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Pandering Knuckleheads Abound! #SHORTS

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This dude with his gerbil style beard is really sitting on that stage like a retarded mule attempting to shame men for having legitimate concerns surrounding the amount of sexual partners a woman has had, smh.

As we’ve stated before, when it comes to LONG TERM RELATIONSHIPS, the less sexual partners a woman has been involved with, the better because her ability of pair bonding is at its highest under those circumstances.

As I’ve stated many times before, men who are simply trying to get a short term good time aren’t worried about a woman’s body count, I’ve no idea why Ace Metaphor and his motley crew are trying to behave as if men seeking sexual release only are that concerned about a woman’s body count.

I keep on saying it, this is the main reason why nothing will ever change for the better within black female society, because of simps like Ace Metaphor and his pander bear squads telling black women what they want to hear and black women foolishly lapping up the garbage without first examining, scrutinising as well as asking legitimate questions.

Pander boy really believes he’s a cut above the rest because he claims not to be fishing in the same pond as “those guys”, yet you can guarantee that he’s still dealing with weave/wig, fake eyelash, fake nail, heavy makeup wearing, tatted up daggles because within black female society, that’s all there is to select from regardless of the socioeconomic spectrum these sirens reside on.

Look at the audience, if he’s really dealing with a better class/calibre of black female, then why is he in the thick of it appealing and pandering to a crowd of sub par harriets? The contradictions really do write themselves.

Brothers, in addition to black females trying their utmost to shame you into overlooking their astronomically high body counts, we also have these gatekeeping blue pilled, black male simps who are more than willing to stand in the gap and pander for Scooby snacks engaging in the same disingenuous behaviour for their “queans”.

Gentlemen, continue to keep your standards high, reject women of any race who have high body counts and NEVER allow yourselves to be shamed out of keeping their feet to the fire.

Modern women want to be whores yet at the same time want to claim the same privileges, benefits and rights of traditional girlfriends/wives, that’s NEVER going to happen. #SYSBM™

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Men Looking For Long Term Relationships DON’T WANT 304S, Get Over It

Most High Bless

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24 thoughts on “Pandering Knuckleheads Abound! #SHORTS

  1. Verbs 2015.

    Those black women in the above video look so horrid that I wouldn’t touch them with a ten inch bargepole. I will never simp for women who have a high body count. I am only interested in getting into relationships with beautiful childfree non black women who have a sex body count of 0 to 3.

    1. Quincy Fitzpatrick,

      If only black women realised just how clownish, hideous and ugly they look using all of the external appendages they do. That barge pole I would personally extend to 500 feet. These blue pilled, pro black simps are the principle gatekeepers of black female dysfunction and they’re determined to roll into Hell with the black females they love and worship. Oh well, that’s their choice of destiny, NOT MINE!

  2. These dudes are keeping more BW single than they realise. Clearly bdubs never learn from history considering the last bamboo chewing pander bear was exposed by his own ex wife for being a total scumbag and worse than most of the men he was denigrating lol.

    Even black men feel threatened by other black men having standards. Like that video I literally just posted in the “Body Count Still Matters – Get Over It!” article, people aren’t used to us having any self respect and view us as the bottom of the barrel, so when accomplished black men actually demand better they think we’re getting too big for our britches and resort to shaming tactics.

    You notice whenever black men self improve and discover their worth, it’s mostly “our” own who feel the need to cast aspersions and put us in our place? Like I always say, apart from Pookies, black males like this sanctimonious little fucker are our biggest enemies even more than the bdub herself which is saying something. This is why it’s important for SYSBM to separate from ‘da communitah’. I’m personally done with it.

    For accomplished good men looking to settle down, you know the type of women who are the pinnacle for us? I’ve posted her before, but here we go:

    Moral, intelligent, very feminine, in shape etc….what more could a man want? I love sex as much as the next man, but for a WIFE who will bear my children, this is what I would go for and would be willing to wait. These are the type of women we do everything for. Now, I don’t expect every potential partner I come across to be a virgin, but if you think I’m gonna risk settling for the village bicycle who’s seen more cocks than the world’s largest chicken farm by not doing any vetting, you must be barking mad!

    This Ace Metaphor dude’s audience are the type of women I wouldn’t touch with a barge pole anyway. As SYSBM, we don’t dip in trash, so let him continue leading these dumb females astray. Joker.


    1. SYSBM Forever,

      Derrick Jaxn was exposed as a complete and utter joke and even then there still were black women who refused to believe he was a fraud even after his massive exposure. How long had black men been warning these knuckleheaded black harridans about Jaxn but yet they still continued to remain steadfast in their support for him?

      It’s like I stated in my book Negro Wars, the overwhelming majority of black women love being pimped, merchandised and fleeced as long as they are told what they want to hear in order to tickle their emotions.

      I don’t feel sorry for these heifers in the slightest whenever they get ran through and impregnated by Slim Sauce, Trap House Jim, Field Mouse and Two Snacks, those are the guys they still want despite being warned about said nefarious characters by decent brothers(the ones they don’t want until they hit the wall and then require upwardly mobile black men to provide them with cleanup man services).

      You mentioned separation from “Da Communitah” which is something else I talked about in Negro Wars, the need for black men worth their salt to distance themselves from the dregs and the scum of black society is beyond imperative.

      There are women like the one in the links you’ve posted above, however in the West they are extremely few and far between and it doesn’t help that they are further being swamped out by multitudes of whores and sluts who take their cues and instructions from feminism as well as social media(TikTok being their primary headquarters).

      These 304s are quickly going to learn that men who understand and value themselves are NEVER going to wife them up and their feeble attempts to shame quality men into taking them onboard aren’t working and NEVER WILL.

      As I stated to that black siren Chasity Soules in the Slaying Evil article you mentioned above:

      “Whores indeed have their place, they are to be used accordingly, however the problem is in 2024, said whores are now trying to claim privileges, rights and benefits that are only bestowed upon women who are of quality girlfriend/wife material.”

      The gerbil faced rodent, pro black simp above needs to take 10 seats, when it comes to long term relationships bodycount is very very important and will always matter no matter what he and the rest of his ilk says.

  3. Brother verbs BW are continuing to become the laughing stock of humanity whether twerking at the slave trade area in Ghana, singing about coochies or having kids with different baby daddies.

    Brother verbs, sometimes I wonder what went wrong in the black communitah it was not like this before the civil rights era. Unfortunately because of Feminism Indoctrinated by Becky, Karen and Dorothy bw have become miserable lonely, loud mouthed, ungrateful,angry and poor

    Let me give you a play of how black women fell into the dockey dockey.

    (Somewhere in the 1970s women protest about wanting equality)

    Shanequa: I do not need a man.
    Karen:Yeah girl say it.

    Jamal(pleading): please shanequa don’t be fooled.

    Shanequa(rolling her eyes) I DON’T NEED A MAN.

    (20 years later)

    Shanequa:( holding 2 kids , she is crying) I need a man 😭😭😭

    (Mean somewhere in an office building Jamal is arranging his papers as the day is coming to a close his phone rings)

    Jamal: Hello sugar

    Karen: Babe how was your day?

    Jamal: It was busy but nevertheless satisfying.

    Karen: Come home baby dinner will be ready in a couple of hours.

    Jamal: Sure honey am coming.

    Karen: Ok darling I love you.

    Jamal: love you too sugar.

    (Jamal enters his car and goes home which is in the suburban area).

    Brother verbs, I can tell for free this has been happening since the 70s now look where black women are 🤣🤣🤣

    Any clarification feel free to do so

    And that guy with the beared needs to understand that condemning brothers who are checking a woman sexual history cannot be shamed.

    1. Edward Maina,

      Unfortunately for the majority of black folks the only time they keep in line and are productive is when fire is held to their feet ie they’re being persecuted. Most blacks turn into decadent and degenerate lazy slobs whenever they’re brought into a position of ease and comfort.

      I remember here in the UK when white nationalists used to roam the streets looking for black folks to beat up and in some cases kill, as a people we were so much closer together back then. Captain Snowy seeing this close knit community then decided to change his strategy(separate the woman from the man) and the rest is history.

      As bad as the times were from the end of slavery right up until the Civil rights movement, that persecution endured ensured that as a group black people were always productive and engaging in constructive endeavours.

      Black women fell for one of the biggest Okey Dokes in human history(feminism) and yet to this day they still refuse to admit that they were hoodwinked and bamboozled, smh.

      1. Brother verbs, it’s very ironic that Becky with her pink cap is busy matching in the streets with her “black sisters” wanting equality. And the most funniest part is Becky goes back home in the evening to cook for her Jamal shanequa on the other hand is busy opening her legs to pookie for another addition so as to get welfare.SMH

        1. “Brother verbs, it’s very ironic that Becky with her pink cap is busy matching in the streets with her “black sisters” wanting equality. And the most funniest part is Becky goes back home in the evening to cook for her Jamal shanequa on the other hand is busy opening her legs to pookie for another addition so as to get welfare.SMH”

          All part of the plan of the liberal white woman to get access to Black men. Alienate BW from BM (offering equal “sisterhood” under the guise of feminism), then do an end run around BW to be everything to BM that BW were now “too good” for, cooking, submission, bearing children, being humble, etc. You’ve seen this playbook from the 70s onward. WW post videos of them serving their BM and guess who’s always mad? Diabolical plan indeed. Good for the brothas, though.


          1. You have seen well Brother Schadenfreude. Ever since I joined this platform I started asking myself why is Becky behaving like day and night ie protesting equality and then going back home to cook for her Jamal 🤔🤔I was like “something doesn’t add up” and then I realized that even before the advent of the civil rights Beckies of 50s and 60s were secretly attracted to brothers especially after WW2 that is why they took advantage of feminism and lied to Shanequa and that where we are right now.

            Any point brother feel free to do so.

            1. Oh yeah, feminine deviousness knows no bounds. The whole idea was to get BW out of the way and get at their men. The second marker of 70s first wave feminist “liberation” for white women after being able to abort your fetus was being free to mess with Black men openly.

              The okey doke is still working in 2024 as BW are still the flunky of white liberal radical feminism/LGBTQ while at the same time, WW snipe off the best and the brightest BM. Negro women aren’t the sharpest tools in the shed.

              Glad you see it, brother.

  4. I’m sure before the 1960’s, black females hid their true ratchetness under the rug very well.

    I refuse to believe that non mixed black females were actually feminine before the 60’s.

    I believe they were all like Candace Owens pretending to be traditionally conservative in public, but behind closed doors it was their true self of sheboon nature.

    Now in modern society of today, they aren’t hiding their true self anymore after the feminist movement exploded further, including the civil rights movement.

    White women also used feminism just to expose the true sheboon nature of black females and scoop up black men.

    No such thing as diversity within the negress society, never has been and never will be.

    The blackistan simp will keep denying reality as usual to receive dog treats from his pet masters of black females.

    Body count always matters.

    I would only date a snow bunny that ain’t a single mother and has a body count between 0-4.

    Anything above 4 is a no no.

    1. You have spoken like a true black man. The she boon have been like this since the plantation era why do you think even the bw always had sexual relationship with the slave master? Fast forward the plantation mindset is still there bw don’t like educated brothers. BM who have their shit together are a threat to the matriachy.

      Brother Wittexton, as Kenyan let me tell a secret why virgin black men are hated by matriarchal black communitah.

      -A black man who is pure and has not had any sexual relations with a woman is like a clear mirror he clearly reflects the characteristics and body count of Shanequa.

      – If you are a BM who is heading into his 30s and has no sexual relations with any woman, believe me your prime and value will grow tenfold, imagine gold which has gone through fire and has been purified that is how a BM should be.

      -Competition: Right now brother Wittexton, BM are only seen as the remaining bastion of masculinity on the face of the earth, unlike others who embracing feminine characteristics. If you have noticed despite WW embracing feminist movement most of them admit they want to be dominated and therefore they go to us, bw on the other hand are opening their legs like the gates of hades to pookie and ray to keep the plantation mindset going. SYSBM and passport bros are on a winning streak and bw are loosing by the numbers.

      What is your opinion concerning this matter be free to say anything on your mind.

      1. My opinion on this matter is white women who are feminists in the western matriarchy are only like that with white men.

        White women treat black men differently because they want to be dominated by black men.

        Exactly like what you said.

        A snow bunny wants masculinity from black men.

        A snow bunny would be against homosexuality, transgenderism and not want to see feminine traits in males.

        A sheboon embraces LGBTQ, wants to be dicked down by blackistan drug dealers, gang members, white men but want a clean up janitor to rescue them afterwards.

        This is where the thinking black man comes in on the mind of a negress to go back on their black tax plantation.

        A true thinking black man would walk away and never look back.

    2. Wittexton Witwijf,

      There is truth to what you’re saying, as I commented above, the persecution of black folks is what kept us in line for the majority part.

      Even if black women were playing the parts of chameleons back then, that outside persecution prevented them from negatively acting out in public and thus stopped the derailment of any constructive works we embarked upon, that was until feminist white females introduced them to feminism.

      I really don’t see any black females truly being conservative even if they say they are. The overwhelming majority of black women are left leaning and of the few who claim to be conservative, the vast majority of them are really liberals once you begin to peel back the layers.

      Even though most black men are also left leaning, at least true genuine roots conservatism can be found within black male society.

  5. Verbs2015,

    There are people I know, whose house I would not eat at. I have relatives that this applies to. Why? Because their hygiene habits are not up to my standards.

    Now if I won’t eat at just anyone’s house, then there is no way I will go around kissing on just any female or being intimate with just any female. In the same vein as this, a woman with a high body count is more of a biohazard than a woman with a low body count.

    Truth be told, anytime you kiss a woman, you are putting your mouth were all the mouths before you have been. You are also putting your mouth where other peoples’ body parts might have been as well.

    The risk of exposure to other people’s microbes increases exponentially with a woman’s body count.

    Whenever I hear a simp, especially a black male simp, declare that body count doesn’t matter, I immediately think, ‘this simp has one nasty mouth’. Because I know that such simps will put their mouths where the sun doesn’t shine very easily and very quickly, and with people they know very little about.

    Hell, he has already declared that he doesn’t care where her mouth has been, nor how many times it has been there.

    Having a high body count is really a nasty thing, for a man or a woman. Which is one of the reasons I have always been willing to turn down ass that I had access to, even when I was very young.

    Any person, male or female, who has self-respect, discernment, and an awareness of the risks inherent in sexual contact, will be very circumspect about whose biology, and whose bodily fluids, they expose themselves to.

    Hence, a woman with high body counts, bring greater risk of exposure to dangerous microbes and greater risks of exposure to a female’s emotional baggage, as some degree of emotional trauma always accompanies the high body count. Then there is the very real wear and tear on a woman’s body that comes with high body count.

    1. AmericanBlkMan,

      I couldn’t have said it better myself, emotional baggage, psychological trauma, STDs, physical wear and tear of the vagina, DNA retention from previous men, inability to pair bond etc. These are just a small number of things that affect women who decide to venture down 304 Boulevard.

      These blue pilled, pro black simps are willing to place their penises into any black siren regardless of her condition. The problem is they don’t stop there, they then attempt to shame those black men who hold themselves to a higher standard to follow them down that same path of filth and destruction.

      It’s bad enough that we have ran through, used up and rinsed out black whores running around trying their utmost to shame well to do black men men into taking them onboard in a decrepit state, but it’s beyond despicable and even more of a disgrace for grown black men to engage in the same behaviour.

      These simp/pimp, pro black male merchants continue to march black women and other women who follow them straight down to Hell. Black women have brains and the capacity to think and reason for themselves, they simply choose not to.

      1. Verbs2015,

        I agree with everything you said. And a disproportionately high percentage of black females live on 304 Boulevard.

        But even the few black females who don’t live on 304 Boulevard are ruined by the simp mindset that permeates all strata of Da Communitah. It is worse of all in the so called ‘good-society’ strata of Da Communitah.

        In the so called ‘good-society’ strata, black females are not held to account, because according to this strata of Da Communitah, they have nothing to be held to account for. The narrative is that all black women are virtuous, industrious, beautiful, and angelic. They are always victimized by a world that doesn’t deserve them. In this narrative, they are superior to black men, and black men must perpetually strive to make themselves worthy to be in her company.

        This is patent matriarchal nonsense. But when you spoon feed this nonsense to a population of females all their life, you get today’s black female. A cohort of women who are full of flaws, STDs, emotional disturbances, delusions, outsized sense of entitlement, and the belief that they have no need for self- improvement, since they are already perfect.

  6. This is BlackAmericanMan’s favourite topic because this is one of the simp topic.

    I do not like taking shots at Afro-bearded masculine men but I have to because I keep on seeing the same cliche like this simp pandering video here.
    This remind me of why I avoid BW as Quincy always stated and I always agree with him. When you see an attractive female on the video and as soon as she opens her mouth she becomes like the Malboro in Final Fantasy Series. You know ‘Mal’ as Bad and ‘Boro’ as breath because this is what they spout out all the time on Social Media.

    Now lets get into this ‘Bearded Men’ cliché. They are the opposite.
    When I go on Social Media and see these macho masculine Afro-Beaded pro-black hotep men, they spout out Beta, simping, soy-boy, cucking talking points. They even that they are proud of being a simp by promoting step-daddy cuck when they wear these T-Shirts. Even skits which are not funny showing these BW emascuating these macho simps.

    Everytime I see these as they are on my feed and I try my best to avoid watching these videos and post, I see them as a known as a ‘Bottom’ (getting pegged). Which is a bad image for the Black Men and they still promotes this to the day.

    Verbs wrote:
    “Derrick Jaxn was exposed as a complete and utter joke and even then there still were black women who refused to believe he was a fraud even after his massive exposure. How long had black men been warning these knuckleheaded black harridans about Jaxn but yet they still continued to remain steadfast in their support for him?”

    The problem is Derrick is a Jamaican Pookie, BW forgives Pookies and give them a pass. Even he did his ex-wife dirty because BW taught to give forgive evil whilst punish good men even they made a mistake. Derrick is still pimping BW because they get pregnant by them. You have a Black Male bum who have multiple Baby-mothers and the next one will forgive him and because number x to the same Pookie.

    SYSBM Forever wrote:
    “These dudes are keeping more BW single than they realise.”

    That is what the Simp/Pimp Panders are purposely doing and they keep on getting conned because they should of listen to Kevin Samuels before he died and now these broads will be single forever.
    As ‘Accountable Commentary’ stated that Kevin was Keisha’s last hope.

    1. MMT,

      These pro black simps are beyond stupid, how on earth do they expect to see improvements in black female society when all they do is lick the muddy boots of the black witch contingent?

      The truth of the matter is they don’t want to see black women improve because they profit greatly from the black female’s stupidity and lack of intelligence.

      Most of these pro black, blue pilled simps who have some form of prominence and recognition in “Da Communitah” are simply taking advantage of the black female’s dumber than a box of rocks disposition.

      AceMetaphor and his gerbilfaced crony are no different to the infamous gerbilface himself Dr Umar Johnson. They all realised from years ago that black women will spray them down with endless amounts of money as long as their ears are tickled and they feel good. The pro black female gravy train is real.

  7. SYSBM: Did you hear Weed Man Jake and Rapid-Fire Rasta calling Bareback Fountain a batty man on Money Cultural today?
    White sugar honey: Lord, that was crazy what them two rogues saying there when Money Cultural.
    SYSBM: It will be our turn next.
    White sugar honey: That will be great.

    You see, when it comes to relationship, men do not want a 304. They want a woman who hasn’t been whoring around. With the guy with the beard, it’s just saying all that on the mike just to get some punany. That is all.

    Now the man, the guy with the beard. Why every single time, these beard dudes at like simps? I just wanna know. Simping has gone an all-time high as there are more and more simps all over the place.

    I wanna know what’s goanna happen with all the simps that are everywhere, guys. I wanna talk more but I don’t wanna waste my time talking about these simps, Lord have mercy!

    Hey, keep your white sugar honey safe at all times as these ghetto ratchet scraggle daggles are coming after non-black women.


  8. General Tito had done a live 9 months ago entitled “What’s the easiest way to look smart in America???”, and the answer to that question was to demonize Black men; it’s also another way to appear very profound and like you have some integrity. I say a close second to that is to attack the Red pill, and this thick bearded simp managed to do both in one feel swoop; it’s long been proven with biology that the more partners a woman has, the harder it is for her to remain loyal to one man. It’s like constantly removing and reapplying the same piece of tape to different surfaces; I also hate how these guys resort to the same SIGN language these straggs use rather than refute the argument with logic. It’s cool, though, because these simps will soon see they are on the wrong side of history; pandering will only take you so far.

    1. Blue Collar Trevor,

      As long as these pied piping, blue pilled simp/pimp merchants can continue tickling the ears as well as stimulating the emotions of the modern day black female, they’ll continue to uplift the black siren at the expense of black men.

      Derrick Jaxn just like the fabled character Humpty Dumpty also had a massively great fall, Ace Metaphor and the rest of his simps squadrons will be sure to follow suit.

      As I keep on saying, most of these simps WILL become casualties and victims of the same black females they readily exalt and worship. Oh well, that will be their problem, not mine.

  9. See, in the past you had self appointed race hustlers who looked and appeared weak to the main masses, the Reverend Al Sharpton for example. Even though they were selling the souls of black people down the river for a few shekels, at least they looked respectable even feared for their perceived influence and intelligence.

    Gerbil bearded Hoteps are the millennials Black intellectual. A degraded facsimile of the original, but without the intelligence. Dr Umar GerbilFace Johnson, Derek Jaxn and this begging simp all preach unity with their invisible rah rah pom-poms but are recovering vagina chasers. You could still deceive the majority of black folks simply by pretending to be an authority with a title, but the new bucks won’t swallow that. They will, however listen to an influencer who appeared to eat the new masculinity red pill, but somehow still shit out blue faeces of foolishness.

    The demise of GerbilFace Johnson seems to suggest that the era of the assumed intellectual is over, but a new epoch is burgeoning – that of the TikTok idiot savant.

    Save your sanity, gentlemen.

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