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They Love Single Motherhood – Don’t Ever Believe Otherwise!


Now, I personally know of a black woman who I used to work with who put out a tender with exactly the same request, she wanted a black man to get her pregnant and thereafter stay out of the picture and she managed to find a guy to fulfil the role. This is my point and where flat headed deceitful buzzards like the fake academic Aaron Fountain as well as these pro blacks fall extremely short.

The pro blacks especially keep on talking about black love, black unity and black family(particularly Umar Johnson as well as Dr Claw aka Jason Black), however when was the last time you heard any of these black love pundits discuss the fact that most black females automatically gravitate towards single motherhood and only want a decent man to come through once the harsh realities of raising a child or children by themselves begin to set in, I’ll wait?

It’s not like we haven’t seen this type of behaviour from black women before, don’t we have the current situation with the Jewish maths professor Ari Nagel aka The Sperminator who by the way despite the so called “pandemic” is still travelling up and down the US providing bust a nut in cup services to women looking for a free sperm donor, the majority of his clients being black females of course:

This is what I continue to talk about regarding those who promote black love and black families failing over and over again to deal with the serious fractures within black female society especially relating to the mentality most black women hold viewing single motherhood as a badge of honour instead of a shame as well as a complete and utter disgrace.

Black women as a collective clearly don’t care about the black family unit, black love, black unity etc, if they were genuinely concerned about all of these things then they wouldn’t have formed a confederacy with the State in order to shaft black men at every opportunity that presents itself, they would’ve rejected the poisonous religion of feminism, they wouldn’t be eager to jump into the saddle of being a single mother nor would they be keen to open their legs to scum buckets and knuckle-headed Negroes, additionally they wouldn’t be lining up around the block for the sperm of a man that isn’t their male counterpart and lastly they wouldn’t be taking their money and literally throwing it into the hands of East Asians.

It should also be mentioned as we already know, when it comes down to children, if the black witch has any chance of extracting money from the father then she’ll take that opportunity without hesitation, there is no such thing as “no strings attached” when it relates to black women, children and claiming money, even The Sperminator is finding this out the hard way:

Gentlemen, nothing more really needs to be added here, just another example of an overweight, ratchet, reprobate, degenerate black female who has no standards and reason 710,498,039 as to why any black man with his head screwed on straight should NEVER consider black women as potential and viable mates. #SYSBM

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Single Motherhood Is A Disgrace, Single Mothers Must Be Shunned And Avoided At All Costs

Most High Bless

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27 thoughts on “They Love Single Motherhood – Don’t Ever Believe Otherwise!

  1. Just remember, you still have to pay child support for donating your material to a woman and getting her pregnant.

    1. Yeah if the donation isn’t made through a fertility clinic a man can be billed for child support. Either way men shouldn’t donate sperm.

      Speaking of child support, that reminds me of this old video:

      The child isn’t his but a BW just put this dudes name down because she had to name someone as the father to get welfare and the state is charging him for child support and threatening him with jail time.

      Keep the Wall up and SYSBM

  2. More and more negresses will ask for more sperm donors out there. Only a negro simp would start donating his sperm and pay child support. Black male negroes are a disgrace creating more single motherhoods. They don’t have to fuck a negress and don’t have to donate their sperm. The truth of reality is these negro simps will either do the first option or the second option or both. It is always a black male negro behind every negress. I’ll never understand the simping for the ugliest manly group of tranny looking females. #SYSBM #TeamWhiteQueens

    1. Agreed except liberal white females are following black bitches down the rabbit hole at an accelerated pace. They are either feminist man-haters or more Black & Mild-smoking, twerking, tatted, ratchet, nasty and ghetto than the black welfare hoes they imitate. Damn near every one of these modern Western bitches are taking their marching orders from Meg the Stallion & Cardi B, only Asian chicks seem immune…for now. #TeamRiceBunny

      1. Agreed, most western societies in general ain’t the best place for dating and raising a family. Only a few areas are ok, not many areas. I wish I was either in Northern Europe or Eastern Europe. I’ll have to be extremely lucky to find a quality stargate in the west. I’m avoiding liberals, but not giving up on finding white conservative women. #SYSBM #TeamWhiteQueens

  3. Verbs 2015.

    A few weeks ago my step mum was moaning to me at the fact that she was broke and poor because my middle brother never pays towards the household bills or pays any small rent towards helping my step mum out and I bluntly told her that you chose to have kids in a bad financial situation and you chose to have 2 kids with 2 different wrong dudes (I. E my dad and my other brothers dad) and she got upset about it. It’s like she is always using me as a excuse because she took me on as her step son when she didn’t have to and she had two other kids when she couldn’t afford to have kids plus she is always blaming other people for her poor life choices. This is the reason why I refuse to date black women and single mothers as a childfree black man at 38 because they are the dumbest women on the planet because they are always picking the worst type of men to have kids with.

  4. True story, when I was working at a defunct cable channel, a black girl nearing the wall asked me outright if she wanted to “be with me”. That workplace sucked for various reasons (one being an Australian low level manager twat thinking he was an expert in racism which was laughable…)

    I could see this high yellow chick wanted desperately to be knocked up so she could have a kid to herself without the dude. The fact that she asked me was suspicious – I was in my 20s, single and broke. She definitely didn’t want anything to do with me, just my seed.

    A year passed and I see her walking across the street by herself pushing a child in a pram and thought “I knew it!” My intuition was right. Mixed chicks aren’t that different from the daggle.

  5. Its obvious that the negress beast is in it for the chump change she gets from uncle blizzard for every nigglet she plops out.

    How disgustingly stupid is uncle blizzard to pay these beasts for plopping out nigglets who will burden civilized society with crime, violence, newer and greater forms of degeneracy, and become lifelong drags on tax payers.

      1. For somebody whose handle is “Only spitting facts” you seem averse to the truth.

  6. I had a teacher in 10th grade who was a single mother of a daughter who actually asked the man who became her stepfather to marry her mother; would you believe that when the daughter grew up, she told her mother she wanted to become a single mother? The mother warned her that it was not easy raising a child by herself, but the daughter went ahead and did it anyway. Guess what the daughter came back and told her mother? Black women are so used to pain and trauma, they don’t know what it is to seek peace and maintain it, especially where single motherhood is concerned; they’ve been warned ample times about the perils that come with that life choice, but as Project Pat said in his classic song, “don’t save her, she don’t wanna be saved”. #SYSBM

  7. Don’t be a sperm donor where you are delivering up your own seed as a future captive. The situation Verbs has highlighted is more common than you think in certain areas. Treat these offers like you would drugs as a child “JUST SAY NO!”. In fact if someone like that is even asking you such a question you probably have some issues that need to be addressed.

  8. Late as ever Lol but serious note. The reason why black women, the ghetto ratchet black women love being single mothers is because that when they breed, they will get everything, housing, foodstaps, free money, everything the government will offer. But here this. They will get pregnant by a good black man. They won’t get pregnant by the simps. They get breed up by the worthless black men that they love and desire. And Foolmar Johnson, Shawn James, Jason Black, Bareback Fountain, Chris Miller and all of the other simps that will attack SYSBM because the SYSBM will not be with these hopeless scraggle daggles. You know what my mum says? She says don’t find no fool, fool gyal to be your girlfriend. I think she’s talking about these scraggle daggles from the hood. Hope you have a Good Friday. Me, I’m goanna sit back and drink liquor while these simps head to their downfall.

  9. Most single mothers have sex with the same 3 men in the city/town. Once their kids grow up and find out they are half-siblings, they resent their mother for brainwashing them about how black men are not providers. The mother was a hoe and will always dress it up as the men were players. If the single mother AKA hoe has two or more children by the same man, she will try to give the kids her family last name to get him out of the picture. There are always little nooks and crannies that single mothers don’t tell and they always play victim. Thank god I never experienced this. My parents didn’t divorce until I was 27 due to my mother having to move away to take care of my grandmother.

    As for the sperm donor thing. It’s usually these very aesthetically unattractive weird shaped 28 between 35 year old BW who can’t find a suitor because she’s not attractive. Her biological clock is speeding up and she has various options. She can marry a stud lesbian or transgendered man so they can both adopt. (which is rare with BW). The next option is getting Mr. White Beta to donate sperm so she can have cute bi-racial babies that she can live vicariously through. They will use these children as their financial come-up to talk sh*t about how BM are in prison and don’t want to provide. The truth is more BM are breaking the negro stereotypes using their education and resources to look for healthy female partners elsewhere.

  10. I think it’s best I should not come from a place of anger but with understanding of how BW dysfunctionally operate in the dating world.

    I’ve dealt with sneaky women who could care less about me, but want a child or children by me using the bait and switch technique. They will be on their best behavior then exhaust me with love bombing sex. After the sex they go into destruction and narcissist mode to see if they can emotionally drain me. One thing to take note of, is that leaders in the black feminist woman’s family are women. They take special pride and interest in cohabitating with decent looking men regardless of his financial status, as long as it fits into their matriarchal family system. The mother may also change the children’s last name to hers disconnecting the father from seeing them. I know this for a fact.

  11. Wow, no comments other than their true dysfunctional nature has been revealed. Western Black women as well as women who possess the dysfunctional traits from narcissistic to down right extremely arrogant should be avoided at all costs.

    Cover your 6’s and remember that you are the prize BM.

  12. @Verbs with all due respect, no malice, I wouldn’t waste my energy mentioning their names about men such as Johnson, Fountain, Jaxn and all “pro-black” degenerates who support the current dysfunction of Western Black women and feminism.

    They are a waste of time and will be dealt with. Nonetheless, continue to expose the corruption and idiocy going on in parts of the world.

    Also their beliefs and methods has been and will continue to be debunked for all to see. Which many people will laugh and show no sympathy.

  13. Notice the shade of the folks in the picture…..

    Black women do not possess femininity and homemaking potential, let alone motherhood skills. This, it’s just a brood of hyenas. Hyenas are matriarchal, and the females are more dominant and aggressive than the males, who they rule over. Any wonder why hyenas are constantly getting their asses kicked by lions?

    There’s also the concept of r selection and k selection. The former has females producing several offspring in low quality environments, many of which won’t survive. Sounds like daggles in the hood, huh?

    Likewise, k selection has parents putting more emphasis into raising their young, who have a higher rate of growing into successful maturation.

    The daggle is nothing more than a cockroach, she has billions of devil spawn and really doesn’t care what happens to them. She doesn’t want a woman around because a stable home culture is not in her nature. He’ll look at how many blacks legit brag about the number of pre-colonial matriarchal societies in Africa.

    Breeding them out is imperative, much as using fumigation to rid an apartment complex of a roach infestation. Otherwise, they’ll continue to grow in number to where everything around them is contaminated.

    1. They always brag about these mythical matriarchal societies in Africa, but can never name which tribe or which country they supposedly existed in, or where the descendants of these mythical fierce female warriors are today.

  14. 2021 and the report is out that the Y chromosome is shrinking and that sperm rates have plummeted.

    Oh well.

      1. Like her white master, she doesn’t care if she goes extinct just as long as Black Men go first.

        1. Schadenfreude,

          They claim they don’t want nor need us, yet they always seem to find themselves hovering around us, smh. so much for being “strong and independent”.

  15. Brothers,

    Plain and simple. Protect your seed. Just say no to the scraggle!


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