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Braindead, Mentally Ill, Used Up, Ran Through, Broken Women Should Never Be Given The Time Of Day – Avoid Them At All Costs

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No matter how attractive a woman is, as soon as she rattles off any industrial strength type stupidity and additionally doubles down on it, as far as I’m concerned whatever attraction was there before immediately begins to dissipate into the ether never to be seen again.

Let’s take the first video, this is exactly what I stated in my book Negro Wars, black women and those who follow the black female’s protocol already having warfare type mindsets DON’T feel comfortable dealing with NORMAL men, so they opt to open their legs to bottom of the barrel guys who have the same messed up, jaded mentality as themselves.

There’s no way that you can tell me that the female in the first video is mentally sound, who in their RIGHT MIND does that, deliberately looks for an unstable man to form a relationship with, I’ll wait? This is my whole point, there are too many women in the West(black women as a collective especially) who are blatantly 12 kegs short of a 6 pack, yet at the same time they will attempt to make you feel like you’re the oddball because you refuse to entertain and subscribe to their mental insanity.

Remember, these are the same mentally unbridled females talking about how they’re looking for “big dick ballers”, and they wonder why most of them continue to remain single at such a high clip including the delusional harriet Jenee Amore in the second video who has appeared on numerous YouTube panels and categorically stated that she’s a staunch feminist who expects any man she deals with to put up with and tolerate her buffoonery which predictably she believes is normal behaviour.

Amore to this day still doesn’t have a permanent fixture for a man but yet still refuses to read and accept the writing on the wall, that is that feminism and healthy, prosperous relationships cannot exist in the same space at the same time.

As I’ve stated many times before, it is NOT your job nor your responsibility as a free thinking black man to attempt to rehabilitate these broken beyond repair women, nor is it your burden to try to prove to them that you’re somehow different from the rest, mentally ill sirens such as the above MUST instead be given a wide berth, avoiding them at all costs is the wisest protocol one ought to take for his own safety, sanity and security.

Criminals are providers, really woman? Only an individual who has just been smashed over the head with a newly forged mallet would rattle off such an outlandish and foolish statement. Again, as I’ve stated before notice who black women and those that follow them constitute as a “good man”, criminals, gangsters and thugs.

The guy who has the more stable and law abiding occupation and lifestyle obviously is the genuine provider due to his comings and goings as well as his finances being more securely based due to their crime free status. I wish these waste-women would stop beating around the bush rattling off statements that would even leave Einstein perplexed.

Show me this loco trend within non black female society, where the women exalt the criminal/gangster/thug male counterparts and equally mock, ridicule and laugh at the men who are actively engaging in constructive works. This is exactly why heterosexual free thinking black men and non black women are made for each other as opposed to the modern day black witch who feels more comfortable dealing with the dregs and the scum of black male society.

The message remains the same gentlemen, high quality stargates are of the utmost importance, these women above and others like them are NOT of any valuable quality at all and illustrate exactly what some of the problems are with large swaths of Westernised women in 2021.

Additionally, always aim to steer clear of entitled brats who believe that it’s your duty to roll out the red carpet for them as well as treat them like queens and put up with their garbage even when they’ve exited their prime years and furthermore have been ran through by the local gully squad.

Expect many more women in the West to get progressively worse as the gynocracy continues to allow them to feed deeper into their delusions of grandeur as well as feeding them lies about their true state and condition. SYSBM is a must for any black man who knows his worth and who is trying his best to steer clear of toxic, entitled women.

Don’t engage them because you’ll immediately begin losing braincells as they attempt to have you understand their fruit looped mentality, walk away black men, just walk away. I’ll take my “boring” self over to mentally stable groups of women who’ll appreciate a man who is NOT trying to construct a criminal rap sheet just to try to impress them, smh. #SYSBM

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Avoid Broken Women At All Costs, Don’t Even Acknowledge Them

Most High Bless

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44 thoughts on “Braindead, Mentally Ill, Used Up, Ran Through, Broken Women Should Never Be Given The Time Of Day – Avoid Them At All Costs

  1. That’s also why they get mad when the free thinking black men be having sex and then they want to attack you for exercising your sexual options. Blacks women are sexual communists to the point that they and only the criminal class can reproduce. It’s sex wars in 2021.

    1. Robert Chavis,

      They want free thinking black men to chase after them only for them to turn the same men down(first right of refusal). They shouldn’t be concerned about us and where we place our family jewels anyway seeing as they didn’t want free thinking brothers to begin with. Let them concentrate on the Slim Sauce, Trey Dogg, Field Mouse type Negroes that they love pining after and getting dicked down by.

    2. Yet when the state of the black community is examined, it’s BLACK men’s fault….G.T.F.O.H.

  2. Verbs 2015.

    Black women no matter what her educational level or her social class is always have this sort of mentality when it comes to dating bad boys or thugs and that’s the reason why they should be avoided at all costs. What pisses me off about black women these days is that they’re allowed to have all the dating standards, preferences and choices in the type of men that they want, but us good SYSBM black men are not allowed to have any dating standards or choices because black women want first right of refusal to us good black men after they hit the wall, become ugly and fat and the worst of all when they become single mothers with multiple kids from multiple baby daddies.

    1. Quincy Fitzpatrick,

      The best way to avoid being lashed with the black female’s first right of refusal is to completely eliminate her from your dating preferences to begin with, besides, what black man in his right mind really wants to deal with a group of women who view criminals, gangsters, thugs and general dickheads as their best choices for viable mates? Getting ran through by the dregs and the scum of black male society but then many years later wanting free thinking brothers to “step in” and clean up their mess ie help them evade the consequences of the janky decisions they made in the past, no thanks, I’m good, I’ll pass, I’m not a sacrificial goat.

      1. Verbs 2015.

        I fully agree with you bro. I ain’t being no womans clean up man bitch because I have self respect to not lower my high standards.

  3. “Show me this loco trend within non black female society, where the women exalt the criminal/gangster/thug male counterparts and equally mock, ridicule and laugh at the men who are actively engaging in constructive works. This is exactly why heterosexual free thinking black men and non black women are made for each other as opposed to the modern day black witch who feels more comfortable dealing with the dregs and the scum of black male society.”

    Well said Verbs. I really can’t think of anything else to add. This is yet ANOTHER reason WHY other races look down on “black” society — because of dumb ignorant sistas & their stoopid mentalities. Their parents have obviously FAILED in the parenting department big time! Afrofuturism is correct…a “cull” is sorely needed in Blackistan.

    1. Black Picard,

      Yes sir, let’s also throw in the devil spawn seedlings they produce as well as the dumb simps who continue to gas up the head of these broads as well as provide them even more room to act the fool. It’s not hard at all to see why more black men are choosing to walk away from black women as a collective and most are doing so in silence.

  4. “Don’t engage them because you’ll immediately begin losing braincells as they attempt to have you understand their fruit looped mentality, walk away black men, just walk away. I’ll take my “boring” self over to mentally stable groups of women who’ll appreciate a man who is NOT trying to construct a criminal rap sheet just to try to impress them, smh. #SYSBM”

    And this is why SYSBMers who keep themselves mentally & physically sound will reap huge rewards in the NON-BLACK skirt department in places like EurAsia, Latin America and, yes, Africa too. 😉

  5. A long time ago, a wise man told me that being dependable is boring. I’ve always made it a point to be dependable, because the opposite is unpredictable, which many people find exciting.
    RE: The second video: of all the attributes she rattled off (protector, provider, take care of his woman, his mother, etc), I didn’t hear take care of his kids. Hmm…

    1. BA,

      I have to keep on repeating what I’ve stated many times before, I don’t have any problems with black women dating, opening their legs to and getting knocked up by gutter type black men AS LONG AS THEY’RE PREPARED TO FULLY ACCEPT THE CONSEQUENCES THAT COME WITH MAKING SUCH DECISIONS AND DON’T EXPECT FREE THINKING BLACK MEN TO STEP UP AND BE CLEAN UP MEN ie share/partake in the negative fallout. No thanks, I’m good, I’ll pass.

      1. The problem isn’t allowing free will, the problem is when they hit their 30’s and they find that even the gutter criminal element is still able to get younger women as they age. The older women cry foul and then start looking for a “clean up” man to help her raise the children and pay the bills.

        SYSBM is not a clean up crew, we don’t offer janitorial services which by the way is a growth industry.

    1. Brotherdanunlimited,

      More pipe dreaming and wishful thinking from the black witch contingent, in order for them to expand upon their dating options, there has to be a significant level of interest on the other side, unfortunately for black women as a group such an interest simply doesn’t exist. Again, which ethnic group of non black men pay black women any interest in noticeable numbers, exactly, you can hear a pin drop with the silence.

      1. That’s the joke when they talk about exercising their “options”. What options? If they had options they wouldn’t be last in marriage, have high single motherhood rates, and be the least desired group of women. They know what their options are (a BM, single-motherhood, lesbian), they just hope that we don’t.

        1. James SYSBM,

          As we would say, they’re blowing smoke up their own behinds, they aren’t even looking at their own condition first which is observably in the toilet, smh.

    2. This is your typical swirler narrative: good Black men are nowhere to be found because they’re either in jail or dead, so why not try my chances with a white man? These talking points have already been debunked, so I don’t need to explain how this article is hogwash.

      1. That’s their story & they’re sticking to it! lol

        On the one hand they say “there’s no such thing as a good black man”… (parroting similar sentiments as the kkk, while being apparently incapable of seeing the stark flaws in black female culture)…

        On the other hand, they drive decent black men away by treating them with contempt at every opportunity…

        …And that’s been going on for three generations. Now, using black men as an “out group” they’re even getting a pat on the head from the wider society. As long as they maintain their reputation of being enemies of black men, and work toward our quiet genocide, the wider society will feed their insatiable (overcompensating) NARCISSISM.


        Don’t allow them any control over your outlook… Don’t allow them any control over you progeny… Don’t allow them any control over your health… Don’t allow them any control over your finances… (because if you give them an opportunity to bring you down, they WILL.)

        The only real solution — like it or not — is SYSBM!

  6. This is of no surprise to me…at all! The mental derangement of modern day BW has metamorphized into a unique psychosis that is literally unparalleled by any known standards today. No other group of women rigorously engages in perpetuating a false narrative about themselves at the expense of all others. Virtually having no willingness nor desire to utilize logic and reason to see and acknowledge their quite visible anti-social maladies. From the self-exploitative antics of their bodies to the blatant disregard of the welfare of their children in favor of being regularly dicked-downed by their local pookie and ray-ray. There is no foreseeable end to the individual and collective freefall of these demons. The above footage provided by Verbs should be a stark reminder to all SYSBM adherents to stay steadfast on their respective purpose in life and seek out quality women away from vile and stench of Blackistan.

    1. Ger Tzedek,

      I’ve noticed as of recent that the black siren’s coven are beginning to regurgitate the same anti black male talking points that were already deconstructed and rubbished from 2-3 years back. It’s amazing how they claim not to want or need black men, yet they’re so desperate to keep us in conversation with them by any means necessary, even if it means bringing up old material. On what you’ve stated, the videos speak for themselves, black women continue to provide the evidence via their own mouths as to why more black men are choosing to give them the boot. You cannot reason with the unreasonable.

  7. They say water seeks its own level, so it’s not surprising that the harriet in the first video would seek out a man who is equally as mentally defunct as herself; there is nothing cute about that, yet she talks about it as if she gave her heart to the Lord and life changed for the better. As for the second harriet in question, she equates the provider/protector/go-getter mentality with a man who engages in illegal activities; what kind of protection and provision can a man provide while he is doing something that could have him put away for years? Then she’s going to want a good, Christian man to pick up the slack when he can’t protect and provide due to incarceration; I say let it burn! These people don’t deserve anything good if they constantly choose bad. #SYSBM

    1. Blue Collar Trevor,

      As we keep on saying, let them choose who they want, however they MUST NOT expect decent brothers to pick up the slack and lay themselves upon the altar as a sacrifice for their jack up decisions. Dealing with drug dealers, criminals, gangsters and thugs comes at a price and black women who enjoy living that fast life with fast lane dudes must be prepared to pay what is due. Jenee Amore has many men ONLINE chasing her, however as per your typical bitter feminist wench, she’s still unable to manifest a dude to hold onto in her everyday life. Oh well, her problem, not mine.

  8. She thinks criminals can protect her and provide for her. Western societies are completely destroyed if that is the case for most women. The average guy not doing anything illegal is boring to her. I have to be extremely lucky to find a quality stargate in the west. I can’t travel overseas to find a stargate due to covid restrictions and possible mandatory vaccination for all travellers. #SYSBM #TeamWhiteQueens

    1. Witwijf,

      Chicken heads who believe volatile men are somehow better providers and more fun than stable, hard working, non criminal minded individuals are only demonstrating just how mentally disjointed and mentally unstable they are and how they must be avoided at all costs.

      You can still travel to a few places however flights are limited, subject to being cancelled and on top of that you have to find out if the destination country you’re travelling to requires a negative covid test. I see vaccination certificates via the black market on the horizon, get your certificate without getting vaccinated. What do they expect with such a huge amount of individuals dropping dead from the vaccine?

    2. Some countries are open and only require a negative test result.
      Much of the Caribbean is open, Columbia by the middle of February and Ukraine is open. Most of Asia is still keeping out foreigners but the fact that Ukraine is open goes right down main street for me.

  9. typical losers of these dumb broads love criminals and then blamed us black men who aren’t scumbags. these dummies can suffer for all I care for always slandering and hating on black men. I don’t feel remorse at all. black American women love degenerates and evil people who don’t care about them until they’re old, senile, and washed up. I hope these broads better learn when they’re into senior citizen homes and their kids won’t see them ever again. karma is coming

    1. MartellThaCool,

      You notice how black women frequently refer to us in loser type terms because we choose to remain on the right side of the law and don’t desire to shoot up the block. Remember that female rapper who came out and stated that you had to have killed at least 3 people in order for her to consider you for a date, this is how jacked up these broads are and they want us to accept and take them onboard with such a topsy turvy mindset. I’m a pass on that and let 12 Gauge Mike deal with the case.

  10. I know Verbs is going to go town on this Cardi B scraggle. Check out this TOXIC outfit.
    Good lords! Any males looking to hit that is a pure simp. And to think of the message she sends to young upcoming scraggles.

    Cardi B leaves little to the imagination in jaw-dropping avant-garde sheer dress as she steps out in Beverly Hills:

    What. The. Fcuk??

    1. Black Picard,

      Cardi B is beyond a joke and unfortunately many black women especially the younger ones look up to her as well as her buddy Meg The Male Horse, smh. Daggles do what daggles do, this is one of the pinnacle reason why SYSBM was formed, to make a break form the dysfunctional norm and to show other black men that such behaviour from women should NOT be tolerated under any circumstances.

    2. I am not surprised, Cardi B is a former stripper. I’ve said this before they are teaching young women of color (and some White women) stripper culture not only that excuse it in the context of slut shaming, IE you aren’t suppose to sham sluts.

      She being rich because of her fame means her nor her children will experience the consequences of her behavior and promotion of it.

  11. That Jenee Amore tried to go toe to toe with Kevin Samuels on his livestream one time. Of course, she lost.
    I seen women overlook me and hook up with mean who outright beat them, or in one particular case, have 3 kids for a deadbeat who already had 2 kids with two other women. I have no sympathy for them. Live with the consequences of your choice and don’t come to this lame, boring good guy for help in the aftermath.
    I’m done with these broads. I have my purpose and my money to work on. I keep a low profile so they can’t target me.

    1. Glen S,

      I saw much of the same when I was much younger, black women passing me by for the dregs and the scum buckets only to return many years later expecting me to pick up the pieces and help them heal from their chequered past, nope, as I’ve stated before it is NOT the role of the free thinking brother to perform janitorial services for these broken broads, let them stew, marinate, cook and brew in their own failures by themselves.

    2. I watched that clip and man, these BW feminist are really something. Chick goes out with two or three HVM and just as Tomi Loren just did; Which is not to blame their own shortcomings but to widely blame men as the problem, IE toxic masculinity.

      This is why the vast majority of BW are going to their graves single.

      I too am on the grind, but I have to make an investment in my future as I am 50 and meter is running.

  12. ” The mental derangement of modern day BW has metamorphized into a unique psychosis that is literally unparalleled by any known standards today.”

    It’s unique in history. And since it works toward the ultimate goal of the broader society (ameliorating any threat to white supremacy, such as the rise of black people), they’re going to get pats on the head going forward. They’ll have both society and the simps feeding their narcissism as long as they denigrate us “black males” as an “out-group”. Black men need to understand this stuff WHILE YOU ARE YOUNG and double down on finding a nonblack woman who values a decent man.

    It’s been 3 GENERATIONS now — black women are not going to get better.

    1. Yesindeed,

      What we’ve been saying for the longest while now, black women are done, through, finish, exit, stage left, find yourself a high quality non black female. I have to honestly laugh at effeminate simps such as the fake Academic Aaron Fountain, exactly what does he believe he’s going to achieve attempting to stand up for and defend a bunch of women who without outside help continue to place their own image and reputation via their own hands deeper into the sewers? Didn’t the penny drop from the foul dealings he experienced with his own mother?

  13. I have said this a million times, and I will say it again. The reason the black female collective has such shitty attitudes when interacting with their own race, is because of the behavior of the black male simp. It is a documented fact that the black female collective does not get gassed up by bottom shelf Brad. Nor does she get gassed up by other non black races of men. Even though she eagerly throws herself at non black men, especially bottom shelf Brads, and she eagerly allows them to objectify her as a cum dump of convenience with no strings attached, on whom they can act out their most disgusting ghetto gagger fantasies, it is the black male simp who continues to gas her up, who continues to thirst for her, who continues to give her his meager resources, and who gladly accepts her abuse.

    If black men as a collective would stop simping, (which they will never do) the black harridan would be forced to face the fact that she is the least desirable female on the planet, and adjust her attitude accordingly.

    Black men have no one to blame but themselves, for the sorry state of the black female. Without black male simping, she would have to either self improve or perish, because no one else is going to gas her up, and no one except the black male collective views her as anything more than a cum dump of convenience.

    1. AmericanBlkMan,

      Yes sir, we have to continue to point out the fact that because of these no standard having simps, black women have been able to postpone their pending judgement and recompense, however they can only hold out for so long. The simping is very strong in most black men because of in the overwhelming majority of circumstances being raised in single mother households by derelict black women who train and indoctrinate them to worship the black witch unconditionally. Simping is a major problem and now of the main reasons why the so called “black community” cannot and will NEVER be saved.

    2. 100
      Simps are to blame. That is why the Black Community has to be rebuilt with non-Black women being the key.
      That will hasten the group that Eugene Robinson calls the “Lost & Forgotten” to either make structural changes or die a slow painful death.

      That’s why I continue to believe to drive this home is to start breaking down things like HVM which is less than 10% of BM already and not going to increase very much in the near term. So if the vast majority of BM aren’t and never will be HVM they should immediately start looking overseas.

  14. Black Queans act as if they own black men as a whole. That’s why they’re always kvetching when thinking black men avoid them. Never engage with Queans in any capacity. Shun them and ridicule them.

    1. Besides my sister and the few BW out and about during my rounds I don’t interact with BW. This is easily avoidable since I don’t live in a Black enclave.

      I suggest that is step one when trying to cleanse yourself, move away from the toxicity. Going online isn’t enough when you go outside and all you see the deep vestiges of poverty American style.

  15. 5 months old but still relevant. The intelligent Black Man should already know this info but it must be repeated over and over so new generations can take heed. Let ’em keep chasing Thug Dizzle and Lil 2-Pump knowing they will eventually circle back to you to mentor, teach and play step daddy to Bebe Kids after ignoring you your whole life, especially if you make yourself into a success without their help. It’s a no from me.

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