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Modern Women Are NOT Ready For This Message! #SHORTS

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The part where she talked about women changing the dynamics of a relationship to where it’s all about themselves and in turn they selfishly manipulate the man into only focusing on and worshipping them is what stood out to me the most. This is exactly what is currently happening in the gynocentric, decadent West.

Women have been placed above men and they want to be adored and worshipped constantly. This is why I keep on saying that modern women would much prefer garnering endless attention from countless strange men online as opposed to having one boyfriend/husband and getting their attention from him.

Or you have a situation where a Western female has a man but is still fishing for attention from strange men whether they be on the internet or in the streets. Attention is literally an addictive drug to modern day women, they cannot function without it.

Female worship of any kind is straight up paganism which is something I don’t participate in. I worship the Most High God, not man and most certainly not women. These pro black simps who go out of their ways to call black women “queens” and “mother earth” are open subscribers to pagan practices and blasphemy.

I have no problems calling feminism the devil’s religion because it has completely flipped everything on it’s head, as the bible clearly states, Eve was made for Adam. Adam as the man was the leader but instead the devil says that women should be worshipped by men and any man who refuses to partake in such heretical rituals is disparaged and quickly labelled as ‘weak”, you cannot make this stuff up.

Fellas, don’t get drawn into this paganistic garbage of believing women are a special group who need to be more highly favoured and treated better than yourselves, the fact is, it’s us men who are the ones keeping society in motion. These ungrateful, selfish, hedonistic harridans will soon find out what happens when men cease keeping the cogs turning.

The bible is quite clear, THE HEAD OF THE WOMAN IS THE MAN, therefore any other frameworks promoted for example “equality” are straight from the bottomless pit. Men and women are NOT equal, we are NOT the same, traditional foreign women understand this and typically respect men in full comprehension of their position under his authority.

Unfortunately most Western women have derailed majorly, allowing themselves to buy into the social media lies, mainstream media deception and government propaganda surrounding women supposedly being “equal” to men.

Additionally, they’ve also bought into the lie that they are the main characters aka the stars of the show. Western women as a collective are spiritually dead and morally bankrupt, these are some of the pinnacle reasons why overall it is best to avoid dealing with them.

Any woman has a right to voice her opinion on various topics, however to be honest there are a load of issues women shouldn’t be sticking their noses into to begin with. The man as the head/leader will ALWAYS have the final say, any women who balk at this arrangement will find themselves remaining single in the company of multitudes of cats and dogs. #SYSBM™

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Hedonistic/Paganistic/Materialistic Females Will NEVER Be Good For Your Health

Most High Bless

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10 thoughts on “Modern Women Are NOT Ready For This Message! #SHORTS

  1. Paganism is the origin of where all religions in the world come from.

    1st wave feminism can be traced back to ancient times of people believing in multiple goddessess and multiple gods.

    For example, European pagans had a belief system of the most high being a woman.

    The white goddess with wisdom of holy spirit and creator of universe is always above the other gods.

    The Jews believing the most high as a man and not believing in other gods was a new belief system in the old testament.

    There are many identical stories from Horus to Jesus being the pagan sun god in the new testament due to the deity trinity.

    This is where Christianity was created.

    I’m sure if women wrote the bible, it would say women over men.

    When a war happens, its always save the women and kids first to make sure they are safe.

    Its the men that society sees as second class citizens.

    1. Most of these modern pagan witches will slink back to the church to look for nice-guy Christian Chris when they realize how stupid they look wearing dayglo hair with pig-tails and band-shirts at 40.

    2. Wittexton Witwijf,

      I remember 15 years ago coming across claims that the life account of Jesus Christ could be found in various pagan deities, however when I dug deeper and checked out the actual histories of said pagan deities, none of them have any history close to that of Christ.

      Atheists in their efforts to derail the bible made up those rumours and subsequently had to admit to their attempted deception(though they were very reluctant to do so).

      The bible still stands strong as the undisputed word of the Most High especially in relation to detailing future events in particular the cashless society that the world is fast moving towards(which isn’t a good thing).

      That being said, modern day Christianity is a joke, the people who claim to represent it stand for nothing and at the same time allow and tolerate things that the scriptures clearly state are an abomination.

  2. Given the advances in AI and artificial wombs, at some point women will either have to be “upgraded” or replaced altogether if they don`t get their act together; their nature is just not compatible with the modern man who is wide awake. Having an inferior counterpart who you have to constantly be on guard against while being propped up by the state to act as a live-in parole officer is no way to live.

    Single fatherhood should be the norm; the women can get some money after giving birth, and then after every year or so the man can decide whether to keep her or send her on her way. I guarantee you, under such a system, you`d never hear women complain about “reprezentashun” ever again; they would flee from every male-dominated field and throw all their pretend degrees in the toilet.

    1. The Dark Knight Hunting,

      Western women are currently being replaced by non Westernised foreign women at a high clip that has never been seen before and they’re not happy about it.

      However it’s their own fault for choosing to embark upon the path of modernity including but not limited to feminism as well as listening to evil and deceptive female social media influencers who have had no problems leading them up the garden path.

      The so called “family” courts are fully aware that children who are raised in single father households turn out just as well as those who are raised in two parent households, however because the State is all about the destruction of the family unit, in the event of a breakup/separation/divorce, the goal in the overwhelming majority of cases is to place the child in the care of the mother where they know she’ll be setting said child up for failure.

  3. SYSBM: Last night was great.
    White sugar honey: Yeah, it really was!

    Man, I had a crazy night last night up in the shithole known as Luton. I was at Marsh Farm and I come home hammered by drinking like mad. Last night, I was fucked up big time. This winter was wild. Too wild.

    When you see the women in the Western world, you wonder why the passport movement is so damn big. Even black men are becoming passport bros and they are getting their passport with the quickness. We know that men are the leaders and in the women in the west, they don’t understand that, so the men look at this and feel like the women in the west ain’t for marrying. So, they go overseas and get a foreign honey to marry and stay with her.

    At the end of the day, these modern women will have to submit to a man. I’m not about controlling but these modern women will have to submit at this point. All the things I can do by myself but the woman have to submit to her man. If a woman doesn’t submit to a man, then she might have a chance to keep him but if she doesn’t, then he’ll go find some other woman.

    I wanna say this. When a woman sees a weak old simp, she doesn’t submit to him. she will just put him down. But when she sees a dude who is serious at her and will knock her down, that’s when she submits to him. I don’t respect domestic violence but that’s what will happen when a modern woman has a man that will take her down.

    Hey, keep your white sugar honey safe at all times as these ghetto ratchet scraggles are coming after non-black women.


  4. Here’s a Bible verse that underscores what this woman said:

    “Let us be glad and rejoice, and give honour to him: for the marriage of the Lamb is come, and his wife hath made herself ready.” Revelation 19:7 (KJV)

    The latter part of this verse says “his wife hath made herself ready”; that tells us right there that the onus is on the woman to work for the man’s approval, not the other way around. This is the dynamic at play between Christ (the Groom) and the Church (his bride); now, if we apply that to modern dating, you’ll learn real fast why more and more men are choosing to get their passports and seek out traditional women elsewhere. Western women expect you to better yourself for her selfish gratification (and oftentimes, that still isn’t enough), whereas foreign traditional women are raised to serve their husbands as any good wife would. I remember seeing a video on social media where a White guy who visited an Asian country spoke about his experience there, and his only complaint was that they treated him TOO GOOD! When was the last time tou heard that said about Western women?

    1. Blue Collar Trevor,

      I’m glad you brought up that verse, the same analogy can be made with Matthew 25:1-12 regarding the 10 virgins. The 5 foolish virgins can be likened to the modern day Western female, lazy, more concerned with and focused on riotous living, hedonistic, superficial and materialistic pleasures rather than the more important goals such as finding a good man and having a family.

      It is sad to see how easily most Western women have been deceived anf hoodwinked into allowing their prime years to go to waste, they have an entire reproductive system in place yet their only focus is pleasuring the snatch, smh.

      Once again, East Asian women are leading the charge in being the most feminine women on the planet. I hope most of them remain that way and don’t get sucked into the gutter feminist vortex like these ultra dumb heifers in the West.

  5. A lot of “Well, actually…” christian women, christian male simps and of course feminists in the IG comments are really in their feelings over this. The interesting comments are those who say “man and woman are both equal and made for each other”. Funny how NOW all of a sudden we’re equal and made for each other, but when it suits these chicks, then it’s “I can do bad all by myself” lol. When it comes to submission, the women are doing plenty of politician style filibustering out of pride and telling this lady she’s misinterpreting scripture.

    It’s pretty obvious if the man is deserving of a good woman in the first place – you know, like all the good men who have been put through the ringer, chewed up and spat out as a result of marrying trash…the type of men who are moving to other countries for greener pastures – then that is the kind of woman being prepared for HIM.

    Whatever religion you are, you can’t beat nature and go against the natural order of things. You might think you’re a “Boss Babe” now, but that nonsense will eventually catch up with you as it is with so many older women who regret listening to that crap.

    What this woman says in this short video is so on point:

  6. This woman Lori Alexander aka ‘The Transformed Wife’ make a lot of good stuff and content. She got Twitter and Facebook.

    She can make money of YouTube if she wants to.
    Unfortunately her detractors/haters are leftist, liberals, feminists and modern western females because they hate the truth and being a liberal is miserable.

    Even Shawn James and Kevin Samuels talks about wife being help-mate.

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