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Black Girl “Magic” Strikes Again – The Midas Touch Of Death And Destruction!


“I need everybody to step back from the car”

Really bruh, and you didn’t hear what the guy reported concerning those two black girls jacking the vehicle in the first place? The car wasn’t on fire so there was little to no chance of the petrol igniting, for now don’t worry about the leaking gas.

Unlike the Daily Fail Newspaper here at Slaying Evil I bring you the uncensored, raw uncut footage which is the way life actually operates, when somebody dies or is dying in front of you, there is no pixelation to blur out the body, what kind of garbage is that?

I’ve been to a number of funerals two of which were open coffin, I’ve seen death up close and personal, unlike the lamestream media life doesn’t censor out the dark and grim side of its reality.

Commenters Blue Collar Trevor And FDC talked about this video in the last article, however I hadn’t seen it until one of my good friends randomly sent it to me yesterday night. This is a deep tragedy, however anybody who knows the modern day black female recognises that anything she touches in the majority of cases will most certainly face the ugly fates of death and destruction.

The dude who came out with the face visor and the armed forces simp who helped one of those black witches out of the car really ticked me off not only because they refused to take note of what was being stated by the guy with the camera, but also because the Uber Eats driver lay there dying in the street and nobody lifted a finger to help him.

Did you notice how one of the females mentioned that she’d left her phone in the car, this is the mental illness on display right here, the witch had no comprehension of just how serious the situation was, all she cared about was her “phone”. This is your mentally disjointed black female right here, a cold blooded, heartless beast who cares not about life, especially if that life belongs to somebody else.

This really goes to show you how far human compassion has fallen in the West(especially in US blue states), two black female car jackers are of more importance than a man laying face down taking his last breaths, this is the result of the left leaning, Democrat mindset permeating the fabric of society as well as a serious lack of moral fibre.

Yet again, here we have another situation in which a foreigner had an unfortunate run in with these modern day black females(created by their lefty white lord and saviour Captain Snowy) and like most who are not familiar with their dysfunctional behaviours and antics, as a result of his ignorance he wasn’t fully prepared and suffered heavily as a result losing his life.

I have to keep bringing up the likes of the adulterer, liar and pimp merchant Derrick Jaxn as well as the psychologically traumatised Fake Academic Aaron Fountain as these two miscreants are classic examples of some of the primal blue pilled simps out here deep in the trenches exalting and uplifting these same criminal black females at the expense of throwing black men under the bus.

Finally, the most tragic occurrence out of all of this is the fact that these two she devils actually survived the crash, they should’ve been dead not Mohammad Anwar, however we already know that black women as a collective are in league with spiritual forces of darkness who give them limited immunity from injury and death(through witchcraft).

This should’ve gone like those 3 black sirens back in 2016 who jacked a car, went on a long police chase and ended up drowning because in their efforts trying to escape the cops, they carelessly drove the vehicle into a swamp type lake/pond:

This isn’t black girl magic, this is nothing short of black girl tragic. Reason 607,569,389 as to why black men with sense and intelligence should make it a must to avoid the overwhelming majority of black women as much as is humanly possible, these mentally ill chicken-heads bring nothing to the table except pain, misery, suffering, loss, death, destruction, murder and bloodshed.

I’m just awaiting the sentencing of these two daggles, however knowing how this liberal western judicial system works, their sentences most likely will NOT be harsh, in fact I suspect that they may even escape going to prison, I could be wrong but we’ll watch this space to see. #SYSBM

The Deprogramming and Decontamination Process Continues

Will Derrick Jaxn And Aaron Fountain Ever Call Out This Common Destructive Behaviour Amongst Black Women, I Highly Doubt It

Most High Bless

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46 thoughts on “Black Girl “Magic” Strikes Again – The Midas Touch Of Death And Destruction!

  1. Verbs 2015.

    It’s sad and tragic that the uber driver got killed by that young black woman when he was just doing his job and what pissed me off watching that above video is that after the car crashed and that uber driver died lying on the floor no one came to help him but instead you got all these stupid black male simps defending this young black woman even though she murdered that uber driver. This is the reason I refuse to date black women and I avoid them like the plague because all they bring to my life is death, destruction, drama and chaos. These black male simps like Umar Johnson get on my fucking nerves because they are trying to dictate to us SYSBM black men like ourselves that we should only be allowed to date black women and we are not allowed to date non black women because it will kill off the black race but black women are the worst mothers, wives and girlfriends on the planet because their version of black love with black men is like a dictatorship like Saddam Hussain with a iron fist plus black mothers always beat their kids for anything and everything.

    1. Quincy Fitzpatrick,

      I remember coming across videos years ago of various non blacks going about their business and either dysfunctional black females, their blue pilled black male flunkies or both went out of their way to molest them.

      I distinctly remember seeing a video with a Latino working his mini ice cream cart selling ice cream and ice lollies, of course a group of dysfunctional reprobate Negroes lead by a legion of black sirens robbed the guy of his cart, just dumb stuff.

      As many folks have said here before, black male simps have become much more of a problem than the black women they worship, they need to be stamped out alongside their “queenies”.

      1. Verbs 2015.

        I fully agree with you bro. These dysfunctional black women and these black male simps need to leave people the fuck alone.

  2. Sadly this is the average African American female who Continues to destroy and destabilize the black community. Don’t forget about these American genocide queens who have murdered over 25 million black boys and girls via abortions since 1973,reducing our population via 25 percent. Don’t tell the Negroe hotep simps this,his treasonous queen can do no wrong

    1. Kevin Redrick,

      I keep on saying it, black society cannot and will not progress and move forward until the black female is kicked out of the house. The black witch currently is the most destructive force in black society, can you imagine, the US black population has remained stagnant at 13% for well over 25 years because of this same black female and her thirst for spilling innocent blood.

      1. Especially One Master Teacher who doesn’t want to get among the weeds of the Black Manosphere saying in not so many words he doesn’t date Black women aka “Sista Girls” but he doesn’t want to offend a segment of his fanbase because the unvarnished truth is the vast majority of Black men either want domestic Black women or Afro- (insert country of origin), keyword being AFRO.

        That is a losing proposition, the so-called right thinking BW are not fit for anything either but a quick lay, they don’t wanna hear that.

        I’ve said it, Verbs has said it, Tommy has said it. The truth is Black men are scared shitless to marry a non- Black woman and have to explain it to BLACK WOMEN.

  3. when somebody dies or is dying in front of you, there is no pixelation to blur out the body, what kind of garbage is that?

    Thank you!

    Seen them up close too, numerous funerals and hospital deaths, even disposing dead animals. This censoring shit only mollifies and cups the balls of those too fragile to cope (the same ones who wear masks and get the jab for something that is 95% survivable).

    Let’s see how Fake Academic Fountain spins this one….

    1. Michel,

      The fake academic won’t touch this story as it doesn’t fit his disjointed narrative(just like the black female) of heterosexual free thinking black men and their beliefs being the main problems within black society. Again, this isn’t the first time we’ve come across black women engaging in destructive behaviours that results in the deaths of other individuals, black or non black.

  4. Black Girl Magic turned a prince into a frog, now this. And we as Black Men must exalt and uplift this trash.

    Verbs, I also peeped the military simps coddling these mentally-ill wenches and the one screaming for her phone after causing a wreck and killing a man smh. Puts me in mind of the Chitown daggle who dropped her phone on the subway tracks, climbed down to get it, and got run over. Of course, Black Men were blamed for not climbing down after it, not the disjointed heffa that dropped the phone in the first place.

    These black hoes are running amuck unchecked, they are feeling themselves since Kamala got selected, it’s up to the thinking, productive Black Man to remove himself and his assets from the equation. SYSBM.

    1. Schadenfreude,

      Too many people love to pamper and coddle these mentally disjointed black sirens instead of recognising them for the professional tyrants and high level terrorists that they actually are. As I’ve stated before, every single black woman needs to be psychologically evaluated before they are permitted to have children, in fact most black females ought to be locked up in mental asylums by default.

  5. No one came to the rescue for the guy dying on the ground. A black male negro will always save a negress. What is worse is these black males are in military uniform. No black males and no negresses should be in the army, navy nor air force. Only black men living the sysbm lifestyle with conservative values and standards should be allowed in the military. If I was there, I would rather try helping the guy. I’m definitely not saving a negress. I’ll always avoid situations like that. #SYSBM #TeamWhiteQueens

    1. Witwijf,

      The way they left Anwar laying on the ground dying was beyond disgusting, those two demons were able to walk away from the car they crashed, however the guy who actually owned the vehicle was left to perish, smh.

  6. sad. as always #sysbm lets see if they get strong arm robbery which is a much more serious charge. Or 1/2 degree murder or manslaughter which would be a joke.

    Felony murder is a form of first-degree murder that occurs when a person dies – even accidentally – during a violent felony like above.

    For instance, if a robber unintentionally kills a patron in a liquor store during the course, he may still be charged with committing first-degree murder even though the murder is unintentional.

    guys please follow this case until the conclusion and put updates on the ruling. I need the case file so i can do a follow up months later.

    1. G1,

      They need to tie those two devils to wooden poles followed by them being tarred, feathered and burned at the stake.

  7. Verbs2015,

    These are what Tommy Sotomayor calls the BT-1100s. You will see them on the streets of any urban center in any major US city. They are generally under 40. The 40-50 year olds are generally BT-1000s, while the over 50 cohort tends to be BT-900s. All versions of the black terminatrix are bad, but the BT-1100 is the worst of all.

    As you can see, the BTs get progressively more violent and deadly with each generation. While the BT-900 is violent, she generally inflicts most of her violence on her devil spawn, other BT-900s, and her multiple baby daddy simps. The BT-1000 does everything that the BT-900 does, but she is also more likely to be violent in public settings, ie nightclubs, fast food outlets, concerts. Now, the BT-1100 does everything that both the BT-900 and BT-1000 does, and more. Not content with terrorizing da communitah, the BT-1100 loves to terrorize mainstream society as well. These are the ones you see in the late night scraggle daggle chimpout free for alls, at the Waffle Houses, McDonald’s restaurants, shopping malls, hip hop club parking lots, and service stations.

    But the BT-1100s also enjoy committing armed robberies, car jackings, drive by shootings, kidnapping, and random acts of gratuitous violence. Groups of BT-1100s in cars, have been known to prowl urban streets, kidnapping, robbing, raping, and brutalizing unlucky males who happen to be alone, and at the wrong place at the wrong time.

    1. AmericanBlkMan,

      This modern day black female is well out of control, unfortunately most black men don’t recognise this because the simp chip has been activated within them, as far as these new age black men are concerned, the black woman can do no wrong and must be protected at all costs.

      As you keep pointing out, if these black male simps weren’t in existence or at least weren’t in such abundant numbers, the black witch would’ve received her due recompense a long time ago.

  8. Those simps in uniform are a fucking disgrace. I’m disgusted that they’re considered military veterans like myself, and others on here. Instead of helping the man whose laying there dying, you help the two BT 1100’s who caused the accident?

    I hope every single service member who was there and did nothing to render aid to that man is charged to the fullest extent the UCMJ will allow.

    As for the two machines who were involved, it’s 1) not surprising they weren’t injured 2) not surprising they tried carjacking him, and had no remorse they caused this and cared more for a phone than the man laying there dying 3) the fact that CNN tried saying “it was a car jacking gone wrong”.

    If you’re in a liberal state, or near a big liberal city LEAVE while you still can. It’s not going to get better. These beasts are allowed to pretty much do as they please without any real consequences.

    I’m in New York (and NYC keeps this state blue) and if this excelsior pass actually happens, that’s the final straw. I’m out. I’d advise you all to do the same.

    1. FDC,

      The video is beyond disappointing and disgusting, however it isn’t surprising because we’ve seen black women involve themselves in jacked up, destructive behaviour which has result in the loss of life. The moral of the story remains the same, deal with these black sirens as little as is humanly possible, if at all it can be done then avoid them at all costs.

  9. I’m like at a lost for words right now. I don’t know what the words to describe this mess. This is why the black race ain’t getting nowhere in the future with people like that, these savage ass females, and the stupid ass black simps. Now I know why I left the black community alone. Black girl magic? What the hell is so magical about the black woman, forreal? I just can’t no more with the black woman in America. I know these black women are gonna get less time or off the hook, because of the government and the simps. Now I know why sometime sooner, I’m definitely gonna get a passport, no excuses.

    Speaking of the Dems, America is finna collapse big time. Well, actually Verbs, I’m a post something about the Dems on the Off Topic Section because they done lost their minds. I already posted something before on Off Topic Section, and it was about the Gun Control Festival, which I know is gonna take a ugly turn.

    1. D.K. Phantom,

      “I’m like at a lost for words right now. I don’t know what the words to describe this mess. This is why the black race ain’t getting nowhere in the future with people like that, these savage ass females, and the stupid ass black simps. Now I know why I left the black community alone.”

      True words spoken right here. The so called black community is done, any chance to repair it departed a long time ago, black men with sense and intelligence simply need to walk away and stay away, leave the so called “communitah” to the simps, 12 Gauge Mike, Trap House Jim, Slim Sauce and their black female overlords to deal with and fix.

  10. This happened in my hometown of Washington DC. It was all over the news. This shit is absolutely ridiculous!! As Verbs calls them…The Lamemedia went to know efforts whatsoever to show this act of blatant disrespect for human life. They are to concerned about offending the hypersensitivity of contemporary American minds.To concerned about covering up the demonic fuckery of BW. Let’s face it…being a able bodied and loyal servant has its benefits. Even if that means taking the life of others so long…as it’s not white!! And, to concerned about the preservation of fragile minds, all the while the truth is sacrificed!!!🤬🤬🤬 SYSBM should and needs to be the cornerstone of all freethinking BM in how they navigate these Harlots of Hell. Anything other than that is at your peril!!🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔

    1. Rav Zagan,

      “SYSBM should and needs to be the cornerstone of all freethinking BM in how they navigate these Harlots of Hell. Anything other than that is at your peril!!”


  11. Told people years ago “Simps gotta go!”. They are like the armor that protects the BOSS from being injured and even restore HP.

  12. I agree with you, Verbs, it’s very unfortunate that Mohammed Anwar lost his life after coming in contact with two teenage straggs who thought the best use of their time involved stealing a working man’s vehicle; he has family here in the U.S. and in Pakistan, and my condolences to them for their loss. What irks me even more is that not one bystander attempted to help Anwar as he tried to get his car back; it’s really messed up how strangers will run to the defense of a woman getting the brakes beaten off of her (probably over something she started), yet here we have a man being carjacked and no one comes to his aid, especially after the crash!

    There is an organization known as “The American Pakistani Public Affairs Committee” which is now calling on MPD to investigate Anwar’s death as a hate crime; both of the straggs involved have already been charged with felony murder and armed carjacking for his death. I hope that his family receives the justice they deserve, and that those BT-1100s get put away for a long time. This is why we say “breed them out”! #SYSBM

    P.S. Notice what we haven’t seen in the aftermath of this (and I meant to say this in regards to the Atlanta massage parlor shootings on OMW): we haven’t seen religious leaders from the Pakistani victim’s community forgiving the perpetrators before the trial even starts; anyone else made that observation?

    1. Blue Collar Trevor,

      Anwar leaves behind a wife and 3 children, so sad to see him lose his life because of two dysfunctional straggs, the modern day black female’s disregard for life and the value thereof is a very serious problem, one that has been plaguing black society since slavery.

      This is nothing short of cold blooded murder and I agree with Val Zod, they should be given the death penalty, however being in a liberal state as Schadenfreude said, the most these black female killers will probably receive is a slap on the wrist.

      I hope they’ll receive a harsher punishment, however I won’t be holding my breath as we have to always remember that black women as a group are owned, run and funded by the State.

  13. I swear to the most high, them young girls need a good licking. Where are the parents? Oh, I know. The mothers are getting dick down by Pookie, Ray Ray, 12 Gauge Mike, Thick Dick Tyrone, Street Mice, 357 Jimmy, Rum Head Frasier and Long Dick 44. And their fathers, well, they are not around. Black girl magic. When a black girl cast a magical spell to a man, it brings him a curse. When I saw the Mohammed Anwar lying down on the floor face first, I just have to shake my head. This is so bad. Black girl magic brings nothing but death, violence and destruction. And this video clip to prove it. let me tell you something. You know why 55 per cent of black men are with non black women in Britain is because of the bull shit these ghetto ratchet scragglies are bringing. And we have Bareback Fountain who got two strikes on his You Tube channel, Foolmar Johnson, Shawn James, Chris Miller and all of the other simps attacking SYSBM. Let’s see if they are goanna talk about this one.

    RIP Mohammed Anwar.

    1. Money Cultural,

      Fountain Top won’t touch this case with a 50 ft barge pole because it doesn’t fit into his narrative about heterosexual free thinking black men supposedly being a “fringe group”. #BLACKGIRLTRAGIC strikes once again, however we haven’t seen the worst from black women yet, expect them to dig even deeper into the pit of hell and commit even more outlandish degeneracy, deviltry and reprobate acts.

  14. Those chicks should be looking at 25 years to life in prison. RIP to the driver. The internet continues to deliver more damning videos against the BW. People can now see where the violent pookies and Ray Ray come from, these cold hearted and evil single mother BW. Stay away and keep the Wall up.

    1. Don’t forget the simp service members who did nothing to render aid to that man, but helped these boons. They need to be charged just as if not more harshly.

    2. James SYSBM,

      I don’t even have to look for the evidence of black female dysfunction, it’s literally falling into my lap day by day, smh.

    1. No since they’re juveniles, they will get a relative slap on the wrist, be out in 5-7 years and still be in prime child-bearing years to push the next generation of fatherless Pookies, Skillets and Sharkeishas from between their legs to further terrorize innocent people.

  15. Mohammad Anwar managed to leave Pakistan unscathed by Al-Qaeda terrorists, and the improvised explosive devices they deploy in that country, only to die at the hands of a couple of single-mother-bred street terrorists in the land of opportunity, the good ol’ U.S. of A.

      1. No one wants to say it, but the overwhelming majority of these “anti Asian” crimes are and have always been at the hands of blacks, namely ghetto ones. When’s the last you’ve heard even racist white people really complain about Asians, outside of maybe the CCP?

        The fact of the matter is that people are getting sick of black people, ESPECIALLY the Asians and Desis that deal with them. And when the time comes to just off a group of people, let’s face it, who’s ACTUALLY worth keeping around? The group that produces doctors, mechanical engineers, lawyers, businesses owners and big time cultural exports like anime and video games, or the group that produces Shaqueethwa, Delarante and drill music?

        1. I’d go so far as to say all Black people in the States have a target on their backs, regardless of whether they’re Pook the Snook or Lame Chris. Whites want blood revenge for Black Lives Matter, Asians want justice for the ferals attacking their business, Latinos need no excuse, now Desis will see this and take to their swords.

          The world is getting tired of us and this time, the kid gloves come off.

    1. BA,

      I believe those females are supposed to be having another trial tomorrow(31st), let’s see what sentence the judge hands out. Before coming to the west folks as standard protocol ought to be briefed on the modern day black female and how much of a dangerous terrorist she can be.

  16. Ah, black women doing what they do best: acting a slap ass fool and being violent. Again, PLEASE point out where the WAYCIST wypipo MADE these chicks look bad!

    You also have to remember, black people disregard that which they themselves possess, namely cars, houses, clothes, pets, children and lives. Most black people’s material possessions are supposedly beloved, yet they take shitty care of them. Look at how ratty most black folks’ cars are, hell, look at their weaves! I say this because you have to realize, if they give fuck all about their own possessions that they supposedly cherish, you really think they’ll value the lives of others?

    These are literal demons, they run in pure hate and instinct. Again, why else did this man DIE but they were unscathed?

    And as mentioned above, the Pakis have self respect, they aren’t like negroes over George Floyd and Trayvon. They won’t do that “Iz foe-gibz youuz” crap. This level of pacification is exactly why the black church needs to be eradicated, as it has produced a race of pussies and appeasers who’s only function seems to be sucking the docks of their rapists.

    1. Afrofuturism1,

      As yourself as well as Blue Collar Trevor alluded to, where are the black leaders coming out and condemning what has happened to Anwar, as per usual nowhere in sight, all I hear and see are crickets and tumble weeds.

      Where is the black church on this, ah yes, I forgot, the church is run by these tap dancing pastors who are milking a cool mint from these same black females who at the same time are lighting up the streets with their degeneracy.

      Again, these pro blacks have yet to answer with a suitable answer relating to how any man is meant to form a union with such an evil and destructive group of women, what took place is beyond vile and those car jacking she devils ought to be strung up.

  17. As for the military simps, look let’s face it: if 99+% of black women aint shit, sadly, at least 90% of black men aren’t either. There’s simply too many simps, and until they’re gone the black community won’t change worth a damn. The military uniform simps are no different that corporate ghetto Gaggers, still can’t leave da communitah behind.

    Outside of using it as a tool to escape poverty, I don’t have a clue why in the hell anyone, let alone black people would join the military. You see how little that shit has to do with “your rights and freedoms” because of these lockdowns and mandates. Likewise, if you don’t get blown up in vain, you’ll come home with PTSD and get thrown to the wolves, all for what? Some patriotic bullshit? Don’t get me started on people in active duty with wives and children at home, the most selfish shit that’s somehow praised as selfless.

  18. Resource Based Economy, my last landlord was a blk witch, caused me so much pain,and stole my security deposit, get this, she named her son Midas , I then learned about king midas, it all adds up.

    Praise the Lord

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