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Jezebel Is The Religion Modern Women Practice! #SHORTS

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Be sure to check out the shorts on Modern Woman Clips, they speak for themselves. It’s not even like we can say the clips aren’t real because we’ve already seen countless Western women engaging in the same behaviour being interviewed on the streets by other content creators many times before.

Not only that but we also have countless women on TikTok advertising that all they want from men is money and how those who cannot suffice their Jezebel appetite are “broke”(think SheraSeven aka “sprinkle sprinkle”). I know, you cannot make this stuff up.

Here they are begging men for money, clothes, food and anything else you can think of, yet these same scrounging females have the audacity to call those men who refuse to be used as financial utilities “broke” and unable to “afford” them.

All these modern women of the West care about is upholding their failed religion of feminism as well as indulging in as many superficials, materials and money they can lay their hands on, this is the beyond redeemable condition of modern dating in the West.

I’ll keep on saying it until the cows come home, Western women as a collective are spoiled and beyond contaminated, there is no redemption for the majority of them, at this point any man with sense and intelligence should seek love and companionship elsewhere if he’s looking for a long term relationship.

Of course the average blue pilled simp would step up and call you a broke joke for not wanting to support the lifestyle of a hedonistic savage, however my job as a man is NOT to fund Jezebel nor her wants and desires.

My job is to ensure the NEEDS of MY WOMAN are met, wants and desires get pushed to the back of the queue and even then, those that might be entertained will be few and far between ie on occasion.

These Western 304s aren’t even afraid to make their hedonistic declarations upfront, they want MONEY from the rip, they want you to spend large amounts of cash on them even though you don’t know them from a can of paint, smh.

Again, it is these spineless, no standards having blue pilled simps that have spawned and cultivated these pestilent, materialistic women, they are the ones who have allowed these hedonistic beasts to crawl out of the woodwork brazenly stating their “price”.

These delusional sirens are no different to prostitutes but will immediately get offended if you label them as one. And to think these are the same women who talk about men not respecting them, of course not, these gluttonous harriets don’t even respect themselves.

Asking strange men for money without shame but somehow I’m still supposed to respect you, smh. These disjointed feminist harridans are a far cry from traditional women who would’ve respectfully declined to get in the car to begin with.

As per usual my recommendations remain the same, get your passports gents and get the heck out of dodge while you still can, these western Jezebels are a bunch of morally bankrupt, shameless, soulless creatures who’ll have no problems dragging you down to hell if you still choose to deal with them.

Stay away from these types of women. Decent women in the West have become rarer than fine gold, locating good women here has literally become no different to the needle in the haystack scenario. #SYSBM™

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Hedonistic Women Should Be Avoided At All Costs

Most High Bless

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25 thoughts on “Jezebel Is The Religion Modern Women Practice! #SHORTS

  1. Gentlemen,

    As I stated before, it is nigh on impossible to respect any women who first don’t respect themselves. General Blizzard’s ice is always colder.

    Once again, another example of black females throwing their standards clean out of the window for a non black male, a tatted up, street dude from the north of England to be precise.

    If as a woman you can’t respect yourself, don’t expect outsiders to give you what you clearly don’t believe you deserve:

    1. Verbs2015,

      I can’t be mad at the guy. He’s doing what a guy should do if women throw themselves at him and he wants them.

      It is the black male simps who will prostrate themselves before these same women and lick their arses, who I have disdain for.

      I also have total disdain for the type of scraggle daggles who will be doormats and sex slaves for bottom shelf Brad, but demand to be treated like royalty and called quaens by black men.

      My philosophy has always been, if you are a doormat for him, you must be doormat for me if I choose to deal with you.

      But my greatest disdain is for the black male simps who bow down to such lowlife females and then demand that other black males bow down to them as well.

      1. AmericanBlkMan,

        What makes me laugh is once Bottom Shelf Brad above has ran through, used up and rinsed out all of his seven ” black queans”, these hoes will still have a plethora of blue pilled, black male simps to choose from.

        To think there are Negroes out here who’ll still call these women “queens” even after seeing them dehumanise and debase themselves via providing side chick services to this guy, smh. The blue pilled, black male simp has no standards, no dignity and absolutely no self respect.

        I keep on saying, if black women could get with white men in bulk tomorrow, at least 96% of said females would be coupled up with an Admiral Frost.

        The sad thing is most black men still refuse to admit that when it comes to the preferences of their female counterparts, they’re last on the list. Black women only deal with black men because other races of men won’t deal with them en masse.

      2. AmericanBlkMan,

        Exactly. This is why my beef is way more with black male simps than bdubs.

        As an SYSBM, it would be absurd for me to care for these chicks or who they deal with. Looking at the video thumbnail alone, nothing about them exactly screams ‘high quality woman’ so I’m not surprised they’re letting themselves be used as sexual toilets.

        It’s just frustrating to witness these weak black males defend and settle for these harridans while attacking black men like us on behalf of females who don’t give a shit about them while THEY unashamedly do whatever the hell they want with whomever.

        These are the same dudes scared of their own counterparts and act like they need to seek permission and approval from ‘muh kweenz’ to do anything in life. What other group of men kowtow and let their own women police them? SMH

    2. I am happy for him, he can have them.
      Oh just like America, UK have reach back too, seen them so if shit hits the fan, they will not go to black men in the UK because they know that UK brothers are more diverse. So they end up going to female panels and blame American Black men, even this video is in England.

      The man said these are quality females. Let me tell you this:
      Quality females will never go for these type of men.

      Verbs wrote:
      “General Blizzard’s ice is always colder.”

      In reality ‘White men’s ice is colder”. I remember may years ago that the late David Carrol said that when he was young, he was destiny to help and build the black community, when he said that, his dad and his brother mention that ‘It does not matter how successful your are, the white man’s ice is colder’. David did not get what this means and when he got older he start to see and understand what that means. I face we all did not get it until we see it in real life. This was talking about black business and now Black females. You send a clip of this strong independent hard working Black female working 24/7 for the Chinese guy which we all see. Someone mention that on the Chinese/Swirler channel, lots of black female are defending this. Also they don’t call this ‘Struggle Love’. The Struggle Love is only designated to Black Men.

      1. MMT,

        That’s one thing I have to give black men in the UK, they clocked on to the black female juice not being worth the squeeze a long time ago and checked out in heavy numbers. Those black heifers above are the bottom of the barrel, notice Captain Snowy couldn’t get a haram of white, Asian, Indian or Latina women because those women as a collective despite their shortcomings actually have standards, more dignity and self respect. Black women have no problems associating themselves with anything and everything degenerate and reprobate. Those females probably think it’s a flex that they’re being passed around and circulated like a neighbourhood newsletter, smh.

        1. Verbs2015,

          “notice Captain Snowy couldn’t get a haram of white, Asian, Indian or Latina women”

          Great point. Also, their men aren’t afraid of them and set the rules and standards, therefore there would be a level of shame that keeps them in check. The only time Indian women get grimy is behind closed doors where daddy and her brothers aren’t looking (I know how they get down in other countries where they don’t know anybody lol), but no way in hell would this ever be on front street.

          We don’t have a “community”, plus you couldn’t pay most black men to be on code with each other nor stand up to their own women for a day anyway.

    3. Sorry brothers I was not online since Friday due to technical issue but I have read the story posted by brother verbs concerning these jezebels.

      Brother verbs the bw is the real jezebel of the modern era no manners no nothing they will do anything to please admiral frost even having sexual intimacy with an animal.

      And then they begin to wonder why black men are no longer caring about them . It’s very ironic and funny at the same time that the scream colorism when black men choose non black women,it looks like feminism has corrupted bw to the point it has become normal to them to do something disgusting.

      The difference between Becky and shanequa is very clear, Becky is very scared when age catches up to her that is the reason they seek black men who are these days more serious when it comes to settling down but shanequa doesn’t even care she will continue to do this disgusting behavior until she reaches 60 talk about stupidity of the highest order

      1. Edward Maina,

        Black women as a collective staying hoeing right up until they hit the grave, they’re the most hedonistic women on the planet, they have little to no moral compass, they don’t value themselves neither do they see any worth in the children they have.

        A sad state of affairs indeed. The worst thing is they know that most black men still love and will accept them no matter what their condition, therefore for the modern day black female there is no incentive to change for the better, NONE.

        1. Brother verbs I don’t know if I can laugh or cry when you said sad state of affairs. I remember a picture of a certain article you posted back in 2021 of a black woman’s face filled admiral frost’s cock fluid , am completely speechless right now even Beckies who are mostly pornstars are literally crying at night because of what they go through just to put food on the table but bw…. you know who her daddy is. Brother verbs i would rather save Becky from the porn industry but shanequa has been smashing pookie,ray ray and admiral frost since the beginning of the welfare era.

  2. In this economic climate, I see posts on LinkedIn all the time of people swallowing their pride and literally begging for opportunities after having made sometimes hundreds of job applications with no luck.

    The cost of living has damn near tripled overnight, but yet you get these stupid western females expecting to be lavished with money so they can get butt, boobs and lip injections and the finer things in life from total strangers because they want to be another Kardashian clone and stunt on social media to show off in front of other equally dumb girls SMH.

    Women in other countries who may have less aren’t nearly as materialistic and Jezebelic (yes I made that up lol) as these western bimbos – but “tHey JuSt WaNt u FoR yR mOnEy” though right? lol

    Fellas, leave the west for greener pastures and let the simps who enabled this mess deal with the nonsense.


    1. SYSBM Forever,

      Feminism, social media and dating apps have complete warped the minds of the majority of women in the West to the point where they honestly believe that they’re the stars of the show aka the main characters.

      Therefore, as far as they are concerned, they want to be treated like princesses from the beginning being lavished with money and gifts non stop. It’s funny, so many of these females have fallen upon hard times, therefore you’d think that they would translate this to men suffering in the same manner, but no.

      Refusing to relinquish their ultra selfish mindset, they still believe that men have infinite resources and a bottomless cauldron of wealth.

      I still remember many years ago when Mariah Carey dated a billionaire and even he eventually had to kick out because he said that she spent too much money and wasn’t financially responsible.

      We pass these Kim Kardashian wannabes here in the UK all the time. I cannot recall the amount of women I’ve seen who have completely overdone it on the duck lip filler to where it looks like somebody has socked them square in the mouth several times over.

      Combine this with the BBL invasion, these women out here look like mutant freaks and science experiments that have gone horribly wrong.


      1. “I still remember many years ago when Mariah Carey dated a billionaire and even he eventually had to kick out because he said that she spent too much money and wasn’t financially responsible.”

        Shit, BW’s Italian savior Robert DeNiro had to divorce his black wife because she was spending him into oblivion and this was back in 2017. It’s gotten orders of magnitude worse since then. If DeNiro had to tap out, what chance do normal guys have? Hoeflation is real!

        The worse thing is white women, who used to be the most easy-going when it came to money, have now latched onto the whole sassy black bitch parasite Shera Seven “sprinkle sprinkle” program. I keep saying it, liberal white hoes born with every advantage are now in a race to the bottom with the Shaniquas who are already there.

        The West is cooked.


        1. Schadenfreude,

          At least in the West, there are very few if any women who exercise financial responsibility. As soon as they get access to a large amount of cash that doesn’t belong to themselves, they completely lose the plot and turn loco, spending the loot as if there’s no tomorrow. Social media brainwashes and indoctrinates women to believe that they are now the stars of the show in general and in particular the main focus when it comes to relationships, smh.

          You’re right about white women in the West rapidly flowing down the sewer pipe just like their black female cousins. Once upon a time I could simply recommend that black men date out, however now the extra steps have to be taken in advising black men to avoid these delusional Western harridans and instead home in on non westernised foreign women who still respect the man as the head of themselves as well as the family.

  3. Verbs 2015.

    I will never bow down to a black women or any other race of women because I know my value as a childfree SYSBM black man at 41. My value is that I have 5 qualifications including 2 business degrees with zero debts, I have no unplanned kids, I am not divorced, I have a new British passport, I just applied for a new provisional UK driving licence on 1st February 2024 in which I will get it in early March 2024 and I just started a new online affiliate marketing with Amazon.

    1. Quincy Fitzpatrick,

      It’s all about keeping the standards high and not settling for less. These Western women are forever talking about not settling whilst already having blown away and squandered their value on Chad, Brad and Tyrone. At least now you have the ability to travel and experience normal women. Keep doing your thing, at least as men we’re willing to put in the effort to achieve better for ourselves, the same however cannot be said for these entitled Jezebels of the West.

  4. Here goes again, another Bearded Black man who is spineless.
    I know, I always take shot at Bearded Masculine men, this is because this is all I see on these videos, showing how these Bearded masculine men who are spineless and this is not funny. Showing how cuck they are this is very embarrassing and annoying.

    I notice on this video that she is some hybrid Black/Asian daggle which to avoid at all times.

    I remember your old topic about how these Black Females are Pan-Handlers. I call them ‘Alternate Prostitutes’. Unlike normal Prostitutes, the ‘Alternate’ ones do not call themselves prostitutes but they use these financial requirements towards these Black Men, such as ‘paying them to ask them out’ or the usual pay ‘Premiums’ on the 1st date. We all seen them in real life and on countless videos like the one Verbs put up for us to see.

    I want the brothers to pay attention what I am about to say:

    These so called modern females, especially Black Women who hate on Passport Bros and they keep on going on and on about how foreign (they mostly talking about the Thai or Philippines and sometimes Latina) women are dating you for money or taking you to the cleaners when you date them.
    However, these are the same BW shitting on Asian women are the one who supremely stated (as MadbusDriver say) out in the open that Black Men must have 6 figures to date them. Talk all this ‘Money, Honey’ bullshit and saying if you got no money you cannot afford to date Black Women. Now this new trend requirements is if you date them, you have to pay their utility bills and their rent. I am not sure if I believe in this ‘No Money, No Honey’ in dating anymore because the Pookies can get Honey without any money any and we all observe this.

    So basically saying how BW stating foreign women after your money whilst at the same time saying you must have money to date BW. So who is the Gold-Digger since they love calling BM broke? Exactly.

    Lets say Asian women will rob Black Men’s money, they will do it illegally versus Black Women in the West rob Black Men legally.

    What is the difference between illegal and legal way?
    In a illegal way, they usually find so scam or trick to take your money, you know the rest.
    Now, in the legal way, in the West, you have Divorce, Child Support and Alimony (aka Vagina Money). Meaning the system is in favour of women and rigged against the men.

    When these Dick-police simps telling the Red-Pill Black men about foreign women after your resources, the Red-Pill always respond with ‘I rather take my chance with a foreigner than the Western women’. Because they rather give their resources to foreigners instead of the skin folks of a Western Women who will not value his resources anyway and spend it on useless trinkets.

    1. Michael,

      What you said was real talk.

      They talk about how foreign women take Black Men to the cleaners because deep down, they want the Black Man’s resources instead of foreign women. They rather they take BM to the cleaners than the foreigners do.

    2. Michael wrote:
      “Here goes again, another Bearded Black man who is spineless.
      I know, I always take shot at Bearded Masculine men, this is because this is all I see on these videos, showing how these Bearded masculine men who are spineless and this is not funny. Showing how cuck they are this is very embarrassing and annoying.”

      Do not feel bad about taking jabs at those men with beards.
      I got friends who are masculine and has beard. They are real gentlemen and has standards.

      The problem that this is more of an American thing where the media portrays them as simps and also these men such as simp/panders like Umar and the one I see on the video promotes these stuff. It does piss me off because they purposely want these men to be weak and emasculated.
      This is a serious bad image for those men. They meant to represent black leadership, not serving and submitting to females. Especially they are easily getting disrespecting on the daily basis and I hope I am worrying about this happen in the UK which I think it does.

  5. I don’t see snow bunnies from non anglo saxon societies leading women astray to hell.

    It seems like only family orientated men that work hard to provide for a girlfriend or wife are required to pay for an escort service short term or long term to their girlfriends or wives in western countries where English is the only national language.

    This is why I would only date a white woman if English ain’t her native language.

    1. Witttexton Witwijf,

      To be honest there are a few white women from non westernised countries who have fallen in line with the feminist propaganda but they aren’t nearly as many by a long shot as those coming from Western nations.

  6. SYSBM: Getting interviewed by Money Cultural was cool.
    White sugar honey: Yeah, it was fun.

    As I see these gold digger prank videos, I’m really glad that they are doing this because one, it shows the girls mentality and these girls mentality is now gold digging. And two, it shows of how women are now. I know that not all women are gold diggers but it seems like there are more gold diggers then ever.

    Let me tell you about the guys who are doing these pranks on these gold diggers. You see the cars they have. Them cars are £100,000 or more. So, when a gold digger sees the car that the man is driving, she’s goanna think that he’s loaded with money. I just want a Honda Accord Type R.

    And Verbs, the video of the guy who has 6 girlfriends and wants a 7th one. I really can’t show hate to the guy. Some black men will look at him as a bottom shelf Brad. But to tell you the truth, the guys is doing something. And he’s making beats for artist and he’s getting paid for it. Hey. I’m trying to make some money with my arts and craft, you get me? Wait until Monday.

    But I know that bottom shelf Brad, he has a line of black punany for him. And the black women are ready to open their legs to him. And Pookie and Ray Ray can get them black women as well. The guy has more then one black honey that’s tamping on the bed. Anyway!

    Hey, keep your white sugar honey safe at all times as these ghetto ratchet scraggle daggles are coming after non-black women.


  7. Stay away from broke women who demand that you pay them just to speak to them; the very fact that she even speaks this way shows the overinflated sense of worth she possesses. She said the guy must make a “down payment” like you do with a car, but the down payment only comes AFTER the potential buyer thoroughly inspects and test drives the automobile, checks the CARFAX, and negotiates the price he intends to pay; another thing that must be stressed: the product doesn’t set the price for itself! As Verbs has stated, these modern women are professional beggars/panhandlers; now, if any woman wants money from me, I’ll tell her upfront that she will have to work for it, no “ifs”, “ands”, or “buts”.

    1. Blue Collar Trevor,

      Commenter AmericanBlkMan is seriously onto something when he continually points towards the blue pilled simp as the main cause behind the epidemic of entitled professional begging at the hands of modern day women.

      Even though social media has also contributed towards the pestilence, if it wasn’t for the spineless blue pilled simp following along and giving in the demands of these heifers, all of the entitlement would’ve been shut down a long time ago.

      More men need to understand that it isn’t their job to pay for or hand over money to random females just for them to consider giving you their attention. Keep you money in your own pocket and only spend money on women who mean something to you and who reciprocate.

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