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What kills me is the woman(who is from Vietnam) isn’t even attractive, that coupled with the funny coloured hair, the tattoos, raptor claw nails, heavy makeup, fake eyelashes and the duck lip surgery would be a NO NO for me from the very beginning.

I really don’t understand these guys who go abroad to countries where there is a much higher abundance of attractive women only for them to take land whales and kraken looking mutant creatures out on dates.

2,600,000 Vietnamese Dong equals $106/£82/€96. Why is this guy going to a country which is far cheaper than the West and still spending such a large amount of money on a date?

He tried to simp in a foreign country and it backfired on him. It just goes to show how women universally don’t like simps and emasculated muddy bootlickers. ALWAYS KEEP DATES CHEAP NO MATTER WHAT COUNTRY YOU’RE IN!

Additionally, this is a problem we’ve talked about many times before, via the internet and especially through social media, feminism is quickly spreading to other parts of the world.

I looked at some of her TikTok videos and I saw a few female knuckleheads in the comments quoting SheraSeven’s “sprinkle, sprinkle” catchphrase, smh. The pestilence of the black witch is truly reaching far and wide.

This siren is clearly Westernised, if you look through her TikTok and Instagram profiles, it’s clear that she’s been listening to gutter social media female influencers and has taken onboard their bad advice.

Back to the simp, why is the dude begging for her to go back to his place? We already know he wanted to clap the cheeks but his desperation was cringe to say the least. Just take the loss bruh and move on to another.

Let’s not pretend that if she was attracted to him, without hesitation she would’ve rolled over to his apartment and gotten her cheeks clapped fast not slow. You cannot negotiate attraction.

I told you before, if you go over to another country and as a man you don’t possess a normal disposition ie you haven’t dealt with any personal issues that may manifest themselves outwards, women abroad will detect this and will be put off in the same manner as females in the West.

FIX YOURSELF FIRST. Conversely whenever you go abroad avoid women who strive to be like Western females. To be honest, out there the guy could’ve easily gotten a prostitute off the street for much much cheaper than 2.6 million Dong, smh.

Gentlemen, be careful out in these foreign lands, keep your heads on a swivel and watch your six at all times. These foreign women need to be vetted, examined and scrutinised just as much as those here in the West because increasing numbers of them are running the same games, scams and rackets.

Finally, when you’re in a country like Vietnam, you have NO excuses to be dating and messing around with fat, ugly hippo type females.

Another Open Mic Wednesday is here, what’s on your minds for this week gentlemen? You’ve got the floor, roll that dice. #SYSBM™

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Stay Individual(In Your Mind)

Most High Bless

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17 thoughts on “Free Topic/Open Mic Wednesday!


    More bdub juju and mind tricks.

    I mentioned in a quote that I can easily see through their passive aggresiveness, which is something most black men can’t since they don’t view black females through an SYSBM lens and will easily allow themselves to be disarmed by this fake concern and love.

    Bdubs who post things like this are as genuine as a dollar bill with Dave Chapelle’s photo on it and they know that sensible black men know that too. They know what the response will be by those who haven’t drank the kool-aid and what other bdubs and simps will say in response ie “these black men don’t care. They need healing. Sis don’t waste your time” etc. Just look at the comments.

    Yeah, black boys are hurting mainly due to their mammies and nasty female relatives and women in da communitah at large who actively go out their way to destroy them. Funny how these comments are never directed to black females like the tweet in the HBCU twitter page with some weavehead demon stating she only gives college recommendations to black black girls and deliberately denies boys. I’ve NEVER heard of any black male professionals deliberately sabotaging black female CHILDREN. But this is “Mother Earth” for you. The same females who will see a picture of well dressed black boys or young men doing something positive and the first thing that comes out of their filthy mouths is “wHeRe ThE wImMiN tHo?” I’ve seen it on LinkedIn. Don’t bdubs deliberately sabotage our efforts when we set up special groups to exclusively help black boys? MBD X talks about this in his book.

    I have no problem helping out any young black male with potential and pointing him in the right direction, why not? It’s not his fault he came out the womb of a jackal. But I’m not gonna be a sacrificial lamb and put myself in the firing line of the wastes of space like these Pookies who these KKKeishas shit out on the daily, neither am I gonna clean any messes at the expense of my own wellbeing.

    The black woman has demonstrated she’s our enemy many times over, this is why SYSBM is vital.


    1. YaLL sYsBm niGhAs aiNt sHiT! WhY iZ YaLL aiNt mEnToRin dEsE bLaCk bOyZ fOr FrEE wHiLe I bE tWeRkiN fO dA GrAm aNd mAkiN mO’ KiDz wiT PoOkiE aNd RaY rAY? yALL iZ cOwArDz wHo dOnT CaRe aBoUt dA CoMMuNiTah!!!!!

  2. There are some western males that do travel abroad without fixing themselves first.

    They take their issues with them from the west into foreign lands.

    There are many places in Asia where feminism is non existent.

    I would recommend black men to travel in Asia as a number one destination of seeking traditional women.

    Sadly, I can’t say the same thing for the whole of Europe.

    Asian women in general are the most submissive women but I’m not into that myself.

    There are cultural differences of reasons why I would only date a white dutch woman compare to Central/Eastern European women.

  3. At least the women offered a refund to the simp.
    The simp should of took it and leave it be instead getting into bed with her but he was desperate.
    I checked her TikTok and it looks like she is a type of female who like to associate with BW which itself a clear red flag BM must avoid.
    Simps never learn. Never bring simping to another country, traditional women do not like this.
    Over to Black American Man, this is your favourite topic because this is a simp topic.

  4. Once a year it’s #mentorgate with these worthless hoes. Mentorgate, 50/50, #rentdue, “we love you black man” (only in election years), same old circular topics with the hyena. Not interested in solutions, just simps to clean up their mess while they continue to twerk and buss it wide open for Pookie and Ray Ray, Nook Nook and Day Day. Good to see productive BM getting some pattern recognition and avoiding the bs.

    Re: the Vietnamese heffa, for real? Was this guy a Passport Bro or a local? And this little fat chick, come on. I think this whole thing was staged. Couldn’t be bothered to wade through the Vietnamese babble on her page to find out. What a mess.


  5. Happy Open Mic Wednesday! Well, it seems like someone could use the Traditional Treatment Disqualifiers list to help him vet women better; if she actually does have women in her comments parroting SheraSeven’s catchphrase (her name sounds like a demonic principality), then that is why we have SYSBM Tenet 22 in place as a reminder to avoid non Black women who have daggles as friends. That’s my 2 cents on the matter; in other news from the communitah, a daggle’s son died trying to protect her from her ex who was released from jail:

  6. SYSBM: If a woman is not interested of a man, he has to move on.
    White sugar honey: No man should focus on a woman who will play games with him.

    The woman, alright I know that there are some women that will not sleep with the man who buy them dinner. There was a video of a guy who dated a woman and he pay for the dinner and he was asking for pussy afterwards. She’s was not happy but at the end what do you expect?

    Right, I see loads of simps doing this from buying dinners for these scraggle daggles right down to flying them over and these guys spend money to fly these women over. I haven’t spent much money on a woman and get played and I have been played before. It’s an uncomfortable feeling.

    I have no issues of any man going to other countries to find a woman. I respect that but the thing is that you still can’t simp of a woman. Very dangerous!

    Hey, keep your shite sugar honey safe at all times as these ghetto ratchet scraggle daggles are coming after non-black men.



    Another OnlyFans thot has jeopardized her employment prospects with her nasty behavior online; she claimed to have started her OF account because her teaching job wasn’t bringing in enough money. There are other avenues she could’ve taken if she really wanted to earn more, but this is what she chose to do, and it cost her 2 jobs.

  8. Evil Black mother canes son to death

    In so glad the national media picked up this story on the 6 o’clock news and blasted this evil Black cnut all over the telly. She put her kid in a basin full of boiling water.

    As this to the Tory benefactor who hates all black women because of Diane Abbot and even white society can clearly see what Black men have had to endure as children at the hands of the evil black witch.

  9. Evil Black mother canes son to death

    In so glad the national media picked up this story on the 6 o’clock news and blasted this evil Black cnut all over the telly. She put her kid in a basin full of boiling water.

    As this to the Tory benefactor who hates all black women because of Diane Abbot and even white society can clearly see what Black men have had to endure as children at the hands of the evil black witch.

  10. Verbs 2015.

    I ain’t simping for no women because I know my value as a childfree SYSBM black man at 41. If a woman really likes you then she should make it very easy for you to get with her.

  11. So the kweenz are feeling themselves at the moment because another cowardly, pandering non black female like this white woman made this viral tweet:

    I can’t stand these types, especially the white females of all people who black women pick fights with all the time and generally HATE. Looking at the people she follows, you already know her type: the typical wigga who hasn’t yet upset the black female apple cart by braiding her hair or being too complimentary on black men. She hangs with Keishas who get in her ear and play victim, meanwhile never speaks on the countless ways Keishas disrespect and try to sabotage good black men. It’s alright for black women to hate their grandfathers, fathers, brothers, uncles etc though right lol.

    This is why I’m grateful for women like Suerayya Brooks and Joan J (who hasn’t been around in a while) who openly speak on KKKeisha culture without fear of backlash. I just wish more non black women would be vocal and stop kowtowing to these weaveheads who hate them anyway.


    1. “22. SYSBM brothers do not deal with non black women who have black females as friends because hanging around black women is guaranteed to leave them contaminated and thus no different to the dysfunctional black females we walked away from to begin with.”

      Been there done that with the wigga white girl in my younger years. Black bitch mentality in a white body. All her work friends were sistagirls. I was hypnotized by the booty (she was thick). And this was way before smartphones and social media. Lucky I didn’t get her preggo, I woulda been babytrapped. And who knows what kind of thugs and lowlifes she would have been exposing my child to.

      Young men, don’t make the same mistake I did, when these white hoes hang around sistas it’s an automatic no. I don’t care if her body is bangin’. If you do fuck with them it’s catch and release only and for God’s sakes don’t knock her up. Especially now with IG and OF all these bitches are baseline hoes until proven otherwise.

    1. Scahdenfreude,

      Putin is a maverick when it comes to looking out for his country FIRST, all he’s doing is simply looking at how the LGBTQP abomination is destroying the West and rightfully implementing measure to prevent the same from happening to his people. A maximum salute to the President of Russia. It’s a shame because when Trump was in office he was trying to look out for America first, but the Democrats had and still have other ideas. Just look at the current US border crisis, smh.

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