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Free Topic/Open Mic Wednesday!

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The world continues to become a crazier and more evil place to live in by the day, of course all orchestrated by malevolent ultra wealthy men sitting in dark corners who believe that you and I have no right to dictate how we’re to live out our own lives.

Additionally, it doesn’t help at all that most people especially in the West have thrown their moral compasses into the toilet, deliberately choosing not to think and reason for themselves, instead allowing themselves to be lead and controlled by the mainstream media.

As has been said many times before, the hardest achievement going into this grim future is going to be keeping your sanity in check while those around you voluntarily go along with what would’ve rightly been considered insane just 15 years ago.

Stay strong gentlemen, very serious times are coming upon this planet very soon. Maintain your masculine frame at all times, cherish your manhood and never allow any feminists, sodomites or blue pilled simps to shame you out of doing so.

Brothers, prepare for the tough times ahead, it’s unfortunate that the so called powers that be are pushing the world in a direction where in the future(worst case scenario)you’re most likely going to have to take somebody else’s life in trying to defend and protect your own because you refused to assimilate into the group think, hive mind university and rejected the obvious, overt insanity.

Another Open Mic Wednesday is here, what’s on your minds for this week gentlemen, you’ve got the floor, roll that dice.

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Stay Individual(In Your Mind)

Most High Bless

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19 thoughts on “Free Topic/Open Mic Wednesday!

  1. A bit off topic but as we wait for the normal Wednesday post, I would like to share this video to see what others think.
    A video from YouTube of a white guy going into a Ghanian store and surprising the owners by speaking their native language. At around 40 seconds in one of the Ghanian women tells him to get him a Ghanian wife! As you will see, this is a white guy that would be considered average as hell yet it took less than a minute for a woman to tell him to marry a Ghanian woman. This is a woman from the “Motherland” supposedly. Just goes to show how strong the white male worshipping mentality is among black women all over the world.
    P.S. Do you think that they would encourage a white woman to marry a Ghanian man just for speaking their language?

    1. Matt M,

      I’ve moved your comment to the latest Open Mic Wednesday which is now up. As for African women, they are notorious white men worshippers, outside of their overt exaltation of General Blizzard, the European weave/wig wearing coupled with the prolific skin bleaching and heavy makeup wearing trying to make their skin look lighter are blatant indicators of the “white is right” mentality that so many African women subscribe to and practice.

      No, I don’t believe that Ghanaian female would’ve encouraged a white women to marry a Ghanaian man if the scenario had been changed, though I would have to say that home grown and motherland residing African women aren’t as ruthless with the dick policing antics as African women who have either been Westernised or were born in the West.

    2. Matt M,

      I have a young nephew who is dating an Ethiopian woman here in the US. She came here with her parents when she was in high school. So far, she is a far cry from US born black women he has dated, and a far cry from the West African black women I have net here in the states.

      I am skeptical of her, as I am skeptical of all black women. But she carries herself well. She is very attractive, no weave, and wears very skant and conservative makeup. In all honesty, she wouldn’t need weave because she has beautiful hair. She’s dark brown with flawless skin, and would never use skin lightener.

      She seems firmly grounded in the values she was taught at home. Even so, I have cautioned my nephew that the US will try to corrupt such an attractive young black woman. I have cautioned him that she will be pressured from all quarters to adopt an American mindset; whites, blacks, other nonblack ethnics, feminists, hoteps, and most of all simps, will bombard her with nonsense on a daily basis.

      He’s a very smart young man and he was already ahead of me. He assured me that he has thought of all these things and he is taking it slow and steady. She likes himr very much, and is hinting at marriage. He is a wise young man, and he has told me he will take as much time as necessary to know her very well before even considering marriage.

      The point I’m really trying to make is that I believe African women from Ethiopia and the horn of Africa, are probably a much better bet than those from anywhere else in Sub Saharan Africa.

      1. AmericanBlkMan,

        I met a brotha on a job several months ago who met a much younger woman while he was in Ethiopia. He brought her back here to the UK and they’ve been married for 15 years and have two kids and go every year to visit her family. Dude looked happy and content.

        Ethiopian/Eritrean women are the only ones from the continent I’d consider. I was seeing an Ethopian chick back in the early 2000s. Of course, the typical low vibrational, big mouthed jealous witches accused me of being with her cos she had long hair and light skin SMH.

        Ethiopian women just carry themselves better, have way more class and you don’t see them generally engaging in the degenerate fuckery that Caribbean and West African women do. When was the last time you saw any fighting or ratchet videos with Ethiopian women? Exactly. Plus they’re not loud, aggressive and attention seeking. I like my women more lowkey. I can’t stand women who always have to be the centre of attention. Plus they got BANGING bodies good lawd, they take care of themselves and are very feminine.

        You can’t really go wrong with them if you find a good one, honestly.

  2. It is very clear to me that the anglosphere nations are only financial hubs, nothing more than that.

    Freemasons rule the world.

    Jesuits rule the world

    Zionists rule the world.

    They are the powers that be.

    Blackistan males and negress females are their weapons of mass destruction.

    I will have to be very selective as a childfree black man.

    I just need a quality white girlfriend but I know I can’t date anyone from anglo bloodlines.

    1. Wittexton Witwijf,

      No lies detected in anything you’ve said, in terms of seeking a non Anglo girlfriend, look towards those European countries that are closer to Asia or those that are in the Eurasian region.

  3. Verbs,

    What are your thoughts on the coronation of Charles the 3rd nearly 2 weeks ago in your neck of the woods?

    1. Brotherdanunlimited,

      Only the die hard royal family supporters cared about that bread and circus monkey show, most people like myself don’t care and aren’t interested because we know that our everyday lives won’t change for the better. Remember, Prince Charles is just as much involved in the World Economic Forum(WEF) as all of these other flunkies. They talk about “God save the king”, however what salvation is there for a so called king who’s willingly carrying out the works of the devil, I’ll wait?

      1. I can understand why various Canadian media outlets were broadcasting the coronation live due to Canadians are still subjects to the Crown but you can ask yourself why the United States media outlets carried said coronation? It seems to me that England still has some interest and power over here in U.S. America.

        1. Many US women are enthralled with the Disney fantasy of the UK Royal Family. And you know the sistas are Team Meghan & Harry all the way. Makes sense to me that they’d air the coronation in America.

  4. I notice for years that the FBA (Foundational Black Americans) keep on going on and on about White Supremacy. I think FBAs are scared of White Men because they want thinking men to deal with them aka ‘Clean up men’. All they do is talk about them and do nothing about them. But they will spend time dick policing thinking brothers and hate on Passport Bros. They will not touch SYSBM because they got no dog in a fight with them.

    I remember months ago on Open mic Wednesday that other countries goes through slavery by their own people.

    Link =

    I know Shawn James talks about how White Supremacy makes him unemployable, Tariq goes on about White Supremacy, however is in-law is white Jew. Then you have Umar Johnson go an on about Snowbunny Crisis. I know people like Michael Mistertea and Mister Master explain about the King Kong film analogy which makes sense because of Umar call himself ‘King Kong Conscious’.

    Accountable Commentary has pointed out that when Tariq call BW Bedwenches, he fail to understand that the Swirlers and Divestors are also Foundational Black Americans too.
    Also FBA Hotep BW hates straight Black Men outright. Half of them are Reachbacks (former Swirlers/Divestors, turn born again Pro-Black) just like Blac Chyna.

    There are rumours that Black Chyna is back to her 304 self again. Looks like so called born again Christian mindset is not working for her after all. I knew this was too good to be true. This is maybe because her past is unredeemable and she will not date simps.

  5. Verbs 2015.

    I am so glad that I am a free thinking SYSBM childfree black man at 40 who isn’t corrupted by this gynocentric feminist society or the black community. These pro blacks and simps are fucking weak because they allow black women and the black community control every aspect of their lives especially in dating single mothers and ugly black women. As a SYSBM black man I have high standards for myself and I refuse to date black women, fat women, ugly women and single mothers. I am only interested in dating beautiful childfree in shape non black women.

  6. SCRAGG: Let’s go upstairs and ram me back ways!
    MAN: What about the simp your with?
    SCRAGG: Fuck that fool!

    As these simps have been coming after SYSBM for the past ten years, they are now coming after the passport brothers. A new war has begun and it’s the simps and the passport brothers. But the thing is that the passport brothers have been victorious over the simps every single time. I want you guys to check this video out from The Angry Biracial:

    I heard that there is this girl who is doing only fans in the memory of her deceased grandfather. I just have to shake my head when I heard that crap from the girl. The grandfather must be rolling in his grave if he saw his granddaughter doing OF! When only fans come about, sweet Jesus!

    Right, have you guys heard about a man getting pregnant? Can I ask you a question? Can a man breed? If any man say yes, then they are more dunce then you may think. Only women can have children. They need a man to make the child when they have sexual intercourse.

    Right, I know about the situation of Just Pearly Things bringing that beta male Nick Feuentes and it make a huge shit storm. And MTR says that he will be around Pearly beacsue she bought a beta male on her platform. Right, on one of her videos, her producer Un Blessings made a comment about MTR about him having cancer and she laughed. Smh!

    Let me tell you something. The world has gone to total shit and it’s in a bowl of cat piss. The most high is looking down on the earth he created saying what a mess these fools have made.

    Lord of mecry!

    Hey, keep your white sugar honey safe at all times as these ghetto ratchet scraggle daggles are coming after non black women.


  7. I don’t usually pay attention to ‘theshadeborough’, but I saw something on IG that really pissed me off. There’s this little idiot called ‘SecretMizzy’ who does all these stupid, unfunny intimidation pranks, the latest one is him and his friends walking into a white family’s home uninvited while they’re in there. I only recognised his stupid face because the last I saw something of him he went and sat in an elderly woman’s car when she came back from shopping. Now when he does this shit to the wrong person and something happens to him, blah blah blah white supremacy, blah blah blah white kids pull pranks too, blah blah blah he had a rough life ad infinitum. No doubt he’s just another product of some loser daggle and a wasteman she chose to be with.

    But WE’RE (SYSBM/Passport Bros) the coons when we say the communitah that has no concept of accountability is dead and we want no parts of it??

    Honestly, IMO black men with things going for themselves need to just keep lowkey and build with other like minded men with sense and ambition, choose their women wisely, keep their circles tight and STRONGLY differentiate ourselves from the rest – because idiots like the one I mentioned pull stupid stunts and then the rest of us get the blame. Now some innocent black men going about their lawful business are probably gonna get stopped and harassed by police because of that dickhead. I don’t care if “other people do it too”. Da communitah should at least be smart enough to know we don’t have the luxury of being seen as individuals. Too many excuses for bullshit and I’m fucking tired of it.

    I don’t mind us not being on front street. I think we need to have a less visible presence generally and move up behind the scenes. If you notice the chinese community, they’re very low profile but they make shit happen and they don’t have a reputation for embracing the worse among themselves either nor making excuses for them.

    And for the Hoteps – I don’t give a flying fuck about what we were thousands of years ago. Look at the state of da communitah – none of that ‘Kings N Queenz’ shit is helping us NOW, especially when you’re too scared to even call your kweenz out for things that are destroying us. Other people are building engines, cities, planes etc, learning from past mistakes and keeping their people in line, not engaging in nostalgia.

    Just a rant….

    1. I looked this dude up since I’ve never heard of him before, and I found this video of him reposted to BitChute by a neo Nazi channel:

      This generation of young pranksters are going to get themselves seriously hurt or killed; one prankster recently here in the States got shot in the stomach for messing with the wrong guy.

      1. Blue Collar Trevor

        I think I know the one you’re talking about. If I remember correctly it was some white boy who did a prank and ended up getting shot in some shopping mall, then his dad was talking about how much of a good boy he is and the shooter is so wrong yada yada yada.

        I don’t find any of these so called pranks funny where they put hands on people or invade people’s spaces. Most folks just want to go about their day and don’t want to be bothered by these idiots. I don’t feel sorry for any of them who end up getting hurt or killed. Just leave people the fuck alone and grow up.

  8. Happy Open Mic Wednesday! There’s a song that came out in the 90s by a group named Jamiroquai called “Virtual Insanity” which, looking back, you can say was a prophecy; we’re now on the verge of digital currency replacing paper money, AI replacing humans, and smart technology being used to encroach upon the most intimate facets of our lives. All of these things should disturb us, but the sheeple see danger in other things; get a load of this:

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