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Another Smelly Cooch Experience – Black Women Continue To Demonstrate Their Poor Sexual Hygiene, Smh!

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This seems to be a common reoccurrence with too many black women, something which I’ve talked in depth about before, black women and their lack of sexual hygiene is a serious problem and one they point blank refuse to deal with.

As I’ve stated before, black women as a group simply aren’t taught by their mothers the ins and the outs of keeping their vaginas in clean and pristine condition, in fact I would go one step further and say that black women have a problem keeping their nether regions clean period.

One individual who continues to come up again and again when it comes down to stank cooch is K Michelle who has been accused of having a smelly vagina by so many individuals, at this point it might as well be an established fact set in stone.

I remember DJ Vlad interviewing a rapper named Uncle Murda back in 2015 and he said the same thing, K Michelle has a smelly box, please see the short clip below:

Recently K Michelle once again has been accused of still having a smelly snatch, this time by a rapper named Maino which she has supposedly clapped back at, however there’s very little clap back room when people have been stating the same thing for years on end.

The stank cooch crisis isn’t just a K Michelle problem, it’s a black female problem which has been going on for years in which black women as a collective have failed to deal with the situation(which is why the issue continues to come up in conversation again and again).

Most black men I’ve spoken to who have dealt with black women at some point have run into a black female who sexual hygiene was literally in the dumpster, they aren’t that hard to come by since we know that most black women love sleeping with the same small pool of rag tag, gutter trash black men.

In addition to this, these same black women allow these different men to freely deposit their seed into them and don’t bother taking the necessary steps to gut out and thoroughly clean their privates afterwards, remember this 2019 article of a black female who’s vagina began to smell because she forgot to clean it out after being used as a semen depository by several guys:

Yet black women continue to wonder why more black men are choosing to give them a wide berth. When free thinking black men talk about black women not being quality women, sexual hygiene is one of the main areas of contention.

Yet, these will be the same women demanding men of quality who are earning at least a 6 figure salary, have a large penis, have their own house, car, have no children(even though most of these black harriets already come preloaded with kids), oh and don’t forget that you have to be 6 feet tall at minimum, smh.

You have to understand, the main reason why black women believe they can continue to brazenly demand the highest standards from black men(while at the same time giving their white lord and saviour Major Blizzard a clean and honourable pass) is because of the multitudes of simps who continue to lick their muddy boots unconditionally, if it wasn’t for them black women would’ve been forced to eat humble pie a long time ago.

The stank cooch saga continues, those black men with sense and intelligence will continue to read and accept the writing on the wall and adjust their lives accordingly. Black women have absolutely no rights demanding the highest standards from black men while at the same time walking around with vaginas that smell like your local sewage treatment works. #SYSBM

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Stank Snatches Should Be Avoided At All Costs

Most High Bless

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35 thoughts on “Another Smelly Cooch Experience – Black Women Continue To Demonstrate Their Poor Sexual Hygiene, Smh!

  1. I don’t know what their vagina smells like cause I’ve never fucked one. The only vagina I’ve fucked in the past is from a white woman. I would always see an ad for sexual hygiene from white women. #SYSBM #TeamWhiteQueens

      1. Why do you think no one of any race wants to tap nigger pussy? Y’all bitches smell like tuna fish, salmon, piss, and shit at the same time. Probably wear the same nasty panties every day too. White women like myself and Latina women’s pussies smell better because we actually clean them, and we’re intelligent enough to wash our panochas after sex. I’m glad I’m not black. I’d kill myself. Then you nasty stank nigger bitches wonder why black men go for women who AREN’T BLACK! BECAUSE YOU BITCHES ARE NASTY!!!

        1. lol tell the truth, dont nobody like nigger pussy, latin, white, and asian girls the real queens. The smell of sex be foul yeah when you fuck them good. But at least it aint no nigger pussy lol

      2. lol dont nobody want no nigger pussy or ass, they be smelling like alley sewers. If you want a nasty nut and dont care then ok that makes sense, but if you wanna be nasty and go to bed at night knowing you dont got an STD or something then thats a different story. Blacks are the most undesired women unless its a lighskin. But them darkies every time i see em, i just know they smell bad off the jump. Bad breath, smelly pussy and ass the whole 9.

        You can fuck any other girl who’s not a black darkie, yeah the sex gonna smell but its a smell that will make you horny and wanna fuck more, not throw up and you trying to wash your dick over and over to get the smell out. Send them back to the zoo or the jungle where they belong because we are tired of it. They mess up the cities and towns, cause violence and then got a nasty smell on top of it

    1. That’s because white women take serious care of their vaginas. Black women don’t, obviously. Latinas take good care of their vaginal hygiene as well. I’ve never heard one good thing about black women’s hygiene. Ick…

  2. Hmmm. No wonder the STD rate is kinda high. Thank god I haven’t sex with a black woman. If I did, I’ll feel bad for myself. Once again, now I know why dudes say they like a woman who practice good hygiene. I honestly don’t know what to say about this because this type of stuff I need to think on, and probably take some notes on. That VladTv video, I think I remember watching a video on there, and there was one adult entertainer on there, it was a black chick, she said a lot of chicks that be in the adult entertainment, that be taking a big you know what be in pain and discomfort afterwards. Then, I know I be hearing some dudes say that they encounter women who insides were mess up because either:
    A) unprotected sex,
    B) having like numerous of dudes smash like she’s a pornstar, or
    C) taking something big that’s gonna straight up make her not have sex at all in the future.
    I’m really trying to connect the dots with this because is that why/how Bacterial Vaginosis, and/or these other STDS like Chlamydia, Gonorrhea, Syphilis, and Trichomoniasis exist because of the three things I just listed? I’m just curious. What happened to having a condom at all times when getting into sex? This is why I be saying that I’m starting to lose interest in sex because there be people that be playing with sex like they in the adult industry, but these people do not know that they can catch diseases too. That’s about enough for my sermon of this topic.

    My Discord link for SYSBM/Passport Bros:

    1. I don’t blame you at all. Well at least from this case, it gives us a more reason to pursue non western women who practice good hygiene or has enough sense to do so.

      1. Blackdjedi,

        According to the black witch contingent, you’re not a strong black man because you cannot handle the “strong” smell of the black female snatch, smh, I Know, ridiculous. I’ve even come across simps trying their best to explain the toxic smell that emanates from the black female’s vagina in a positive light.

    2. D.K.Phantom,

      The moral of the story continues to stay the same, the black witch remains contaminated, as a result avoid these sirens at all costs.

      1. The food they eat and their high testosterone levels add to their foul odors as well

  3. Verbs 2015.
    Like I said before Verbs I am so fucking glad that I have never slept with a black woman because I never had to experience their stank pussy and I will never ever sleep with a black woman because I just don’t find them sexually attractive. I don’t understand the fascination that these black male simps have for these black women because we all know that black women hate simps.

    1. Quincy Fitzpatrick,

      You’ve done well not dealing with the black witch, keep up the good work. At this point there is nothing to be gained from dealing with black women as a collective outside of drama, strife, contention, attitude, excess weight, weaves, fake eyelashes, 50 pounds of makeup and a load of STI’s. The juice isn’t worth the squeeze.

      1. Verbs 2015.
        Thanks man and I fully agree with you bro.😊😊

  4. You might insipire to do an article on Money Cultural Raw on blogger which I’m starting in February but anyhow. Right, I wouldn’t know about stinking pussy but I have heard that these ghetto ratchet hoodrats have smelly pum pum! And I was wondering why they have smelly punany. Maybe that they don’t was the tun tun properly, have sex with numerous guys mostly worthless men, the weave might is making them not washing the tunny as the weave is making their scalp smell or the sexual diseases they had. No man in their right mind would ram their wood in a woman’s smelly clit. But I know that the simps will without thinking but these scraggly women don’t like these simps anyway! And you remeber when K Michelle talking about small dick this and small dick that? Well I bet you every black man is talking about her stinking smelly pussy!
    Peace guys!

    1. Money Cultural,

      The smelly couch saga continues with black women, like I stated before this is a major reason why more black men are choosing to give black women a wide berth. A smelly snatch on any woman is a serious red flag that cannot be ignored.

    2. Maybe you can do a new black super hero series called Super Scraggle where the heroine is a scraggly feminazi black woman who fights crime. He secret weapon when encountering villains is to open her legs & let them stank fumes overwhelm her assailants. They’ll be so mortified at the stench that they’ll quickly surrender to the authorities if she closes her legs & will happily plead guilty in court so they can go to jail to get the fuk away from that smelly weaponized puhnani. 😂😜🤪

  5. well that is 3 people who said her box smelled. I am going to pull a liberal black women play from their playbook…. Well if 3 or more people said it, then it must be true #blacklove #melanin #blkgrlmagik

  6. The Trini dude’s facial expression in the second video is saying, “Please, somebody save me! She smells foul down there!” I remember MadBusDriverX had done a livestream where he mentioned he was with a Black woman who had a bad smell in her cooch which ended their session before it could even begin; absolutely disgusting how these straggs can walk around smelling like that, especially a celebrity like K. Michelle who can afford to visit a gynecologist regularly and real with said problem. She can’t say anything about men anymore if they are all echoing the same thing; so now there’s stinky cooch to add to the list along with stinky weaves. #SYSBM

    1. Blue Collar Trevor,

      I remember MBD telling that account many years ago as well, well, in 2021 we can clearly see that nothing has changed. K Michelle isn’t poor by any means so she really doesn’t have an excuse for carrying around such a putrid cooch. These black women have a nerve to talk about black men when most of them are walking around with toxic waste dumps between their legs, smh.

  7. I have more contempt for the black male simp than I do for the scraggle daggle. I’ll tell you why. First of all, the scraggle daggle is empowered by the black male simp. It is only the black male simp who gasses up the scraggle daggle and behaves toward her like her shit doesn’t stink. Bottom shelf Brad never gasses up the scraggle daggle, nor do other non black males. To them, the scraggle daggle is a cum dump of convenience and nothing more. Still the scraggle daggle worships bottom shelf Brad.

    What disgusts me the most about the black male simp, is his willingness to kill other black male simps over a scraggle daggle who has nothing but contempt for both simps. As long as the majority of black males continue to simp for a female counterpart who has fallen to such depths that she is a disgrace to womanhood, there is little hope for the black collective as a group.

    1. AmericanBlkMan,

      The black male simp must perish in the same bottomless pit as the black witch he worships and exalts.

  8. Never mind sticking your dick inside a dirty cooch, imagine putting your face into that garbage heap. All of those rap songs in the past talking about “Don’t eat the Coochie” finally make sense now.

    1. Tony Stacks,

      Additionally, many of these blue pilled black male simps be talking about “eating the booty like groceries”. Since we already know that most black women have vaginas that smell worse than landfill sites, can you imagine what the rest of their private areas smell like? I’ll stop right there!

    1. Afrofuturism1,

      That may not be an issue on my side but I’ll check the WordPress forum to see if there is anything I can do on my end. You should still be able to comment freely through your WordPress profile.

    1. Derrick Mils,

      The dirty, smelly cooch saga continues, yet these are the same women claiming that they are entitled to men of means. I can’t stand smelly people, we live in the 21st century, there are no excuses for not keeping one’s self clean especially the privates, black women are NOT exempt from the standard.

  9. Resource Based Economy, hey man, Jay zee, is a known sinner. About this page I’ve encountered one Bw and one Hispanic, it kinda kills the moment, Praise the Lord.

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