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Free Topic/Open Mic Wednesday!

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Lady J has to be saluted. I commend her for not taking the path of trying to sabotage the younger generations of women unlike most of these bitter and angry elder females who are jealous and envious of them and who can’t stand seeing younger women happy. You know the saying, misery loves company.

I also have to salute Lady J for calling out this elder black siren and practicing witch who goes by the name of SheraSeven. I’m glad there are some elder women out here who still have a moral compass and who are NOT happy to see other women being lead astray.

Can you believe that SheraSeven has over a million followers on TikTok? It just goes to show you how one again there are large swaths of mentally sluggish women in the West who completely lack critical thinking skills and who are unable to think and reason for themselves.

This black siren goes around repeating her signature catchphrase “sprinkle, sprinkle” after everything she says, yet she conveniently omits the uncomfortable truth that those women who choose to follow the “sprinkle sprinkle” philosophy/lifestyle will remain or end up “single single”.

If you want to, check out SheraSeven’s TikTok profile, pick a video, breeze through the comments and you’ll see that as per usual there are always plenty of ripe for the picking knuckleheads for merchants such as Seven to pimp, fleece from as well as lead up the garden path.

That’s my 2 pence worth for today, another Open Mic Wednesday is here, what’s on your minds for this week gentlemen? You’ve got the floor, roll that dice. #SYSBM™

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Stay Individual(In Your Mind)

Most High Bless

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33 thoughts on “Free Topic/Open Mic Wednesday!

  1. Just reposting what I posted yesterday in the 7/2 open mic Wednesday article in case it was missed:


    This is how I want more and more brothers to operate. He obviously knew his worth and what he was dealing with, so he pulled out (no pun intended) and bounced. Clearly this mental midget is very far from wifey material and he sussed her out from the jump but was probably too much of a gentleman to cut the day short.

    The immature response is what you’d expect from bdubs and most western chicks. Any black man who knows his worth will be called names and insulted (we’re always “gay” when we’re not simping and slobbering all over them, but when we try to initiate sex then we’re the assholes) because as I’ve stated a few times on here, people aren’t used to BLACK men having standards. They have no power or leverage over us and that’s what they hate.

    Ultimately the best thing would be not to even date them at all.


    1. SYSBM Forever,

      She said she texted her sneaky link (Slim Sause or 12 Gauge Mike), to come and pound that nasty snatch of hers.

      The smart brother who turned it down might have spared himself an STD.

      Like you said, he never should have dated her in the first place.

      1. AmericanBlkMan,

        Or worse, gotten her pregnant and end up being trapped. Churning out babies in an attempt to secure “tha bag” is nothing to black females since they don’t value life and view kids as nothing more than accessories.

        She’s obviously not the brightest bulb in the chandelier considering the way she told on herself thinking it was some kind of flex – which it is to idiotic females like her – so he obviously dodged a bullet.

        Next time he needs to just stick to quality non black women only like other smart, successful brothers do.

    2. SYSBM Forever,

      It’s possible she had a smelly cooch and the guy rightfully bailed out of doing the deed. If that was the case then we know all that we need to about the so called “sneaky link”.

  2. Brother verbs sometimes it’s tiring trying to convince black women to go back to the roots of feminity.I can only advice black women of the old school who still value having a family,father and husband to just wash their hands like Pontius Pilate. The modern black women of this era will be on their own once things get murky.

    As a black man from Kenya sometimes I scratch my head these bw are busy twerking, smoking kush dissing 9-5 black men and opening legs to pookie and ray ray like the gates of the underworld. They reject brothers who do 9-5 jobs and THEN THE VERY SAME BW COMPLAIN THAT NON BLACK WOMEN ARE SNATCHING THEIR BLACK MEN.

    Brother verbs BW should not call us our black men because they already know who they owe their allegiance to. For those brothers who are earning their money in an honest way remember Becky ,maria, ling ling and Yakamoto are looking for you so hang in there👍👍

    1. Edward Maina,

      Many years ago I realised that black women were a lost cause and that it made more sense to reach out to black men instead(even though most still follow the black witch anyway). Black women as a collective are on their way down to Hell, the important thing we can do as free thinking black men is leave them to crash and burn in their own failures instead of being like these blue pilled black male simps enabling their dysfunction.

      1. Mic drop. A black man who does an honest living believe me will be exiled from the communitah as far as am concerned.

        The black communitah has perfected the art of victim hood,if you are an educated man whether a degree, masters ,diploma holder or certificate holder you are a threat to the matriachy, they want to keep the communitah in perpetual ignorance.

        Brother verbs Becky, Maria, Ling Ling and Yakamoto are busy watching and cheering for brothers who are rising regardless of their academic level. Brother verbs don’t be surprised in 5 years time black women will be filling the streets of liberals as homeless and it has already begun the eviction.

  3. Gentlemen,

    She would NEVER do this for a black man, she would have not hesitated in shaming a brother for not working and staying in the house all day. As much as I believe it’s the man’s duty to work and be the breadwinner, I find it funny how black women are so willing to break the same stringent rules they have in place for black men whenever they get into a relationship with Captain Euro as well as other non black males.

    1. Verbs,

      You will find some of videos of BW put a lot of hard work and effort to cook a nice 5 star meal for a dog, but never for a Black Man.

      1. MMT,

        Yep, I remember seeing that last year, some of your brothers posted that video over here. Absolutely shabby, a mutt will receive more love from a black female than a black man, smh.

      1. Schadenfreude,

        Absolutely not, the “bar minimum” list was thrown clean out of the window for Soy Lee, he didn’t have to jump through any hoops whatsoever.

  4. I’m sure this sprinkle sprinkle philosophy goes out of the window if it was any non black man.

    If it was a blackistan thug involved in knife crimes and shooting up blocks, this sprinkle sprinkle lifestyle goes out of the window.

    I don’t see lady J repeating the word sprinkle sprinkle and she never said it once.

    White women are still the best option for black men despite their shortcomings.

    I don’t see snow bunnies leading younger women astray to hell.

    1. Wittexton a black woman will never respect a 9 – 5 black man who earns his daily bread in a honest way. My mind is still fresh from the day Eboni Williams said she cannot marry a bus driver, well I have got some bad news for these bw ,your arc rival Becky might even help Jamal start his own transport company let us see who will be crying at night.

    2. “I don’t see snow bunnies leading younger women astray to hell.”

      I beg to differ. Plenty of fat, bitter, washed up borderline lesbian hags selling pretty young white women the radical feminist LGBTQ koolaid.

    3. Wittexton Witwijf,

      Like Schadenfreude, I’ve got to disagree with your last sentence, there are plenty of snow bunnies out here handing down terrible advice that’s leading younger women astray, let’s not forget this old hag who has almost 3 million followers on Tiktok:

      1. I meant snow bunnies as in non anglo saxon societies.

        The white women in anglo saxon aren’t on my radar anymore since leaving the UK 5 months ago.


    LMAOOOOO!!!! All that simping and pandering to bdubs and yet “muh kween” in typical black female mode still rushes to the stage in an attempt to physically attack Foolmar over god knows what!!! Good thing she didn’t get to him cos she looks twice his size (no surprises there…) and he’s already a big dude!

    I don’t know what this was about (maybe he hit and quit it like the stripper chick?), but I found it hilarious nonetheless.

    Hotep Walrus and dudes like him will still simp and excuse their behaviour while blaming black men for it.

    1. This clip is funny this is how stupid Umar is.
      As soon as the BW confront Umar like a Karen Feminist Activist tried to attack him, the 1st thing Umar said is ‘Who’s that Queen?’ Yeah, the queen is going to attach you.

      Even Keisha got restrained to confront the Ultimate Simp, Umar still preaching like a Pimping Pastor like he was untouchable.

      1. Michael MisterTea,

        Bruh these hoteps are the worst simps. It’s all that superstitious ‘Divine Afrikan Womb-man’ female worship that plays a huge part in it.

        I used to listen to back in the day, circa 2010/2011. On these podcasts, these females would be interrupting black men while they’re speaking, yelling at them, cussing and calling them everything but the Archangel Gabriel over the slightest disagreement etc (they would do the same to the hosts) and instead of these weaklings standing up to these females or disconnecting their lines, they would just take it on some “I hear you, Queen…please understand sista….I still love you my goddess….” It was worse than pathetic lol. Yet these dudes would have no problem insulting and even threatening other black men, especially the ones who had the balls to stand up to these harridans who were just disrespecting THEM earlier!

        Umar used to take part in some of these shows too, by the way. Back then he was still talking about this school lol. I think we’ll see Professor Xavier’s School for Gifted Youngsters in real life before we see the Marcus Garvey, Frederick Douglas whatever it is….

        1. “I think we’ll see Professor Xavier’s School for Gifted Youngsters in real life before we see the Marcus Garvey, Frederick Douglas whatever it is….”

          Hahaha ignorant niggas only superpower is doing crime. More like the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants.

    2. SYSBM Forever,

      I think you are on to something. Foolmar probably smashed her hard the night before, and didn’t call her all day long. The man has a cast iron stomach. LOL

    3. SYSBM Forever,

      I would’ve loved to have known what she was harping on about. “I’ve never seen this sister a day in my life”. Hmmm, just like the dude told us he was celibate when as you pointed out he was dicking down that “conscious stripper” hoe.

      We don’t believe you Gerbilface, you need more people. The sad thing is he still won’t learn his lesson, Johnson will still willingly venture into the deepest, darkest parts of Hell and back for “da sistas”.

  6. SYSBM: Friday, Money Cultural is goanna talk to us.
    White sugar honey: Yeah, I know!

    Sprinkle strikes again but miss to score. When a man asks a woman what she can bring to the table, she gets really upset. Some of the women don’t bring anything to the table just a nasty side of them.

    There is nothing I can say about the ratchetness of sprinkle. But that’s what she’s bringing to a man. No sprinkle here, love!

    Hey, keep your white super honey safe at all times as these ghetto ratchet scraggle daggles are coming after non-black women.


  7. Happy Open Mic Wednesday! I’ve seen that Becky who checked SheraSeven before; she was clearly raised right as she’s not buying into the nonsense. The only “sprinkle sprinkle” SheraSeven needs to concern herself with is sprinkling some seasoning salt on some chicken and cooking it on the grill!

  8. Gentlemen,

    Incredible and completely ridiculous. I’m so disgusted at how soft and degenerate Western society and in particular men in the West in general has become. All of this ridiculous censorship garbage that has sprung up in recent years is mostly lead by and aimed at appeasing women, yet the filthiest most degenerate things are allowed to prevail, smh.

    This is why I have no hesitation is stating that women should have no involvement in anything that is outside of the home, get these feminists back into the kitchen and those who refuse orders, leave them to crash and burn in their own failures.

    I’ll post this quote from a man named G Michael Hopf which I’m sure you guys have come across:

    “Hard times create strong men. Strong men create good times. Good times create weak men. And, weak men create hard times.”

  9. Gentlemen,

    She told the truth, no lies detected. This is one of the main reasons why feel it’s very important to deconstruct and breakdown what is actually going on behind the curtain ie the “changed/new” definitions females use.

    These Western harriets have been working overtime at the witch’s cauldron forever conjuring up different methods and techniques into conning and taking advantage of men.

    I agree, it’s absolutely ridiculous and unfounded for any man to be expected to take care of a woman who is NOT his wife or daughter.

    As per the article I released back on the 18th December 2023, the overwhelming majority of Western females(especially black women) are simply professional beggars and they need to be recognised and called out more on their hyper scrounging escapades.

    1. Black females always change the goal post when it comes definitions.
      The terms such as ‘Real Man’, ‘Broke Bum’ and ‘Protect and Provide’.
      When they redefine the definition, they are looking for a simp and a sponsor.
      That is why Red-Pill men especially thinking Black Men can see through the BS and avoid them at all cost.


    This tweet I posted really hit a nerve and blew up LOL. I didn’t even expect more than a few likes and maybe one or two replies. All the usual suspects we speak about on this site from bdubs, Pookies, simps and racists have come out in droves. I can’t even keep up with a lot of it and don’t care to, I’ll just let the good bros deal with this one.

    Decent good black men really gotta stay on code and fight for ours, cos certain forces DON’T wanna see us rise up.



    Example 8764587459 of why successful black men need to stay away from black women and da communitah at large.

    If you notice, the guy only referred to a past experience when he struggled and went through hard times and the article simply praised him for his efforts. He never said or implied anything about “look at me now”.

    But of course, this tattooed, ghetto hoodrat weavehead who has to show off her body for attention on IG calls him a loser despite the fact he’s now a millionaire. I’ve looked at his IG, he seems like he’s enjoying life to me (too bad he’s not SYSBM). He’s also an entrepreneur as well as a comedian, has a child and seems to have plenty of friends, yet somehow he’s still a “loser”.

    No matter what you accomplish in life as a black man, your counterparts would be the first to try and tear you down. You’re either corny, a nerd or incel. But these are the same ones who cry out to us to help them when they’re in need or “give back to the black community” and bitch and moan when you leave for greener pastures. They feel they get to disrespect the one group of men who could change things for the better, but want our loyalty SMH. Not happening. Let them rot.


    1. SYSBM Forever,

      I like Desi Banks, I’ve been subscribed to his YouTube channel for a while now. Yep, in typical black siren fashion, these black females always have something to say about a successful brother who makes it BY HIMSELF.

      I’ve seen Desi Bank grind non stop to where he is now and I congratulate and salute him for his success. There is no satisfying black women, you’re damned if you do and damned if you don’t, this is what more black men need to face the truth on and accept.

      I remember on the old website writing a few articles on black women NOT appreciating the good deeds of black men, that statement still remains rooted in truth even today.

      They always want the throw in the microwave, ready in 3 minutes, boil in the bag type of black man and even then they still believe they’re too good for him even though they constantly stay begging and scrounging from him, smh.

  12. Open to any man that desires European beauty, why not indulge that fantasy a little? To have the perfect life, with a pretty white wife.

    Don’t take it too seriously, just come and share that passion you feel.

    discord fleetingdreams_38081

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