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Modern Women Are NOT Ready For This Message – 2! #SHORTS

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The comments were the best part, men are waking up from the garbage that Western women are “bringing to the table”. One interpretation that can clearly be surmised from her statement is that she’s not fully invested from the start, she’ll always leave the door open just in case somebody “better” comes along.

This is the strategy used by the overwhelming majority of Western women, they’re always on the lookout for something better, they feel they have to leave their options open because that unicorn Chad/Tyrone who has no problems with commitment is going to ride in on a white horse and whisk them off into the sunset…….NOT.

See, if you’re a man who is going to batten down the hatches and wade through the garbage called the Western dating market in order to try and find a decent female within these shores then you’re going to need “game” and the advice of dating coaches. As I’ve stated before, dating coaches are a requirement in order to deal with DYSFUNCTIONAL women.

I would personally extend the TEA term to either TEAM, MATE or MEAT(Time, Energy, Attention, Money – Money, Attention, Time, Energy or Money, Energy, Attention, Time). These ludicrous women who talk about coming into their feminine energy as soon as they feel satisfied in the relationship are clearly 12 kegs short of a 6 pack.

As we see with non Westernised foreign women, they are feminine and submissive straight out of the gate, you don’t have to first “prove yourself” to them in order to unlock their feminine energy and they are ready to reciprocate from the very beginning.

The guy was correct and accurate in his explanation, any man worth his salt is not going to stick around and entertain an entitled wench who is seeking to get her fill of his resources in order to feel “satisfied”, he’ll immediately recognise what is going on and roll out with the quickness.

Only the spineless blue pilled simp is going to stick it out and lavish harriets like this with money and gifts in the hopes that eventually she’ll take him seriously.

The guys that women like the above actually want aren’t playing these stupid waiting games, they expect immediate reciprocation for any effort they put in and being the top percentile of men, they normally get it without hesitation.

I simply have to laugh as Western women continue to flow deeper and deeper into the sewer system, as women in the West gain more power, they ruin themselves even further yet they still refuse to abandon their feminist quests.

Gentlemen, as I’ve stated before, your average Western woman is a hedonistic, paganistic, materialistic, superficial, money loving, morally bankrupt Jezebel who whole heartedly believes that it is the job of men to worship her as a god as well as constantly lavish her with money, gifts, clothes and anything else that will give her temporary happiness.

Don’t be that guy, as I keep on saying, relationships and marriage are in the man’s control, he holds the keys to those realms, thus it is the job of the woman to prove herself to him, NOT the reverse. ALWAYS REMEMBER THIS!

Contrary to popular belief, most Western women are NOT single by choice, they are walking around by themselves because MEN have deemed them unfit and unworthy for long term relationships. On a quick side note, never try to satisfy women, you’ll fail every time.

No heifer, you stay over there with your “reserved till later feminine energy” as you lounge with your cats and dogs thinking about all the opportunities you missed to settle down just because of your princess, boss babe, diva wannabe, spoiled brat attitude. Brothers, avoid entitled harridans like this at all costs, you deserve much better. #SYSBM™

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Hedonistic/Paganistic/Materialistic Females Will NEVER Ever Be Good For Your Health

Most High Bless

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6 thoughts on “Modern Women Are NOT Ready For This Message – 2! #SHORTS

  1. I won’t describe the terminology term as TEAM.

    It ain’t really a team between 2 people in this situation.

    Its more one sided.

    I would describe it as MEAT.

    Anglo western women see men as pieces of meat on the table.

    It looks great to see more western men waking up.

    Explanation of the video as an example.

    When I see an attractive white dutch woman, she should have feminine energy by default in return without goalposts being pushed back.

    There are only a few hidden gems in Europe when it comes to finding a potential partner.

    There are many hidden gems in Asia when it comes to finding a traditional partner.

  2. At this point, I need to have a hard laugh at women talking about “Feminine Energy.” Do they really think there’s an on and off switch with Feminine energy? Don’t act Feminine, BE FEMININE! It’s gonna get ugly for the Western Women, Especially the American Women. The more western women keep putting out bullshit, the more they make themselves undesirable. It’s too many countless videos of western women saying the most foul, dumbest shit ever to the point where they’re just desirable for play play, not for Long Term Relationships/Marriages.

    “This is the strategy used by the overwhelming majority of Western women, they’re always on the lookout for something better, they feel they have to leave their options open because that unicorn Chad/Tyrone who has no problems with commitment is going to ride in on a white horse and whisk them off into the sunset…….NOT.”

    Verbs and Everyone else that are gonna read this comment, remember this: Sometimes the grass is greener on the other side, sometimes it ain’t, but not everybody’s perfect. That’s just life. Yeah we got millionaires, billionaires, athletes, entertainers, musicians, all that, but they’re not perfect too. That’s life also. Ain’t nobody invincible. But that’s life. Believe that.

  3. They tell on themselves day in, day out. Then wonder why there’s such a thing as Passport Bros and SYSBM™. All this transactional “feminine energy” bs comes straight from BW. Once again, the former feminine beauty standard white American female is racing to the bottom trying to emulate the least-desired twerking demographic. Gwyneth Paltrow said WW should learn from BW, these are the lessons they take from them SMH.

    Oh well, I’m not feeling in my masculine until I’m satisfied. Good luck to these bitches. SYSBM™ and Passport Bros till the casket drops, gotta love it.

  4. Women should just say that they have nothing to contribute instead of making these cheesy videos where they try to explain to men how to get them to be cooperative; it would save us a lot of “TEA”. I also must point this out since this is a place where I believe you guys would be receptive: this “feminine energy” babble is nothing more than occult/New Age/spiritualist language; so, is femininity some kind of chakra that modern women tap into to act ladylike? You’d think so the way these broads speak; this is why Verbs calls them “witches”. Also, it’s not uncommon that these same kind of women call themselves “queens” and “goddesses” and demand that men give them the bare minimum in order for the relationship to work; this is straight up Luciferian! Lastly, I must point out the projection that they practice on us: she said that men don’t know how this works, and then proceeds to show that she lacks understanding of how a relationship should work; they speak of relationships within the context of idol worship inside of groves, but when has that ever worked out? Shout out to the guy who broke this down as well as the guys in the comments; I’m glad to see men are waking up.

  5. Check out this Typical Half Decent Black American Woman Named Kelly Stamps on youtube here that may be a 9 or 10. But she really can be hypocrital at times when she calls herself a christian. I mean she makes it seem like that there aren’t many good men left out there anymore. Being the fact that she is a really attractive Woman that doesn’t seem to know what she wants accept be on youtube and make like everything about herself and her damn emotions. A couple videos of hers of like Why I stopped dating and I’m tired of fake christians A lot of these so called Christian youtuber women Especially the Black One’s can be so fake as hell. And in real life don’t get me started on so called good Muslim Black American Women these days. Years ago My family used to live in an apartment in the Surburds of Philly and for a time we had a Black Neighbor Woman upstairs that was a muslim but as it turned out that she was really mentle and crazy at times. At least she didn’t bother us and we kept away from her. A lot of these so called Decent Black Western are a bunch of Decepticons.

    1. You must be new here. There are no decent BW. Some may ACT decent, but let the first problem come down the pike and their inner sistagirl will come out. They can’t even keep up the good girl act for their god, the white man. They go off on and abuse him, too. There was a video a few years ago where a hyena was beating her white man with a broomstick and chasing him around the house lol.


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