Once again we have another situation where a black female and her unconditional worship of her white lord and saviour Captain Blizzard hasn’t turned out well for her at all. I really don’t feel sorry for these so called “swirlers” who date out in their efforts to escape the Blackistan they created with their own vaginas only to be beaten to a pulp by the very same white men they believed were going to save them and whisk them away into the sunset, lol.

You’ll also notice that the usual suspects are eerily quiet on this story, why hasn’t the Pink Pill Pimpstress/High Priestess of Swirl Mountain one Miss Christelyn Karazin jumped on the story in depth, it’s not like this kind of thing isn’t common amongst black females and white males. Notice how the black witch of Scalp Summit one Miss Cynthia G aka baby-mother number 6 has nothing to say about these developments, yet she’s extremely quick to open her mouth when it comes to her nemesis the heterosexual black male, smh.

I also notice that the colourism crybaby Chrissie thus far has also given this story a wide berth, as for the mentally unstable, overweight oil tanker known as Crystal Swirlz, having already been a victim of similar circumstances when she decided to deal with a white male meth head, we already know that she isn’t going to touch this account with a 50 foot barge pole. As I talked about in the past, this is how desperate black women are for the seed of the white man and they’ll go through hell and high water to get it, even if it means being beaten from pillar to post.

The fact of the matter is white men are fully aware of the unconditional admiration that black women have towards them, Wheeler is a bipolar and a mentally disjointed savage and yet he was still able to scoop up a black female without any hesitation. The worst thing about all of this is if the dude doesn’t go to prison, his girlfriend will still take him back, these are the perils of climbing Swirl Mountain that swirling pundits like Christelyn Karazin fail to go into in any reasonable length and depth.

Swirl Mountain continues to claim victim after victim, as I keep on saying and as I’ve stated many times in the past as echoed in King Sigma’s video above, very few black women who attempt to climb Swirl Mountain will successfully reach the summit, the base of the mountain is littered with the bones of many black females who believed that they could somehow escape the hellhole they crafted from between their legs called the so called “black community”.

Remember, Swirling, levelling up and divesting are all three sides of the same rusty, corroded coin, black women pretending to change and improve themselves for the better in order to appeal to other races of men, however we must always remember that black women as a collective are a bunch of lazy, disingenuous buzzards, hence why the “I’m a changed woman” facade typically falls apart within a short space of time.

Swirling pundits again and again fail to explain to their acolytes the fact that the dating dynamics are completely different when it comes to black women/white men vs black men/white women, because black women have destroyed their own image and reputation and have miserably failed to show respect for themselves, it’s now open season upon them to be disrespected by every Tom, Dick and Harry on the block.

Black women seem to believe they can engage in less then desirable behaviour and somehow this won’t be reflected in the way that they are treated by others, we free thinking brothers however know very different and have been stating this for the longest while.

As illustrated by these young white men below, black female worship of the white male is off the chain, additionally the black witch holds white men to absolutely no standards whatsoever yet expects free thinking brothers to jump through 10000 hoops just to catch a sharp whiff of their putrid, leaky snatches:

The message is still the same for black men with sense and intelligence, run far away from these dysfunctional, white male worshipping black sirens and never look back, as mentioned before if white men paid attention to black women in larger numbers, black women would hop the fence like rats jumping from a sinking ship.

Always remember, black women as a group only deal with black men because they have very little if any other dating options available to them unless they look exceptional and conduct themselves in an upright manner. I’m just waiting for these black harriets to somehow turn around the beating of Wheeler’s girlfriend and blame black men for it, you know it’s coming.

Captain Euro was right, swirling black females and black women in general are a degenerate, reprehensible lot who need to be discarded off sharpish. The divestment/levelling up plan was in the toilet from a long time ago, don’t let these weaselling, dodgy black females persuade you otherwise:

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

The Message Remains Steadfast, Abandon These FeFails Forever

Most High Bless

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24 thought on “The Chad Wheeler Saga – Swirl Mountain Claims Yet Another Victim”
  1. Notice that the girl wasn’t even very good looking to begin with. Hell, the dude wasn’t exactly Chris hemsworth. Sure, white and other non-black women would’ve found him cute, but they wouldn’t have endlessly fawned over him like the black witch likely did.

    Add in the mental illness, and you see exactly how low black women will sink to climb swirl mountain. Non-black women would have given this dude a wide berth, as non-black women worth a damn know not to deal with dudes who are mentally unstable, lest they end up facing his neurotic wrath.

    Notice also that no one really gives a damn. Do you see white feminists asking for blood? No, cuz even they don’t give a damn about black women, nor should they.

    This is another reason why black men need to marry out and create a new black race: you will never profit as a nation by having women that are so unsympathetic. When a nation’s so called fairer sex is so easily discarded like a used condom, expect that nation as a whole to have no respect.

    The world also sees how little respect black women have for themselves. I hope they realize that all this “black lives matter” shit is worthless, black lives will never nor should they matter when half of the equation is so devilish, and so self hating anyways.

    Also, why else would a superstar athlete deal with a below average looking (compared to non-black women) black woman UNLESS he was slumming it up? These men ain’t stupid, he wanted to have easy access to a busted nut and knew that black women would probably suck him off in the middle of a church service, so he got on that wasn’t completely unattractive and probably shot several Ghetto Gaggers videos.

    1. Afrofuturism1,

      “Notice that the girl wasn’t even very good looking to begin with. Hell, the dude wasn’t exactly Chris hemsworth.”

      You are being very generous. This scraggle daggle wasn’t attractive at all, not in the least. I’ve said this a million times. The only type of men who would subordinate themselves to the scraggle daggle, are those black men who subscribe to simp ideology. Unfortunately this represents the majority of black males. The black male simp truly doesn’t deserve the respect of real men, because he doesn’t respect himself. These women have little to no sexual market value, and no value as women otherwise. Even though they strive to be their best selves for bottom shelf Brad and Chad, they bring none of the positive attributes of womanhood to the table for the benefit of the black collective, not even for black children.

    2. Afrofurturism1,

      “When a nation’s so called fairer sex is so easily discarded like a used condom, expect that nation as a whole to have no respect.”

      #BOOM, this sentence right here. We fully expect black women to learn absolutely nothing from this event, they’ll continue to grovel at the feet of groups of men who for the majority part simply aren’t interested in them past spraying up their club, oh well, their problem, not mine. Black men with sense and intelligence simply need to save themselves full stop, the time for being on the fence even in light of all of the evidence that’s been presented was over a long time ago. #SYSBM

  2. They say their interracial marriages last longer but reality is completely different. It don’t last as they claim. Domestic violence is very common amongst black couples and swirling IR couples in general. They use false statistic stats of high divorce rates of sysbm relationships. Most non black men don’t want them anyway. #SYSBM #TeamWhiteQueens

    1. @Wit
      The ABW/WM combination is an attraction often based on a shared hate of Black men.
      So, when they talk about these relationships, it doesn’t measure how many women like the one beaten by Wheeler are staying in these relationships well past their expiration date.

      That is why is important for Black men to speak on these cases, to highlight the hypocrisy of their worship of white men.

      1. King Sigma,

        Amen brother, keep up the Surviving Bottom Shelf Brad series and I’ll keep doing my part over here on the website, for black women to claim that their relations with white men are all sweet and cosy is nothing short of a deception that requires exposing.

    2. Witwijf,

      This is what I stated before, black women landing themselves a white man to begin with is and always has been the problem, they can talk about black female/white male marriages having the lowest divorce rates all they want, however black women will conveniently skirt around the fact that men of other ethnicities just aren’t checking for them like that to begin with.

  3. Verbs 2015.
    The black women swirlers are fucking idiots to think that white men are perfect because those men are the most desirable men on the planet and also they worship their white lord and saviour because they want to be like white woman and they want to have those mixed race kids with that good hair and blue eyes so that they can show off those mixed race kids like the FA Cup trophy in the black community.

    1. Quincy Fitzpatrick,

      Black women as a collective are the only race of women who prefer men of other ethnicities over their own male counterparts, unfortunately for them no reciprocation can be found when it comes down to Captain Blizzard and his female preferences, the same goes for other races of men. Once again black women find themselves up the creek without a paddle, oh well, their problem, not mine.

      1. Verbs 2015.
        I fully agree with you bro. This is the reason why good black men need to date out because black women in general hate decent black men whereas non black women appreciate good black men like ourselves so much more.

  4. The American footballer, he thumb it up! Listen, I have no issue with black women dating non black women but man oh man, these ghetto ratchet harridans will got for the worse type of white dude. How many times we have seen this? Well over 100 times. The reason why that these ghetto hoodrats are with these white beta males or Bottom Shelf Brad is because that they want biracial children. And all that fails with them when it comes to this swirling business, then they try to go back to black men that they have a unnecessary hate towards them. And you know these simps will defend these ghetto gagging harridans, just for one thing. https://moneycultural.wordpress.com/2021/01/29/the-white-scraggly/
    Peace out!

    1. “Buh, but, black women always get the cream-of-the-crop white men while black men always get the trash bottom-shelf white women”.

      1. I know that there are some black men are with below average white woman but black women get the worse type of white man. From the racist white man right down to the beta male that will just live off her.

    2. Money Cultural,

      The worship level black women put into their white lord and saviour Colonel Frost is off the damn chain. The worst thing about it is very rarely if ever is the favour returned.

  5. @Verbs
    I’m glad you decided to provide commentary on this Chad Wheeler scandal. The mainstream media tried hard to suppress the story but the Black male grassroots made the story viral on social media forcing the conversation on white male violence in these failed ‘swirl’ unions.

    “The fact of the matter is white men are fully aware of the unconditional admiration that black women have towards them.” ~ Verbs

    That is the part often overlooked, these WM especially the least desirable in their own dating pool gravitate to this pool of worshipers [like attracts like], because they don’t have access to the average to above average white women. Yet, can attract, manipulate and control the top non-women, not because of any redeeming traits, but because they are simply white.
    So, these type of tragic arrangements and outcomes are par for the course, but they rarely make national news. More stories will break, I don’t think DJ Pope or Wheeler are the worst cases.
    Mark my words, much greater case of white male violence and psychopathy against ABW will be unveiled to the public sooner than later.

  6. What happened? I thought that BW/WM couples were the most successful and have the least divorces in marriage. How could this most educated, most sophisticated, most desired, strong, hypergamous women be so mistreated by this superior, most desired, alpha male? I thought white men respected and protected black woman. They would never do anything to hurt them. BW and WM are supposed to be power couples. They built America and the entire world. How could a relationship with GOD end up badly with a BW? I mean, his name is CHAD. What went wrong? Chad must be a black man in disguise or black men must have paid him to do this to that innocent black wombman.

    1. Brotherdanunlimited,

      Right on cue, “it’s the black man’s fault” rears its ugly carcass once again. It couldn’t possibly be the black woman’s fault for choosing badly, smh.

  7. Let’s wind the clock back a few years to 2014 when Ray Rice and his then fiancée, Janay Palmer, got into a fight at a NJ casino after a night of heavy drinking which ended with Rice knocking Palmer out in an elevator and then dragging her unconscious body out of the elevator; Rice’s contract with the Baltimore Ravens was voided and he was suspended indefinitely by the NFL in response to the public release of the video by TMZ. Rice appealed his suspension and won, but his pro career never regained traction; get this: Rice and Palmer both got married the day after her was indicted for third-degree aggravated assault – they LITERALLY kissed and made up! I also remember Tommy Sotomayor had a video where he referred to Ray Rice’s public image being smeared as a “lynching”.

    Now, let’s fast forward back to 2021, where we have Chad Wheeler, who did much worse to this girl than Ray Rice did to Janay, but this doesn’t receive the same, if not MORE attention than Rice’s 2014 incident? Why hasn’t the NFL suspended him indefinitely, like they did with Ray Rice? Where are the super simps like Seth Rogen and Barack Obama to publicly attack Wheeler, like they did with Ray Rice? Chad Wheeler actually embodied the “angry, vengeful, swift judgment” caricature of God because she wouldn’t bow to him, and there are no anti-domestic violence campaigns from the Seattle Seahawks or the league in response to his garnering THREE criminal charges, like they did with Ray Rice?

    I don’t expect the Transhumanist Left or the #MeToo feminists to say anything about this incident; the only time you’ll hear them defend a Black woman is when she’s on her worst behavior. As for the Far Right, they won’t address this fairly because the offender isn’t a Black man. As we always encourage you to do, save yourselves; leave these pro Black shines to “protect Black women”, the same women who will run to these mentally disjointed Chad’s before they choose you. #SYSBM


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