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The Delusion Is Off The Chain And Very Real! #SHORTS

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Yes gentlemen, you heard this knucklehead correctly, she’s thankful for the likes of SheraSeven aka the black witch of the “sprinkle, sprinkle” spellbinding movement, you cannot make this stuff up. I have to keep referring to commenter AmericanBlkMan and his disdain for the blue pilled, black male simp due to their facilitation of these delusional black females.

Commenter AmericanBlkMan is 100% on the mark, these blue pilled spineless simps are the very reason why delusional sirens like @jessleewong92 exist. Now, I believe this black witch originally comes from Jamaica but has moved to Miami to no doubt “thot/304” it up.

If you really want an in-depth understanding of the modern day black female, look no further than this whore’s TikTok and Instagram accounts. Not surprisingly, she was raised in a single mother household as can be read about in this short article below:

As per usual women like this are as single as a one way train ticket and having successfully been brainwashed, programmed and indoctrinated by feminism, social media and dating apps, they now believe being single and living the 304 lifestyle is somehow a flex, smh.

Black men need to understand, most black women are morally bankrupt hedonists who are only fit for the scrapheap, they are not suitable for relationships, marriage or even sexual escapades due to their high rate of STDs.

As I keep on saying to you on the fence Negroes, enter the black witch at your own risk, however don’t complain and take it on the chin whenever one of these black sirens bites your hand.

By the way, don’t be fooled by the makeup and external appendages, this Jezebel is average looking at best as can be seen in the video below:

This is your typical black witch right here, she’s more concerned with showing off her body to garner clout, attention, likes, clicks and views on the internet from strange men than she is with being in a stable relationship and having children, what a waste.

Remember what else this female said in the first video, how she was proud that the YOUNGER GENERATIONS of women are taking the same path of destruction she is. What have I been stating for the longest while about these older black females and elder women in general deliberately leading younger women astray?

We already know Jessica Wong’s story, she spent her prime years getting dicked down, ran through, used up and rinsed out by 12 Gauge Mike, Slim Sauce, Two Snacks and Field Mouse and now in her older age she’s bitter at the fact that no men of worth and value want her for anything long term.

Additionally, we also know that because she still has a lot of blue pilled simps in her inboxes, she’s mistaking “sexual interest” with “romantic/relationship” interest, the two are NOT the same. Secondly, the simps are the only men these women can control.

These types of females typically use 304 Avenue as a coping mechanism as they face the harsh reality that they’ve squandered their value and purity(which they can never get back) on riotous living.

Gentlemen, as I keep on saying time and time again, these 304s of the West are going to have to be left to crash and burn in their own failures. As long as you continue to extend olive branches out to these unworthy harridans, they’ll NEVER change for the better.

And to think that these will be the same black females telling you that you need to spend a minimum of $300(£237) on them for the first date, never get sucked into their hedonistic/materialistic/financial demands and always remember who these women really are, professional beggars/panhandlers as well as the highest debt holders.

Women like Jessica Lee Wong don’t seem to understand that the more ambitious and successful at business she becomes, the less men will be able to meet her forever rising unrealistic expectations and unattainable standards. Get those passports gents and never look back.

A woman’s highest measure of success in life is being in a committed relationship as well as having a family, NOT owning a business. Lastly, men have always been the prize and we always will be, regardless of what these feminist Jezebels and their blue pilled simp flunkies have to say about it. #SYSBM™

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

A Woman’s Highest Parameter Of Success In Life Is Being In A Committed Relationship And Having A Family, NOT Owning A Business

Most High Bless

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21 thoughts on “The Delusion Is Off The Chain And Very Real! #SHORTS

  1. @Verbs2015,

    I’m glad you mentioned this shallow chick, cos not too long ago, a REAL woman, none other than the fabolous Suereyya Brooks called her out for the shallow broad she is:

    OK, she’s much easier on the eyes compared to a lot of hard faced Jamaican chicks, but I still would never deal with her because she’s so vain and shallow and that’s just a major turn off to me no matter how attractive a woman is. I have no problem with a confident, beautiful woman who knows who she is, but I can’t stand vanity.

    Also, she’s full of shit. An attractive and sexy trait in a man is “vulnerability”. Really?? Good luck to any man who believes that. Let me know how it works out for you lol. These women will put you on blast because you pissed the bed at four years old or ghost you if they suspect you may lose your job, but telling them your business is something they find sexy? lol OK….

    Here’s further proof of how vain she is….I had to laugh at this not-so-humble brag video:


    1) she needs to realise she’s not gonna look that way forever. 2) there’s a reason she’s losing friends and she’s being told to humble herself and her exes take issue with her. Yes jealousy is a real thing, but at the same time I’m not convinced she’s totally innocent. Attractive women come a dime a dozen in Miami. You know she’s one of those chicks who encourage the male attention then plays coy and gaslights her boyfriends when called out on it 3)If she doesn’t want sexual attention, why is her ass and titties all on display on social media? If she’s been harassed, groped etc then why draw so much attention to herself? I doubt she dresses modestly when she’s out and about.

    If these women are all that, why are they in their 30s,40s and 50s still single, yet the traditional feminine women who don’t have all their bodies on display have no problem scooping and keeping men and are HAPPY and don’t feel “oppressed”? Besides, any woman who listens to a grown ass old female saying “sprinkle sprinkle” like some witch in a 1940s Disney cartoon casting a spell can never be taken seriously.

    Soon, their reality will be “wrinkle, wrinkle” along with the grey hairs while being surrounded by a bunch of cats.


    1. SYSBM Forever,

      Agreed, she’s not the worst looking chick on the map, however her pride, arrogance and haughtiness are serious turnoffs. Again, because of these blue pilled simps that are swarming around her validating her hedonistic debauchery, she’s deluded herself into believing that living the lifestyle of a 304 is somehow a flex over being in a long term relationship/marriage and having a family.

      She’s weak, validation and attention are her primary vices and she uses those provocative images on Instagram to draw in thirsty dudes who don’t realise they’re bring used to sooth her ego and give her the daily dose of attention and validation she’s seeking.

      She’s your typical black female who believes that having a somewhat successful business automatically translates to having some sort of leverage and authority in a relationship.

      Agreed, displaying vulnerability towards a woman is an extremely bad idea because said topic WILL be used against you in a future discussion/argument.

      What makes me laugh is she uses her swimwear business as an excuse to show off her body where she could easily use other models to illustrate the swimwear, we’re not stupid over here. Additionally, I guarantee you that her Instagram profile remained on throughout all her past relationships.

      I keep on telling you that the overwhelming majority of these Western harriets(especially black females)want the physical benefits of being in a relationship while still retaining the particular benefits of being single.

      Women like Jessica simply need to be left to crash and burn in their own failures, they believe that they’re going to be young forever and they also foolishly believe that they’ll always have a bunch of thirsty guys trying to get at them.

      A business is a masculine pursuit, it isn’t a flex for a woman to brag about, though it’s commendable to a degree. A woman’s real flex is being in a long term relationship/marriage with children en tow.

      1. Verbs2015,

        “What makes me laugh is she uses her swimwear business as an excuse to show off her body where she could easily use other models to illustrate the swimwear, we’re not stupid over here. Additionally, I guarantee you that her Instagram profile remained on throughout all her past relationships.”

        Exactly, she’s not the high value woman she thinks she is. I’m glad Sueeraya exposed her bullshit about loving men like Malcolm X because unlike Jessica, Betty Shabazz was among the last of traditional, loyal and truly family oriented black women. Malcolm X wouldn’t give Jessica a second glance, the only thing he’d do is tell her to cover her backside up and have some self respect which you know she wouldn’t comply with.

        Reading between the lines, her mother is also trash so the fruit clearly doesn’t fall far from the tree. It’s not surprising considering black women don’t raise their daughters to be good women or wives. Everything is always about oneupmanship and getting over on men in one way or another. They never want to break generational curses and cycles, they just want to pass on their bullshit. I’ve seen that my whole life.

        The type of women I like are those who you can tell have nice, curvy bodies but dress modestly, don’t have a huge following and most of their pictures are doing fun things, visiting museums, nature etc and spending time with family. Even better when they have private pages (when you both follow each other) cos they don’t want to draw attention to themselves. Those are the ones who stand out to me. I like women who have a presence but prefer to stay low profile. That’s way more sexy to me.

        Jessica is just a glorified thot like that fake hotep chick Kevin Samuels also spent time with – SixGoddess or whatever the hell her name is.

        1. Nah, even Betty was bad. She cheated on Malcom, black women have ALWAYS been garbage bruh!

      2. Brother verbs these bw are the most confused and stupidest on earth right now. This mentality of “me this, me that” is boring and archaic. If a bw came and asked me to rate her out of 10 I would give her a zero without blinking.

        Brother verbs like I always say in every genius group there must be a stupid guy somewhere simping on these she demons I don’t care if they say that bw need therapy,most of these modern bw need hot slaps and punches to activate their brains. I don’t even want to hear those simps saying bw are hurt because I don’t care let them keep getting hurt until they learn to respect bm

        1. Edward Maina,

          These blue pilled, pro black simps are straight up devils, they’re the ones who are pouring fuel onto the black female’s fire of delusion. As I’ve stated before, if it wasn’t for these spineless black males, delusional black women would’ve crashed and burned out a very long time ago.

  2. Verbs, thank you for highlighting this crazy woman. I remember the Kevin Samuels interview with her from two years ago and I see that she is exactly the same as she was back then. Such an existence is a pathetic one as she was already doomed from the beginning due to her upbringing. Jessica is a clown because of the way she presents herself to the world; a harlot. Modern day black women in her position are all the same, clones with defective programming like the ones from Kamino.

    On a spiritual front, I can see all the signs that mark her as a Jezebel. She’s very prideful and vain that is for sure, I can tell she is manipulative and attracts simps like flies to stink, like Jezebel and her suitors from the Book of Kings. The ‘war paint’ that often cakes her face in her thot pictures is a big red flag as well as the different hair colors. The fact that she listens to bullshit like that “sparkle sparkle” maggle tells me everything I need to know about her.

    A reasonable man will see these red flags and turn the other direction to flee. The simp will still take her and doom himself to oblivion. I predict that Jessica here will end up a similar fate as Tracee Ellis Ross and her ilk: old and loony while still latching on to her fading physical attributes.

    1. Kameran Fleets,

      I don’t even remember this harriet being interviewed by Kevin Samuels, however you’re right, I looked it up. Samuels was the last hope for black women but they rebelled against him with anger, fury and danced upon his grave when he died. Once again, we have to look towards these stupid, short sighted blue pilled black male simps, they’re the ones who have galvanised this witch into being the haughty harridan she is today.

      Her single mother set her up for failure, it’s extremely rare you’ll have a black mother who’ll set up their son or daughter for success. This is precisely why men with sense and intelligence avoid hard hearted, set in their ways older females like Jessica, at least younger women who are NOT social media and feminist junkies can be moulded and guided in a more productive and constructive direction.

      Men especially black men worth their salt will give Jessica an extremely wide berth all day, everyday, the guys she wants aren’t even looking in her direction, they’re looking behind her at the younger, more reasonably minded women instead.

      You’re right and I’ve been saying the same thing for a while now, there is little to no diversity within black female society, they all look the same, think the same, dress the same, eat the same, behave the same, listen to as well as rattle off the same bad advice but still have the audacity to want something different from black men, smh.

  3. The psychological warfare is on display.

    The only time you would hear a negress say men are the prize is if she is a single mother raising a black son.

    If she ain’t a single mother raising a black son, she would say women are the prize.

    This is the psychology between a mother and a son.

    A blackistan male would watch that video and say she is a unicorn.

    The sheboon on the other video is a prime example of why female unicorns have never existed in black societies.

    Only one white goddess can always defeat harlot jezebels in the spiritual world.

    1. Wittexton Witwijf,

      We already know that these blackistani males are a bunch of sluggish minded knuckleheads, a single black mother can never be a unicorn no matter what they say or think. I’m no fool, I’m seeing an increase in black women pretending to be on the side of black men, rattling off red pill truth and pretending to hold black women accountable, however we know when the rubber meets the road, they’ll always return to the black witch’s fold. The Passport Bros movement has broken and shaken them to the core, they never believed in a million years that one day there’d be a cadre of black men who would eventually walk away from them. They never thought it would happen but it has and they’re not happy about it. #SYSBMTILLTHECASKETDROPS

  4. The 1st video was absolutely priceless. The 1st minute, I had to laugh out loud to bits when she was talking pure caps.
    She talks about ‘epic’ and ‘iconic’.

    I give shout out to ‘American Black Man’ because we all cannot stand these simps who are responsible for this Black Female deluded videos.

    She goes on about how ‘Shera 7’ like she will create a revolution for young Black Girls. Revolution? how? By keeping them single?
    These Bitter Black Females need to be reminded that Shera 7 is married to an African Black Man.

    These females always come up with this new Revolution again Black Men acting like this is the new rebel in 2024. News flash! Black females did this since 1970s with the feminism. She mention how these young black girls are winning against the black men. I agree, that they are winning, but they are not real victories, they are ‘Pyrrhic Victories’ and we all know what ‘Pyrrhic Victories’ are. I am going to be real here, those ‘Pyrrhic Victories’ only take these young females to only destination and one destination only: ‘The Wall’.

    These females are forgetting something: Black Men got Passports and they got 190+ countries to choose from.
    Jessica bragging about how single is the best life? I call it ‘Fox and the Grapes’.

    Verbs wrote:
    “We already know Jessica Wong’s story, she spent her prime years getting dicked down, ran through, used up and rinsed out by 12 Gauge Mike, Slim Sauce, Two Snacks and Field Mouse and now in her older age she’s bitter at the fact that no men of worth and value want her for anything long term.”

    Looks like the cat is out of the bag. Hiding her 304 past to teach young girls how to be liberal because the older females cannot compete and win against the young girls. We all know that women hates women.

    Its kind of funny Shera come up with this ‘Sprinkle Sprinkle’ like she uses Fairy some dust. Like these BW believes that the ‘Sprinkle’ will keep the dust away.
    Black women may have ‘Sprinkle’ but thinking Black Men got Garlic which scares away the 304s because when they hate on BM, it is because we are full of Garlic and we all garlic repels feminist females like it repels blood suckers.

    I am going to tell you a secret about this ‘Sprinkle Sprinkle’ mindset to you all. Verbs, SYSBM Forever and Money as Money is the expert on ‘Gold Diggers’ and the SYSBM Practitioners because she is a Jamaican:

    In 2024, because these BW cannot get older and shaming Black Men is no longer working, they are resorting to use young black girls to go against the young bros. I am talking about 18 to 24 age range. Shera 7 is playing these ‘Sprinkle Sprinkle’ gaslighting towards young boys calling them broke and telling them young girls not to date them because those are the age range where Black Men start their life.
    Also calling them young black boys broke to the down to the origin is a huge slap in a face because at that age, we all students, at college or university studying and we was not thinking about money, but focusing on education before adulthood. This was the time these black girls never gave you time and a day because you go not money, even she is in the same class and age as you.
    How do I know this? ‘Accountable Commentary’/’Blackout Channel’ has been speaking about it a lot on YouTube how these old hags telling young girls not to date boys in the same classroom because they are broke.
    Let me tell you plain and simple, at young age as ‘Accountable Commentary’ stated that young men are meant to be broke, why? because they are starting in life. All men across the world in all Race and religion goes through this. Is it part of natural life. But only Black Women expect Black Men to have 6 figures and all thes 6s at the age of 20 which is totally unrealistic. So we end up competing against the grown man because he got money and cars and I am talking about boys at late teens competing in the dating pool.
    Now what is happen is these BW who date older men now in their 40s/50s are mad that Men are dating younger women and shaming older men which they themselves when they are young did the same thing dating older guy. Why are they shaming old men now? Because they are competing against the younger counterparts and waste their prime years on Pookies and Ray Rays.

    1. Michael,

      What you said about young brothers between 18 to 24 meant to broke by nature is real talk because what my brothers told me when I was in my teen is ‘I was too young for money’.
      The reason they taught me this because at that age, we all suppose to finish school and focus on higher education before doing the hustle.
      I did listen to a lot of ‘Accountable Commentary’ videos about this and he is spot on.

      The issue is only Black Females only focus on money when it comes to relationship. That is is why they keep on using the term ‘broke bum’ and being a professional panhandlers. BW all believe that all BM should be high value man at the age of 20 which is looney tunes.
      At that age, the women should be focusing on building together and have a family. Team work and buildimg a foundation together.
      All races and cultures Internationally understand this.

      Something that SYSBM Forever mention that we are in the bad economy, cost of living is high.
      We had Kevin Samuels taking about Team Work during the Covid pandemic because of lockdown and people losing income and jobs due to Covid Curfew.
      The last thing to think about during economic hard times is to think about money as a dating requirement.

  5. Verbs 2015.

    I avoid black women like Jessica Lee Wong because she is stuck up, arrogant and rude especially with the little good looks that she has. Remember Verbs 95 percent of black women worldwide are fucking ugly because they are fake looking from head to toe and if you take off all their makeup that they wear then they look like a bloody building site.

    1. Quincy Fitzpatrick,

      Damn bro, you came straight in with the sledgehammer, however as you always say, I fully agree with your bro. The weave/wig, fake eyelashes, raptor claw nails and ultra thick makeup epidemic amongst black women is indeed worldwide.

      1. Verbs 2015.

        Thank you Verbs and I fully agree with you bro. 👍

  6. SYSBM: Some women don’t know their worth!
    White sugar honey: Yeah, I know.

    As we see more and more black women that are ratchet, the more I see more black men dating non-black women. Jessica Wong come from Jamaica and settled in Miami to 304 it. Right, she has been raised by a single mother. Now I know that Jamaica has a huge rate of single mother, I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s higher then America.

    I’m done.

    Hey, keep your white sugar honey safe at all times as these ghetto ratchet scraggle daggles are coming after non-black women.


  7. I think I’ve seen this broad before in a Patreon video by the Thinking Man’s Templar; he included a clip of her proudly listing every negative character trait she possesses, and she said any man who’s still interested can reach out to her. The fact that she’s Jamaican proves what Verbs has been saying for years about the daggle issue being worldwide; this also goes to show that straggs outside of the States are HEAVILY influenced by the straggs who were born and raised here in the States. If she can cite SheraSeven AKA “Sprinkle Sprinkle” as somebody worth listening to, I don’t think it’s wrong to say that she’s listened to the likes of Cynthia G, Paris Milan, and Chrissie for “therapy”; delusion to them is therapeutic. SMH

    1. Blue Collar Trevor,

      Women like this remain single as a one way bus ticket yet refuse to change for the better. This is exactly why men bypass these damaged goods in favour of younger women who are more teachable, mouldable and trainable. Yes I said it, it is the man’s job to teach, train and mould the woman he’s with to fit in with his life as an asset that brings value and cannot be replaced. Negro Wars written in 2015, I stated that black female dysfunction is an international problem and black women worldwide continue to prove the book is right.


    She’s at it again.

    Apparently if you have too many non religious dietary restrictions, that’s “feminine” according to her lol. You can’t even decide what YOU put in your own body now. SMH. I’ve heard this shit before.

    These chicks will play all types of mind games to take you off your square. If you operate at your optimum, a lot of females won’t like it because they can’t control you and you will have more options. That’s why black women in particular hate to see black men level up in life.

    You got the usual simps in the comments, but at least some are calling her out on it.

    1. SYSBM Forever,

      It’s all about control with black women, we already know that she’ll have a 10001 blue pilled simps ready to prostrate and mould themselves to that stupid list she’s created. As I’ve stated before, you can’t get played by women like this if you don’t participate in their rigged games. Attention is the currency of these modern day 304s, as long as the blue pilled black male simps continue to lick and shine her muddy boots, she’ll continue to think she’s a winner. What a waste, chasing attention from random men online instead of seeking out one man in real life who she can bring forth a family with, smh.

  9. Verbs2015,

    Exactly and the thing is she’s one of the more attractive Jamaican women out there, but she chooses to waste it on internet clout. Beautiful women of other cultures outside the west know where their bread is buttered and settle down much earlier.

    When she gets older and loses her looks, I guarantee her list is gonna get much shorter, but by then it will be too late and all men will remember is the BS she’s on now.

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