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Gentlemen, don’t even allow yourselves to be gaslit by the nonsense coming from this foolish black siren above who managed to find herself a blue pilled, black male simp willing to “share it all” with her.

The fact of the matter is women in the West(especially black women) don’t seem to understand that they’re NOT automatically entitled to a man’s money and resources, they first have to prove themselves worthy to a man worth his salt before he decides to distribute any significant money in their direction.

I’ll keep on saying it till the cows come home, the overwhelming majority of black women are professional beggars, prostitutes and freeloaders who have no shame in their upfront ludicrous financial expectations of black men.

The truth is “black men not being providers” really means that increasing numbers of brothers are recognising their worth and are refusing to allow the black witch’s carnal, materialistic and superficial culture to direct them financially.

No, you’re not entitled to a Chanel, Burberry, Gucci or Birkin bag, nor are you entitled to eat at a high end restaurant, neither are you entitled to chunks of my money to spend as you please.

Women who meet the needs of the men they get involved with aren’t out here complaining about men “not providing”, these modern day women on the other hand are nothing short of lazy buzzards looking for free handouts, an easy ride through life and an effortless relationship(which doesn’t exist).

Provision means the essentials, food, clothing, water and shelter, NOT designer clothes, expensive trips, flash cars, constantly eating out at upscale, high end restaurants as well as spending money like an irresponsible savage.

Contrary to the extremely bad advice given out by the late Kevin Samuels, NEVER lead with your wallet, always lead with your character, personality, your mindset, your skills, talents, your abilities and accomplishments.

If any women don’t want to accept you based upon those valuable tangibles, simply leave them to eat rocks and suck up gravel.

Finally, on this topic, to put the final nail in this “black men aren’t providers” rhetoric from a different angle, always keep in mind the specific type of black men most black women love dealing with, enough said. Meanwhile:

He’s right however the problem is these blue pilled, black male simps for the majority part aren’t going to correct themselves and stop simping. Simping is the only thing they view as valuable in life, this is what they’ve been bred and raised up for.

The only way this pestilent epidemic of blue pill simping will come to an end is if there’s some kind of cataclysmic event that majorly uproots the economic infrastructure to where these simps will finally be forced to look out for themselves first or face the alternative of dying of starvation as a result of trying to send a random thot some free pocket money. Finally, in other news:

No problem, if she’s over 130 pounds, avoid her like the plague. This is one of the major problems in the modern age of women’s empowerment, unfortunately there is no shortage of stupid females setting up podcasts and picking up mics to prattle off some of the dumbest statements imaginable.

This is yet more foolishness we can say is being fomented and encouraged by these blue pilled, black male simps, they are the ones putting the ludicrous and delusional batteries in the backs of these women.

$50K is well above the average wage in the US. Of course, you always have to remember that black women are premium grade hedonists, they live for pleasure and thus expect to be lavished with gifts, money, expensive clothes, jewellery etc non stop.

This is the main reason why for them $50K isn’t enough. Once again fellas, don’t ever get caught up in the vortex of attempting to please any woman financially or through providing material and superficial items, you’ll burn yourselves out way before she’ll crack a vain smile of satisfaction.

In the meantime gents, get your passports, bypass these Western 304s and opt for foreign women who have principles, ethics, integrity and who still have a moral compass in place. Another Open Mic Wednesday is here, what’s on your minds for this week gents? You’ve got the floor, roll that dice. #SYSBM™

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Stay Individual(In Your Mind)

Most High Bless

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33 thoughts on “Free Topic/Open Mic Wednesday!

  1. I cannot express how much I despise simps and I mean REALLY despise these males with a passion.

    Forget anything these western women, especially bdubs have to say, simps are the cause of all of this. At what other point in human history did men just willy-nilly give away free cash to women they don’t even know?? What part of the game is that?

    This is what they have enabled:

    I had to mute that tweet I made last week, cos the ones who were getting at me the most were simps, Pookies and their coward apologists. I just had to laugh and shake my head at the responses to one cartoon picture I didn’t even comment on. Of course as you can expect, I was called virgin/incel/nerd/lame/agent/white boy etc the usual stuff you get whenever you call out ‘muh kweenz’. I haven’t even read half the responses and quotes lol. The real black men who aren’t afraid of bdubs stepped up and fought against them, but they were in the minority. I did gain literally hundreds of followers overnight so that was an unexpected bonus, now the message of SYSBM will reach more lol.

    My point is, the majority of black males are nothing but a bunch of pathetic cucks and mama’s boys who treat black women like some sacred cow. Western women, particularly black females aren’t even hiding who they are. They’re outright telling you they ain’t shit and these weak males STILL try to accomodate these females who wouldn’t even spit in their direction on a generous day but will attack other black men who still value our manhood.

    It’s 2024. Dealing with these western women/bdubs is literally the real life version of the old fable, The Scorpion and the Frog. You can’t feel sorry for grown, healthy men with resources who have the power in their hands but choose to give it away to random women and not even get anything in return. I hope more of these clowns get fleeced and used like they deserve. Fuck ’em. You wanna be a crash dummy, go right ahead. The rest of us will sit back, sip a cocktail with our traditional and sensible women and watch the disaster unfold from afar.

    1. SYSBM Forever,

      I went back to look at that tweet with the cartoon meme you created, you got 7.6 million views on it, I can imagine Slim Sauce, Two Snack and Field Mouse coming out of the woodwork in their droves to battle you on it, lol. This is exactly what I said in my book Negro Wars, the final battles within black society would be between upwardly mobile black men Vs these spineless, blue pilled, pro black simp males.

      These blue pilled, black male simps are a serious pestilence and a curse upon decent, worth their salt black men. I see why commenter AmericanBlkMan continually goes in hard on them, they’re the ones who continue to throw fuel onto the modern day black female’s fire of delusion and entitlement.

      It’s so sad to see black men who cannot think and reason for themselves, who lack critical thinking faculties, who follow this modern day black female and who hang onto all her words like they’re manna sent straight down from heaven.

      Modern day black males are gluttons for punishment, since they so desperately desire to be used as grunt work flunkies for the modern day black female’s agenda, leave them to it. To think, we’re trying to look out for them and they’re fighting against us tooth and nail as if we’re the enemy, smh.

      1. FtBrother verbs to be honest this past Monday i had turned 27 years sometimes I wonder these bw have no idea when a man is approaching his prime the bw are becoming less and less beautiful as they get older and then they begin to cry asking black men for marriage I just laugh because I know somewhere in SYSBM universe a brother is busy going in the sheets with his Becky, Maria, Ling Ling and Yakamoto.

        Umar Johnson the shameless liar and the already dead communitah as far as I am concerned is a gone case. Umar Johnson is busy yapping every day stop the snow bunny crisis well I have got some very bad news for the hoteps snow bunny storm is coming and SYSBM brothers are just chilling, the communitah on the other hand let’s just say …. They are fucked.

        1. Edward Maina,

          When I was in school and thereafter college back in the late 80’s and early 90s, I remember black women actually looking reasonable. They never caked on these thick layers of makeup, they used coco butter which actually looked after their skin and made it shine.

          They never used caterpillars on their eyelids, they actually grew their own nails as opposed to gluing on the fake raptor claws we see today. The black female of 40 years ago was a completely different creature when compared to these mutant freaks and science experiments gone wrong that we’re surrounded by today.

          1. I have read money cultural on how black women say they won’t date a BM who makes 50000 $ per year. Talk about stupidity of the highest degree.

            Brother verbs there is a reason why non black women are busy scooping brothers like eagles and supporting their endeavors.

            Am not gonna lie if Umar Johnson the shameless liar says I need to use my financial resources to subsidize single black moms they only thing I will donate is my middle finger.

            Brother verbs let’s say for example you are doing a blue collar career and bw as usual don’t even bother looking at you but Becky on the other hand she is a banker and she falls in love with you and supports your career. 10 years later you have your construction company running on all cylinders thanks to Becky and the Yaya bin hoteps led by Umar Johnson the shameless liar are yapping saying your business should be strictly black owned.

            Brother verbs this is what is happening not just in USA uk even in Asia brothers are winning like there’s no tomorrow.

    2. Speaking of a unusual SIMP, peep old school wrestler Abdullah the Butcher, dude made a sorry excuse why he is broke from making millions over his career. claiming he was less educated when in reality it was his wife “robbing his millions” thus now in his 80’s is broke and nearly homeless. He is that old and won’t call his “wife” out nor ask where was all that money. Dude wife owns all his assets and she won’t help him. Any regular man would be mad an sus why she won’t help.,FOR%20AND%20HE%20OWNS%20NOTHING.

    3. SYSBM Forever,

      It warms my heart to see so many brothers on this forum recognize the black male simp collective as being the scourge and pestilence upon nature and society, that it is.

      Black male simping behavior matches the classic definition of insanity; continually doing the same thing and expecting a different result.

      As Verbs said, those black men who advocate leading with one’s wallet are dead wrong, the late Kevin Samuels included. I liked Kevin Samuels, but didn’t cosign everything he said. I will even go further and say that it is foolish for any black man to cold approach a black female in 2024. Back in my big butt black bimbo hunting days, I learned early on to focus my attention on black females who first showed interest in me, either thru eye contact, sneaky second looks, flirtatious smiles, or some other gesture. I would never waste time on a female who didn’t show interest in me first. So even in my simp days, I couldn’t rise to today’s level of simping; not even on my worst day.

      Black male simping is the biggest contributing factor to the sorry, damaged beyond repair, dysfunctional state of black women of West African heritage. It should not take a genius to realize that any cohort of women will have no incentive to self-improve as long as their male counterparts say they are perfect; even as they have sunk to a state of damaged beyond repair, utter dysfunction.

      Black male simping is a way of life for most black males. It has fostered a toxic, tyrannical matriarchy that rules over Blackistan with an iron fist, one that is willing to commit any attrocity to please General Blizzard. You now have weave wearing, industrial strength makeup wearing, talon wearing, botox injected, silicon injected, BBL sporting harridans being promoted as the pinnacle of beauty. You have low IQ, non critical thinking black females with worthless degrees in academic fluff being marketed as brilliant leaders, and scholars. This kabuki theatre of the absurd has well served General Blizzard’s ill intentions for Blackistan.

      Thanks to black male simps, these black harridans reign as quaens in Blackistan. But the minute they try to take their mess outside of Blackistan, they are quickly shot down and all their flaws and frauds are exposed.

      Black male simping has greatly contributed to the creation of a collective of delusional, entitled, completely self- obsessed females, who over rate themselves and have almost no redeeming value. The black male simp gets nothing for his troubles, except empty pockets, heart ache, betrayal, disrespect, humiliation, frustration, exploitation, hatred, misery of every sort, and an early death. But hey, it is all self-inflicted.

  2. Verbs,

    This whole ‘You cannot afford a date’ remind me of Michael’s comment.
    He was saying was true.
    I do not think you read his comments on the previous post:

    I have been noticing what he mention that these BW are trying to gaslight young Black Men because those age range is where they are starting in life. ‘Accountable Commentary’ making videos about those topics. This topic hit home with all of us during the younger days on how these BW dating grown men because they have money and cars.

    This is all BW care about is money.

    As for Kevin, when he said ‘Lead with your wallet’ he meant wallet give you options, but the manosphere got this assumption that wallet means more females.
    This is the reason why ‘Lead with your wallet’ advice is flawed.
    Any man lead with their wallet to get females end up getting Western Bad Females anyway.

    So I agree with you that you never lead with your wallet because the wise man always say “A fool and his money are soon parted”.

    Simps need to learn that ‘Wallet’ is for options, never for females because the females will never respect you even you are a billionaire. Quality women never care about money or materials because one important wedding vows: “For Rich and For Poor”.

    SYSBM Forever,
    As for your Twitter, reason why you have more hate from the simps than females because the ghetto females understand you very clearly.

    Let me explain:
    When you go hard on these ghetto BWs, you speak their language so you do not get backlash, however the simps do not understand unruly/unholy ghetto BW’s language, so they spend their entire life playing diplomat to these unruly females. The simps are lost cause and always more dangerous than these unholy females.

    1. Thanks for the shoutout.
      Acountable Commentary is looking out for the black Youths just like Verbs and Madbusdriver.
      I do agree about ‘Lead with your wallet’. Because that advice is for creating options, not for dating or using women as an end goal.

      It is frustrating because these Western females all they talk about is money and provider.
      They have no tangibles when it comes to dating.
      The reason why other race of men do not worry about Money and Provide because these females submit to them right off the bat.
      They have no respect for BM at all.
      I now dispise people when they say ‘not all’. I say all of them accross the board.
      Even there were a BW unicorn I will never give them an opportunity to. Just like Quicy stated years ago.

    2. Andy C,

      I believe what Samuels should’ve said instead is “vote with your wallet” because “lead with your wallet” typically refers to men using money as a mechanism to attract women. Vote with your wallet is much better terminology in describing men exercising options with their own money including excluding dysfunctional Western harriets.

  3. Verbs2015,

    I just checked and you’re right. 7.6 million views, wow! Never would have thought it would go viral like that. When I last checked it was at 6,000+ views. I’m surprised I haven’t received any calls from CNN, The BBC and Fox News yet lol. I should have been clearer – I didn’t actually create that meme, spot on as it is, I got it from somewhere else.

    I muted the replies the day after cos I’m not interested in debating the legion of simps, Pookies, Pookie adjacents and apologists, bdubs and their non black female friends etc. I can imagine the quotes and replies with them all just wanting to battle me like Spartans with swords and shields at the ready lmao.

    To be honest, I’m not even trying to look out for black male simps like that. At this point they should know better. I raise awareness of the dysfunction of bdubs and da communitah at large hoping it will wake up good brothers before they end ruining their lives and falling victim to it. I also want them to know they have options and there’s a whole other world out there. If you’re a good, successful, intellectual black man there’s only two things da communitah cares about: Who you’re sleeping with and how much of your hard earned money and resources are you gonna give them. That is literally it. They don’t value you as a person but see you as a “lame”, therefore you don’t owe the so called “black community” shit and I want them (good brothers) to know that.

    Too many good black men have lost their resources and in some cases their lives trying to do the right thing for da communitah. If MLK, Malcolm X, Garvey couldn’t do it when the community was still worth a damn, how can we in this day and age? No one has to be a sacrifical lamb for a bunch of ignorant, degenerate freeloaders. No more. So our SYSBM message is for those who still have a hope.

    As for the rest of these weak, pathetic males who wanna fight against us, the dislike is mutual.


    1. Verbs definetly need to make an article about this on this website because this shows how bad and this plague or disease the simps are in the communitah.
      As for the Pookie apologists, they are the same ones who turn good quality BW into single mother scragle daggle. Just like these Reformed Pookies who do nothing but gaslighting young brothers to make them janitors for the Elders simp mess they created.

      1. @MMT

        Black men have the worst case of Stockholm Syndrome. What other group of men would happily and willingly give their power over to their female counterparts and go to battle against other men who try to restore the balance?

        Men seize power and do their utmost to keep and maintain it. Men don’t ask women permission for anything, they do what needs to be done and the women fall in line.

        You can’t even make the smallest critique of black women without some weak, estrogen faggot chiming in and telling us we’re trying to control them. Then these same fools turn around and say we don’t “protect” our women nor create a safe environment for them so they can be in their feminine (whatever the fuck that means). SMH

        This is why SYSBM and to a smaller extent Passport Bros are cut from a different cloth. We’re MEN. We don’t allow females to rule or dominate us. We set our own rules and what we say goes. The only women we reward are respectful, traditional and feminine women who complement us – and no we’re not controlling brutes towards them. We treat them like “Queens” (since bdubs and simps love that word) because they’ve earned it.

        1. I still call Passport Bros the Get-Along Gang. They aren’t quite cut from the same cloth.

          The main reason I say this is because the so-called faceless leadership led by Auston Hollerman and Aaron Farris are not interested in LTR’s which is one of the key goals for the original movement because it was mainly Gen Y & Gen X behind the idea to start with.

          The idea was to get your passport to expand your pool of available women to marry. Very few of Gen Z content creators even mention this.

  4. Many black men have died for the black community that don’t care about black men.

    This statement says it all.

    We all know the biggest problem is the blackistan male.

    I want the anglo saxon economy to crash and burn.

    The reason why is so that blackistan males would stop simping.

    Transform a blackistan male to only look out for himself to survive.

    A blackistan male to evolve into a black man can be a very difficult task to do.

    It ain’t impossible to do but only a small minority could wake up.

    I would only be a provider for a white dutch wifey.

    Why would I provide for the ugliest group of females on planet earth?

    That makes no sense to do as I’ve never dated a negress and never will.

    It should be an alarm bell to the blackistan male that even 50k grand ain’t enough to date a sheboon.

  5. Bw from the west have no idea how much they are loathed here in the mother land.

    Brothers, if these bdubs think they have bagged an African man as a husband they are in for a rude shock.
    No man worth his salt is going to allow disrespect in his family, and I usually see this online on bw are crying because their African potential husband wasn’t interested in them . Brothers here in the mother land it’s only Becky, Maria,Ling Ling and Yakamoto who are scooping Africa brothers these shanequas will be busy crying for a husband or stripping naked just to get attention.

    Brothers, these shanequas have no idea they are loosing the dating game even African men are snobbing them no interest at all.

  6. Happy Open Mic Wednesday! I mentioned on a post last week that General Tito did a live where said that the easiest way to look smart in America is to demonize the Black man; he also said in that live that the beautiful thing about doing this is not only can you disparage Black men with no pushback, but you can also gaslight them about what they aren’t doing. In that first video, this is exactly what that bird brained daggle did; now, that one guy begged to differ, but he should’ve asked her to explain what she means by “providing”. That “uproar” she mentioned is likely due to her lust for some luxury that they can manage to live without; these Jezebels worship mammon!

    Also, it’s very ironic that she’s sporting a hoodie that says “Black Wealth” while speaking in a manner that exudes generational poverty; one thing that must be said about wealth (which these straggs can’t seem to grasp) is that it’s not about what you make, but what you keep. Lastly, she follows through with the typical swirler/divestor rhetoric of why they should date out (because we Black men have fallen short); Black women who talk like this are reachbacks in the making, because they’ll learn the hard way how Brad really feels about them, that he’s not as great as he’s represented on television, and he’s every bit the villain that they think Black men are. As for the stragg in the last video, she is what you get when you take a Nigganomics course in school; this is why they’re poor!

  7. SYSBM: A woman says that a man who makes 50,000 a year shouldn’t date.
    White sugar honey: You know that’s very good money. I don’t know why she said that on the podcast — she’s a gold digger.
    SYSBM: And she will end up with a broke dude.
    White sugar honey: And they always do.

    Let me tell you something. Black men do provide. I have seen black men providing for their families. And I have no issues of it. A man should provide for his family n matter what. How this woman on the first video said — the man she is with must be a Pookie or a Ray Ray.

    Simps, now I have no issues of a man treating a woman good. Women expect that from a man but the thing is that why is a man is giving money to a woman that he doesn’t even knows? How can any man give over a grand to a woman? Simping is a problem, very big problem. Simps are the guys that are chasing women that don’t want them.

    Now the woman say that a man that makes 50,000 a year shouldn’t date. Let me tell you something. 50,000 is a lot of money to make in a year. It’s really good money. I wish I was making that in a year. Maybe more then that.

    Let me tell you something. These types of women are not dateable. Look how they way they are. It’s truly gold-digging cringe and we have more and more of them now. I was goanna talk about the white beta male but I’m not wasting my fucking time with that now.

    Hey, keep your white sugar honey safe at all times as these ghetto ratchet scraggle daggles are coming after non-black women.


    1. Brother what you have stated has shaken my soul 50000usd to date a bw? I would rather use little bit of the money to stocks or commodities. Why spend it on a she-boon who will bring nothing but loss?

  8. Gentlemen,

    This is “Da Communitah” that pro black simp pundits like Dr Umar “Gerbilface” Johnson what you to attempt to save. Not only that but these are the same dysfunctional black females these greasy pro black simp merchants want upwardly mobile black men to be the cleanup men for.

    There is no redemption for the so called black community, it’s already on it’s way to Hell with NO HOPES of being saved. All the best to those black men who still believe there’s an opportunity to bring it back, you’ve got your work seriously cut out.

    Note the usual pattern, where black men get shot, typically a black female is involved in some way, shape, form or fashion.

    As I keep on saying, continue dealing with modern day black women at your own risk, however whenever you become a victim of their dysfunction don’t complain, take that L on the chin and keep it stepping.

  9. Verbs 2015.

    I ain’t saving black women or the black community. They can both rot in hell for all I care. As a childfree SYSBM black man at 41, I am only interested in creating a nuclear family with a beautiful childfree non black women.


    Another smart dumb western woman spouting pseudo intellectual nonsense to try and dissuade men from leaving the west. Her name is Sadia Khan, I’ve seen a couple of her videos before and she’s a psychologist who uses Jedi Mind Tricks, mixing truth with lies when it comes to relationships.

    Who told her the relationships between Passport Bros and foreign women don’t last? That’s not what I’m seeing. Obviously every single relationship won’t be successful, but how are things any different or better in the west? She’s from the UK and I’m presuming she’s from London, has she not seen the state of things here?? The dating game is abysmal and relationships are at their worst. Men and women from the same damn street can’t even bond anymore.

    “That foreign woman will still keep in touch with the guy she went to school with and want to be with him”. Then why hasn’t she? What’s been stopping her? How do intercultural relationships not work? Again, she’s from the UK which has a ton of intercultural relationships, hence the countless mixed race people from different backgrounds who exist. She sees this literally everyday. Besides, Passport Bros is just a modern term for something that men have been doing for millenia anyway. Only difference is, more brothers are doing it now. For those who believe in the bible:

    I’d rather go by the receipts of Passport Bros who have actually settled down with women and raised families than listen to Miss Glamorous over here.

    I’ll take my chances in a country where traditional roles between man and woman are still upheld and respected rather than than all the f*ckery that goes on in the west any day of the week. Nice try, but we outta here regardless. You’re on your own.

    Fellas grab them passports!


    1. SYSBM Forever,

      I believe Sadia Khan currently resides in Dubai but as you said is from the UK. I also recently found out that she’s a single mother, so at least we now know the motivation behind her campaign to demonise the Red Pill as well as to dissuade well to do men from travelling abroad in their quest to once again interact with NORMAL women.

      It’s funny, I’ve also got an article on her coming up where I had to deconstruct some other witchcraft and sorcery she was disseminating, stay tuned for that one.

      At this stage there is no way that any Western women can put forward a solid and iron clad case in support of men worth their salt staying in the West and dealing with dysfunctional females.

      It doesn’t hurt for any man who knows his worth to go abroad at least to see what’s on offer outside of the West.

      We’ve never stated that women abroad are perfect, however at least when interacting with them, you’ll have a much higher chance of finding somebody who still has a moral compass in place as well as adheres to more traditional values/customs.

      These disjointed harriets of the West are shook, they know that increasing numbers of upwardly mobile men are finally understanding they’re NOT obligated to tolerate the dysfunctional foolishness so many of them bring to the table and they’re not happy about this. As I always say, oh well, that’s their problem, not mine.


  11. Get a load of this old man in this viral video of his speech at a school board meeting; he’s a SAVAGE:

    He came through with that George Carlin energy from start to finish; you can hear in the board members’ voices that they listened to him begrudgingly. Savagery aside, he is right about stupid people making the next generation just as stupid as they themselves are, or even stupider.

    1. Blue Collar Trevor,

      The elderly man was post on. Isn’t this what we talk about all the time here, where you have knuckleheaded and jealous elders deliberately leading the younger generations down a path of death and destruction? The West as well as being lead by evil people is also being steered by some incredibly stupid ones too.

    1. Verbs,
      Even American BW are worse then British BW, but as a UK bro, Ceaser will say that British BW belong to a cage since I look at this clip.
      I give kudos to the Black Man who covers his face because this was a smart thing to do when it comes to these BW.
      As for the American simps who thinks that British BW are better than American counterpart, guess again! There are more rebellious than American counterpart because they will shit on American Black Men on Social Media in a heartbeat just like the African and play colourism because they cannot compete when it comes to dating in the UK and Caribbean do not take Dick Police here.

    2. Verbs2015,

      Serves her right. Typical of black females over here. Always so fucking rude and disrespectful for no reason. I’m glad he told her about herself and put her in her place. I’m also glad no cape wearing simp tried to jump in and defend her, because that’s another problem: these fools will know the woman is wrong, but the minute you speak up, they’re quick to play Superman on the woman’s behalf.

      Since they love to give it, they better learn to take it. Big ups to the bro who roasted her.

  12. Passport Sis unalived in Gambia. Turns out those African men are highly patriarchal and do NOT tolerate sassy American loudmouth, swivel-headed black girl bullshit. Amazing what black American simps let these bitches get away with. Where are the Passport Bro detractors? LOL

    As DJ Khaled would say, “another one.” OH WELL



    So some bdub in typical fashion was the ringleader of persecuting this guy, simply because he’s biracial with a white mother and father (you know it wouldn’t have been an issue if it were the other way around). According to the black femcel who no doubt is probably overweight and/or ugly as shit, he has “dark energy”.

    Interesting, considering the black female demographic brings nothing but chaos and negativity everywhere they go and no one looks forward to seeing them anywhere because subconsciously you can’t associate them with anything good, they’re the last ones to be talking about “dark energy”. She sounds like one of those bug eyed, hoodoo, septum ring, crystal waving witches with that name.

    The man is obviously a kind soul and was about to do something positive, now he’s been forced to take a step back to look after his mental health. Now she was “just joking” and is “sorry” because she got called out and can’t take what she gives. I can’t stand bullies.

    Maybe she was also jealous that he probably has more hair on his head than she does….?


  14. So I’m supposed to bust my ass and be a “provider man” like it’s 1940, but check out the comments on this historic pic of a mom taking care of her kids. Today’s triggered modern feminists are losing their minds. User “wifemamaartist” says: “This is NOT a way of life that should be celebrated!!”

    So why should I be traditional? Make your own goddamn money.

    1. Schadenfreude,

      How much more evidence needs to be presented to illustrate just how broken Western women are? I commented on that post and said the following:

      “Women who choose embrace children and the home as their sanctuary must be saluted to the maximum. Feminists on the other hand are only fit for the bonfire, leave them to crash and burn in their own failures.”

      Let’s see how much smoke I get, lol.

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