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Free Topic/Open Mic Wednesday

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The Covid-19 hoax continues to unravel:

Meanwhile, these pro black female/B1 clowns continue to exalt and uplift women who simply aren’t worthy of either, smh:

Another Open Mic Wednesday is here, you’ve got the floor gents, roll that dice.

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Stay Individual(In Your Mind)

Most High Bless

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38 thoughts on “Free Topic/Open Mic Wednesday

  1. Verbs 2015.
    The first video about the whole covid 19 situation reconfirms that I always knew that it was fake and the government are using this whole covid 19 hoax the control people and force these draconian rules on peoples lives. As for that black simp mangina saying that black woman are the most beautiful woman on the planet he is full of shit because in my personal opinion black women as a collective are the ugliest women on the planet because they are obesely overweight, they have biggest group of single mothers on the planet, they are fake looking from the head to toe and they have the worst attitudes on the planet. What man in his right mind would want to date women like that.

    1. Quincy Fitzpatrick,

      People like us can clearly see the hoax for what it really is, unfortunately there are still too many sheep who actually believe the virus is real and that the government is coming to save them with a vaccine(even though the State has never shown any signs of caring for the general public in the past, smh). I’m surrounded by folks who can’t wait to get the vaccine even with all of the people dying as well as suffering severe adverse reactions. Here’s yet more news on the vaccine front, information that the overwhelming majority of the mainstream media here in the UK are NOT reporting on:

      Additionally, it looks like the so called “protection” they said the Covid vaccine provides is not as high as was first claimed, smh:

      As I’ve stated before, this isn’t a vaccine, it’s a weapon sponsored by the Eugenicist Bill Gates to do exactly what it’s supposed to, reduce the world population by 10-15% AS A STARTING POINT:

      As for these dumb pro blacks, let them continue chasing after these used up, ran through women, there isn’t any evidence they can present that indicates black women in 2021 are quality women, this is why they either have to resort to lies or simply make stuff up in their efforts trying to make black women seem attractive.

      1. Verbs 2015.

        I fully agree with you bro. People need to be mindful about taking the vaccine because it can either kill you or seriously injure you and that’s the reason why I refuse to take the vaccine. Like I said before Verbs I refuse to date black women because I just don’t find them attractive and the only women that I am interested in dating is beautiful childfree Turkish woman, Turkish Cypriot woman, Greek woman, Greek Cypriot woman, White Woman with brown/hazel eyes and Indian woman who is in shape and who is at least a 6 and above on the looks scale because I have high standards in what woman I want to be with. I will never allow society to shame me for my dating preferences.

        1. Seen an Indian fitness girl do the handstand workouts at a park my head exploded thought she was a super hot femboy because she had a mullet until I got close that’s the only time I’ve ever chased after a woman. When Indian girls put in the work they become top bunnies. East Asian women need to catch up with the thccness they’ve fell off so recently but trying to get it back.

      2. Looks like the sheep Canadians are finally putting up some (gasp!) resistance. Let’s see where this leads…

        POLICE STATE: Toronto cops, lockdown protesters clash at Yonge-Dundas Square
        I’m sooo fcuking glad I decided to abandon that Amerikan vassal of a “Western” country called Canada.
        Anytime ignorant soccer mom citizens allow elected leaders to implement un-Canadian Deep State foreign policies, it’s time to look elsewhere.

      3. >reduce the world population by 10-15% AS A STARTING POINT
        When the topic of world population reduction comes up, guess which region and demographic usually winds up at the top of the list… You do the math. Beware of Satan bearing gifts.


  2. No one is more ugly than black females. These black male simps are the main problem. These are the same people that won’t mind taking covid vaccines. The more of them that take covid vaccines, the better it is for them to be permanently extinct from sterilisation. #SYSBM #TeamWhiteQueens

    1. Witwijf,

      Harsh words but wise ones none the less, these simps are the major reason why black women haven’t received their just recompense yet.

  3. Utterly disgusted with the state of my country, the United States, as the black woman’s god emperor and lord Joe Biden and his imperial lieutenant Kamala Harris take office. As a black man it pains me to say that black Americans are literally the dumbest people on the planet. Well, as the scriptures say, you reap what you sow. Will welcome watching how the demoncrats tear the asshole out of black America in the next 4 years. I had problems with trump but ultimately he was good for me and my family and the economy and he got a really bad deal in the end

    1. Jedi Master Coon,

      This is truly a very sad day for the United States, I have to say that most black folks don’t deserve freedom because they simply don’t know how to utilise it wisely when they have it. Already living in a socialist/communist country, I already know what the Biden/Harris administration is going to bring to the US.

      To think that most blacks voted for Biden based upon NO PROMISES, he even said that they’re not black if they don’t vote for him and they still went and done it, smh. Black folks are really going to know what the words relegation and rejected mean under a Biden/Harris administration.

      Democracy is completely gone in the US, the country has demonstrated itself to be no better than Venezuela or any other Banana Republic territory, the Dems will simply use the same “techniques” and “magic tricks” to remain in power forever.

      I hope the Negroes who voted for Biden are ready for the mass influx of illegals who are already making their way towards the US. I also hope that America is ready for lockdown after lockdown as well as mandatory face masks in all public places. A very sad day indeed brother.

      1. As Joker said in connection to the idiocy of Black Americans who voted for Biden despite what his track record: “You get what you fuckin deserve.”
        #LeaveTheWest & Learn new languages and connect with like-minded people to build.

        1. Blackdjedi,

          I completely agree with you, the majority of black folks voted for Biden who promised them nothing as opposed to Trump who was actively trying to help them out, however because of the mainstream media and their witchcraft most black folks foolishly bought into the false narrative that Trump was a hardcore racist working against them.

          Trump in his 4 years as President did nothing wrong to black people, NOTHING. Biden however is going to do everything in his power to shaft blacks, those hoards of migrants making their way towards the US are just one of many mechanisms he’s going to use to push US black folks straight into the relegation zone, get ready.

          I don’t know of any book specifically on vaccine detox, however if you check on Amazon, I’m sure something will come up. One of the main issues with the vaccines is the thimerosal/mercury content, this is what mainly does the job of mangling people or in the worst case killing them.

          Spirulina, Chlorella and Zeolite powder are good chelation agents that can be used to purge heavy metals including thimerosal and mercury from the body. When it comes to Spirulina and Chlorella, stay away from any brands coming out of China because they’re heavily contaminated. I always get mine from here:

      2. the jobs and housing stealing may start allover again. with the illegals and there globalist gangters who are aidding and abetting in this globalist & criminal attack on the country.

        1. xxx,

          Agreed, those illegals are on their way:

          Additionally Biden is going to ramp up this LGBTQP garbage as well as so called women’s rights like never seen before.

      3. @Verbs
        “Democracy is completely gone in the US, the country has demonstrated itself to be no better than Venezuela or any other Banana Republic territory”

        Um, Venezuela’s has a much better democracy screwUSA. That’s why the hypocritical freedom & liberty LOVERS are trying to impose Random Guy (er Juan Guaido) over there since he’s unable to win power in a free & fair election.

    2. “As a black man it pains me to say that black Americans are literally the dumbest people on the planet. ”

      @Jedi Master
      Yep, agreed 1000%. They are going to be in for a rude awakening over the next 4 years. They have no clue what’s in the pipeline. I’m done talking, trying to wake up the ones I know over there. All I will say to them is “good luck, I’m staying in Africa or heading to EurAsia! I will NOT be back in the West to visit anybody.”

  4. I am no longer surprised of the idiocy of Black Americans who chose to act based on feelings rather than clarity and common sense. The second video has confirmed for me that this is a simp + conformist who has no attention to leave. Let him and those who think like him rot in the community they dream of saving and protecting.

    Out of curiosity @Verbs, you know any books of vaccine detox? Not for this BS-19 as I am not taking it at all, instead it’s for finding out things that can go well for building a top-tier body health-wise.

  5. Yes people, yes! The first video of the Covid 19. Yeah, it really made me think that the government who is taxing us is up to some shit. And my mum said that she might that take the vaccine and I said to her think twice. And the second video. Listen here, I have told these simps, black cucks, pro wanks, ghetto soy boys, captain save a hoes and oil of olay men to stop simping, siding and defending these ghetto ratchet hoodrat harridans. They don’t like men like D Derail and Bareback Fountain. They hate it when these simps lick up to them. But they need them as attack dogs when SYSBM, MGTOW and IBMOR talk about the black women’s ratchetness. And you know why these simps are attacking thinking black men is because there is now that thinking brothers are unwilling and I mean unwilling to date these scraggly heifers. Especially the scraggs that has five, ten, fifteen or even a whole football squad of children.


    1. Money Cultural,

      I’v already written my mother off, she’ll take the vaccine and it wouldn’t be the first time that she would do something regardless of being advised otherwise by myself. The only question is how long she’ll live afterwards because she’s already in her mid 70’s. Most of these elder blacks are pretty much goners and write offs, they came over here to the UK, were treated like garbage when they first arrived and were rightly highly suspicious of the government, however many years of mainstream media brainwashing has taken its toll, they feel they’re at home in Babylon now.

      Exactly, black women use these simps as attack squadrons against those black men who refuse to bow down to the matriarchy, like I said before these dudes have to lie about black women in order to try to make them look appealing(which still doesn’t work anyway).

    1. Mack G,

      The guy who invented the PCR test(he died in 2019)stated that it was NOT to be used to test for infectious diseases which is the complete opposite of what is being done today. Covid-19 is the new 9/11, 7/7, governments are now attempting to criminalise individuals based on a fraudulent virus and a test that was created NOT to test for viruses to begin with, smh.

  6. Amazon workers, the mandatory vaccine comes your way. They’re beginning to make warehouse workers take the vaccine.

    1. Robert Chavis,

      As much as I didn’t like Trump signing onto Operation Warpspeed, at least he wouldn’t have mandated taking a vaccine, this one foot in the grave joker named Biden however is a completely different kettle of fish.

  7. Seems to me western society is pretty finished. When you have a party that insults black americans openly and still wins because black americans still voted for them despite the insults. I don’t want to hear their complaints about racism no more, those people had a chance to vote for 3rd party or ruin both parties.

    By the way can someone tell me why Tommy Sotomayor has onlyfans? I thought it was for wannabe cam stars. Well 2021 is going to be interesting year, I think the majority of western women as collective are going down the drain and getting desperate when they’re are using onlyfans. Well seems blue collar workers get the last laugh in the end.

    As for the UK that place is pretty much finish. University students haven’t even been talked about by the government but are expected to pay full tuition and pay for accommodation that they can’t even move back to due to the stupid lockdown rules. In my opinion if people are going to believe petitions are going to work instead of physical action then they get what they deserve. The UK government doesn’t care about petitions and will ignore it.

  8. I see this clown Biden is wasting no time in undoing the good work that Trump has done, rejoining the Climate Change fraud, stopping work on the border wall, rejoining the WHO amongst many other things, hell is about to be unleashed upon the US:

  9. I am disgusted with what I saw yesterday, and this was only day one. Type in and look where it brings you. Speaking of, they’re already destroying property again in Portland.

    With this idiot all but guaranteeing amnesty to this caravan headed to the US, the federal $15 hour minimum wage, all of this unemployment being handed out, these idiots are all but ensuring their place to the new underclass as JamesSYSBM had stated. They’ll be out of jobs because companies don’t or can’t pay them, or they’ll be out of a job because Jorge and Margarita will do the job for cheaper, take it more seriously and appreciate the opportunities these ungrateful clowns didn’t.

    Someone I know is about to learn this lesson a hard way. Getting unemployment and not getting it taxed, all while spending it on stupid shit and saving very little. While having other financial issues. I have zero sympathy for them.

    I wonder if the Biden administration met with BLM yet. What a joke. They were fired up to vote Trump (who actually made the effort to help black Americans) because CNN told you he’s racist (not true at all) to vote for an actual racist and a woman who made it her life’s work putting black men in jail and keeping them there for free construction. Literally, you can look it up.

    It’s only a matter of time before they outright dismiss them, and these buffoons still won’t get it. They’ll be lining up four years from now to vote for Kamala (Biden will be removed by the fall via the 25th by latest) citing all that black girl magic.

    If yesterday was any indication of tomes to come, we are in a world of trouble. The black Americans who voted for this disaster is about to receive all the hope and change they wanted, and not in the way they’re expecting. Build back better, without your useless black asses. Take your 1200 go eat some Popeyes, twerk on tiktok and keep quiet while I give away your jobs, rights to illegals.

    Want to speak up? Go for it. You’ll be censored and your social media’s wiped off the face of the earth. It’s only a matter of time before they come for these clowns. But we are on your side? They wiped out the sitting President of the United States at one point, but Shaniqua with seven children think she can’t be taken off the internet. Ok sure.

    Keep in mind this was only day one. I’m disgusted and admittedly kinda terrified (you’d be a fool not to be at the least concerned) for what’s to come. Get ready gentlemen on ALL fronts. We haven’t seen nothing yet.

  10. Another day, another BW corrections officer smuggling dope into prison for pookie and ray ray:
    Veteran Angola guard arrested, accused of bringing drugs into prison

    I swear I see stories like this every month, and its almost always a BW. I had a former BM CO tell me that at the prison he worked at most of the staff was BW and it sucked, that was one of the main reasons why he quit. BW COs were smuggling in contraband, having relationships with the inmates and their male superiors. lol

  11. What’s good, SYSBM brethren? I’m usually early to Open Mic Wednesday, but I’ve been preoccupied with work; at some point, folks are going to have to wake up and realize they’re being played by their government. In the film ‘The Dark Knight Rises’, Alfred, in a last ditch effort tries to save Bruce from going toe to toe with his fiercest foe yet and tells him the truth about Rachel; he tells Bruce, “Maybe it’s time we all stop trying to outsmart the truth and let it have its day” which couldn’t have been said better where this whole plandemic and the COVID-19 vaccine is concerned. As for that pro Black shine, he just sounds feminine and bereft of masculinity the way he is praising Black women, the same Black women who voted for a president and vice president who are working to bring more Indians here who will replace them on all levels. For the communitah, that means trouble, but for SYSBM Practitioners, it means more stargates for the picking! #SYSBM

    1. Blue Collar Trevor,

      Yep, 500,000 Indians amongst 11,000,000 migrants and those figures are just the start:

      At this point folks simply need to do what they have to do to get our of dodge, the West for sure is done, if folks can leave then I advise them to and never return again.

  12. Aye Shawn James is soo washed up man. very delusional talking about how he’s a good writer with these weak ass stories and book covers. And how he has that cheesy trailer voice when promoting them, the titles are corny and that collapsed flat top that don’t fit his face every time I look at him I just say I’m glad that’s not me 😂😂😂😂😂😂 like the new website by the way

    1. C/B,

      Well said. Shawn James also would’ve done a lot better for himself had he continued to stand in the corner of good black men instead of switching sides and backing the dysfunctional opposition. Additionally you’ll notice how his subscriber numbers are stagnant. Oh well, his problem, not mine. Thanks bro, I can’t be kept down.

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