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Excuses Always At The Ready For A Smelly Snatch!


No heifer, the reason why your cooch stinks is because you constantly allow the most gutter and filthy thug, criminal record holding Negroes to nut up in you and you don’t bother to clean yourselves out afterwards. Black women are just poor and sloppy sexual health practitioners period, I don’t see videos of white and other non black females making up excuses for smelly vaginas, nope, only this modern day black female.

Again, see how these black sirens attempt to implicate black men as a collective for their smelly snatch crisis even though they openly confess to busting it wide open only for the likes of 12 Gauge Mike, Slim Sauce, Chunky Bruh, Shifty Sizzler, Field Mouse and Roof Top Trey.

By their own admission black women have stated on numerous occasions that they’re not turned on by the so called “educated lames” and productive black men, but somehow these disingenuous nuggets always try to pull a fast one and bring us into the mix when it comes down to negative consequences stemming from the jacked up decisions they’ve made.

No witch, talk to Slim Sauce and Field Mouse about your yeast infection, don’t try to put the blame for your way below par sexual hygiene on Blue Collar Trevor or White Collar Stephen.

Have you noticed that even white and other non black females who choose to venture down Whore Avenue generally don’t suffer from the same smelly snatch pandemic as these black females, what are white and other non black women doing right that these black witches aren’t, the answers are obvious.

I wrote an article back in January of this year dealing with the modern day black female and her smelly cooch epidemic, I previously had at least 2 other articles on the old website before did me dirty and removed it:

Don’t forget that article that came out a few years ago of a black female who begun developing a smelly cooch after engaging in sexual activities with two dudes who nutted up in her, however the real problem was she “forgot” to wash down there, hence why her snatch began omitting odours similar to the local sewers, here is the article link below for those who may have missed it:

Gentlemen, never allow these modern day black females to gaslight you with the “my cooch smells like a putrid sewer pipe because of you men” mantra, the reality of the matter as we’ve mentioned many times before is most black females don’t know about how to manage their vaginas correctly and hygienically period.

Oh well, that’s their problem, not mine. If you’re sleeping with the same small group of guys who already have many women on rotation and on top of this you’re not bothering to clean out your vagina after the seedy deeds are done, that’s 100% your fault, YOU are to blame for your cooch turning into a petri dish of sewage sludge, end of story!

Yet another prime example of what SYSBM practitioners are saving ourselves from. #SYSBMFORLIFE

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continue

A Smelly Cooch Is A Major Red Flag and Liability

Most High Bless

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33 thoughts on “Excuses Always At The Ready For A Smelly Snatch!

  1. Verbs 2015.

    I am so glad that I never slept with a black woman because I don’t have deal with their smelly pussies.

    1. Quincy Fitzpatrick,

      If only they worried about their smelly snatch crisis as much as they do with black men who choose to date out. I don’t believe there isn’t a black man on this planet who hasn’t run into the horrible stench of a rancid snatch attached to a black female.

      1. Verbs2015,

        I remember posting about this topic on one of your articles. It was about an experience I had when I was in college. Back then I was simping, and like my young black peers, I was going after the big booty bimbos.

        I was about to get with this daggle, and she had a big butt too. When she pulled down her jeans, the whole room lit up. It was one of the worse smells I have ever experienced. The stench was so foul that it triggered my gag reflex. I told her I was feeling sick. I stepped out to get some air and kept stepping. I didn’t look back. Afterwards, when I saw her on campus, I didn’t even speak to her. She had the good sense not to mess with too. Because I would have put her on blast.

        1. AmericanBlkMan,

          I really don’t understand how black women can walk around with smelly vaginas and somehow believe that it won’t put men off, this goes to show you just how disjoined and upside down their mindset really is.

          A smelly vagina is utterly disgusting and needs to be remedied, not made excuses on behalf of, smh.

      2. Verbs 2015: You’re absolutely right.Years ago when I was in college with a woman who was my girl at the time we where about to have sex and I went down on her to eat her out and Immediately stopped and noticed how foul she smelled.Her response to me was I’m sorry for the smell.smh.

    2. Tommy used to joke about that all the time, the smell when BW took off their weave or when they opened their legs.

  2. “Have you noticed that even white and other non black females who choose to venture down Whore Avenue generally don’t suffer from the same smelly snatch pandemic as these black females, what are white and other non black women doing right that these black witches aren’t, the answers are obvious.”

    Yep, BW have the highest STD rate and smelly vaginas because they don’t take care of themselves. Sleeping with thugs and bums, unprotected sex, being overweight, smelly scalp and receding hairline from wearing weaves, etc. Like you said even hoes of other races know how to wash themselves and use protection, BW don’t care. The fact that they don’t care isn’t too surprising though when you consider the fact that most men don’t want them anyway. BW really have nothing to lose at this point, when it comes to dating and attractiveness they are last.

    1. JamesSYSBM,

      This lack of sexual hygiene on the black woman’s part is a very serious problem, one she isn’t addressing at all. Just walking past some of these black females can be a chore within itself due to the high octane stench wafting from their nether regions as well as their unwashed head tops, this is so far from normal.

  3. This is why I classified all black couples and all swirl couples as mental disorders.

    I’ve actually smelt Nigerian body odour (odor) from family relatives in UK but never smelt a negress vagina cause I’ve never slept with one, never fucked one, never kissed one and never will.

    I’ve never had a mental disorder and don’t need to be placed in a mental institution like all race purity black males, beta WM, LGBT, swirling etc.


    1. Witwijf,

      Like commenter AmericanBlkMan, way back in the day many years before my discovery of SYSBM I had some unfortunate encounters, never again.

  4. They let the pookies and dirty dick jays who have terrible hygiene in the first place and drug habits to nut in them.
    blackwomens weaves smell when they take it off, and are too lazy to practice proper hygiene down under.
    The filthy stench probably turns them both on .
    afterall pookies and blkwomen are lazy low life’s. They know they stink and know only likewise stinkers would put up with Thier stench.theyre both a match made in hell.that beast in the video blames men for her stenchy cooch,she right the type of men she can’t attract are degenerates.

    1. MrZero,

      It’s literally like black women treat their nether regions in the same way they treat their natural hair underneath the weave/wig they wear, both areas don’t see any soap/shower gel/body wash for months on end. Only an individual who is mentally unstable or on drugs can go for months without washing themselves and their privates properly.

  5. Why is it that these failed social experiments always look to others to blame for an easy solution? Black men are the world’s biggest scapegoat of all time, everything from women’s irresponsibility, social cohesion issues and even why white women are “betraying the race”.

    Bar of soap, bitch. Have you heard of it?

    1. 100% facts! No lies said, I like how you used the term ‘failed social experiments’. that’s exactly what fake woke, delusional WN and greedy black women are. Common sense gone, completely blind.

      Meanwhile Chabad Chev can send out Banker Rothschild to rob the nations of their money and nobody cares, but these white boys and black hoes are busy running up and down following the agenda of wanna be gangsters’ and old grifters who have now pretended to be against their puppets, to avoid scrutiny. I mean, how did the previous generation of supposedly ethno nationalist white men not see the Woodrow Wilson and LBJ crowd were trouble, just like all the hoteps running around in Europe who were suckered into Thule Society?

      Aren’t they and black women supposed to be the superior race that will lead the world revolution? So then, why do they allow themselves to keep on being exploited and used as the frontman for Rabbi Rubin’s schemes?

      To give you an example: there was this white guy on Twitter moaning about Haiti, guy claimed to be for the white race yet allowed himself to be suckered into taking up the cause of J imperialism and racism on that manner. Anybody with a brain can see that the Talmud gang and their banker thugs started and promoted slavery and racism using the white man as a front.

      In that case, why lose sleep over the plans of people like those? They hate you, and it will never change. No wonder we have this Kalergi nonsense as people are easily lead!

      The pro black cult and the wignat revolution feed off each other like Oroubous and nothing gets done. They did nothing to oppose deindustrialization, polarization and now this COVID scheme for multipolarity and now these fools want to run around blaming us for their mistakes.

      It’s pathetic actually….

      No wonder they remain lonely and a nuisance to society along with the bankers and rabbinic extremists.

      Sorry for the rant, just had to get it out.

      Now this idiotic black hoe wants to blame black men for her smelly snatch? Is she insane or what?

      No wonder people have stopped taking Shaniqua and Brad seriously, and who would when they pull stunts like this?

    2. Michel,

      You know these black sirens already, even when a black man’s hands have been nowhere near the so called “crime scene”, as per the twisted edicts of feminism, black men must always be blamed even though we have nothing to do with the black female’s personal management of her own snatch. Nope, most of these black females have no idea about applying soap or body wash to their privates.

  6. I should be laughing my head off at the first video; dude was crying out for help when he clutched his nose! The snatch must’ve smelled so bad to the point where his legs quit working and he couldn’t get up on his own (aside from her nearly breaking his pelvis); I know his night was ruined. As for the Scalp Summit mountain dweller in the second video, she is your typical Black feminist who blames Black men for everything; if she gets pregnant, he should’ve worn a condom; if she gets an STD, he’s sleeping around; now, it’s his fault if her coochie smells? Will she say the same about her breath if it stunk? This speaks to the failure of Black feminism; that “strong, independent” attitude never comes through for them with their upkeep, personal hygiene, or relationship status.

    1. “The snatch must’ve smelled so bad to the point where his legs quit working and he couldn’t get up on his own (aside from her nearly breaking his pelvis); I know his night was ruined”

      Probably had to throw those clothes that he was wearing in the trash too.

    2. Blue Collar Trevor,

      This lack of sexual hygiene issue amongst black women is yet another reason why more black men are choosing to take their chances with love and companionship elsewhere. Black women have the audacity to say that white women smell like wet dogs, yet this modern day black female has a snatch so smelly that it ought to be completely sealed off and declared a biohazard.

      Indeed, as per usual “it’s the black man’s fault” for anything and everything negative that happens to black women even though the overwhelming majority of the time it’s their own hands that bring about calamity, misfortune and destruction upon their own lives, lol.

  7. Leave it up to demented BWs to go air their dysfunctional stanky vag issues on the newz. And they wonder why their putrid reputations outside the Communitah is burnt to the ground.

    Why is that foolish brotha lying down on the dance floor with that THICCCK (understatement) hideous scraggle riding him? He seriously needs a hard slap or a brick to the head. What tf was he thinking?

    On another note, IF those scraggles in that club are a typical representation of black womin lookswise on the other side of the planet, god lords!! If THAT’s the kind of visual “quality” that makes up the Black Womansphere in North America, I just don’t know what to say. Eeeew, really! Thanks goodness I scored me a good one on the dark continent.

    1. The simps are brainwashed. BW think they’re smart but they’re simply grifters who got lucky. In this day and age, Putin, oligarchs behind him, Isreal, hegemonists can fool no one. True believers in the race purist cause are laughed off social media because everybody knows the leadership is corrupt and a absolute joke. It’s pathetic to see otherwise strong youths wasting time moaning about black men date out while the people they idolize sheg them in the back.

      White nationalism and pro black nonsense are money making schemes. At the top like Russia and DNC, they live big and hang out with the Davos and Valkist crowd who ironically are the cause of the migrant crisis. In the middle are the operators and at the end are the dumb followers who chant slogans and get fucked.

      Some of them might have good intentions, but they’re being set up to get killed. Everyone should watch ‘Network’ and ‘Wag the Dog’, it explains today perfectly.

      Congrats, it’s a shame most black men don’t explore. BW, Lord Napoleon and even Chabad Chev got to where they were by power and manipulation and black men need to have a strong power base.

      1. { BW, Lord Napoleon and even Chabad Chev got to where they were by power and manipulation and black men need to have a strong power base. }

        What terribly distraughts me, though, is the sad realization that the good, gentle intelligent conservative mentally-strong high value Black Man has been under attack since the end of slavery, really. And this was most evident with the destruction of Black Wall Street in Tulsa, Oklahoma by jealous Anglo Saxons who couldn’t handle seeing “inferior” blacks out-develop them. And look at all the good independent black men who have fallen to the State, the most prominent being Malcolm X et al.

        Then that shifted into corrupting godless tribalist black traitors in Africa “back then” to deliberately stunt & derail Pan Africanism’s rise. See assassinations of Congo’s Patrice Lumumba, Burkina Faso’s Thomas Sankara, CIA overthrow of Ghana’s Kwame Nkrumah etc. as evidence. Since Mother Africa has tons of unexploited mineral resource wealth, this corruption left her vulnerable to continuous foreign exploitation from the West & now the East.

        So now we have a generation of black GenZ kids raised on Western social media who all think Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp, Netflix in addition to the youth’s addiction to sports betting on English Premier League Football matches, etc. are hip. If u walk by anywhere that has security guards, everybody’s glued on their dumb-fones. Walk by any major bank — StanChart, Equity Bank, KCB, Family Bank — and the armed Police on duty are all there sitting in their chairs, guns flat on their legs, glued to their fuckin fones, probably sports betting, hustling or maybe getting conned into some get rich quick scheme. Almost everybody’s gone comatose with their cellies. Go to the malls, cashiers & sales people are glued to their fones when not busy. lol

        But I feel most of them seem to be not fully awake as to what is actually going down or what is coming down the pipeline with this Convid Plandemic. This is why it is so important for a disruptive, decentralized high value black man’s community or network to rise in this sea of chaos bcuz, let’s be honest here, black women as a collective have miserably FAILED the communitah in these trying times. This shit is waaay over their naive heads.

        So as u alluded to above, black men need to have a strong power base”. But I would honestly like to know the size of said power base. How ironic that our males are the most athletically fit race on the planet, by far, yet we have no power base in terms of an armed defence, investing & development, etc. And certainly no skills or knowledge in metallurgy in order to make weapons just like all of these other races that want to steal Africa’s resources with gunboat diplomacy.

        It will be very interesting to SEE how black men (excluding the degenerate thugs & simps) as a collective adapt & progress from here on. If that is even possible. We are now at the start of the 4th quarter, having already lost the first 3 quarters, down 20 points. Are we going to go on a 45-10 scoring run & reverse this for the win? Or is that it for the black man? 👀

    2. Black Picard,

      You know how most black women do, they have no shame, they’ll talk about any issues on video including personal ones.

      Like I’ve stated before, outside of being bewitched and enchanted, I really can’t understand how most black men still choose to deal with black women despite their current in the sewer image, reputation and smell.

      It’s a sight to see just how far black women have fallen, what’s more mind boggling is seeing them standing tall and proud in their gutter like state, smh.

      1. { I really can’t understand how most black men still choose to deal with black women }

        Very true, Verbs! Thus it would be very interesting to get a ball park figure on how many black men in the Western world have permanently emigrated from Black Womanstan . Does anybody have an estimate for black men based on the total populations of the UK, US & Canada?

        Nobody really knows. But I feel the onest is on us to come up with an acceptable tally that can be used as fact in articles, etc. This is valuable census data.

  8. “I love black pussy but I sure won’t simp” – DJ Quik

    You know why their punany smell so? You know why their pum pum smell bad is because they are keep giving the clit to 357 Jimmy, Scruffy, Machete Man Briggy, Des The Drunk, Rum Head Frasier, Street Man Ratty, Six Shooter Derrick, Long Dick 44 and Fuck All Night Freed. There are the ones that are piping them down and shoot up in there. Not the good black men. Listen here, when a woman’s pum pum stink, you must know that ‘nough man whoop that, ‘nough man fuck that, ‘nough man cum in that you get me? If a woman have a smelly tun tun, it’s an indication that she must have something.

    I want a son that looks like my youngest nephew but I can’t have children from these scraggle daggles. Na man, I’m god. There is a video on Facebook and this guy is ready to have sex this scraggle daggle in the back of the pickup truck, the guy said “Your pussy stink!” Everyone there was laughing. I don’t think the scraggle daggle care. But I bet you that there was a thirsty dude did ram it in the back of the pickup, raw. With all the black women I had sex with, they have never had a smelly cooch, thank God!

    1. Money Cultural,

      Black women can keep their smelly snatches over there, let the simps and the road boys deal with that problem.

  9. How is it ANYONE else’s fault that your snatch stinks, witch? And notice that her hair was probably shorter than her man’s, smgdh. Black women are about as feminine as a belching contest.

    Black women do not know basic hygiene and thus can not teach their daughters. That’s why it’s child abuse to eject semen anywhere near a daggle.

    Just saw a commercial for Best Buy and legit the black men in the commercial were better looking and softer in the face than the women. No matter how you dress them up, no matter how much weight they gain or lose, they are unfeminine as hell, and their inability to have a clean snatch and taint proves this.

    1. Afrofuturism1,

      This Kool Keith looking witch honestly believes that the rest of the world is going to support her utterly ludicrous position.

      We know black women as a group already, as has been brought up by others here, the default “always blame the black man” Kansas City shuffle is frequently utilised by the overwhelming majority of black women whenever they get caught in compromising positions or the negative consequences of some stupid decisions they’ve made in the past begin unfolding.

      The toxic cooch epidemic is a serious one black women as a collective still refuse to address, however if they see a black man walking down the street with a white woman, they’ve got no problems swinging into action on the spot and throwing every negative label under the sun at the guy, smh.

  10. A vagina should only have a “smell” during its menstruation cycle or due to invariant factors (via different clothing, diet, etc). However, it should not have a strong odor. Part of the problem with these modern-day females is their vaginal hygiene & maintenance. A lot don’t have an idea of how to wash and maintain their vaginas with or without feminine hygiene accessories.

    Secondly, many of them don’t know how to properly wash their behinds either. BW do not get the concept of fecal leakage after defecating. It is best to always use hygienic wipes, anti-bacterial soap, water & after-shower powder after you defecate.

    Lastly, due to their promiscuous sex practices, which fuels the already terrible conditions, makes it worst. Most of these women are projecting and using red-herring tactics to make themselves seem more like the victim or placate the responsibility on to someone else.

  11. Out of all the dumb/retarded statements the BAW population has made, this one has zero logic.

    For starters, since men collectively who value their health will take care of themselves especially by cleaning our “mini buddies” or “bananas” daily, women should also do the same regarding their private parts at all times. No fuss, no muss or musks.

    Also on the first video, that stench must have been possessed by wicked spirits to have that man rethink his life at that moment.

    The ever-growing receipt or documents to why I will not find Black Women attractive at least in the West continues to grow. Especially those who practice dysfunction in the mind and outlook to others, and to their bodies.

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