! I wanna grab them hips!

    My channel:

    Friends with benefits is when two people are engage into a sexual relationships and there is no romance. Let me tell you something. If this scraggle daggle feels like she can pick a man’s pockets, she better think twice. If it’s the dudes who are unproductive and underachievers, she will open her legs open to them.

    Now, I know that these scraggle daggles are doing the friends with benefits and that is with the thugs that they prefer then the good man. And also, they have children with these dudes who are worthless and refuse to do anything. Seeing scragglies like her doesn’t surprise me at all because I have seen these entitled, narcissistic, gold digging harridans all of my life.

    There are some black men say that there are good black women. Yes, I agree but let they are very hard to find a good black woman. That is a unicorn. A describe a good black woman a rare sports car with leather seats, good looks, the baddest alloy wheels, great handling, high performance but made in small numbers and you don’t see it on the road. I always say that but still.

    I’m goanna listen to some 1990’s R&B music and chill!

    Hey, keep your white sugar honey safe at all time as these ghetto ratchet scraggle daggles are coming after non black women.


      1. Samikwa,

        There are plenty of good black men roaming about, you black heifers don’t want them though, you much prefer 12 Gauge Mike, Slim Sauce, Trap House Jim and Roof Top Trey. When you purposely pick from the bottom dregs of black male society over and over again, don’t expect any miracles.

  5. The word unicorn has never existed for dark skinned complexions of black women.

    The word unicorn has existed for light skinned complexions of biracial women.

    Some people consider biracial men and biracial women as black people.

    The logic here is a black man can date other races of quality women with a black offspring.

    I don’t want to see any complaints from the blackistan opposition of black men dating out if they are claiming biracial people.

    There is no benefit for any black man to be dating in anglo English nations at all.

    I have plans to travel to countries where English is not a national language.

    My future white girlfriend has to know at least a minimum of two languages.

  6. You could literally just pause the video and see the pursed lips and frown and know what time she’s on without hearing a word. They’re as predictable as the sun rising in the morning.

    As for this old hoe babble, the solution is that black men should simply avoid having sex or any needless relationships/interactions with black females altogether for that matter.

    Problem solved lol.

    1. That solution is actually very smart and reasonable. Keep interactions with them low as possible.

  7. Sheraseven is just another member of the bitter black sisterhood of failure. Any black man with two live brain cells, should be working overtime to put as much mental and physical distance between himself and Blackistan, as is possible.

    I didn’t say ‘spiritual’, because Blackistan doesn’t even grasp the concept of spirituality. Blackistan is filled with mega churches run by hucksters whose grasp of Theology and the history of Christianity, is comical. These places are just meat markets where used up and ran thru scraggs go to try to find some good wood and cleanup man services. But Pookie understands how the Sragg operates, and he’s in the pews lurking.

    These places have General Blizzard’s support and blessings. They provide innumerable services to General Blizzard in his never ending quest to keep the black masses fully programmed in the plantation mindset.

    Everything about Blackistan is a sorry mess. And I am so finsihed with hearing Blackistanis refer to stinking bacterial vaginosis infected cunts like Sheraseven, as ‘Quaens’.

  8. I once commented on how dead and lackluster modern females look and sound, and SheRa Seven is no exception; there is no character to her voice at all. She states on her IG that she is an enchantress; there must be something to it, because she’s captivating young women to share advice with them that’ll leave them single for the rest of their lives! Talk about “sprinkle, sprinkle”! Also, her idea of “friends with benefits” is literally prostitution, a mere repackaged version of the “use him for his money” mantra; when these young BWs learn that the advice they were given by these older straggs has left them undateable, they will forever hold resentment for them. I won’t tarry long here, but I have one message for SheRa Seven:


    1. Blue Collar Trevor

      I’m Reminded of Eboni K. Williams, When I Seen that Video that Verbs Uploaded. Williams Who Recently Said that Any Black Man Who is not Someone that Makes Over a Million or a Billion Dollars is not Worth Wasting time over. That if they Work a Regular 9 to 5 Job or Blue Collar (No Pun Intended) Job. Is not Datable or Marriage Material. I Will Say that She was Honest About What She Said, Because With Most of these Sistah’s. Especially Here in the States aka America. The Minute they Know or you tell them you got a Job, They Start to Hover Around you, But then When they find out you Work a Job that is not to their So-Called Standards, They’re like ”Later” & After you Spend as Much as you Can till your Wallet & Account is Dried up, They’ll be like ”NEXT”. Here it is, Working Class Black Men Have Just as Much to Offer as These Fantasy Men She’s Pinning for, But either are Not Given the Chance or are Given a Chance, Only to be Seen as The Walking Wallet/Penis To be Used & Nothing More, Because the Black American Sistahood’s Narrative is F–ked up. I’m Surprised that Gerbil face Himself Umar ”Pro-Whack” Johnson Actually Grew a Set & Went Off on Eboni K. Williams Recent Diatribe. Regardless Both Eboni K. Williams, Sheraseven & Those Who have their Mind set, Are to be Avoided at All Cost, Cause All They’ll Bring is Trouble with a Capital ”T”. SYSBM For Life!!!

  9. I know some black women who practice black magic and they all have one thing in common, black men that are full of light and good energy repulses them to the degree that they get sick. I seen this several times where they will verbally attack black men with good spirits, but it always comes with a huge price. I seen many black women who are witches went homeless, mentally destroyed, and you can see it on their faces.

  10. Why do BLACK “men” get angry or scared very time bringing MONEY to the table is brought up? Lol
    Y’all WANT to be friends with benefits to black women were is the benefit coming from you if u don’t give her money?Lol
    Stop makin’ excuses for ur broke, discriminated against, lazy asses.

    1. Samikwa,

      First and foremost witch, black men as a collective have a higher median net worth than black women, this is still the case even when your lord and saviour the State rolls in to either assist your blackside or to bail you out. Secondly, women carry the highest debt with black women leading the charge.

      You black sirens want money from black men for two main reasons, to clear up the massive debt you’ve accumulated through student loans as well as other ventures on top of wanting to live a lavish lifestyle as if you’re a rapper or basketball player’s wife.

      We true SYSBM™ practitioners over here don’t deal with you black sirens, I walked away from black women over 18 years ago and I’ve never looked back since.

      The bottom line is the overwhelming majority of black females have turned into hedonistic, superficial, materialistic savages who purely look at their interactions with black men from a transactional basis only.

      Keep dealing with those broke Pookies and RayRays you’re used to, productive, upwardly mobile, DEBT FREE black men are well out of your league plus we don’t want you anyway. Take 20 seats, humble yourself and crawl back into that dark, dusty and damp catacomb you crawled out from.

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