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Free Topic/Open Mic Wednesday

Another Open Mic Wednesday is here nice and early, Slaying Evil continues to provide heterosexual free thinking black men with a space they can use to talk about the issues that are of genuine importance. Gentlemen, you’ve got the floor, roll that dice.

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Stay Individual(In Your Mindset)

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73 thoughts on “Free Topic/Open Mic Wednesday

  1. Verbs 2015.

    I got a text from my doctors at the weekend just gone asking me that if I want to take the vaccine and I said no because I don’t want to die from it or get seriously ill from it. The UK government is using the vaccine to control peoples lives in that I heard that if you don’t take the vaccine then you won’t be allowed to travel the world, you won’t be able to go to the shops, you won’t be able to go to the clubs, pubs, bars, gyms, swimming pools, social events and jobs won’t hire you if you don’t take the vaccine. I hope that it’s not true and it doesn’t come to that because I have a life to live and I feel that my freedom has been taken away from me due to this stupid vaccine.

    1. Quincy Fitzpatrick,

      As you can see from this video below, the UK government is especially desperate to get folks from the so called “BAME” communities vaccinated. It’s funny, if you die and have been tested for Covid within 28 days, regards of whether you’re positive or not, the death is marked down as a Covid death, however if you die within a short period of getting the vaccine, the vaccine somehow is never to blame for the passing, make that make sense.

      If masses of people get the vaccine then they’ll be able to roll out the vaccine passport garbage, however large numbers of folks over here are hesitant(even those who are pro vaccine) and for many good reasons, so that is a good sign:

      1. Verbs 2015.

        I watched the video link and these black celebrities are brainwashed.

        1. Lenny Henry, Meera Syal and all the other Gen X BAME celebrity sellouts need hauling in front of The Hague on charges of crimes against humanity in direct contravention to the Nuremberg code.

          It is illegal to give medical advice if you’re not a doctor, so why are these cheese cunts doing it on TV?

        2. Black Picard,

          So called black celebrities are nothing short of a joke and a laughingstock, especially when they sign onto garbage like this.

    2. Quincy, point your “doctor” to the info below. This is why everyone should be sharing this link regarding America’s Frontline Doctors (AFLDs). Dr. Gold & her brave associates are putting their careers on the line to prevent medical tyranny with these EXPERIMENTAL mRNA vaccines.

      The operative word is “EXPERIMENTAL”. I urge everyone to join their very informative Telegram channel here where there’s TONs of info you ain’t gonna find elsewhere:

      If we get 1 million global signatures (there’s 645,000 right now), this will be the impetus to BuyCot airlines & other arrogant big corporations so that they can feel real financial pain for their arrogant medical tyranny right in the pocket book.

      SYSBMers, this is the official website to push back against the CONvid Scamdemic. You ain’t gonna see this in the ZioPress media:

      More info:
      Dr Gold on Twitter:

      Don’t be a sheep. There’s strength in numbers.

    3. Here’s a follow up link that’s related to America’s Frontline Doctors (AFLDs) which I mentioned above. Verbs, my previous reply to Quincy above had 5 links regarding AFLDs & their social media links, so PLEASE approve it.

      The following link is to the official Stop Medical Discrimination petition page which already has 645,000+ signatures from around the world. It can also be accessed from the Mission Statement page at AFLDs here:

      The goal is 1 MILLION signatures which will provide a reality check for Mr. BigCorp to end medical tyranny by boycotting their establishments which is long overdue. We need to CANCEL these motherfcukers.

      PLEASE sign the petition here:

  2. Now both my parents and my auntie have received one dose of the pfizer covid vaccine. Older generations don’t really understand the depopulation agenda from the UN. The only way a new black race can excel is leaving black male negroes and negresses behind. #SYSBM #TeamWhiteQueens

    1. My mom texted me yesterday telling me she signed up to get the vaccine. She was all excited about it, and tried insisting throughout to get it.

      Even after pointing out all of the issues in regards to the trial vaccine, she still is going to get it. Her reasoning? I had covid and it was terrible. So I’m gonna get it.

      You’re aware that getting said trial vaccine doesn’t guarantee you can’t/won’t get it again, and that you can’t spread it to others right?? Yes, but I’m doing my part to make it safer for everyone. Ok mom if you say so.

      Most black liberals (and black people in general) are a lost cause; even (and in some cases) especially if they’re related to you. Best to keep your distance as much as possible.

      1. Most black liberals (and black people in general) are a lost cause; even (and in some cases) especially if they’re related to you.

        My own mother got the damn deathshot despite herself showing me videos from Baptist churches and African doctors saying not to. She’s such a disappointment to me, but not surprising since one word from Admiral Avalanche was enough to convince her.

        Add to that graphic death of Mo Anwar by two young shits and I’m thoroughly done with Black society.

        1. I just watched that Mo Anwar video. Holly fcuk!
          Now the Pakistani community in Amerika is probably going to join in the chorus of “Let’s all start hating ALL blaaack people for the shit other dysfunctional blacks do.”

          That is a serious fcuking crime. And the man — a hard working immigrant — is now dead. Stupid toxic scraggle daggle teens.

          This video footage is surreal:

        2. This is WHY there’s gonna be a serious backlash against the black community for all the dysfunctional shit their criminal offspring propagate. Check this tweet out:

          In the news: look at the color of the arms:

          Here’s the pic from a Google search showing a white teen in handcuffs while mentioning the incident via Washington Post. Don’t know if its just clickbait though.

      2. FDC,

        I have to stand in bewilderment at people who are lining up for the slow kill bioweapon despite being told that even after having it they can still catch covid as well as transmit it. You’d think multiple bells would go off in their heads and they would logically conclude that there’s no point in getting the jab, however too many people having been successfully brainwashed are NOT using logic and reason at all.

        Again, why do I need a “vaccine” for a virus that according to the government themselves has a 99.98% survival rate for people in my age range and where most people who get it don’t have any symptoms whatsoever because their immune systems are more than capable of dealing with it?

        That line/mantra about “doing your part to keep others safe” is utterly ridiculous and makes absolutely no sense when we know that masks don’t work and evidently the so called “vaccine” doesn’t protect anybody either.

    2. Witwijf,

      Too many of these elder generation Negroes are a complete and utter disgrace, they’ve gotten comfortable with Babylon’s treats and they have no problems advising the younger generations to walk down the same path of calamity and destruction they did.

      Where is the wisdom with these elders, the understanding of the current times we’re in, the knowledge as to the best way to move forward under these grim circumstances, as per usual nowhere to be found, smh.

  3. I am very happy to see more and more posts, pointing out the destructive impacts of black male simping on the world at large. Black male simping has already been a primary factor in the utter destruction of da black communitah. The scraggle daggle cannot survive without the black male simp. I have made many posts about their symbiosis.

    All the heinous behavior you see being perpetrated by the black scraggle daggle collective, is ultimately the harvest of black male simping gone off the charts. You cannot eradicate the scraggle daggle without eradicating black male simping. You cannot contain the black scraggle daggle without containing the spread of the pandemic of black male simping.

    General Blizzard created the original scraggle daggles, which were far less toxic than the scraggle daggle of today. Today’s scraggle daggle has reached levels of degeneracy and depravement that were unimaginable 50 years ago. At the same time, the black male simping pandemic has reached levels of spread and intensity, unimaginable 50 years ago. I will keep pointing out the symbionic relationship between black male simping gone off the charts, and scraggle daggle depravemnet gone off the chart. You cannot deal with one without dealing with the other.

    1. Here’s the perfect example of a simp nigga: Rapper Lil NAS X. What a dumb fcuk.
      It is ghetto simp niggas like this idiot that will push us into a race war with Captain Euro. Mark my words.

      Satan Nike shoes prompt twitter fight between Governor Kristi Noem of South Dakota & Lil Nas X

      First came invoking Aztec war gods, now it’s ‘Satan’ sneakers with HUMAN BLOOD – is America OK?

      1. Black Picard,

        Lil Nas X is a Satan worshipping sodomite, he’ll soon learn the hard way that you cannot make deals with the devil and come out on top.

        1. Verbs,

          As you can see it’s mostly black feminists and buck-broken simps cheering on this Lil Nas X bullshit. BW are literally the devil’s handmaidens.


    I mentioned this the other day, but here’s the article. If this passes (and it probably will) this is the final straw for me. I tried giving this state one last chance, but this crosses a line you cant come back from. Expect to see an even greater exodus of here. If it wasn’t for the lost causes in the city, this would never be a thing as it is New York City keeps this state blue.

    Read it if you have the time because this could be coming to your state or country next.

  5. Let’s get the movement going to BuyCut these ungrateful BigCorps. From Dr. Gold of America’s Frontline Doctors. I expect Twitter to CANCEL her truth bombs very soon…just like Instagram.

    WOW: @RoyalCaribbean cruises is now requiring you to get an experimental vaccine to book a cruise with them.

    I will be boycotting the company instead. Who else is with me?

  6. Can’t wait for my untested “Western” COVID19 vaccine jab (sarcasm) with all the medical tyranny being shoved down our sheep throats from allegedly “educated medical experts” wearing white coats who should know better.

    Here we have a healthy 36 yr old “MD” who kicked the bucket after his 2nd toxic Pfizer jab.

    “My body, my choice!” just like Pro-Choice women always say when it comes to abortions.

    Doctors suspect COVID delayed immune response in young surgeon’s death

    A young orthopedic surgeon with OrthoSouth who died early Monday, Feb. 8, may be the nation’s first case of an adult who died of a delayed immune response to COVID and had received the vaccine.

    Dr. J. Barton Williams died early Monday at Baptist Memorial Hospital-Memphis. He was 36.

    “What we think so far is that he suffered from multi-system inflammatory syndrome (MIS),” said Baptist infectious disease expert Dr. Stephen Threlkeld.

    The syndrome, more common in children, often looks and acts like Kawasaki disease, which causes inflammation in the blood vessels.

    MIS is a reaction in someone who has had the COVID infection weeks or months earlier and mounted a severe, delayed immune reaction, which often causes significant damage to the organs.


  7. Another arrogant pro-vaxxer “Medical Doctor” bites the dust. 👇

    📌 Doctor Who Mocked Coronavirus Vaccine Refusers Dies Days After Getting Jabbed

    Just days after getting injected with a Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) vaccine, Dr. Witold Rogiewicz, a Polish physician who openly mocked vaccine skeptics, died from the jab….

    …While he was getting injected, a masked Dr. Rogiewicz arrogantly told the camera:

    “Vaccinate yourself to protect yourself, your loved ones, friends and also patients.”

    He went on to make fun of “anti-vaxxers” and “anti-coviders” who take issue with the fact that Chinese virus vaccines have never been long-term safety tested, nor are their manufacturers liable in the event of injury or death.

    “And to mention quickly, I have info for anti-vaxxers and anti-coviders,” he stated in Polish.

    “If you want to contact Bill Gates, you can do this through me. I can also provide for you from my organism the 5G network. I am sorry I hadn’t spoke for a bit but I was just getting autism.”

    Dr. Rogiewicz thought he was being funny with these cringeworthy comments, but little did he know that the joke would be ultimately on him. Within just a few short days, Bill Gates’ experimental gene therapy injection ended Dr. Rogiewicz’s life.

    “At night, our Friend and Collaborator, Dr. Witold Rogiewicz, suddenly passed away,” reads a post from the VIP Clinic where this pro-vaxxer worked.

    Much like how every death in 2020 was blamed on Covid-19, Dr. Rogiewicz’s death will be blamed on anything other than the vaccine.

    The same is true of all other deaths caused by Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) vaccines, which the mainstream media and the establishment will probably blame on anti-maskers… 📌


    1. Good. I’m glad he’s passed. Arrogant fuck, didn’t reckon on God punishing him for his mockery.

      1. He’s Polish. What do u expect.
        They are some of the dumbest EU wannabees I’ve ever encountered. The males that is. The womin are cute though. All those jokes u hear about Polish people are TRUE.

        1. Don’t diss the Polish people. They are some of the only ones not letting LGBTQP or hardcore liberal dyke feminism overrun and ruin their country. Polish men swoop down and nip that shit in the bud whenever “pRiDe” rears its head. Hungary is the same. Plus their women are some of the most beautiful in Eastern Europe and super traditional and marriage-minded. I got a homeboy married to a Polish chick he hasn’t been back to the USA in years. Don’t scoff at these people they’re the last bastion.

          1. In geopolitics, Poland continues to allow itself to be USED as a NATO attack dog against Russia. Their politicians keep doing stupid shit to antagonize Russia over & over & over again without THINKING of the consequences when the bear decides to strike back. That is my point.

            It is this suicidal mentality of the Polish community that troubles me. They are a NATO vassal state lock stock & barrel. For that, I have zero respect for Polish voters who ALLOW this dangerous game of brinkmanship to escalate.

  8. ‘Fiasco Waiting To Happen’: Millions At Risk Of Losing Power Over Unpaid Bills


    These moratoriums will end eventually and tons of back-owed rent and utility bills will become due. It’s going to be rough for a lot of these strong and independent BW in the coming months. Get ready to see lots of homeless Black single moms. They have told us for decades that they don’t need us so just mind your own business and keep the Wall up.

    There will be the inevitable increasing chorus of WAATGBM and “We need Black unity/BM protection” from them soon. Just remember, not your woman, not your kids, not your problem.

    1. The gov and big banking will just bail them out b4 they have utility bills cut off. I predict it…

    2. “Black unity” always seems to mean blacks with resources who made good choices are supposed bail out blacks with no resources who made bad choices, particularly hoes and babymamas who were not around for your struggle but magically think they are entitled to your rewards. Oh well, 2-Pump and Trigga Nigga will save them, not us.


  9. Boris considering third lockdown, following CONVID outbreak in nursing home.

    Forget the roadmap to freedom, once April hits, the announcement will be made. Boris the Twat will find the West Indian variant with a string vest and a bottle of rum and go full Nartzee. Passports for everyone!

    Boris is fucking with all of us, it ends when we say it does.

      1. Technically Boris the Blow-up Doll called for “Tier 5” restrictions (which is the same as lockdown).

        Easter is cancelled again.

    1. Michel,

      The sheeple are way too obedient, even when they’re in literal chains and shackles, they’ll still defend the tyranny to the hilt. Any so called “outbreaks” at this point are due to the bioweapons currently being administered.

      Like the guy from Canada said in a video I posted I believe at the beginning of the year, lockdown is a perpetual cycle that never ends, unfortunately most folks in the UK have fallen for this “roadmap to freedom” banana in the tailpipe:

  10. What’s good, SYSBM brethren? So, I was watching Aba & Preach while en route to work this morning, and I had another introspective moment where the point was further reinforced that SYSBM is not for every Black man; this is in regards to the Youtuber FlightReacts and his recent breakup with his then girlfriend which was documented on one of his livestreams and his Twitter. Here’s A&P’s commentary:

    So, you’d think that after this situation, he’d be done with her for good and never look back, right? RIGHT?!? Wrong! 1 week later, he does a 180° turn and takes her back:

    This is the type of guy who needs SYSBM, but he isn’t ready for it yet; he needs time to heal from the manipulation he’s endured in the relationship. Granted, his girlfriend is attractive and has the aesthetic of a stargate that SYSBM endorses (she looks like either a Latina or a mixed/racially ambiguous woman of color), but she has the toxicity of your typical stragg; this is why Tenet #22 admonishes the practitioner of SYSBM to avoid non Black women with Black females as friends because they will become no different than the woman you’re saving yourself from. #SYSBM

    1. Total fcuking simp this Flight character. Nough said.
      That woman is TOXIC from a mile away. And him? Well, sorry! But any nigga who covers most of his face & mid section in tatoos & other ratchet looks — just to give off an “I’m BaaaaD” street persona — is NOT of SYSBM material. But a straight up SIMP.

      This is WHY the black community is so fcuked up. I never roll with insecure niggas like that.

    2. Blue Collar Trevor,

      The dude clearly isn’t disciplined enough, he gets the fact that he should avoid the black witch at all costs, however for some reason he seems to believe that dysfunctional behaviour coming from non black women is somehow acceptable, smh.

      Under the SYSBM philosophy dysfunctional women regardless of their ethnicity are automatically rejected thrown into the trash. I’m not going to abandon dealing with black women because of their janky behaviour only to run into a non black female engaging in the same and now believe that it’s somehow OK, cool and acceptable, nope, never!

      Guys like this need to stop believing that they can’t get higher quality, Flightreacts aka SuperSimpreacts doesn’t respect himself enough to let go of that toxic wench!

  11. They want you to get jabbed, but letting in thousands at the border. Let that sink in for a second. The news all but refuses to cover just how bad it is down there, and when they do it is all somehow Trumps fault.

    Those illegals are coming for shaniqua and Tyrone’s jobs. Why pay them and deal with their lazy entitled attitudes when we can hire Jose and Blanca who will take less money, and be grateful for the opportunity and work their asses off??

    Wonder how many of these idiots have voters remorse yet?? They will soon enough.

  12. Hi All.

    I swear these libs are soo full of themselves. I read an article in the dailies where they were bragging about increasing confidence in leadership since misleading information has dropped ever since Trump was expelled from Social Media.

    Personally, I think no one is listening to them n are busy fighting for their lives / livelihoods and have taken advantage to do the same thing that they are accusing others of doing.. Make that make sense

  13. As mentioned above, black celebrities need to hang from trees a la the racism they constantly harangue in regards to their behavior. These so called “woke” folks have nothing but the official narrative to say about this COVID nonsense, but they act like they’re going against the white man’s grain?

    I’ll be honest, if most simps and daggles died tomorrow, the only change to the world would be an IMPROVEMENT, not anything bad. So if you’re only “woke” concerning a group like that, how smart can you really be?

    And again, where are the black Christians and the black church to point out to flagrant similarities to the Book of Revelation? Again, most so called Christians might as well wipe their ass with the Bible because that’s how much regard they give to it.

    I’ve seen local churches organizing to be vaccine locations. Tell me again why these shitholes shouldn’t burn to the ground! They ought to be PROTESTING this stuff, not the opposite.

    The church does not deserve your respect, it sure as hell doesn’t deserve your money. And speaking of which, you KNOW they’re getting financial kickbacks from giving the vaccine. Tax free my ass.

  14. Anyone who voted for Biden who now complains about it deserves to be beaten within an inch of their life for their stupidity, or at least stripped of voting rights. NONE of the shit his stolen administration is doing is a surprise, they literally said they’d do it. His followers once actually CHEERED when Cum-All-On Whoreis said that taxes would be raised and tax cuts from Trump were going away.

    Most black folks will be dead or dying by the end of this, and phased out by Jose and hector. Good, most daggles and simps NEED to die and be replaced, I just wish it was what something better than a bunch of damn Mexicans. That’s like going from a beat up 1994 Chevy to a beat up 1995 Chevy.

    1. Those who didn’t vote but chose to shit on Trump anyway also deserve a switch to the back.

      Your one opportunity to maintain the trend of lowest Black unemployment, a billion-dollar plan for long-term Black improvement and 5-year funding for HBCU’s and you said back “TrUmPs a WaYcIsZt, iMpeEeAcH, bUnCh Of CoOn-AnOnz NiGGaHz”. This is your mess, own it.

  15. In slightly better news, Turkey is one of the countries allowing US citizens dual citizenship, and it’s cheap as hell there!!!

    Legit, look it up on Numbeo, Expatistan and Budget Your Trip. It’s LAUGHABLY cheap for a European country and in general, and the culture really isn’t European. It’s also neither too cold or too hot, and actually gets four seasons. Hell, it’s definitely more temperate there than in Tennessee.

    Women look good too, and due to Islam’s influence, you aren’t gonna be dealing with a lot of the same stuff as in the west. Turkey, Eastern Europe, Balkans and for Soviet blocs are the best places in Europe.

    Plus do you think Ankara is a tourist destination like Rome, London or Paris? Nope, so no liberal backpackers likely.

    1. Afrofuturism1,

      It’s funny, I was talking to an English guy last Sunday, his girlfriend is from Kosovo and in light of how the UK is quickly descending into hell, they’re thinking of heading over there for good. It’s pretty evident that the West is done, not only because it is being ruled by a bunch of evil tyrants but also because the people for the most part are fast asleep ie continuing to go along with the program without asking questions or even looking at the huge inconsistencies, irregularities and anomalies surround this entire so called “covid” pandemic and its “official” narrative. Eastern Europe and Eurasia are key strategical places to look at in light of current events.

    1. Afrofuturism1,

      The other day I watched the Snyder Cut of the Justice League and I have to say that it was a completely different film from the first version that was released. when I first began hearing about this Snyder Cut I initially questioned it asking myself why would they re-release a 2017 film again in 2021.

      It wasn’t until I watched a video on YouTube narrated by a guy from the UK explaining exactly what the differences between the two were and additionally going into the history of the film and who was responsible for the direction of the first version did it finally all make sense.

      Snyder’s version is nigh on a masterpiece despite the length of the film being just under 4 hours, the dude they brought in to complete the first version if I remember correctly was from Marvel Studios, so obviously the fix was in to sabotage the production in order to stifle the competition.

      Man Of Steel(2013) was a good film so was Batman Vs Superman(2016) both of which were directed by Snyder. I also liked the fact that Snyder rated his cut as R, that way he could cut loose without having to worry about “the kids”.

      Superman is one of the most if not the most popular and well known superheroes, Warner Brothers should easily be clearing 1 billion dollars plus in box office sales every time a film comes out with him in it.

  16. Amazing how international travel was curtailed or shut down altogether just as the whole concept of Passport Bros/SYSBM started gaining steam. A welcome side effect of the Wuhan virus for Shaniqua and her white liberal masters.

  17. Disclaimer: This rant is gonna be super long because I have to get this off my chest, so sorry if you brothas have to scroll down all the way from my long rant. Also, please excuse the cussing too, I’m just losing my patience.

    With all the current events that’s unfolding right in front of our eyes, I’m at the receiving end of doing something real crazy, and my motive for doing this, is to save humanity from these corrupt people.

    1) They done ruined my travel plans, and my plans to get a damn passport, and this done made me extremely mad as hell. Here is a extremely curious question folks need to ask these corrupt people: WHY THE FUCK ARE THEY TRYING TO PUT A FUCKING SURVELLIANCE ON OUR FUCKING PRIVACY AND HEALTH?! Not only it’s supposed to be use for traveling, but we got to use it to go to events, entertainment, work, and other places?! They done lost it, they really lost it. With the vaccinations, boy these doctors, Bill Gates, and Dr. Anthony Fauci, better watch their backs because that money isn’t gonna save them. Don’t it say in the Bible that “Money is the root of all of evil?” They can punish people all they want to, but that lying and dangerous shit they doing, it better catch up to these people. They done destroy a lot of people’s future with their corruptness, talking about they trying to help the people? Help my ass! With the dangerous technology these people are pushing, you call that help? They also not finna get no legit money out of this when people start dropping dead real heavy, so who they gonna blame for that? I know these anti passport and SYSBM bros are probably happy, and jumping for joy because of this, but I’m still not finna save, nor bail out their sorry asses. The Black race in America is done, and I have no good graces for the black community.

    2) The US Military is done man. These whole wokeness, the pushing for transgenderism, cancel culture, and trying to make everything black, has got to stop. If the US goes to war now today, it’s gonna not go so well, especially with the military now being “woke.” China or either Russia, probably both, are gonna kick America’s ass, and you can thank Biden and Harris because of that. Biden had the nerve to kill Putin a killer, wrong move Biden. With black people trying to be on this woke mess, I’m just through with black folks, because I can’t just see how much ignorance they have in them. It’s off the damn chart. I ain’t gonna say nothing when majority of these black folks get the payback treatment. It’s funny how they can call someone a racist, or call something racist, but they practicing racism too, in reverse. Do anybody ever catch that with the majority of these black folks? They pick and choose on who’s racist, and that shit be annoying.

    3) That Lil Nas X video, I never watch the video, but hearing some people talk about it, now I know why some people look away from Hip Hop/Rap. That shit was Dark, and borderline Suspect. This is also why I stay listening to Old School Hip Hop/Rap, and R&B. Two Things: One, RAP = Rhythm and Poetry. R&B = Rhythm and Blues. That Trap shit these fools be playing is hot garbage. Trap music is so overrated. Two, when I think of Hip Hop/Rap, I think of 2pac, Biggie Smalls, Bone Thugs, Wu Tang, Outkast, them cats. When I think of R&B, you had Ginuwine, Jodeci, Boyz to Men, 112, Mary J Blige, Ashanti, Aaliyah, Silk, New Edition, them people. What am I’m hearing nowadays, these wannabes who can’t even rap to save their lives. Always using the same beats, no storytelling, no lyricalism, no rhymes, no flow, no creativity, just the same shit, over and over again. Same shit, just different artists.

    4) Biden is making the dumb move of open boarders, letting these illegal immigrants into America. This old man be in office for like 3 months, and already the bullshit is popping off. Once again, I’m not saying a damn word if these illegal immigrants done something crazy, and they can blame Biden and Harris for that, while they sitting on their butts, blaming Trump for this, blaming Trump for that. First of all, these folks need to get Trump out their mouths because it’s giving me a migrane. These people just have to blame Trump for everything like they the good guys or something. They call Bill Gates, Dr. Anthony Fauci, these Democrat politicians the hero, then that makes me the criminal, the villian huh? But you know, I’ll rather play villian than to play hero because these people are not my friends.

    5) Gun Control, I wanna ask this question like forreal, forreal. WHY THE HELL DO WE NEED GUN CONTROL? Not everybody is gonna rely on the government, nor the police. Go ahead and take away guns, and watch some Unwanted events start to rise up.

    6) Climate Change: If earth gets destroyed, thanks these people who were pushing for climate change, trying to “save the earth.” That’s all I got to say.

    When I say I’m at the receiving end of doing something crazy, I mean that with some heart because these current events show me that a lot of people are not fit for leadership, nor power. It’s unpopular of me, but I don’t care, because I want all this shit to end. Plus, folks need to not let money get to their heads. That’s why some relationships go sour because of that. Now I know why some folks say money can change a person. If I have 10k, 20k, 100k, 1m, 5m, it’s not gonna change who I am. If I have some power, it’s also not gonna change who I am.

  18. I just learned about the Derrick Jaxn fiasco last Saturday.

    Why don’t those male YouTube celebrities ever learn from prior incidents?

    The lesson has been taught ad-nauseam– WHORES KEEP RECEIPTS!!!!

    Those “game” dudes are funny.

    1. Is she a black woman or a ladyboy? I’m not so sure.
      The bigger question is this: Can’t Chet “Hanks” score with high quality women?
      Heck, if I’m Tom Hank’s son with above average looks, believe me, I’ll have tons of primo quality skirts of higher value than this sista.

      Oh well, not my problem.

  19. I didn’t hear nothing about the Coronavirus scamdemic because I was busy writing my article, even though the three lockdowns is getting on my nerves. But anyhow, I hope everyone is doing well. Me, I was just exercising doing Bicep push up and going on a dating website looking for white booty. But anyhow. I was thinking what will happen when the corona scamdemic is over? It looks like a big recession coming and nothing could stop it people. And as the recession hit us like a fast car crash into the lamp post killing everyone in the car, what the government is goanna do about this? I know the answer, nothing. And this vaccine, I tell you it’s nothing but a lethal injection that is killing people. I thought that I wasn’t wanna talk about this Covid ting but hope you guys understand.

    And let me tell you about the man who created this vaccine Bill Gates. He’s a wicked man. One wicked man. This vaccine he created just to kill people, regardless of the colour while he’s counting his money. The man is counting his dough while people dying from this vaccine. The man need to get hung in front of people to bomba claat. Hang his nerdy glasses wearing arse in front of people. This is one mass murderer you know. You know where bought the vaccine too? Africa. Hang this fucking bastard on a street light and let him stay there. Yeah man. The most high is watching his move 24/7.

    1. Notice that it’s some “muddaland” chick, too. This African women, namely Nigerians and Kenyans will suck the turd straight out of a white man’s butthole just for him to acknowledge her.

    2. Schadenfreude,

      Another fake eye lash, 50 pounds of make up wearing black heifer, they won’t learn, it never pays to forsake their main base believing they can find solitude with non black men(most of which actually hate their guts).

    3. Hahahahahahahahahahahahaha!

      Oh, wait a minute. She was trying to get with a Glaswegian? (For the US brothers, a Glasgow man, or Weegie is the British equivalent of a Southern redneck.)

      Guess she was aiming for more swirl points the more racist the white man is, and Weegies are pretty damn intolerant of Desis, never mind Blacks.

      She didn’t smell like n____r? Sounds like a Dave Chappelle skit.

    1. I heard about the man skin peeling off after the vaccine from J&J. I find it funny how some people are saying they took the vaccine and they haven’t felt nothing, and I’m like okay then. Don’t say nothing when something kicks in. I seen the woman shaking real bad after taking that vaccine, then it was people collapsing shortly after the vaccine, after it’s blood clot, now it’s skin peeling off? A lot of people are getting hurt from the vaccine, including kids and teenagers, and this shit is sick to my stomach. And we can’t do nothing? They better pray that money they getting off of taking people lives away for population reduction will sort of protect them, because I got a damn good reason of turning into something I really don’t wanna be, but I will for humanity, and to avenge all the lives that were taking away from this mess.

  20. We’re all aware of 4x failed swirler Stacey Dash and her recent apology to Black America for being the “angry, conservative Black woman” and wanting to date Black men again, but has anyone ever asked the question “Who’s next”? When Prince Harry and Meghan Markle had their interview with Oprah Winfrey about their brush with racism in the Royal Palace, Piers Morgan bashed Meghan and claimed he doesn’t believe anything she said about the Queen and the Royal family.

    Piers Morgan has since left his position at ‘Good Morning Britain’ after his controversial comments; Sharon Osbourne, too, has left her position as a co-host on ‘The Talk’ for defending Morgan, but that wasn’t the end of the road for downplaying the allegations of racism. The ‘Gayle King of the Right Wing’, Candace Owens, has taken to Twitter as well as appearing on Sean Hannity’s show to bash Markle as a ‘leftist narcissist’ and question her blackness; that didn’t stop White men in Britain from voicing their disdain of Harry’s choice to marry a mulatto.

    I’m having trouble finding the link, but someone posted a screenshot on Twitter of a comment under the picture of her newborn baby in January making it clear how they felt about her mixed race child (in spite of him having lightskin); her child, like Markle, has a Black mother and a White father, so when her son experiences discrimination for being a mulatto, I hope she remembers her comments toward Markle for not being Black enough to experience racism.

    I asked the question above about who’d be next to go into the Swirl Mountain graveyard after Stacey Dash, and mark my words, Owens will have her day soon, and it will be worse than Dash’s because the communitah won’t be so forgiving to her. #SYSBM

  21. You guys have any advice on how to deal with a noisy neighbour in the UK?
    The neighbour is a scraggle daggle. They’ve been confronted multiple times, police called by others etc…. But yet they continue with their loud music as if its a deliberate act.
    I told them to turn it down but they shut door on me before I finish didn’t even respond and then I knock again as that’s just disrespect they open I finish what I say granted they turned it down but carried on later.

    If it was the case of so called lord euro that knocked I bet all the money in the world they would’ve turned off the music and be quiet and not be a nuisance. I swear this generation (Z) black fefails (majority) are trash their attitude and disrespect towards black men is off the damn chain. As far I’m concerned they deserve every bad thing to happen to them.

    1. Jon,

      1) Buy yourself some metal nails, then put them in an empty glass jar.

      2) Write the name of the little shit on a piece of paper/card and put that in the jar. Fill both with water.

      3) Keep the jar in a cupboard (or somewhere dark)

      4) Then wait patiently till the nails rust.

      That should deactivate the daggle for good.

  22. I would like to drop two important information on this Open Topic Edition.

    If you think getting the vaccine shot is bad, try getting the Covid swab tip laced with a cancer causing chemical up your nose.

    When you read this post, it will be April 1st. Yep, according to the black community and Black Entertainment Television, it’s Black Women’s History Month.

    1. Blackdjedi,

      Yet we still have knuckleheads who are lining up to take the bioweapon even though these so called medical “professionals” have already stated that being “vaccinated” doesn’t stop an individual contracting and passing on the so called Covid-19 virus, smh.

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