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You Must Always Resist The Urge To Help Them!

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According to Yasmine herself, this incident took place back in October 2023. Firstly, it must be stated that because Western women as a collective have proven themselves to be totally untrustworthy, gentlemen, if you ever come across a situation like this, DO NOT STOP TO HELP, keep it moving and don’t look back, it’s none of your business.

You already know the drill, I don’t have to tell you about the million and one reasons why you should NOT get involved in any altercations between women and men.

Over the years how many cases have we come across of good samaritans intervening in a volatile situation between a man and a woman only for the woman to turn on him, the man doing the same or worse still said samaritan is killed trying to be a hero?

Or how many cases have we come across where men have attempted to help women in general only to be accused of sexual harassment or some other “crime” and subsequently found themselves in the dock in front of a judge?

It just isn’t worth it anymore, dealing with the dishevelled Western harriet of today under any capacity is extremely risky. The funny thing is, had Yasmine found the guy who jumped the tracks attractive, in her head it wouldn’t have been classed as harassment, always remember that.

Let’s deal with the irresponsible factor of the scenario, why was this woman by herself at night in a near empty train station(Bruce Grove, a train station in north London I’m very familiar with and don’t live far from)? It never ceases to amaze me how ignorant most socialist, left leaning Western women are to the dangerous environment they reside in especially in the UK.

They truly believe that places like London are safe havens where they can do whatever they want without recourse, smh. But whenever the excrement hits the fan, all of a sudden they’ll cry out for help and immediately expect MEN to come to their beck and call.

In the description of the first video, she even said the following:

“I am quite tall and believe I am quite capable of defending myself.”

Well, you should’ve defended yourself then, why did you start turning towards complete strangers for help? Do you see how the “I’m strong and independent, I don’t need a man, I can do bad all by myself” doctrine goes flying out of the window whenever these Western sirens are faced with a minuscule amount of danger?

Additionally, Yasmine is fooling herself believing she has “support”, what support? The few people that were on the platform didn’t want to help her(they were very wise to avoid involving themselves) and in the end she had to go down the stairs to the station exit in order to get help which eventually came in the form of another woman.

As for all of the virtue signallers sending her “messages of support”, said messages don’t mean anything either in the face of trouble/adversity or after the fact.

As for the blue pilled, disjointed black male simp who decided to risk his life by crossing the train tracks instead of using the underpass at the bottom of the stairs, he should’ve known better.

Most mixed race women in the UK typically deal with white men, the majority don’t like black men so off the bat he was wasting his time trying to talk to her.

Also, did you notice how simp boy began making threats when she refused to cooperate? This is the hostile environment pestilent feminist Western women have created and should be left to deal with BY THEMSELVES. Don’t save them, leave them to fend off the hoards of blue balled, blue pilled simps they’ve manufactured for these times.

Gentlemen, always remember the common mantra of these left leaning liberal women of the West, “they don’t need men for anything and the world would be a better place without us.”

As for Yasmine, she needs to get herself a man if she want protection and in the meantime, she shouldn’t be travelling alone late at night. Common sense to us but unfortunately not to the Western female. #SYSBM™

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Don’t Save Them, Don’t Intervene Or Rescue Them In Their Times Of Trouble

Most High Bless

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16 thoughts on “You Must Always Resist The Urge To Help Them!

  1. I don’t help them at all because I seen cases where these women will get offended that you’re helping them. I don’t even approach them at the gym at all. Even more so, I go to the gym when they’re not there.

  2. Verbs wrote:
    “Over the years how many cases have we come across of good Samaritans intervening in a volatile situation between a man and a woman only for the woman to turn on him, the man doing the same or worse still said Samaritan is killed trying to be a hero?”

    That is why it is called ‘Captain Save-a-hoe’.

    The simp that went on the train track is a serious flag because he could of got done by the BTP (British Transport Police) to cape for a female. As Verbs stated, he could of went to the other side by going downstairs.
    I live far from Bruce Grove.
    Unlike American BW, UK mixed race BW are the most bitches and I cannot stand them. I am mixed race myself and I do not deal with. When I see them, I know fully well they are full blown White-worshipping men divestors by default.

    We all know about how bad the black community is in America and these British simps think they got is better because they are in the UK, guess again. These British simps need to learn diversity because they are lucky that they don’t deal with dick police panders such us Umar Johnson here.

    Always take Quincy’s advice and to avoid them with a 1 mile pole.

    This topic is good for Black American Man because he hates simps and Blue pill to a passion which I do not blame him.

    Black British Men need to take take damn simping cape off.
    Even I like American post, but I like to see more British post, especially in London so the SYSBM American brothers see the ratchet females are here in London and the UK.

      1. I mention you because your sermon and commenting is the reminder of keeping BM on the greater path and avoid Keishas.

    1. You definitely at the right place

      From what I’ve seen a slight majority of the commenters on this site are from the UK. So, you’ll hear plenty of stories just looking thru the archives. Some crazy, some entertainment, some of them hilarious, and some of them disgusting .

      Can’t speak for all Americans, but I had a sense this was like this. Especially the UK BW. Verbs and the others on this site brought it home for me.

      I have my own (small) experience with the UK women too. And because us Americans are already desensitize by daggles, we can smell them from kilometers away . It is just like dealing with rookies, LOL!

      The last time I was over there in 2018, I remember talking with a really good looking mix British BW at a train station in Birmingham. She was being standoffish a bit and even try to make a couple of jokes about me being “Black” american. I clap back at what she said of course.

      I already had this sense that she has some daggle or Brad worshiping-ish vibe and I basically walked off from her. Just ended the conversation.

      She gave me a look as if I’m supposed kiss up to her like I guess she expect black men to do when it comes to entitled light skin women. Chase her like a fool and boost her ego or some s*** like that.

      I saw her about 90 minutes later at a lounge and by that time I was talking to a younger blonde British chick who I met at a gym the day before. She is a fitness influencer now, not using my type in the face but damn her body was phenomenal. A nice big round volleyball girl ass. I y k y k

      Suddenly now, this Little Mix Chick took interest in me. She came over and tried to call me out for being with a white woman. I then called her out for her comments about white guys that I overheard before I talk to her on the train. I also told heard that mixed people with inferiority complex do not get to tell me about my “blackness”.

      She (and her friends) was definitely offended which was my point. But by that time I could see that the chick I was trying to hook up with was getting annoyed at all of this so, again I just walked off. Again.
      The mixed chick yell something about me but I didn’t give a s***. I told the Blonde and her friends I’d meet them outside

      I finished my drink and I left. I told the blonde UK chick that she only paid attention to me because of your booty, to get her to relax and laugh.

      It is like this with them we know this. At that time I was surprised that it took place because that’s something I would expect in the states. Not the diverse UK

      They’re not interested in you unless you get validated by a white woman. And then it’s only to compete with that woman so you’re just a tool
      Story of my life

      They will never admit that. I don’t know why, is really part of female nature of being preselected but that’s a whole other story.

      Yes, I did end up hooking up with that blonde British chick two days later.

      At least she was responsive to my flirting, but I can tell that she was just curious because I’m a Black American, lol!
      It’s all good. It is what it is

      British chicks just don’t know how much they be biting off of American women.
      But hey, the UK is the original home of rednecks, and not to mention 90% of our educational system especially on the left is eurocentric / Bavarian influence.
      At least it’s not Australia, LOL!

      Sad part is I had thoughts about one to visit that they should because of how much they love Brothers but well …
      I’ll just fly over to the Philippines or Thailand instead, why not?


  3. I was at an outdoor concert with a with a female friend. You had to go down some stairs to get to the stage. As we were going down, a black female was hauling what looked like her elderly mom in a wheelchair, going up, backwards, step by step, like moving furniture. Why she didn’t use the ramp, I don’t know. Maybe she didn’t see it.

    Anyway I saw her struggling, so asked if she needed help. The BW was like “no thanks, I got it” with that standard bitch face. I said ok and left her to struggle. As we walked away, my white female friend was like “maybe you should help her.” I said “nope, you heard her, she got this.” I specify “white female friend” because she was puzzled at the interaction and would have accepted the help. Maybe sis was mad I was with a white chick.

    Moral of the story is leave the strong and independent demographic to it, they don’t need no man. Mind your own business and keep it moving.


  4. Verbs 2015.

    I will never help a woman on the street when she is having beef with her boyfriend because she and her boyfriend will both turn on me and I will end up dead or in prison. I value my life too much to get involved in things like that and Verbs you are 100 percent right when you say that mixed race women hate black men especially the ones that have a black mum and a white dad and I experienced this myself with mixed race women that’s why I don’t date them.

    1. @Quincy Fitzpatrick

      “mixed race women hate black men especially the ones that have a black mum and a white dad”

      LOL don’t even get me started! You’re right about that and especially if they’re from outside of London, FORGET IT! They really ain’t checking for you then. They won’t even make eye contact with you and you can feel the contempt roll off them like heatwaves. Even if the white females in their social circle are into you, they still won’t look in your direction. I’ve only met one way back in the day who was a real dimepiece from Kent and we were seeing each other for a while. I was the first black dude she ever been with. Ironically, I heard some white guy later got her pregnant then bounced on her. Life’s a trip, ¿Qué no?

      The only ones who are down to earth for the most part are those with a black father still in their lives. Other than that, you got a better chance knocking down Taylor Swift.

      1. SYSBM Forever.

        I fully agree with you bro. I just done a YouTube video tonight talking about the reasons why black men should only date mixed race women who have a white mum and a black dad and that they should only date the ones who live in London. Check out the video on my youtube channel Quincy 82.

      2. “I’ve only met one way back in the day who was a real dimepiece from Kent and we were seeing each other for a while. I was the first black dude she ever been with. Ironically, I heard some white guy later got her pregnant then bounced on her. Life’s a trip, ¿Qué no?”

        I’m sorry I burst out laughing and almost spit it out my drink at that part of the story. I can related so much, maybe that’s why I laughed like that.
        A white deadbeat peasant. How common is this? LOL!
        It’s not funny, but then it is. You got her best years and Dodge a bullet, LOL!


        1. @Mack G

          LOL to be fair she was a cool chick and didn’t harbor any anti blackness I could detect. Hell, even her parents (black mother and white dad) and her two younger sisters were quite friendly and I didn’t get bad vibes from them. But that’s a rarity.

          It was a breath of fresh air not having to deal with the London Keishas at the time anyway. I actually felt bad for her when I heard that cos she was quite smart and generally pretty sensible, plus she reminded me of Aaliyah who I had a major crush on too lol.

          I was just glad it wasn’t a brotha.

  5. I remember this. I’m not saving anyone from Tottenham. My dislike for that god forsaken, fcuked up town is personal. Been through too much there and can’t stand the place. Literally every form of dysfunction you can think of all happens in Tottenham.

    Being at any of the stations on that line, particularly between Edmonton Green and London Fields at night is damn near a similar feeling to The Warriors – that’s just asking for trouble cos anything can kick off.

    Little Miss Yaz shouldn’t have been around there. As for that simp, that’s your average Wasteman Wayne. I thought girls from ‘tha endz’ loved those types anyway lol.

    Nah, I’m not Batman. Not risking myself getting into a fight with some weirdo to defend a chick who wouldn’t even acknowledge me if one or both of us ended up in jail or worse. None of my beeswax. That’s what the station attendants and police get paid for. She should carry a personal alarm. These mouthy London broads can fend for themselves.

    I’m not far from there either and one day I’ll be moving onto much greener pastures. Not jeopardising that, especially over anything that happens THERE of all places! Fcuk them.

  6. If I see that in public, I would keep moving away from their issues and not get involved in their business.

    Not my problem, not my business.

    Mixed race women want to date white men to have white kids.

    There is no point of black men seeking a mixed race woman.

    Resisting the urge to help also applies if you see a crime.

    If I see a crime, I won’t report it to the police because the police could suspect me and accuse me of commiting a crime I never did.

    This has also happened in many cases around the world.

    I like the art images of holding a passport that is representing sysbm.

    I also like the art image of the black man with a white woman.

    1. Resisting the urge to help also applies if you see a crime.

      “If I see a crime, I won’t report it to the police because the police could suspect me and accuse me of commiting a crime I never did.”

      Unfortunately, due to how dumb some of these officers are, this is entirely possible

  7. SYSBM: Did you hear the man that walk across the train tracks to talk to one girl on the next platform in Bruce Grove station?
    White sugar honey: I just heard about it!

    The simp dude walk across the track just to talk to her? I’m surprised that the man didn’t get electrocuted by the tracks. It’s not worth saving these women. it’s not worth it at all. And I know that mixed women do date white men. Well, some. Nowadays men are not approaching women anymore because the women feel that the man who is approaching her is a creep, online dating which is a cock feast, speed dating which I have done that before and men are on their purpose.

    I’m not against a man approaching a woman but that is not the way to do it. The man was that hungry. Don’t get me wrong she is beautiful woman but you can’t really go to that lengths to chat up a woman. Some men are not approaching women nowadays. They’re just getting their passports and flying out of dodge.

    Let me tell you something. I don’t chase women now. The Oscar winning actor Morgan Freeman say that don’t chase women, let women chase you. And I agree on that. I’m 42 years old and I’ve been chasing women. To the dudes out there, so chase these women, Lord have mercy.

    Hey, keep your white sugar honey safe at all times as these ghetto ratchet scraggle daggles are coming after non-black women.


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