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This short video clip below was filmed in March 2020, listen to what the guy said and look at where we are today, especially in the UK, smh:

Meanwhile in Italy of all places, 50000 plus restaurants are defying the lockdown guidelines and have already opened up for business:

The same thing is happening in Poland, if only the UK general public had a backbone, these lockdowns would’ve been knocked on the head ages ago:

There is supposed to be some kind of campaign kicking off here in the UK to do the same thing on the 30th January 2021, however the problem is for the most part the British public are too obedient to the instructions of the state, yes a few business owners will rebel and open up their stores, however the overwhelming majority of people here are utter cowards who will simply capitulate and allow what they’ve built up for years to be lost because they view the UK government as their all knowing god:

What a sad state of affairs, spellbound folks continuing to listen to and following the instructions of the very government which is trying its utmost to destroy them and their livelihoods. The additional problem as per too other places in the world is most Brits regrettably still trust in the mainstream media who have been working overtime with their witchcraft and wizardry in order to keep the British public locked in the trance of propaganda and fear, for the most part it has worked.

Meanwhile, in other news, queanies being queanies as per usual:

Losers leaving behind children, oh she means the same losers that these same black women openly confess their love for and regularly open their legs to, 12 Gauge Mike, Slim Sauce, Roof Top Trey, Chunky Bruh, Shifty Sizzler, Field Mouse, Cheezy Grillz etc.

Do you see how in the eyes of most of these black females, it is always the fault of the black men they didn’t want regardless? Brothers, continue to walk away from these women, you can NEVER land yourself a good deal dealing with a group of females who don’t know the meaning of being accountable as well as responsibility and who will always lay the blame at your feet for things that go wrong in their lives that they themselves caused. Check out free thinking black man, you deserve much better:

Another Open Mic Wednesday is here, you’ve got the floor gents, roll that dice.

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Stay Individual(In Your Mindset)

Most High Bless

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47 thoughts on “Free Topic/Open Mic Wednesday

  1. In UK, the national lockdown is extended to March 2021. I think the lockdown will extend a lot longer than that. This is all about taking human rights away and global depopulation for 2030 agenda, written on Georgia Guidestones. The elite globalist plan is to depopulate from over 7 billion people on earth down to 500 million people by covid vaccines. It ain’t surprising some people are already dropping dead by the vaccine. I will keep refusing to be vaccinated at all cost regardless whether the government likes it or not. It is suicide to take it. My dad has been vaccinated already. I don’t know if he will live longer or not. I don’t want any quality stargate to take the vaccine. #SYSBM #TeamWhiteQueens

    1. Witwijf,

      As the Canadian dude explained in the video above, these lockdowns are supposed to be permanent, neverending, come out of lockdown, go into another lockdown, come out of that lockdown, go into yet another lockdown.

      The cycle is easy to break, simply stop going along with the program, however it’s taking many people too long to figure this out because of their unwarranted trust of their governments.

      Most of the British public are goners, they don’t realise that this vaccine is really a weapon designed to kill them off, as per usual it is the elder generations who are the ones blindly following the dictates of the State.

      In some better news unexpectedly I managed to persuade my mother NOT to take Bill Gates’ Russian Roulette witch’s brew, I was quite surprised because like most black women she is a typical hard head and a glutton for punishment.

      My girlfriend isn’t touching that vaccine either. The doctors and nurses here in the UK pushing for the elderly to get the vaccine are nothing short of evil scum buckets, they don’t even know the long-term outcomes and effects but yet and still they’re promoting the jab as a good thing, smh.

      1. You know the British public are not smart right. You know that they are stupid. The vaccine is nothing but a poisonous weapon to kill people and they are taking it? I was watching the News at ten on ITV and they did the news report about the vaccine in Harlesden, North West London. There was a black guy said that he’s not taking the vaccine because of how dangerous it is. I tell you, Bill Gates is a wicked four eye bastard that need a gun shot in his head. I have never seen a mass murderer like this. Never.

        1. Money Cultural,

          What shocks me the most is how easily many people in this country have fallen for this Covid garbage, failed to conduct their own basic research, believe the BBC, Sky News and ITV are giving them the complete story without questioning anything and additionally they have huge problems seeing through the many anomalies, irregularities and inconsistencies in connection to the “official” Coronavirus narrative.

          Bill Gates in 2021 is the same dude he was 15 years ago, a Eugenicist who wants to reduce the world’s population. Dudes like him don’t just talk, they actually spring into action trying to bring about their goals, this is what most folks simply don’t get. How fast people forget the untold damage Gates has already caused via vaccine programs he’s executed in the past, smh.

        1. Tony Stacks,

          I told her about all of the people that have died as a result of taking it, I also reminded her of a few past events where I’ve told her not to do something, she’s done it anyway and faced some heavy consequences. That seems to have done the trick, shortly I’ll be going over the evidence and showing her various articles.

      2. That Canadian dude laid it out well. Here in the US people have been defying lockdowns since the beginning. The owner of the gym that I go to reopened during a lockdown because he said that he would go bankrupt otherwise, during this lockdown the rich have gotten richer and the poor poorer. Also as the Canadian guy pointed out small businesses are going under and people will turn to large corporations and chains to replace those services, stripping the people of even more power.

        1. JamesSYSBM,

          We’ve had a few gym owners over here defy the lockdown, however it hasn’t been nearly enough. The gym that I attend has been closed since this third lockdown kicked in, the owner has capitulated and folded to the lockdown rules, rules which are destroying his business. I really don’t understand some people, they’re so obedient to the State that they can’t even bring themselves to push back at anything the government say even if at the same time they’re watching themselves go out of business, smh.

    2. Is the UK gov’t giving out free monthly support checks to help its sheep pay for food, rent, electricity etc? Or do these fukin bureaucRATS who live on the taxpayer’s dime expect the sheep to have unlimited grass to graze in their homes?
      I gotta say that, in general, I am extremely disappointed with voters/citizens/the electorate. They have so much power yet they put up with so much shit. I can’t stand weak-minded people who HAVE voting PRIVILEGES. Revoke that shit! Now!!

      You’ll find find the English 5-Eyes spy nation collective of US, UK, Canada, NZ & Australia will usually be the most compliant because they are the most brainwashed by the “Western” ZIOPress 24/7/365. At least the Italians, Polish & other non-English speaking cultures are less indoctrinated to a certain extent & have a greater sense of culture due to strong family/community values compared to Lord Anglo’s “superior” English-speaking sheep.
      Just my 2 cents from observing the dynamics in different cultures.

  2. Italy was supposedly an “epicenter” of the virus and even they are seeing through the BS. Meanwhile, so called free Americans are crying in a corner hoping that their government will allow them to go to Chili’s for lunch.

    They’re too afraid of what CNN and the corrupt media will say, when most journalists need to be brutally killed in the streets anyway. I thought these gun toters weren’t afraid to pull out the pieces when the SHTF? If they won’t do shit, you know most black people won’t.

    This also shows how more and more, it’s Eastern Europe and a few other assorted countries that will survive on that continent. Basic WASP countries won’t make it, hell, the UK was screwed once multiculturalism hit.

    You know good and well that black people will suffer, and let em! Why would ANYONE feel sorry for black people at this point? Honestly, a black child could get beaten and shot in broad daylight on the streets by a group of Klansmen, and I’ll feel nothing. Black people wanna walk back into slavery, let the mother****ers hang!

    1. Afrofuturism1,

      Good to hear from you brother. For some reason most people can’t seem to understand the concept that you DON’T beg the bully for mercy because grovelling at his/her feet will only make them feel more emboldened and the abuse is guaranteed to increase.

      Folks over here in the UK who used to live by such principles many years ago have completely thrown them out of the window, begging the government not to introduce vaccine passports as well as mandatory jabs, how pathetic can they get?

      I live in a nation of pure cowards, not a backbone remains in any one of these flunkies, the women are the ones who are on the frontlines getting arrested for standing up for their rights while the men cower in fear in a corner, smh.

      I never realised how lost most people in the UK actually are, and they give off the pomp of having knowledge and being clued up, don’t believe that for a second.

      I completely agree, the Eastern block and various central Asian countries are the places to retreat to, as stated before the West for the majority part is done, through and finished.

    2. I always thought it was funny how CONservative white Americans always pride themselves on their 2nd Amendment to own guns. Yet alarm bells are ringing, the asylum is burning, their society is being destroyed right in front of their very eyes. Yet they bitch & moan over at The Conservative Tree House, The Burning Platform, Consortium News, Unz Review, SHTF Plan & other popular alt-Media sites I browse to get a gauge on what’s going down in Amerika.

      But if it has something to do with a black simpy thug doing stupid shit, you hear all the vitriol of what they’d do or rant that “black men commit the most rapes” blah blah fukin blah. But the ZIOPress which they hate & know is the source of ALL their problems, you never hear them saying, “let’s tar & feather these lying newz whores” or “Big Media needs to be taken out, pronto!”

      Nope, they just stew with their guns. But they have no qualms shooting unarmed black folk. Absolutely pathetic COWARDS. That’s why their society is going down the toilet & I don’t give a flying fuk because they’re supreme hypocrites. I keep waiting for these so called “patriots” to man up like Arnold in Commando & take down their ZOG masters. The stolen election was their time to act, but they didn’t. Fukin pathetic armed pussies! I know for a fact if the situation were reversed & black society had the arms like they do, all hell would break loose because armed black people don’t put up with shit.

  3. This is also showing which countries to bug out to and which to avoid. The European countries worth a damn would be Eastern Europe, the most Nordic countries possible, and possibly Italy from the way they’re actually standing up. I saw a video where, in one of the reopened restaurants, people were shouting “get out!” To the cops. But bAcK tHe BlUe, amiright?

    Central Asia is also a major destination, especially Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan. I follow this girl on Instagram that lives in Uzbekistan and it seems like all is well. Hell, many less than metropolitan but still not rural arenas of Russia are the same way.

    I still wanna consider East Asia, but those people are some of the biggest, most compliant slaves of people. China and anything related to it is out of the question, **** that place and those people!

    It was always a case of me personally lacking any desire to go, but now more than ever, do NOT even deal with Latin countries outside of maybe Brazil. Those places are rife with mandates and control, and were socialist shitholes to begin with. Don’t let the tourist beaches fool you, those places are WAY WORSE.

    1. Afrofuturism1,

      President Balsonaro of Brazil has the right approach to the situation, he’s been the only President of all these Latin American countries who have kept a cool head, told people not to panic and to operate as per normal because the so called Coronavirus is nothing more than a bad cold.

  4. I just remembered this. Around 2008 or 2009 I was in a Japanese restaurant in a area I used to live. 3 turkish women in rhe restaurant were talking they saw me and invited me into their conversation. They were older in Milf range. I was not single at the time. If I was I would go further make connections with them and hopefully get a younger turkish girl in their network or families and start dating a turkish girl. Imagine that turkish women immigrants to Canada inviting a black man to be in their private conversation. This was before the rise of the sysbm movement.

    1. Brothersdanunlimited,

      But according to the fake academic, black women care about children. This is actually quite surprising as black women typically fawn over and worship non black children. As I’ve stated before, most black women should be heavily vetted psychologically before being allowed to have children because most of them simply aren’t right in the head.

    2. The scraggle daggle B-Dubs are the longest running joke in the world; those people laugh at the stereotype caricature she employed to tell on herself jestingly, which is why no one takes what we say seriously when we talk about the abusive behavior of these sirens.

  5. Verbs 2015.
    The majority of people in the UK have no backbone and they blindly stupidly follow the government rules like lacky slaves and that’s the reason why the UK as a country finds itself in never ending lockdowns. My grandparents took the vaccine and my auntie is thinking about taking the vaccine and I warned her not to take it because it will kill her but she insisted on taking it. The other day I had some white guy telling me on my YouTube comments to stay away white women and that I should not be allowed to date white women because I am taking them away from him and he thinks that black women are not that bad to date and that I should only be allowed to date black women and I told him to fuck off because I can date whatever woman I like no matter what race she is and he doesn’t have the right to tell me who I can and can’t date because it’s my life and my freedom of choice.

    1. Quincy Fitzpatrick,

      Most of these elder blacks are goners, they now trust in the same government that not too long ago was persecuted them relentlessly. Additionally, the same UK government that recently has been deporting individuals back to the Caribbean and other places because the government itself failed to provide them with the relevant paperwork and documents 50 plus years ago, they still trust in, smh.

      On the subject of the insecure Captain Snowy, these dudes man, most white women deal with white men and the dude is still super paranoid, smh. Don’t listen to fools like him, he simply wants you to stick to these masculine, oversized, attitude having, weave wearing black females who aren’t worth a fart in a windstorm.

      1. Verbs 2015.
        I fully agree with you bro and I couldn’t have said it better myself. Like I said before Verbs, I refuse to date black women, fat women, ugly women and single mothers as a childfree black man at 38 because I have high standards for myself.

  6. Top of the morning, SYSBM brethren! I trust that you all are safe and healthy in these times. Yesterday was the one year anniversary of Kobe and Gianna Bryant’s death; where did the time go?

    Yesterday, my work partner was watching a video where it was stated that Dr. Fauci has now recommended that people start “double masking” to reduce the spread of the “beer flu” (meaning wear two masks over your face). Let’s apply some logic while we still have the freedom to do so: if “single masking” didn’t work, wouldn’t that mean “double masking” is twice as pointless [pun intended]? You basically have two worthless pieces of cloth over your mouth and nose, stopping nothing but your unlimited access to fresh air.

    Now, we have this from the ‘Washington Compost’:

    Masks DON’T fight COVID-19, a healthy immune system does; couple that with a healthy lifestyle, and that’s really all you need to fight off sickness and disease. In other news, stay at home mandates are being lifted in these Democratic strongholds; I wonder what’s their motive for suddenly doing so?

    1. Blue Collar Trevor,

      Like I said at the very beginning of this plandemic, they’ll keep on changing the rules and introduce even more ridiculous recommendations to see who will go along with the program vs who won’t. Fauci is a joke, Trump should’ve sacked him as soon as he saw the goon going along with the “Chinese model and response” to the so called “virus”.

      These so called experts are nothing more than scam compliance minions who are in bed with the CCP. I suspect the lifting of stay at home mandates has something to do with them getting rid of Trump in some way, however I suspect that sleepy Joe Biden(I refuse to call him the President of the United States because literally nobody voted for the dude which is why the Dems had to steal the election) will simply play the same game as UK prime minister Boris Johnson, out of lockdown, into lockdown, out of lockdown, into lockdown etc.

      As I’ve stated before, this is blatantly some Simon Says foolishness, you set yourself free by NOT playing the game.

  7. Questions guys.So y’all noticed at the tail end of 2020 to now black women of up their game in regards to dick police.While they look at after men of other races.I made the mistake of lurking in twitter and was with bombarded with instances of black women play wewe police but at the same time blatantly lust after other nation of men.I didn’t notice that stuff was this terrible.Has anybody else notice this 🤔

    1. 8 Limb Nak Muay Warrior,

      Black women have always been hypocrites when it comes down to interracial dating, Twitter is the musty, damp, dark catacomb of the the angry and bitter modern day black female who wishes that Captain Snowy would pay her more attention. Commenter Assegai Developments was posting a barrage of tweets from disgruntled black females on the old website before it was taken down. Black women never change, they feel that they should have all the rights associated with interracial dating while black men should have none, smh.

    1. Brotherdanunlimited,

      Anal swabs, so now these Chinese are engaging in nigh on sodomy now, smh. Once again, the Simon Says bread and circus monkey show theatrics continue and most folks are fast asleep at the wheel too busy complying with the very same governments who are trying to destroy them instead of asking questions.

  8. Damn, that Damia Jackson above is too salty in her response to the white gal’s poster. Who needs to buy salt to put on your food when she has plenty of salt to go around. Degrees? Like Social Justice or Women’s Studies or similar studies? Doesn’t impress me unless it’s STEM related which is like kryptonite to most (not all) BW.

    Notice the contrasting mentalities & relationships in the scraggly black women above compared to the SYSBM black men with their appreciative, family oriented wives. It’s like night & day.

  9. Brandon Smith is one of my favourite writers in the alt-Media blogosphere when it comes to topics of alt-Markets, Deep State, economic collapse, etc. He’s always right on the money with his predictions. Now he’s talking about secession of red states from blue states. Check this out.👇🏾👇🏾👇🏾

    [ Biden’s Presidency Will Be A Catalyst For Secession – And Perhaps Civil War – January 20, 2021 – 180 Comments ]
    In my article ‘A Biden Presidency Will Mean A Faster US Collapse’, published in October, I outlined why the ongoing economic crisis will accelerate in the wake of a Biden takeover. More specifically, I predicted that Biden would implement a federal covid lockdown, probably within the first year of his presidency, similar to the Level 4 lockdowns implemented in Europe and Australia. Biden may lure Americans into complacency with promises of “relief” and less restrictions in his first couple months, but he will then use the rather convenient news of “covid mutations” to bring in even harsher mandates…

    …Such a lockdown, if Americans submit, would mean an even larger spike in unemployment, a loss of hundreds of thousands of small businesses as well as a huge loss in tax revenues for some states (mostly blue states).

    Another scenario is that Biden leaves the lockdowns in the hands of state governments, but pursues a nationwide program for medical passports. The passport, of course, would require people to take the vaccine and accept contact tracing apps on their phones; meaning 24/7 surveillance on the public. At least 30% of Americans have said in polling that they will refuse the vaccines outright. Another 60% have said they are wary of the vaccines and need proof of their effectiveness. So, the medical passports will lead to millions of people being denied participation in the mainstream economy and collapse happens anyway.

    In other words, the elites are going to try to hold the economy hostage while telling the public that if we don’t accept medical tyranny it will be OUR FAULT if the system breaks down.

    The economic crisis, however, started long before the pandemic, long before Biden and long before Trump. It has been building since the credit crash of 2008, and in the 12 years since, the Federal Reserve and other central banks have been pumping out trillions in stimulus while encouraging non-stop debt accumulation. Right before the beginning of the pandemic, the US was suffering from the highest corporate debt in history, the highest consumer debt in history as well as the highest national debt in history…

    In early November in Issue #47 of my newsletter, The Wild Bunch Dispatch, I war gamed the Biden scenario extensively and concluded that if he was to enter the White House it would have to be followed by a massive erasure of conservative media platforms from the internet. I stated that:

    “If Biden does indeed enter the White House and take control of the presidency, expect certain consequences right away: A complete full spectrum censorship campaign of conservative news sources will be undertaken by tech companies and government. There is no way Biden and the democrats could keep control of the situation while conservatives are able to share information in real time. Do not be surprised if web providers suddenly start kicking conservative sites off their servers, just as Bitchute (a YouTube alternative) was kicked off their server for 24 hours on election night.”

    This is already happening, and Biden hasn’t even stepped foot into the role of “commander and chief” yet. The coordinated effort by Big Tech to remove Parler, a Twitter alternative, from the web completely was not all that surprising. Luckily, Parler will be back up and running by the end of the month, but the censorship campaign is only going to get worse from here on. Biden WILL support and defend the censorship efforts by Big Tech and the fascist marriage between government and the corporate world will be complete.

    There is an obvious outcome to all of these actions and I don’t think it’s far fetched to suggest that conservative counties and states will demand secession. At the very least, conservatives are going to continue to relocate to red states and red counties, just so they can continue to do business and make a living without government interference. There’s no way that most conservatives controlled states or counties are going to submit to federal lockdown mandates or medical passports, and economies in conservative regions are going to remain stable because of this while blue states are going to crumble…

    The best option for a number of reasons is to separate. Secession is often referred to as “running away” from a cultural problem, but this is an ignorant way of looking at it. We are reaching a stage right now in the US where it will be virtually impossible to voice political concerns without risking retribution. If you are a conservative, you will be targeted… ***
    Sooo, what do you think SYSBMers?? Is Brandon right on the money?
    Read more here:

  10. I tell you, this lockdown. The reason for lockdown 3.0 is the government is making unemployment rise, businesses shutting down, mental health, I heard that Domestic Violence has gone up by 45 per cent but at the end of the day, the women want them type of man and don’t leave the man but it’s nothing but madness. I was at Dunstable in Luton and I see the town just empty. It was like a desert. Nice place but it was empty. Right, Damia Jackson. This good for nothing, ghetto ratchet, ghetto gagging scraggly don’t mind getting breed up but Pookie, Ray Ray, John John, Thick Dick Tyrone, Rum Smuggler Don, Whiskey Baron Tony, Colt Five Road and BBB (Black British Biscuit) and when she looking for a good black man, he will reject her and run off faster then Road Runner.
    Peace out people.

  11. Gentlemen,

    Remember before how I told you about Vanced YouTube, an app you can download for Android or iPhone which allows you to watch YouTube completely commercial free, King Sigma recently alerted me to a browser called Brave which allows you to do the same on your PC/Laptop, the link to the Brave Browser is below:

    1. I’m using the Brave browser as we speak.

  12. The first video sums up my reasoning why I will not take that BS-19 Vaccine at all. Outside of that, I have been making gradual progress in my health and IT so far. Pertaining to Python & JavaScript of course.

    Glad to hear from fellow free-thinking Black Men and thank you Verbs for the recommendation of a seaweed or something in that area to detoxify the body. I’ll make sure I get it.

  13. Out of curiosity, is there a way you can add a photo in your profile when making comments?

    And off-topic regarding the typical nature of the BAW and those with the Western mindset, leave them and save yourself from that BULLLLSHIT mp4.

    1. Jon,

      This climate change garbage was exposed as a fraud during the Climategate saga back in 2009, now they’re trying to bring this trash back onto the docket. Trump put a serious dent in this whole Climate Change fraud which is one of the main reasons why they were so desperate to get rid of him.

    2. This has to be the stupidest thing I’ve read where the climate change hysteria movement is concerned; they should’ve left it alone at Greta Thunberg.

  14. I have told her about the vaccine and the damage it will cause and the dangers of it. I hope she listens to me.

  15. 1) Covid-19 and “President” : Okay, I’m extremely at the point now where a dime needs to be drop ASAP because I cannot sit back and let this madness continue anymore. A lot of folks ain’t gonna wake the hell up until it’s too late, but that’s gonna be their fault for not waking up, and I don’t wanna hear the complaining because the majority could’ve done something to stop it. I thought the USA was strong, but nah, all talk and no walk. Now these folks talking about anal swabs for Covid?! Man, a lot of people gonna be walking around here with butt problems due to this crap. I’m about to die at an early age, and that’s gonna be from fighting the nonsense. How long they gonna keep this up, because this nonsense needs to freakin end? A dime needs to be drop on this covid-19, these globalists and their agendas, and on some of these democrats because humanity is in grave danger, and these folks are not human at all. Speaking of the president, he’s already doing a terrible job, and I highly doubt he’s gonna last four years in office, let alone a freakin year due to his age. Earlier, I was looking at the past presidential elections number on the 270towin website, and it’s weird that around those past election around the 2000 range and 2010 range, and I’m really not tryna count the 2008 or 2012 election because Obama ain’t do squat but catering to the Alt. community, but back to the topic, the popular vote numbers was around the 50mil and the 60mil range, but the 2020 election, biden have 80mil votes, so something really don’t look right. Like I said, I don’t care about neither party like that, nor I vote neither, but this whole election was sketchy. That and this damn Covid shit. I definitely sense a civil war is about to happen.

    2) In response to that meme of the black woman, This disrespect the black man is getting from his own race of women needs to stop. Why can’t black women just either keep their legs or tell the dude to wear a condom? I swear some folks take the complex route instead of the simple route, that’s why some folks can’t get out of the shit they stay being in. Talking about getting degrees, starting businesses, look they can make it seem like they leveling up, thinking a high value/quality man is coming their way, but that’s not gonna make them the ish. Matter of fact, on my discord, I’m gonna be talking about what makes a woman quality from my point of view. Feel free to drop your opinion on what’s makes a quality woman in your view.

    My Discord link for SYSBM/Passport Bros:

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